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Work From HomeHeather sipped her breakfast tea and looked out the window. She smiled as she heard her toaster pop the freshly crisped bread. She flipped on the televion and found the morning local weather report. The buxom blond smiled from her side of the tv saying “If you have any plans for any outdoor activity, with warm temperatures and a cloudless sky, today is tailor made for you.”Heather smiled. “It’s far too nice a day to spend in the office,” she said to her tea. She found her mobile in the bottom of her purse and called her manager. She knew it was too early for him to be in the office, smiling as she heard his outbound voicemail greeting. “Good morning, Jim,” she started her voicemail, “I have a couple of things I need done at home today. I don’t have any scheduled meetings and everything I need to do I can do through my laptop from here. I have my mobile if you need me. Thanks.” Heather ended the call with a smile. She knew there’d be no problem with her being out of the office. There were department heads that wouldn’t be in the office for weeks on end. At least she had the courtesy of letting her manager know.After finishing her toast and tea, she called her assistant’s mobile. It was answered on the third ring.”Miss H, good morning…” Heather could hear the background noise of a crowded bus.”Good morning, Aideen,” she smiled. “I hope you haven’t started the coffee yet.”Aideen laughed “I’m still on the bus, Miss H.””Alright then… good… you can take your time going in this morning. I’ll be working from home…””Are you alright?”Heather smiled. “I’m fine, Addy… thanks. I just have a couple of things I need done at home today, that’s all. Nothing to worry yourself over.””Did you need me to come there? It’s nothing to change busses…””No, that’s alright. I’ll need you in the office for now, alright?””Okay… if you need me, call me, alright?””You know I will,” Heather smiled. They ended the call. Heather plugged her mobile to it’s charger and padded off to the bathroom to shower.The warm water felt so good on Heather’s skin. She stood in the shower stream, allowing the water to cascade over her head and body, and felt as if all of her cares were just melting away. The shower puff full of her favourite gel glided over her skin as she washed. She noticed with a wry grin as she washed that some parts were a bit more… sensative… than usual. It took quite a bit of willpower, but she managed to finish her shower without giving in to temptation. She did have all day.Stepping out of the shower, Heather grabbed a towel and ran it over her head. She wiped the steam from the mirror and laughed at her reflection. The towel rub on her short hair made her look like an old punk rocker. She ran her fingers through her hair. Looking back in the mirror, she laughed, simply said “no” and grabbed her hairbrush to smooth back the wild. She towelled off her body, again noticing the sensativity of her breasts, especially her nipples, and her slightly protruding clit. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back a little as she caressed her breasts and actually felt her nipples get even harder. “I need to work from home more often,” she said to the otherwise empty room with a smile.She slipped a hand between her slightly parted legs, rubbing past her clit as she allowed herself to be entered by not one, but two fingers. Her other hand went instantly to her breast, cupping and lightly squeezing. A flash of one of her favourite fantasies rushed into her head, leaning slightly back against the tiled wall of her bathroom, mouth agape, a barely audible moan escaped her throat as she allowed the pleasure to rush in…Suddenly, the ringtone on her mobile sounded. “Fuck,” she muttered. She knew it was either Jim or Aideen… more possibly Aideen… Heather ran to the kitchen where her mobile was on it’s charger and saw the id as Aideen and answered the call.”Hello, Miss H… anadolu yakası escort I’m sorry… did I interrupt anything?”Heather’s mind screamed out “I was fucking masturbating and only moments from a lovely fucking orgasm…” but, instead, she said “Hi Addy… No… I was just in the bathroom…” she could smell her nectar on her hand holding her mobile. She changed hands holding the mobile and smiled.”I’m sorry… but Mr. Reynolds called. Something about the contract…””Alright, Addy. Thank you. I have the contract here in my laptop. I’ll let you know when it’s ready to print and I’ll give Mr. Reynolds a call later.””Okay…””Anything else, Addy?””That’s all for now.””Alright.””Thanks, Miss H…”Heather ended the call, set her mobile down and licked her fingers clean. She wanted very much to get back to what she was doing before the call, but Mr. Reynolds was a very high paying client and was used to having things ready when asked for. “If I finish the work now, I’ll have the rest of the day to play…” she said to herself as she pulled out her laptop. Not bothering to dress, she sat herself at her breakfast table and set to work. An hour or so later, she stepped to her fridge to retrieve a bottle of water. It was when the cold air hit her that she even noticed she was still nude. She quickly rubbed the cold water bottle across each nipple, biting her lip