Wendy’s Adventures


Wendy’s Adventures
At the Lake

I have never told this, or any other, story about my wife, as she is entitled to privacy. But with this being an anonymous story board, I thought I would tell a few of her escapades.

My wife’s name is Wendy. A cute name for a cute girl.

We met when she was a senior in college and doing an internship in my office. I had a girlfriend at the time, and although Wendy and I were attracted to each other, we didn’t go out together, except for lunch a time or two a week. Usually, the other intern was with us, but sometimes we were by ourselves. Because she was my intern, and because I had a girlfriend, I never asked her out. We just did non romantic lunches.

Once we were walking back in the rain. I had an oversized umbrella up, and we were both holding it. She shifted her grip on the umbrella and put her hand over mine. It was if an electric current burned our hands. I later found out she got the same feeling. I still have that umbrella somewhere.

She graduated that August, and about 5 months later my girlfriend and I broke up. So, I called Wendy, we went out and then started going together. Although she had engaged in oral sex with a few guys, she had not had full sexual intercourse, either vaginal or anal. She had a lot to learn.

It took her awhile to learn to reach orgasm during intercourse, but once she did, she took to it like a duck to water. Her comment after the first time: “So that’s what it’s all about. Wow!”

She is 5′ 6″ and pretty, with wholesome “girl next door” looks, which make her a poster c***d for the girl you would want to meet your parents. Wendy has light brown hair and a nice body. She has very fair skin (like a blonde or a redhead), and her eyes are a striking green. When she looks at you, you know you are being looked at. Her breasts are 34 C with a perfect teardrop shape. Her nipples and aureola are small and pale. Her butt is rounded and well shaped with a narrow waist. Her pubic hair is a also a light brown, same as her head hair. Both bleach out some during the summer when she sunbathes naked. Her vulva are nice and full with slightly protruding inner labia just below her clitoral hood. A very nice presentation.

As she is very fair skinned, all of her interior pussy is a bright pink turning to red when she is aroused. She has a cute little asshole that is pink as well.

She grew up in the South in a conservative Baptist family, and was taught to save herself for marriage. She didn’t think she would make it that long, but she did want to save herself until she was in love. I happened to be her first love.

Back then she weighed 125 pounds (now 130 pounds) and was in good shape. She enjoyed sex but was normally rather passive until toward the end when she was about to cum. Oh, she humped me back as I was humping her during the act, but she was never the aggressor. She might initiate sex, but once started, she would almost always want me to take over. Sometimes, however, when she was on top, she would set the pace and be in charge. As she was reaching orgasm, she would hump me harder and moan a bit. It was easy to know when she had her orgasms. Sex was fun and satisfying for both of us.

After we had been together a while, I realized she was a budding exhibitionist. When we would go to the lake, she would get naked as soon as we pulled the boat into shallow water. She would sun naked on her air mattress and on the beach. She would get up and walk naked to wherever she wanted to go. Over time, she got braver with her exhibitionism, and enjoyed having sex where she knew she might would be observed.

She was braver than I was. I could usually talk her into finding a more secluded spot for sex, but sometimes not. Once she was naked and sunning herself, she didn’t care who pulled up in a boat or walked by. She wouldn’t put her bikini back on. Her standard comment to me was, “I was here first.” She is now an experienced little exhibitionist, with perhaps several thousand men having seen her naked over the years. A bunch more have seen her topless.

Our favorite cove for nude sunbathing is a relatively small, slightly curved cove about 70′ long. We only had one boat join us in this cove the whole time we used it. If there was another boat there when we arrived, we would go elsewhere for privacy. Sometimes fishermen would slowly pass close by while fishing. This didn’t faze Wendy one bit. She enjoyed the strangers’ eyes on her naked body. She wouldn’t cover up or slip in the water. She was there first.

So, on the day the other boat pulled into the cove, we had been there an hour or so. Wendy had gone into the woods to pee. The beach is about 20′ wide with a path going back into a small shady clearing about 15′ from the beach. She would go beyond this clearing to pee. We used the clearing for other more intimate activities. The boat pulled in while Wendy was in the woods. There were two older couples and a boy, maybe 10 years old in the boat.

I thought, great, now we are separated with her clothes in the boat. When I saw the boat coming toward us, I slipped off my air mattress and sat down in the shallow water. I’m not an exhibitionist, and it does nothing for me to show myself. One of the guys got out of the boat and walked into the woods off to the left of where Wendy had gone in. I had no idea what we were going to do with her separated from me and from her clothes. I need not have worried.

The man was in the woods for a few minutes when he came walking out. About this time I saw Wendy come walking out the woods toward him, about 30′ away from him, his boat and from our boat. She was stark naked, of course. I thought, damn girl don’t you see the boat and the man walking toward you? Her cute breasts were lightly bouncing, and she had a slight smile on her face. I knew then she had seen the boat and the man. The man stopped dead in his tracks and stared at her. She smiled at him, continued on toward me, paused at the waters’ edge, reached down and got her air mattress. I noted that she gave them a very good side view of her hanging breasts as she bent over. She later told me this was intentional.

She got on the mattress with her bare butt sunny side up. She was facing me, with her business end facing the people on the boat. Occasionally her feet would go in the water on either side of the air mattress to reposition herself and to keep the wind from turning her around. When she did that, her pussy would be completely exposed and her lips would open to show some of that pink stuff she has—probably a bright red by now, I thought. I absolutely could not believe what she had done and what she was continuing to do. This was my shy and mostly innocent wife letting these strangers see all of her intimate girl bits.

After a few minutes of this she reached down and found my cock. It was rock hard. She said, “I see you are enjoying this as much as I am.” I thought, “Well, maybe not quite as much.” I mean, she had a wicked little smile on her face that was flushed. She was obviously aroused.

I knew how wet and red the interior of her pussy would be by now, and wasn’t sure I wanted these strangers to see it in that condition. Hell, I wasn’t even sure I wanted them to see her naked. This was very early in our marriage before she began to expand her exhibitionism and before I began to be accustomed to it. In fact this was probably her first act of wanton exhibitionism. It was shocking to me, but at the same time it was arousing, as she had noted when she felt my hard dick.

After she found my cock, she began to stroke it. I mean, here she was naked in front of strangers and jacking me off under water. She was brazen. Wendy whispered to me, “Don’t cum, I have another plan for you.” Yea, Wendy and her plans.

I don’t know how long we had been in the water with the other boat there, but it seemed like hours. Wendy continued to stroke me under the water. She said to me, “I’m horny as hell, and if they are still there in 10 minutes, I’m gonna to fuck you right here.” That scared me. So much for the wholesome, “girl next door” appearance, and for her passiveness. She then said, “I want to turn over and let them see the front side, but I haven’t worked up the courage yet.” I was glad she had had no alcohol to drink, or she would already have done it. And probably fucked me as well.

I could tell the situation was escalating beyond my ability to control it, but I was still rock hard. Finally, one guy started pulling up the rear anchor, and the other got out of the boat to push it off from shore. That galvanized Wendy into action. She immediately got on her back on the air mattress so all of her front side was visible to them.

She wasn’t content with just lying there on her back and letting them look at her body, She had to put her feet in the water on each side of the air mattress so she could maintain her position without the wind moving her around. This meant her pussy was spread and facing them not 20′ away. The guys took their time preparing to leave. All eyes were on Wendy’s body. The boat slowly backed out, with everyone getting a good long look, and then started to turn to face the open water. Wendy smiled and waved goodby to them. Both guys and the boy smiled and waved back. I have no idea what the women thought about Wendy’s display of raw female sexuality. I have an excellent idea of what the men thought.

When they were gone, I wasn’t sure she had actually done what I thought she had done. Then she excitedly started talking about it, and I knew she had actually done it. She said while she was in the woods, she had seen the boat pull in and saw the guy get out of the boat and walk into the woods. She decided to wait until he started back to the boat before she made her appearance, and did her walk, to give him the best view of her nakedness.

