Wife’s Drunk Confession

Wife’s Drunk Confession
My wife Julie and I have been together for 15 years, but I learned a secret about her a few days ago, from back before we were together, just after high school. When we met she had a friend named Karen, a cute, chubby, very big titted girl, who was extremely fuckable and didn’t mind sharing her pussy around. She made it clear a couple of times I could fuck her if I wanted, despite the fact I was dating her friend. Eventually they drifted apart, and we haven’t seen her for several years.

Last weekend we were drinking at home, and my wife was quite drunk. Karen’s name came up I made a casual comment about having a bit of a thing for her, even though, or because of the fact she was a bit slutty. A little miffed at my admission, my wife responded with a sarcastic remark of “She wasn’t the only one.”

I was a bit shocked, and I pressed my wife further.

“I had my moments,” she slurred, obviously talkative under the influence of the booze. She then relayed this story to me.

Karen had a thing for a guy, and had arranged to spend an evening with him but had to take a friend for his friend. She convinced Julie to come with her, even though she wasn’t interested. The two guys Rob and Steve (she thinks that was their names) were nice enough, and after a few drinks they started to enjoy themselves. One of the guys pulled out a deck of cards and suggested they play, which after a few more drinks and passing round a joint turned into a game of strip poker. Karen has decent size tits too, so the guys were more than keen to get a good look at her’s and Karen’s.

Eventually the two girls were in their underwear, Rob, the one Karen wanted, was still half dressed, and Steve had jeans still on. Julie lost the next round and so off came her bra. Generally shy by nature, the situation and the booze had got her excited so she played up to it, shaking her tits at the guys. The next round Steve lost, and after slowly and somewhat embarassingly removing his jeans, he sported a massive erection, straining against his jockeys. Karen and Rob laughed, but Julie couldn’t help herself and reached and and pulled this jockeys down, freeing his cock.

“Nice,” she commented, telling me at that time it had been several months since she had been fucked.

“Wanna fuck?” Steve asked, and was surprised when Julie agreed. So was she apparently..

They disappeared off to his bedroom, and proceed to kiss and play with each other, Steve finger banging her tight pussy as she teased his hard on.

“Will you suck me off?” Steve asked, and being in the mood Julie did not hesitate. For the next few minutes she slid her mouth up and down his cock, enjoying the taste of his pre-cum that she hadn’t had the pleasure of for a while. Then suddenly the door opened, and Rob was standing there naked.

“Dude!” Steve exclaimed, “What the fuck?” Julie looked up, also wondering what was going on, and a little embarassed being walked in on while blowing someone.

“Karen was too drunk and passed out,” Rob said, “Can I join in with you?”

“Really?” Steve replied, “Don’t think so, mate.” Julie really doesn’t remember why she said it, maybe caught up in the moment, but has no regrets about what happened next.

“I don’t mind,” she said, to both the guys surprise. “Might be fun. But you can’t tell Karen!”

Rob came in and lay next to Julie on the bed, so she was between the two guys. She continued to suck Steve’s cock while Rob played with her tits, pussy and arse. After a couple of minutes she rolled over, and for the first time in her life (and last as far as I know) she started sucking off a second guy. Steve then moved her into a kneeling position so he could fuck her doggy style, which he did as she bobbed up and down on Rob’s shaft. She loved a cock in each end, fucking and sucking at the same time. It wasn’t long before Steve was pounding her hard and fast, and she stopped sucking and buried her head in Rob’s stomach and she was pounded. Steve let out a huge grunt, and pumped a full load of cum into her. When he finished he held his cock inside her, and talked about how great it was.

“Your turn,” he said to Rob, pulling out and lying down on the bed. Rob moved Julie into the missionary position, slipping his cock into the sloppy wet cunt. Rob wasted no time, fucking hard and fast and cumming in only a few minutes, but long enough to give Julie an orgasm. She remembers being turned on by the sloppy squelching noises as her cum filled pussy was pounded, and the feeling as Rob pulled out of what felt like gallons of cum pouring out of her.

Julie went off to clean herself up, and when she returned the guys thanked her and she made them promise it was their secret. Rob returned to his own room and Julie spent the night with Steve, slipping out early the next day a little embarassed, but not regretting the threesome, apart from the fact she felt she went behind Karen’s back a little. They did date for about a month until Karen fucked some random guy and decided to end it, which did let Julie off.

A hot secret she kept for years. Makes me think what else she is hiding!

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