at the magnificent sensation.Her mobile ringtone sounded.Cursing under her breath, she picked up her mobile and answered. “Hi Addy. What’s up?””Sorry for the bother, Miss H, but Mr. Reynolds called again.””I’m sure he did. He’s anxious for his his contract. I’ve just finished and was going to give him a ring in a few minutes. Is he on your phone right now?””Yes…””Good. Please tell him I’ll be calling him in no later than 15 minutes, alright?””Consider it done…”Heather ended the call, possibly cutting Aideen off. She didn’t much care. Heather wanted to be done with her work so she could get back to her more serious needs.She sat back at her laptop, took a couple of sips of her water and called Mr. Reynolds.”Thanks for getting back to me, Heather. Sorry to bother you on a work from home day.””Quite alright, Mr. Reynolds. I’m sorry for having this be just a phone call, I know you prefer the video conference, but I’m just not set up for that at home.” She lied, unconscientiously caressing her breast as she spoke. “You know I like to make sure you’re properly taken care of. I’ll have the contract signed and in my office first thing tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ll email a copy to you, if that’s to your liking.””That works for me, Heather.””Good. I’m sending the email as we speak. You should be getting it in a moment or two.””Very good… ah! I have the email now. I’ll talk with you tomorrow.””‘Til tomorrow, then,” Heather smiled and they ended the call. Heather quickly called Aideen. She got the assistant’s voicemail, which, for Heather, was even better. “I’ve just sent the contract to Mr. Reynolds and to the printer. Print our copy and put it on my desk so I can sign it tomorrow. I may be away from my phone off and on for a while, so leave a message if I don’t answer straight on, okay?” Heather ended the call with a smile.Heather closed her laptop and stepped out her back door to her back garden. The hedgerow around kept outside eyes from enjoying the view of a still naked Heather taking her chaise lounge from the patio and putting it in the centre of the garden. She positioned the lounger so she could get maximum sun in her little garden. She stepped back to the patio to retrieve her sunglasses from their cubby next to the back door and then joined her lounger in the sun.With a smile Heather sat back on her lounger, her back to the house, happily exposing herself completely to the warmth of the Sun’s life giving light. Her skin and body felt so good, so ataşehir escort warm and so very tingly.She drew her hand up to her face and, still smelling her nectar on her fingers, sucked the middle finger in to her mouth, drawing it slowly in and out and back in again. She continued to lick and suck her finger as if it were a tiny penis she was slowly, happily, sexily fellating. Her other hand occupied itself by cupping and kneading her breast, something she quite enjoyed, especially while giving fellatio. She took her wet fingertip and circled her areolas, making her nipples stand tightly at attention and causing her clit to tingle. “Fear not, my Love,” she said to her clit, “I haven’t forgotten about you.”Heather put her finger back into her mouth, soaking it down, only to take it from her mouth and gently, teasingly, rub it across her begging clit. She shuddered at her own touch, instinctively pushing back at her finger in a wanton invitation to enter lower between her slick wet lips. A gasp escaped her throat and she squeezed her breast a little tighter. She smiled and slowly, ever so achingly slow, rubbed her fingers across her nether lips, spreading her delicious wetness with every movement.Heather pulled her hand from between her legs, taking two, then three fingers into her mouth, breathing deeply through her nose and luxuriating in the taste of her own nectar on her fingers. Keeping her fingers in her mouth, she took her other hand from her breast to fill the vacancy between her legs, again shuddering at her own touch. She stroked and spread her lips with her fingers, getting them as wet as possible, teasing and tickling her nectar from her pulsing opening. With laboured breathing, Heather took her fingers from her mouth and swallowed hard, gasping in her excitement. She smiled at her fingers as she switched hands again, a fresh taste of nectar coating them, ready to be sucked.”I’m sorry to bother you at home, Miss H, but I’ve tried to call and all I’m getting is your voicemail,” came Aideen’s voice from behind Heather, coming closer as the assistant closed in from the back garden gate.Heather knew she had no place to turn and nothing to cover herself with. She shook her head and stood up facing the oncoming girl, covered in her nectar and the sweet sweat of masturbating in the Sun. “This had better be awfully fucking important, Addy,” she snapped, pulling the sunglasses from her face. “This is the third time you’ve interrupted me today in an extremely private moment.”Aideen’s eyes flew wide open as she saw Heather standing naked in front of her, glistening in her excitement. “Oh, Miss H! I’m so sorry! I had no idea…””Addy… please… there’s no way you would’ve known… but it’s just so fucking frustrating,” Heather said, clenching her fists in frustration.Aideen