Wendy started kissing me, and I knew what was coming. She wanted to fuck me right there in the shallow water, exposed to whoever might pass by in a boat. I wasn’t that brave. I stood up, got the towels from the boat and started walking toward the path back to the cleared area where we would have at least some semblance of privacy. I was still on the beach, but right at the beginning of the path, when she stopped me. “Here, right here; this is where I want to do it,” she said.

She took the beach towels from me and spread them out where we stood. She slowly pushed me down and stood over me. I could see her wet, red and swollen pussy. I knew then the people on the boat had seen it all and had seen her in her aroused state. I had mixed feelings about that.

While it made me feel a little sick that strangers had seen my heretofore innocent wife in that condition, I also found it intensely arousing. Wendy immediately impaled herself on me and began to fuck me. No foreplay needed. She positioned her breasts over my face. I could see them bouncing as she pounded me. She took one breast and put it in my mouth. “Suck it, suck it hard,” she commanded.

I don’t know how long it lasted, but it was erotic love making. Nor do either of us know how many, if any boats passed by, or how many, if any, fishermen slowly made their way past us. All I could see were her tits bouncing in my face. She had no way of knowing either, as she was facing away from the water with her pussy and asshole totally exposed to public view. When she came, she came hard, with her loudest and most intense orgasm of our time together so far. So much for her being a passive lover.

That wasn’t the only time Wendy exposed herself at the lake and was this aggressive with me, but it was the first and is the most memorable.

I really should have started off with some of her earlier and perhaps tamer escapades before we got married. But quite frankly, given the stunts she pulled after we were married, I had forgotten about her pre-marital exhibitionism.

As these are true stories, Wendy’s adventures won’t be nearly as far out as many of the stories we read here. So, if you are looking for really wild stuff, you won’t find it in Wendy’s stories. I suggest the reader find her lake exhibitionism story and read it for her background.

I can post these stories without fear of outing her, as friends and family would never have an inkling Wendy would be this bold. Even her prior boyfriends would have no idea, as she didn’t start showing off with me until we had been going together for almost a year and had been in a serious relationship for all of that time.

Apartment Adventures

When I met Wendy, I was still living in the apartment where I lived when I was in graduate school. I stayed there as the rent was relatively low, it was close to the university entertainment district and it was close to the downtown area of the city where I worked. I had landed a well paying job, out of school and was putting money aside for the day I wanted to buy a house in the suburbs.

Wendy is 5′ 6″ with light brown hair and light brown pubic hair. This was in the days before women shaved, or waxed bare or to a landing strip, so she had a full bush that she kept trimmed during the summers for her bikinis. She has 34 C breasts with a nice tear drop shape. Her nipples and aureola are small and pink. She is pretty with wholesome “girl next door” looks. A girl a guy would be proud to take home to meet his parents.

My apartment was a third floor walk up. The front door, seldom used, opened into a hallway with three other apartments on the third floor. The stairway went down to a lobby that opened onto a busy street. The doors were double doors, mostly of glass. From the street and sidewalk, about 10′ away, the lobby was fully visible. The apartment mailboxes were in the lobby directly in front of the double glass doors.

Across the street from the apartment was a music club, a bar/restaurant and a small grocery store directly across the street. The grocery store was later turned into another restaurant. Farther down the street was another bar/restaurant, a soda shop/restaurant, a pizza parlor and several other businesses. It was a busy district with lots of auto and pedestrian traffic in front of the building.

The back door from the kitchen opened onto a covered porch, and the exterior back steps going down to the parking lot. If one has seen photographs of tenements in Chicago with the exposed exterior back stairs that doubled as fire escapes, that is exactly what my apartment house looked like from the parking lot. An alley runs next to the building into the busy street in front of the apartment.

When Wendy would come to visit, she would come up the rear steps from the parking lot and to the back door at the kitchen. The kitchen window and the window in the door really had no coverings. There were frilly things for decoration, but they afforded no privacy from the outside.

The windows in my kitchen and living room looked into the apartment building next door, about 40′ away. As I was almost always wearing something when in those rooms at night, I never closed the curtains in my living room. After she came along, neither did she, even though she was frequently naked in those rooms after dark. Just didn’t seem to bother her that the neighbors could see her naked.

Although I have written this as if she immediately started going naked in the kitchen and living room after dark, it probably took her 9 months or so before she started doing it. After a few weeks of her going naked after dark in those rooms, I realized she actually enjoyed it.

After we had been going together for awhile, she started staying over on the weekends. She would come over on Friday evenings and often leave from my apartment for work on Monday mornings. She would also visit me some during the week nights.

One Friday evening about 6:00 pm (after dark), she knocked on my door. We had been going together about 9 months to a year at this point. When I went to the door to let her in, she was standing there stark naked with just a small bag that only contained toiletries and make up. I was shocked, probably for the first time in our relationship. As I let her in, I asked her where her key to my apartment was. She said, “It’s on my dresser at home; I didn’t have a spare pocket to put it in.”

When she got in the apartment, she promptly put her arms around me and kissed me. She said, “I’m so horny, I can’t stand it.”

I told her I had just gotten home from the office and needed to shower first. That was OK with her. She wanted to know if I had gotten the card in the mail she had sent me the day before. I told her I didn’t know as I hadn’t yet checked the mail. It was still registering on me that she had left her apartment naked, driven over naked, walked across the parking lot and up to my apartment all while stark naked.

She said, “I’ll get the mail while you are showering.”

“But you can’t go down there; you’re naked.”

It then seemed to register on her that she had no clothes on, or with her. She went into the bedroom, grabbed my blue chambray work shirt, put it on and said, “How’s this?”

“But you haven’t even buttoned it up.” I replied.

“So what, I’m just going down to get the mail.”

And off she went, with the shirt flapping open and all of her female assets on display. In the future this is the way she would dress to get my mail. She wouldn’t bother with buttoning it. There was a lot of traffic in front of my apartment building looking into the lobby where the mailboxes are. Wendy was getting braver and was finding her exhibitionist sea legs.

That particular shirt, when buttoned, barely covered all of her butt in the rear; it covered all of her pubic hair and her labia in the front. It was like an extremely short micro mini dress that wouldn’t even be suitable for a dark nightclub.

The card she had sent me was in the mail. After I had opened it and commented how nice it was, she said, I’m really hungry; can we go out and get something to eat before we have some fun? I’m actually hungry enough it would interfere with my enjoyment of sex.”

Again I told her we couldn’t go out as she had no clothes.

She said, “Well, I have this.” as she tugged on the chambray shirt. “I’ll even button it up.” Wow, what a concession.

“No, Wendy, we can’t go to any restaurant with you dressed that way.”

“Why couldn’t we get some carry out; we wouldn’t be in the restaurant very long?”

“You don’t understand, Wendy, you aren’t going in any restaurant dressed like that, even for two minutes, at least not while you are with me.”

She mulled that over, and said, “OK, we’ll just do drive through.” That seemed a reasonable compromise, so off we went. Wendy, wearing only the buttoned chambray work shirt, walking down the steps and to my car, which fortunately was parked only about 25′ from the bottom of the steps. It had been dark for awhile, so at least there was that.

When Wendy sat on the seat, three wasn’t enough of the shirt to sit on, so her bare butt was on the seat. She could keep her pubic hair covered if she wanted. On the way to the restaurant she was teasing me by pulling the bottom of the shirt up to expose her bush.

When we got to the drive through, there was a guy inside handing out the orders. I looked over at Wendy and saw a devilish smile on her face. I looked down and saw she had the shirt pulled up to expose some of her pubic hair. It was too late to make her cover herself as he was already handing me the boxes.

Fortunately, we had an uneventful ride back to the apartment, except that Wendy unbuttoned the bottom 2 or 3 buttons on the shirt. This gave her the ability to easily show me all of her bush and labia as she was sitting in the car. Unfortunately my parking spot was no longer available, and we had to park a long way from the stairs next to the alley.

I noticed a guy walking down the alley from the rear of the car (when there is a half naked girl in your car, you notice everybody). When he got directly opposite the car on the passenger’s side, Wendy opened the door, put one foot on the ground, reached back inside the car to get one of the boxes with her other foot inside the car. So there she was, essentially naked from the waist down, with her legs spread and a stranger not 10′ away. Although it was dark out, the alley and the parking lot are well lit, so if he happened to look, he got to see it all. I later asked Wendy if he had looked, and she said, “Oh he looked alright, a nice long look. I certainly hope he didn’t see anything.” Yeah right.

We got upstairs with no further problems and had our dinner. After my shower we went to bed. I felt her pussy and it was soaking wet. Wendy said, “Yep, it has been an exciting evening.” She was especially active in bed that night. I was to find that when she exhibited herself, it made her extra horny, and when she was horny, she liked to exhibit herself. With Wendy, it was an arousing cycle. When she exhibited herself, she became more sexually aggressive. Her exhibitionism seemed to trigger something in her brain that got her motor running.

The next morning we awakened, and Wendy said, “Well, what are we going to do today?”

“I have no idea as you have no clothes.”

“I know what my obvious choice is!” She was still turned on from the night before.

That morning I realized she was going to have to get back home on Sunday, and she had no clothes. When I asked her about it, she said, “That’s still a long time off. I will worry about that when the time comes. I will probably get home the same way I got here and do it after dark.” A brave girl.

As Wendy was naked in the apartment some of the time, she would have to put something on when a friends of mine would come over. Her clothing of choice was my blue chambray work shirt, of course. She would go to the door wearing only that and let them in.

When I would get on to her about it, she just didn’t see the problem. “If I keep it buttoned, which I do, and keep it pulled down, which I do, they really can’t see anything. Even when I am sitting on the couch, if I keep my legs together and keep it pulled down to cover my pubic hair, they can’t see anything except my bare feet and a lot of leg.” She had a point, so I quit getting on to her about it.

As far as I know, the guys never got to see any of her girl bits. True to her word, she kept herself covered when my friends were over for brief visits. She didn’t want them to see anything either, as she had her reputation to protect. This only happened a few times with one or two of my friends, so it isn’t as if it were a frequent occurrence.

I later found out Wendy had been pranking me about coming over naked and not having any clothes with her. She had left her apartment wearing a shift. When she got to my apartment door, she had taken it off and tossed it behind a small table I had in the corner of the porch/landing that we used for outside socializing. It only appeared that she had been naked leaving her apartment, driving over and walking across the parking lot and up my stairs. When I told her she really had me going, she said, “I may be brave, but I’m not that brave, nor am I stupid.”

Wendy’s Last Apartment Adventure

Although there are other Wendy adventures during my time in the apartment, which I will get to later in this post, while I am on the topic of the apartment, I thought this would be a good time to tell about her last escapade while I was still at my old apartment.

The university area my apartment was in is a multinational area, partly because of the university and partly because of a large medical community. Directly below me were two or three young Indian students who had moved in at some point after the time Wendy started coming over.

Evidently they hadn’t been in the country very long as they were absolutely fascinated by American women in general and specifically by Wendy. Wendy had to be more careful about her modesty after they moved in.

When they heard footsteps on the stairs, they would crowd around the window to see who was coming up the stairs. If it was Wendy, they would then wait for her to get to their landing and start the steps up to my landing. If Wendy was wearing a skirt, they had a very good view up her skirt of her rear on the steps a little above them and of her front side as she switched directions on the stairs. The stairs were open so there was nothing to block their view. Their living room window was right next to the stairs, so all they had to do was look out and up.

Wendy felt this was an invasion of her privacy as she had not consented to them looking up her skirts or dresses. It didn’t much bother me as all they could see was a lot of leg and her panties. She now made it a point to always wear panties when she wore a skirt or a dress to come to my apartment. Most of the time she wore jeans or shorts, so to me it was a non issue.

Wendy liked to wear my chambray shirt with jeans or shorts when we went out on informal occasions. She has attractive legs, so she would opt for shorts in nice weather. One of her favorite tricks was to tease me by taking off her shorts or jeans in the car, and sitting there bottomless as we drove back to my apartment. Of course she wasn’t content to just sit there, but would turn to face me, pull the shirt up and part her legs. If she had taken her shorts off in the car, she would leave them off as we walked from the parking lot to my apartment. This seemed to get her little motor running. When she was walking from the car to the apartment, the shirt would almost always have the bottom buttons fully buttoned.

After the Indian students moved in, she no longer felt comfortable doing this as they would see the her bare butt and the rear shot of her labia on the first part of the stairs going up, after the landing on their level, and the front side of her bush and her labia on the second part of the stairs. We never knew when they were in the apartment. Sometimes the lights would be on in all three of the rooms that faced the parking lot, and sometimes not. Sometimes only the lights in the bedroom would be on, or only the kitchen.

When they heard the footsteps on the stairs, the lights in the living room, if on, would be turned off, and they would go to the window. Sometimes we could see their faces, and sometimes not. Wendy just didn’t like any part of it. As it turned out, what she didn’t like was the lack of control over the whole situation, and the fact that she felt as if she were an a****l in a zoo.

I was in the process of moving out of my apartment. On the last night Wendy would be there, we went out to get something for dinner and had some beer as all of the work had already been done. On the way back to the apartment, Wendy was getting frisky in the car and took off her jeans. Then she became quiet. This was usually a sign she was plotting something.

As we pulled into the parking lot, I was expecting her to put her jeans back on, but she made no move to do so. She got out of the car, and said, “I’m going to let those guys see what they have been wanting to see since they moved in.” She started walking toward the stairs. Thankfully, we had a parking spot that was close to the stairs. I could see her hands move to the bottom of the shirt, and the way it became wider on the sides, I knew she had unbuttoned several buttons. She was ahead of me, and was saying something back to me as we walked. She later told me she was talking to alert the guys that she was on her way up the stairs.

As she started up the stairs, I could see she had unbuttoned all the buttons and tied the front tails of the shirt together at the waist, just above her navel. She was naked from the waist down. Her breasts were mostly visible, except for the nipples and the aureola.

She took her time climbing the first 5 or 6 steps, letting anyone in the apartment know she was on the way. At the small landing, level with their window, she paused briefly, looked down at me and said something. Again she was giving verbal signals that she was there. Also she was giving them a view of her nakedness before she started the climb up the stairs that would put her above them and give them a view of her femininity from a different angle. Wendy was giving an erotic performance.

She started up the steps that put her slightly above them. What a view she was giving of her beautiful bare ass and the rear view of her labia. She was un-hurried and sensual as she climbed the steps. Then she came to the next small landing and started up the opposite way, facing their window. Her pubic hair and labia were fully exposed. All I could do was stand there in awe of my girlfriend, her beautiful body and the ease with which she exhibited it.

When I came in the apartment 30 seconds behind her, she was excited at what she had done. Her words tumbled out as she had told me how she had planned it and how she had executed it without a hitch.

I said, “But Wendy, I didn’t think you wanted them to see up your skirts, even wearing panties, and here you are baring all for them to see.”

Her response made sense, “I didn’t like the way they were doing it; it was like I was a trained monkey in a zoo. I would walk up the steps, and they would watch. I could do nothing about it. This way it was on my terms. I showed them what I wanted them to see. I went out on my terms.” And boy did she.

While this story is about the last night we were in the apartment, there are other stories that happened while I was still living at the apartment.

The Laundromat

About two miles from my apartment was a laundromat where we would do our laundry. She would bring hers from her apartment, and we would do that chore together, making it more fun. The road it was on was a major thoroughfare going into downtown. The laundromat had large storefront windows in the front and was bright inside with fluorescent lighting. When we got there on this particular night, the laundromat was empty, and there were multiple empty washers and dryers available. As was her custom, as well as mine, she would get one washer for light colored clothes and one for dark clothes.

She first filled her dark clothes’ washer and then put her light clothes in the second washer. She paused a minute as if thinking about something, and took off her blouse and then her jeans. I’m thinking WTF? Facing the wall, she placed these items on top of an unused washer. She was wearing a bra and panties, which I felt was odd as she seldom did when she was with me. Then, she turned facing me and the windows, smiled and took off her bra and then her panties. She stood there naked, facing me with them in her hand and a smile on her face. She said, “Well, I guess these need washing too.” She turned, put the items in the washer, retrieved her shirt and jeans from the top of the closed washer and turned toward me again. Only then did she get dressed, facing me and the windows.