covered her face with her hands and turned away, close to sobbing.”You don’t have to look away, Addy. We’re both women.””But you’re my boss! I’m not supposed to see you naked,” Aideen said, still covering her eyes.”Addy, you showed up at my house unannounced and let yourself in! I could have been in any number of situations! What did you expect?””I’m so sorry…””I know, I know…” Heather said, resigning herself from the thought of finishing her masturbation, at least for a time. But, she wasn’t going to let Aideen off the hook that easy. She decided she was going to stay naked while Aideen was still there. “Addy, take your hands away from your face and talk to me like the adult that you are.”Aideen stood not a metre away from Heather and dropped her hands from her face, again seeing Heather completely naked. Aideen had always admired Heather. The clothes she wore, the way she kept her hair, her flawless make up… all of those things were now set aside and what was left was even more intriguing, more beautiful. Aideen felt a familiar pang as she took ümraniye escort in the sight before her.”What is it that made you panic and come over here, Addy?””Mr. Reynolds…””You didn’t bring him with you, did you?” Heather asked, still not attempting to cover herself, but casting an eye to her garden gate.”No, he’s not with me. But he says his legal department wants a signed copy of the contract this afternoon so they can move forward,” Aideen said, trying to look Heather in the eyes.”So I need to go in to the office and sign it?”Aideen smiled, becoming a little more at ease, “You know I wouldn’t do that to you. I brought it with me!” she smiled at her forethought, reaching into her bag for the paperwork. “I wouldn’t’ve come over just to tell you you needed to come in.””True… you’re a much better assistant than that. I’m sorry I snapped at you,” Heather smiled. “Why is there such a rush for this? What time is it, anyway?””You left the voicemail for me at 9:47. Mr. Reynolds called at 10:03, and again at 10:18. I tried to call you three times…””I get the point, Addy. But what time is it now?”Aideen looked at her wristwatch and smiled “11:15.””Alright, then. And what time does Mr. Reynolds’ legal department need this by?””All he said was ‘this afternoon’.” Aideen smiled.”Fine. Let’s go in the house so I can sign the damn contract. I need some water anyway,” Heather said, stepping past Aideen toward her house. She was half way to the house when she turned back to Aideen who was still in the same spot, watching Heather. “Come along, then,” she smiled. Aideen then quickly followed after Heather.Once in the house, Heather offered Aideen a seat at her breakfast table while she went to the fridge to retrieve a bottle of water. Heather purposely bent at her waist, bending low, arse in the air, exposing all specifically in Aideen’s direction. After selecting the bottle she wanted, Heather quickly stood to face Aideen, quick enough to catch that Aideen was staring at Heather’s exposed fanny with some interest.”Enjoying the view, Addy?” Heather asked, a wry smile on her face.”I… er…” Aideen blushed heavily.”Look at you! blood red!” Heather laughed.”But you’re right in front of me, Heather! What was I to do?” Aideen had always called Heather ‘Miss H’ and it took more than a moment for her to realize she’d just used her first name instead.”Would it make you more comfortable if we were both dressed the same?” Heather cooed.”Oh, yes, Miss H, thanks…” smiled Aideen.”Well, it’s my house and I’m not getting dressed.” Heather smiled. “I’m quite comfortable as I am.””Are you telling me I have to take my clothes off?” scoffed Aideen.”No, Dear. I’m not telling you any such thing. I just asked if it would it make you more comfortable if we were both dressed the same. I didn’t offer to dress, nor did I tell you to take your clothes off. Do as you wish. I don’t feel like wearing clothes today, so I’m not going to.” Heather stepped closer to the table, and Aideen, and smiled. “Now, let’s have that contract to sign so I can get back to masturbating.” She took a large sip of water from the bottle, letting some drip, fall to her chest and run down between her breasts. Aideen watched the drip, unconscientiously biting her lower lip, until it reached Heather’s navel.”Addy, Love…” Heather smiled.”Yes, Miss H?””First, you’re in my house and I’m totally starkers. It’s more than alright for you to address me as Heather. I honestly don’t mind if you do that at work, as well.””Alright…””Next… how can I put this delicately… do you fancy women?” she asked, standing where Aideen could get a complete full frontal view.”I’ve never really… you’re just so beautiful… I…””It’s alright, Addy. I don’t mean to pry. I’ll let you in on a not too well kept secret: I do fancy women… men, too… yes… but, I do fancy women…”Aideen’s shell cracked and she seemed to instantly relax and become a bit excited. “That’s so sexy…” she said, not really in Heather’s direction.”Yes, it can be,” smiled Heather, hoping the girl would at least get naked and masturbate with her. She did interrupt Heather three times. “Now, let me ask this again, would it make you more comfortable if we were both dressed the same?”

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