I was praying that no one would walk in. It was dark outside and very bright inside, and anyone walking by, or driving by, got a good view of Wendy’s very naked body.

I later determined the only reason she wore a bra and panties that night was to give her a reason to strip naked and put her underwear in the wash. Would she have done that if other people had been in the laundromat? I don’t know, but I doubt it. We weren’t married yet, and she needed to be relatively conservative in her activities so she wouldn’t scare me off. By this time I was becoming used to her antics, and was beginning to enjoy them. I just didn’t want my friends or family to find out about the other side of her life.

NYC Trip

We had planned a trip to NYC to see a concert and visit with friends in the City. We also wanted to visit some friends in the Baltimore area while were up that way, so we decided to drive.

When I went to her apartment to pick her up, she was wearing a dress that buttoned up the front with maybe 6 or 7 buttons. I thought that odd as she seldom wore dresses, and especially not on a road trip. When I asked her why she was wearing a dress, she said, “I’m not wearing anything under it.”

“OK, but that doesn’t answer my question of why?” I responded.

“You’ll find out,” she replied. Uh oh. I knew she had hatched some type of plan, and I was going to be right in the middle of it.

When we cleared the urban traffic and were on the interstate, She let me know her plan: “I intend to unbutton one button for every hour we are on the road. Once a button is unbuttoned, it may not be buttoned again.”

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this, but decided to play along. She noted the time and said, “In one hour I’ll unbutton the first button.” I thought, OK, let’s see how far she will take this. I shouldn’t have doubted her resolve.

When the first hour came, she, true to her word, unbuttoned the first button. Not too bad, nor were the next two buttons, but by now her breasts were visible if she leaned forward.

We stopped for gas, and she got out to go to the restrooms. As she walked, I noticed how thin and clingy the dress material was. It clung to her well shaped butt and her breasts. As she bent over the drink box looking for a soda, I noticed that with the right angle, her bare breasts were visible.

We hit the road again, and by the time she was unbuttoned to her waist, she was beginning to get interested in the game. Although she was reading a book, she was looking over at me on a regular basis and checking the traffic. As there wasn’t much holding the dress together, it would occasionally gape open exposing her breasts when she shifted her position.

I saw her look at the clock and start to go for another button. I told her we would be making another gas stop in a few minutes, and she might want to hold off until we got back on the road. Her response? “A rule is a rule,” and she unbuttoned it. Well, she only had one more button until it would be completely undone. But at this point it might as well be that way.

She got out of the car, holding her dress together, and went to the rest room. I was pumping the gas when she came out of the restroom holding her dress together. She saw me watching her, gave one of her wicked little smiles and let the dress go without regard to who might be in the parking lot. Fortunately the last button kept her from being fully exposed and somewhat protected her modesty. One of her breasts was bare and jiggling as she walked to the car. I did notice her hurry her step a bit, which made her breasts jiggle a little more. I think that bit of exhibitionism made her a little nervous. It made me a lot nervous.

When she got back in the car, she said, “Wow, what a rush!” I moved the car away from the pump and went to the restroom. When I came back she was sitting in the car with one of her breasts bare and not a care in the world. Now, I should mention that the parking lot was mostly empty, but still, there she sat, with her bare breast, for anyone to see who drove or walked by.

I knew that in less than one hour the last button would be undone. Had no idea what she had planned after that. As we drove on the interstate, either one or both of her breasts would be exposed, depending on her position.

Finally the appointed hour was on us. Without ceremony, she undid the final button, spread her dress wide, and said, “Wow, I thought that would never get here.” She turned toward me in the seat, and said, “Like the view?” She was essentially naked as she had pulled the sides of the dress apart and away from her body. Her pink little nipples were rock hard, her light brown pubic hair was glowing in the sun, and her labia were clearly visible under her trimmed bush. I was totally turned on and had trouble focusing on my driving.

After she was through toying with me she told me she was going back to her reading and wanted me to keep an eye out for truckers, as she would hate for them to see her naked. Ha! A bunch of them had already gone by in the opposite direction, and she had made no move to cover herself. Her inner labia and her clitoral hood were peeking out from her outer labia, and they were an obvious bright red and glistening. I wondered how long they had been like that.

She was leaned against the passenger door facing me with one foot on the seat against the back of the seat and the other on the floorboard. She was giving a good spread view to anyone in the opposite lanes of travel. Probably only truckers would be high enough to see in the car, though. She wasn’t brave enough to hold this position the entire time and would go back to a more modest position, only occasionally going to the full spread for a few minutes.

The truckers would blow their air horns in appreciation of the view. She would hear the air horn and comment that I had forgotten to tell her to cover up, but it was OK, as, “I think they like me.” Plus they had their CB radios to alert other truckers to the view, so they were all looking for my car with the naked girl inside.

We finally got to the hotel about dark. Wendy thought it best that she not go with me to check in. I thought that an excellent idea. A good thing as the first person I ran into was a guy I knew from my neighborhood when I was a k** growing up, and with whom I had gone to school.

I don’t remember what we did for dinner that night or even if Wendy wore her unbuttoned dress, but I doubt it. That dress had served its purpose. I don’t think she ever wore it again. But I do remember the sex. Wendy had a huge and extended orgasm, brought about by her day long arousal session.

The motto for Virginia used to be (and may still be), “Virginia Is For Lovers.” As we were leaving the state the next morning for Baltimore, we passed one of those signs. She smiled and said very softly and lovingly, with her head on my shoulder, “Virginia truly is for lovers.” And we were in love.

We spent a night in Baltimore with friends, then off for the final leg to NYC.

The City

We arrived in Manhattan in late afternoon. We were visiting a friend of ours from graduate school (she had transferred to NYU because of a personal situation) and her physician boyfriend, Chip, who was doing his residency in NYC. Their apartment was small but comfortable. The living room was a nice size with a small kitchen and a very small loft bedroom, just off the living room that our hosts shared. The living room had large windows that looked out over a courtyard and other apartments just across the way. For the winter, Chip had put up a clear sheet of plastic over the windows to help insulate against the cold. Even though the winter was mostly over, the plastic was still up. As it turned out, it was a good thing. I don’t remember if there were any curtains for the windows, but if so, they were never closed.

For sleeping we had a small mattress on the floor in the living room. There was a sofa in the living room with the end facing the windows. Evidently Wendy had been plotting how she was going to seduce me in the close quarters of the apartment, because as soon as our friends went to bed, she stripped off naked and smiled at me. She took me by the hand and led me to the couch where she took off my clothes and went down on me. When she got me suitably aroused, she got on top and impaled herself on me with her rear facing the windows. One lamp was still on.

I asked about performing with all of those people potentially watching. Her comment was that the plastic would blur all of the detail, and no one watching would see much of anything. She may have been right.

I was very aware that anyone watching was getting a free live sex show, even though blurred. I found it distracting. Wendy had been naked for about 20 minutes when she impaled herself on me, so there was plenty of time to draw an audience. She was very much aware of our potential audience as she wanted to have her business end facing the windows.

This performance had her so aroused it didn’t take her long to cum. I think she tried to put it off as long as possible so she could prolong the enjoyment of her performance. After maybe 10 minutes, she let go and had a huge orgasm. I wasn’t far behind her. I don’t know that we discussed our performance, but I do know it was quite the turn on for her as she was still horny the next morning.

That night we slept naked on the mattress on the floor under sheets and a blanket. We awakened before our friends; we got up, brushed our teeth and went back to bed. We were fooling around under the covers holding and loving each other. We both got very aroused. Of course the events of the trip to Baltimore and the sex the night before were still fresh in her little mind. That got her motor running again.

While facing me, she lifted her left leg up so I could make penetration. She was extremely wet, and I slid right in. We were slowly and gently making love on our sides with her left leg over my right leg when Chip walked into the living room. He stood and talked to us for a minute. Wendy whispered, “Don’t pull out.” So there we were joined under the blanket while talking with Chip.

He went to the kitchen to make coffee, and that’s when that bad Wendy had her orgasm! It was, by necessity, a quiet one. She was totally turned on by having sex under the covers while Chip was in the kitchen and was talking to us. I think I was too distracted with him in the next room to get off. Chip, of course, knew what was going on. He later told me that’s why he only talked to us for a minute before going to the kitchen. The kitchen had a large pass through window for serving that opened in the living room, so Wendy didn’t have much privacy when she had her orgasm. She was so aroused I doubt she had much control over when she had it. At least she kept it quiet so Chip didn’t hear her moans.

That’s all I remember about that trip, except for the concert, which was also great. Chip and I hung out in the City doing music stuff that first full day, and Wendy and our female friend did something together as well.

This is the first time I have discussed Wendy’s escapades on that trip. Neither of us want our family or friends to know her secret hobby. No one would ever think she had another side to her life.

I think the next story will be about Wendy’s first trip to a nude beach and our 2nd wedding anniversary. I had a request from a reader to do a story about her and the nude beach. Have no idea how he knew she had been to one. I guess with her activities on the beach at the lake, he had a pretty good idea of her proclivity to get naked in public. A nude beach experience would be a natural extension of her antics at the lake.


My parents have a condo on the beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida, They spend the winters there, and Wendy and I use it during the summers when they aren’t there.

We had been together 4 1/2 years and married for almost 3 when we planned our vacation for our 3rd wedding anniversary.

For our anniversary, Wendy had a plan. It seems she always has a plan. She had wanted to go to a nude beach for the past several years. After doing some research, she found a nude beach in Miami. Her plan was to drive over to Ft. Lauderdale from the condo, stay in a hotel there and go to Miami (Haulover Beach) for day trips. She also had a few other things planned. One that she revealed to me was that she wanted to be naked and walking on the beach on her third wedding anniversary. She felt that would be kinky. As it turned out, that was the least kinky thing she did that day.

Wendy wanted to stay in the Hilton on the Strip, which faces the W hotel on the south side of the Hilton. When we checked in, she had me request a room on the south side of the hotel. She previously had told me the purpose of this, but I wasn’t sure she would go through with her plan. It was bolder than anything she had done in the past.

We had a nice room on the 6th floor facing the W. Also on our floor was the pool. We had a large patio/deck that had a walkway going by our patio to the pool. Our patio/deck faced every room on the north side of the W. That W is a big hotel. Our sliding glass doors were a window into the most intimate part of our lives, if we chose to open the curtains. Well, our curtains were never closed, either day or night. More about that later.

Haulover Beach is a state run nude beach in Miami. The nude part is probably 400 yards long, overlooked by Trump Towers just to the north side of the nude portion.

On our first trip there, Wendy was a bit nervous about skinning off her clothes in public. She had a beer to help her get over her inhibitions. Although she had been naked in public many times in the past, there weren’t that many people present, and they weren’t that close to her when she undressed.

We rented chairs and an umbrella, and Wendy, like a good trooper, got naked. After about 30 minutes she was brave enough to get off the chair and go in the water. A little later she was brave enough to walk the entire section of the nude portion of the beach without any clothes or inhibitions. It was nice to see her nicely shaped breasts jiggle as she walked the beach. I enjoyed showing her off.

One day as we were leaving the beach, Wendy was bent over her chair packing up. The guy next to us had turned his chair facing us to get more of the sun (and maybe to get a better look at Wendy while she was in her chair). He was about 4′ away from Wendy. I whispered to her, “Give him a good view.” So she bent way over, giving him a closeup view of her cute little pink asshole and a rear view of her labia. While she gave many views that day, that was probably the best one. It was certainly the closest view. She enjoyed parting her legs while seated on the chaise and letting passerbys see her goods.

On our anniversary she came up with the idea to spread her labia with the fingers on one hand and then removed her fingers. Her labia remained partially parted with her clitoral hood and her inner labia visible. She would have to repeat the spread every 10 minutes or so to keep her labia open. She did it so the guys could see her very pink interior. She liked the kinkiness of that. In fact she liked it so well, she continued to spread her womanhood for the rest of the days we were there.

There are open and communal showers at the entrance to the beach. We would shower at the two showers each day as we left the beach. Of course we would shower naked. Usually we would shower together, but Wendy had no problems showering with another man if only one shower was available when we got to the showers. She took particular pleasure in showering with another guy on her anniversary.

One day the two showers on the beach were full with a short line, so we walked naked down to some other showers at a restroom not far away. As we showered, I noticed more and more men were gathering around to watch Wendy shower. She put on a good show for them, lathering her breasts and massaging them, making her little nipples as hard as small pebbles. She would spread her cheeks to get her butt hole clean and her pussy lips to get it clean. She gave all the guys a good show. Wendy was the only girl there, and it registered on me that we were the only naked people at the showers.

For several weeks I wondered why Wendy had been such a naked attraction at a nude beach. I mean all the guys had to do was to walk 100 yards to the beach to see other naked women. Well, maybe not nearly as pretty and as well put together as Wendy, but still naked. I later learned that restroom was not part of the nude beach; It is part of the non nude portion of Haulover. So that’s why she was such an attraction! Good thing the park rangers didn’t come by or we would have been in trouble.

Each night we would go to dinner and Wendy used this a an exhibitionist opportunity. Her usual attire was a micro mini skirt with no panties, and a top with no bra. On the morning of our 3rd anniversary, we caught the water taxi down to a restaurant for brunch that had been recommended to us. There was a good opportunity for Wendy to show what was under her skirt as she got in the boat. We saw that at the front of the boat the seating was along the sides of the boat, with the passengers facing each other. On the left side, as we got on the taxi, there were 4 or 5 young guys seated on the bench seats. The bench seats across from them were empty.

Wendy grabbed my hand and led me to the middle of the bench seats opposite the guys. I immediately knew what she had in mind. As she sat down, she positioned her skirt so it just barely covered her pubic hair when looking at it from our perspective, that is looking down. From the front, the vantage point of the guys, her light brown pubic hair and labia were visible. Just to remove any doubt, Wendy slightly parted her legs so they could get a look at her womanhood. What a turn on for both of us, and especially the guys for whom she was showing off.

The taxi ride took about 30 minutes during which time the guys had an unobstructed view of my wife’s pussy. The longer the ride took, the more aroused she became and the more she parted her legs. I could hear her breathing quicken and knew she was getting more and more aroused. She was holding my hand. Her grip became tighter and more moist as the ride progressed. While she never fully spread her legs, they were sufficiently far apart by the time we reached our destination for those guys to know she was a full fledged female.

As we reached our destination, she reluctantly got up to leave. As she climbed the 3 or 4 steps to the exit, her bottom side was visible to the guys below. She turned, smiled at them and gave them a cute little wave. She told me she had seen bulges in each of their shorts. It pleased her that she had shown her pussy to those guys and had given them erections on her wedding anniversary. She really delighted in being naughty on this special day. As we wanted to spend most of the day at Haulover, we caught a regular taxi back to the hotel. It was less than a 10 minute trip by regular taxi rather than a 30 minute trip by the water taxi.

A restaurant we particularly enjoyed was on the Strip down the street from the W and the Hilton. It had a raised outside dining area that overlooked the sidewalk below. The first night we were there was what gave Wendy the idea we would use the next time we went.

The first night she had on her usual miniskirt and a top that unzipped partially down the front. She had unzipped it a bit too far, and her breasts and nipples were exposed each time she leaned over a bit. We had a male waiter who got some good views of her bare breasts. And she kept her legs parted so whoever was in the right angle could see her womanhood. We didn’t notice anybody taking a good look between her legs. She was disappointed in this.

But the best plan was the second time we went to the restaurant. This was for our anniversary dinner. Wendy said she wanted to get there a little early so we could get a table directly next to the sidewalk.

When we got to the restaurant, there were two tables that would suit our purpose. She took a chair next to the sidewalk at an angle facing the oncoming pedestrian traffic on the right side of the sidewalk and about 4 or 5 feet above it. She had it all planned out, including the best angle for her voyeurs to view her.

Her chair and the business part of her would be right at eye level, or maybe just a little above. Perfect for what she had planned. Prior to leaving the hotel she had a glass of wine to bolster her courage. She got another glass upon being seated. We had a waitress this time, but Wendy thought what the hell and let her see her breasts, as if she were a guy. Not sure what the waitress thought, but she did look. The busboy was male, and he enjoyed the view.

Although she is an exhibitionist, she is still a bit shy about showing off in new situations. This was a new situation. The wine would smooth the transition from being a regular diner to being a diner with her femininity exposed to passersby.

I couldn’t see her pussy, but I could see her legs. When first seated her legs were together. As she relaxed with the wine, they began to part. By the time the meal arrived her legs were parted as much as they would be. She wanted to part them so her pussy was easily seen, but not so far as to appear purposeful She wanted it to appear accidental. That was her thing, to make it appear accidental. Sometimes she was successful, sometimes not.

When a guy would see her labia, and then look up at her face, Wendy would smile at him. He would then know that was no accident. We were at the restaurant for probably an hour during the daylight hours with her personal girl bits on view to whoever walked by, Don’t know how many guys got to see it, but she estimated maybe 15 or 20. She lost count after she saw 7 of them look at it. I saw her smile at 4 or 5 of them. The whole thing was a turn on for us.

But the best part was the hotel business at night. Wendy told me she wanted to do something special for our 3rd anniversary. I just didn’t know how special. Before we left for dinner, I noticed her paying special attention to the living room area of our large suite apartment. I asked her what she was doing. She responded, “Making plans.”

“OK, plans about what, Wendy?”

“If we had sex on the floor in front of the sliding glass doors, the entire north side of the W could watch us.”

Now that was an ambitious plan.

She had already sat on the deck drying and combing her hair in the afternoons while naked. 100% of the north side of the W could see her out there just nonchalantly combing her hair. It was a turn on for her. But this plan was several steps above that. And I would be involved. I asked her if she was up for it, and she responded, “Let’s do it!” I started to feel tingly inside and my knees were a bit weak. I’m not an exhibitionist and only participate because she needs a partner on some of her escapades. I have, however, learned to enjoy fucking her with an audience, as long as they aren’t too close to us.

I have moved beyond merely being an enabler; I am a participant, reluctant at times but still a participant. Also, at times I am a co conspirator.

We would need a blanket to place on the floor so we wouldn’t get rug burns. She excitedly began to look for a blanket. Wouldn’t you know it, there was no blanket in the room. I didn’t know whether to be disappointed or relieved. Wendy was most disappointed. I felt bad for her.

Wendy got quiet and again was surveying our domain. I asked her what she was doing, and she said she was thinking. I asked her what she was thinking about, and she said, “An alternate plan.” She explained her alternate plan to me at dinner, and it was a good one. We would lose some of our audience, but we wouldn’t get rug burns.

After our dinner we walked back to the hotel. Wendy was slightly tipsy from the wine, and intentionally so. What she had planned was her biggest escapade yet. We walked, held hands, and I congratulated her on being so daring at dinner. I mean I never thought she would do something like that. We were holding hands and occasionally she would put her arm around me and hold me like that for awhile.

When we got back to the hotel, she had another glass of wine and began analyzing the situation after she took her miniskirt and top off. It was dark outside, the lights in the room were on and the curtain on the sliding glass doors was open as wide as it would go, having not been closed since we got there.

She said that good lighting would be essential so our voyeurs would get a good show. I could tell she was serious about this. There was a table and lamp next to the wall the doors opened from. She moved this lamp over to the opposite wall where it was placed behind the sliding glass door curtains that were bunched up next to the doors on the non opening end of the doors. She explained that would remove any glare from the lamp on the glass doors, and the light wouldn’t be between us and our audience. As she was doing this she was walking around naked drinking her wine. She then positioned a fairly large chair so that the maximum number of rooms from the W would be able to see what was going on in the chair. I was beginning to see the entirety of her plan.

She said the longer she walked around naked in the room, the larger the audience we would draw. To be so young (I think about 27 on this trip), she certainly knew what she wanted.

There was a sofa against the interior wall, one end of which faced the sliding doors. The sofa itself faced the center of the room where the chair now was. She asked me to help her pull the sofa out from the wall some so she would be visible to more rooms once we started. She then said the chair out in the center of the room was too obvious, so she moved it back toward the wall a little bit. Behind that chair was a wall that separated our bedroom from the living room; it was a big suite.

After being suitably fortified with her wine, she was ready to get started. She sat down on the couch, motioned me over and started kissing me while I felt her breasts. She had been in a state of arousal for much of the day because of the water taxi ride, the beach and the dinner. She estimated that maybe 20 to 30 men had seen her private parts today. This didn’t include the nude beach where she walked naked on the beach as planned. This activity kept her going all day and into the evening. Now she was going to take advantage of that sexual arousal.

After a few minutes of aroused kissing, she lay back against the arm rest of the sofa, put her left foot on the floor and the other spread as far as she could get it. Her right knee was bent and her leg was pulled back. She may have had it on the back of the couch. Wherever it was, she was fully spread and totally exposed. She was facing the sliding glass door.

I looked at her vulva and could see she was aroused and leaking. Because she is so light skinned, her pussy on the inside is very pink, as is her asshole. When she becomes aroused the interior of her pussy turns a bright red. It was red. She had been anticipating this since before dinner.

She wanted me to masturbate her for our audience, so I started gently rubbing her clitoris, occasionally going in her vagina and rubbing her G spot. She said, “The longer we do this, the larger the audience we will have for our performance.” I told her our performance had already started. She then wanted me to take off my clothes. I did so, and my cock was at full attention. She then started sucking me to make sure I was interested. I was.

When she was ready, she led me to the chair and had me sit down. She then started giving me a lap dance rubbing her pussy around on my shaft with her back to the sliding glass doors. When she could stand it no longer, she impaled herself on me with a gasp. About 70% of the rooms on the north side of the W looked straight into our room, and she was riding me at night with the curtains open and the lights on.

She was totally getting into it, and asked me to spread her butt cheeks. She wanted to give our audience a good look at her pussy getting hammered and her cute little asshole. So I obliged her. She said, “Spread it wider!” I took my fingers and spread her asshole so wide it was bound to be uncomfortable. She wanted the voyeurs to be able to see up inside of her. She knew that some men were more attracted to women’s assholes than their pussies, and she didn’t want to leave anything to the imagination.

As she was humping me, I could see some people had come out on the balconies at the W and were watching. I told Wendy this, and she moaned. I saw one guy come out, take a look at what was going on, go back in the room and return with his wife. They watched awhile then went back inside and turned the lights off. Not brave at all. I mean anyone can have sex with the curtains closed and the lights off.

As Wendy is building toward orgasm, I can feel it in her asshole. It has small spasms that portend several large spasms as she cums. I was rubbing it for her when I felt it open a little and start the small spasms. I stuck my finger in it and began finger fucking her asshole, as she likes this. Then I realized our audience wouldn’t be able to see her “wink” with my finger stuck up there, so i pulled it out and let them watch as she winked at them. Boy, did she! I think she had 7 or 8 large spasms, with resulting winks for our audience.

Wendy collapsed on me. She was spent. I needed to cum, but doing it there in front of all of those people was distracting for me. Plus I was worried about offending someone. So I stood Wendy up, who was weak in her legs, and took to the bedroom. There I fucked her in missionary until I got off. After the sexual tension mounting during the day, we both were happy to finish each other off. I got up and turned off the lights we had left on in the living room. Wendy and I lovingly held each other as we went to sleep on the 3rd anniversary of our marriage.


Wendy has enjoyed reading the stories I have written about her escapades. It gets her aroused to relive those memories, and our sex life has been more active since I published the first one.

She had the idea she would like to try her hand at writing a story about our latest excursion into the land of kink. She asked me if I would help her. Of course I said yes. While our educational levels are the same, I have done more writing over the years than she. I helped her with some proofing, but this is her story in her own words.

Over the years of going to the Gulf Coast to my in laws’ condo, we have met a lot of people and made some friends. Most all of those friends are normal people, but one couple is not. She is an exhibitionist. She has a boat at a marina about 40 miles from the condo.

I have found that exhibitionist females tend to find more of their kind and enjoy hanging around with them. Their husbands all know the score and go along with the program so there is no drama when things start happening. Let’s call my friend with the boat, Sandra. That isn’t her real name, but her identity needs to be protected. Most exhibitionist females don’t like their normal friends and family to know about their hobby.

Sandra has another exhibitionist friend at the same marina with a very large boat. The two of them like to have adult parties on their boats. I have been on Sandra’s boat before, with Sandra and her husband. We got naked to get some sun, but that was about it.

Sandra and her friend decided to have an adult Halloween party. They liked the idea of a Halloween theme as that would be a good excuse to be freaky. Sandra told me most of the invited guests had been to their parties before, so they knew what to expect. The ones who had not been before were told to expect nudity. If they found that offensive, then probably they should decline the invitation.

I asked what type of costume I should wear. She said anything that shows a lot of skin. Sandra has hosted and been to several of these parties before. She explained that she and her co hostess were going to wear their hostess aprons and nothing else. These small rounded lace aprons tie around the waist and hang down to well above where the hairline is or would be, if they had pubic hair. So the hostesses will start out the party essentially naked. Sounds like my type of party. Sandra does have blonde pubic hair that is trimmed to a landing strip.

I immediately went online to find a suitable costume. I found a mesh catsuit with large 1″ meshes. It would cover nothing of significance. I, too, would be essentially naked. The estrogen from the three of us will be palpable, and probably from a few other of the females, as well.

This was exciting. I showed it to my husband who approved. I call it a catsuit because it came with a mask, some cat ears, and a tail. It covers the body, arms, legs and feet with the mesh. I ordered it with expedited shipping.

I would have to wear a mini skirt and a top which I would skin off as soon as I got there. Also I would need to wear shoes, which I would probably leave on. The catsuit is crotch less which would allow me to accidentally give spread views to worthy subjects. I can’t believe I am actually contemplating doing this. Sandra says there won’t be anyone there I know, except some people from the marina who also like to get naked. This means I will be able to get as naked as I want and do what I want to do. This could be interesting.

I am beginning to get aroused thinking about this. As my husband would say, my little motor is humming away. I have never been naked at a party in this country before.

I definitely am going to save myself for this party and not masturbate or have sex for three days before the party. I want to be good and horny when I get there. I am much braver when horny, and especially braver when I have had alcohol and am horny. That is sometimes a dangerous combination. The two hostesses are also saving themselves for the party. I explained this to my husband and suggested he do the same.

I woke up Wednesday morning with a dampness between my legs. All I could think of was the party and what would happen. I had a general idea of what would happen because of conversations I had with Sandra, but I didn’t know what I would end up doing. I just knew it was exciting to think about. I hadn’t been naked in front of strangers in several months, and I was ready.

As we left for the party, we discussed what we would feel comfortable doing. We felt comfortable with my showing everything, including my spread vagina and my spread butthole, if the mood was right. We also felt comfortable having sex while others watched, if it went that far and the mood was right. We knew going in it would be an adult party and everyone invited had been told the same thing. So no one there should be offended by what they see there. Based on that, I wore my catsuit with ears and a mini skirt with a blouse over the catsuit. I didn’t even take my mask. My husband said he would be comfortable with public sex as no one would be offended.

When we got there, our hostesses were in their little sexy aprons and nothing else, so I went below and stripped down to my catsuit. When I came out, and my husband saw I was basically naked around all of those people, he quickly got aroused. We stayed in the main salon as it was still daylight, and we didn’t want to draw any attention to us. Boat people are fairly use to nudity, but you never know who might complain or call the police, especially during the daytime while at the marina.

Several of the women had on bikinis that had the tops missing. The guys were all getting their eyes full. We drank a while and talked. Several of the single guys came over and chatted my husband and me up. I spoke to the few people I knew from the marina and met a few new people. Pretty soon it was perfectly natural to be wearing the catsuit and nothing else.

After an hour or so, one of the women who had been wearing her bikini bottoms went below and came back with her bottoms in hand; she was naked. I thought that was a good sign, excused myself, went below and came back with my catsuit in my hand. I, too, was naked. My husband told me I was a brave little thing.

Soon our hostesses lost their aprons, and 4 of us were stark naked, and the night was young. By now there were probably 25 or 30 people there. About 10 to 12 couples and 4 or 5 single guys, as best I could tell. May have been a single woman or two, but I’m not sure.

I enjoyed walking around naked and showing off. As Sandra said, I was the new girl in town, and all the guys were interested in what I had brought to the party. They could pretty much see all of it, except for what was hidden between my legs. That would come later.

The hosts and hostesses had bought BBQ and country style ribs from an excellent BBQ restaurant not too far from the marina. It was very good. I dropped some juice from one of the ribs on my bare nipple. My husband noticed, leaned over and licked it off. The guys around me liked that. Both my nipples were at attention. The party was getting better.

Thus far I had maintained my modesty and had kept my legs together. As the alcohol relaxed my inhibitions, my legs began to relax as well. I had to keep them pretty much together as I was wet down there, and didn’t want everyone to know how aroused I already was.

The boat we were having the party on is a very large cabin cruiser. It is of near shore seagoing size and maybe 50′ to 60′ in length. The brand is Carver, which is a plush multilevel yacht. The party also spilled out onto the dock and two other boats in nearby slips. So there were several parties going on with the large Carver being the center of activities. It was now dark, and I enjoyed being able to walk around naked on the dock and visit the other boats.

By this time it was getting late, and all of the people with boats at that particular dock who were not at the party, had left, and we had the dock to ourselves. I had enough alcohol and was horny enough that if any of the men had wanted to feel me up at that point, I would have let them. But no one asked, and I didn’t volunteer my breasts to anyone. That would have been more forward than I am comfortable with. My thing is to show off, not be felt up. But some touching did come a little later.

My husband, a guy we met named Brad and I were walking on the dock back to the Carver, when Brad said, “You certainly have a nice ass.” He and I were side by side with my husband a few feet in front of us.

“Thank you very much, you can touch it if you like.” I said.

I think he was a bit surprised, but he put his big hand on my butt cheek and squeezed it as we were walking. One of his fingers was right at my anus; I could feel it there on the starfish and the sphincter muscle right next to the opening. After he squeezed it several times, he said, “That was nice, thank you for letting me do that.” He then removed his hand and we continued to walk to the Carver. He complimented me on having such a nice firm butt.

Earlier, my husband and I had discussed the boundaries. As I said, there were no limits on what I could do in showing off, but we agreed the men couldn’t touch my genitals or butthole. That is marital territory. We agreed they could touch my breasts and my butt if the situation arose and if I felt comfortable with it. His finger got as close as possible to the opening of my anus without touching it. It was on my sphincter muscle at the opening. I’m sure he could feel that muscle and knew exactly where he was.

When we got back to the boat, the hosts and hostesses decided it was time for a moonlight cruise. Now that was a sight. The two hostesses were hopping around naked getting the lines free so the captain could maneuver out of the marina. They had hired an experienced boat handler to be the captain so the owner/host could drink and enjoy the party.

As we cleared the marina, more of the women lost their bikini bottoms and were dancing naked on the aft deck and in the salon. The aft deck is off of the salon on the main or mid level. The cockpit is on the top level and the stateroom and cabins are on the lower level. There was a small salon down there as well. We had plenty of privacy as it was dark with lighting on the deck, and there just weren’t many boats out at that hour. We cruised not far offshore in the moonlight.

By this time I was a little under the influence and a lot horny. I hadn’t had an orgasm since Sunday, and I could feel it. I found out the hostesses had been saving themselves for about the same amount of time. I could feel the wetness between my legs and knew my inner labia were red and swollen, as was the rest of my womanhood. By now I felt that my vagina had probably dilated and would be obviously opened if I showed it to anyone. My legs starting parting a bit more, and I knew the guys seated and standing opposite me could tell I was aroused by the physical condition of my genitals. I had never been naked in a crowd like this while in an obviously aroused state, and it felt wonderful.

My husband and I were on the rear deck along with another naked woman, several of the single guys and another couple or two. u*********sly I had begun to gently touch my clitoris as it was all so arousing. My legs were becoming more and more spread without my realizing it. My husband had his arm around my shoulders and was gently rubbing my breast and my nipple, which was rock hard. The other couples were fooling around with each other as well. The single guys and the naked woman were watching. She was rubbing herself a bit. I don’t think she was solo, but her partner may have been in the main salon.

Soon my legs were spread wide. My husband removed my hand from my pussy and started rubbing me, spreading me apart and exposing my vagina for everyone watching. He wasn’t rubbing my clitoris, but would rub my anus and spread it apart for viewing. Occasionally he would go in my spread vagina and touched my G-spot. He intentionally wasn’t touching my clitoris because he didn’t want me to cum yet. He knew I was aroused and on the verge of cumming.

I was pretty much out of it by this time, but I remember Brad, a couple other single guys and a few others had their eyes laser locked on my swollen, wet and red pussy, as well as my butthole. It all became too much, and I had a huge orgasm with all of them watching. It was just glorious.

Well, my husband wasn’t happy with me as he wanted me to cum while I was fucking him. But it was too late for that. I am a one and done type of girl.

Finally, I was totally relaxed, for the first time since Monday and maintained the fully spread position while the guys continued to look at my spread girl parts. I know my vagina was opened to the max because of my arousal. It was a nice feeling to be that exposed in a group of people. Two of the women were interested in the condition of my pussy as well. I doubt they had ever seen anything like that before. So there I was, spread out like a common slut while the crowd looked at my swollen pussy and asshole that had just winked at them a bunch of times. I don’t know how many times, but I know it was more than 5 as the orgasm just kept washing over me.

My husband wanted to fuck me, but he wanted a little more privacy than doing it in front of all of those people, especially as I had already cum. Had I still been in heat, he would have let me fuck him right there.

Several more had joined the group to see what was going on out where we were. At that point two or three watching would have been OK with him, but what we had was a crowd. They were getting a good view of the new girl; I don’t think I disappointed them, except they probably wanted to see me get fucked. Earlier I had been aroused enough to fuck my husband while they all watched, but that was my undoing; I was too aroused and had a premature orgasm before I could even mount him.

I don’t know how long I lay there and rested, but was finally able to walk again. I assumed a more modest position, and my husband helped me up. We walked back through the main salon and saw that our hostesses and another woman were giving their version of “Spread Your Legs.” We watched for a while and then continued on looking for a more private place.

We found an unused cabin on the lower level and decided it would do. Without any preliminary introductions, my husband put me on the bed, stuck it in and had at me. He left the door to the cabin open, and some of the people on the lower level could watch me getting fucked. My vagina was so dilated, and I was so well lubricated, that I could just barely feel him in me. What I could feel was his hand on my ass spreading my cheeks apart and his little nuts bouncing on my exposed asshole. Some of those people were getting a good show.

It didn’t take him long to cum, and after clean up we rejoined the group in the salon. By now couples were looking for private or semi private places to have sex.

My husband and I had a small berth in the main salon to ourselves. We got some more wine and talked to the people who remained, and the ones who returned after their trysts. By now I was back to normal and just enjoyed hanging out naked in a social setting.

We hung out naked and drank some more until the evening was over for us. Our hostess got us a blanket, and we went to sleep on the small fold out berth. By now the captain had brought us back to the marina, and those who wanted to abandon ship had done so. Many, knowing it would be a late night, had arranged to take Thursday off.

I awoke to the smell of fresh coffee and bacon cooking. Several others were up as well. I got out of bed and realized I was still naked—of course. Looked for my clothes, but couldn’t find them. I did have my pocketbook with our tooth brushes and toothpaste, so at least I had a fresh mouth. I figured that anyone who didn’t get to see enough of me naked last night would have another opportunity this morning.

The captain was still there. He was one of the guys who had watched my performance the night before, after temporarily turning over the helm to another experienced boater. He told me that was the most erotic thing he had ever seen. He said the only way it could have been better would have been for me to have had sex with my husband while they all watched. I said, “Just wait for the next party; I was only getting warmed up last night!” I told him I intended to fuck my husband in front of the audience, but the situation was overwhelming for me, and I had a premature orgasm. I also told him about the quick sex on the lower level while others watched. I explained he didn’t miss much of a show as I just lay there as my husband spread my anus for the audience and hammered me for two or three minutes before he juiced me good. He said he would have liked to have seen that.

While we were talking, two other couples who had boats there came by when they smelled the coffee and saw the movement on the boat. They had been invited to the party, but couldn’t make it. Well, I was still naked as I had no clothes, but it didn’t bother me and didn’t seem to bother them. I wasn’t too worried as I figured my clothes were in one of the cabins that was occupied with the doors closed. As it was, I got to walk around naked in front of some new people. I loved it. We ate our breakfast, then sat around with coffee and chatted.

One of the guys said, “Looks like it was a good party; sorry we missed it.”

The other one looked at me and said, “Damn girl, where are your clothes?”

“I don’t know,” I replied, “but I hope I find them. Would hate to have to ride home naked.”

My husband responded, “Yeah, don’t throw her in that briar patch!”

I found out they had not yet been to one of the parties, so I didn’t tell them anything about it. Sometimes it is better to let people find out for themselves. I think they now have a pretty good idea of what goes on.

Being naked around those clothed men got my motor running again, but I realized it was time to go home and have sweet and loving marital sex with my husband without an audience. The party was over.

I found my clothes in one of the cabins, so I didn’t have to go home naked. As my husband said, “That was a good thing.”

For a while I had wanted to go to France and to a nude beach. My husband was doing research on the internet and found St. Martin, which is a French/Dutch island in the Caribbean and is much closer than France. One of the beaches there is Orient Beach and is one of the prettiest beaches in the world. One end of Orient Beach is owned by Club Orient which is a nude resort. We weren’t ready for a full nude resort experience, but were intrigued by the idea of visiting a nude beach.

He found the newest hotel on the French side was the Alamanda. The pool, as well as the beach in front of it was topless but not nude. We decided we could walk down to Club O and see what it was all about. We ended up staying on the beach naked at Club O every day after our first day there. We took to it like the proverbial ducks to water.

First Trip To St. Martin

At Club O there is a beach restaurant named Papagayos and a beach bar called the Perch. You will hear me talk about them later. We spent a lot of time there. But all of that came in later years. Here is the story of my first ultimate female exhibitionist experience and some of our experiences at Club O. I call it the ultimate exhibitionist experience because it is the most a female can do to show off—have sex with her partner while being watched by another man, other men or a couple. Never ever thought that would be me! The ultimate male exhibitionist experience is a bit different.

On our first trip to St. Martin we stayed at the Alamanda. We had asked for a second floor room for a view of the beach, but they were full, so we had a ground floor room. Funny how our getting a ground floor room would change our lives forever. The room had a patio that opened (sliding glass doors) toward the pool and the breakfast area. There was a sidewalk from the office/pool area to the beach that was to the rear of our patio . We would sit out there naked for coffee in the mornings and late in the day for cocktails before going to dinner. There was a waist high wooden fence and some bushes around the patio, so we had some privacy when sitting out there without our clothes. If someone had walked up to talk to us, we would have been caught, but neither of us cared.

One night we came back to the hotel after dinner and drinking (too much drinking, as it turned out!). I took off my skirt and top (wore no underwear on the trip) and lay on the bed naked. My husband was naked also. I was watching the Olympics. The curtains were opened about 6 ft., the way they had been during the day. After being on the beach naked all day, it didn’t seem to be a big deal to be naked in the hotel room with the curtains open. A lamp by the bed was on.

My husband started fooling around with me. I was getting aroused and very aware that the curtains were open. That added to the excitement. I was wet. My husband was hard. I climbed on top and completed penetration. He asked me if I thought we should close the curtains. I replied that they were only open about 6 inches; he said more like 6 ft. I said it was ok the way it was. He responded that if I wanted to give them a show, we would give them a real show. He turned us around so that my rear end, with everything exposed, was facing the sliding glass doors. The doors were only about 3′ away from the end of our bed. I was humping him harder and harder, very aware that if anyone was out there I was giving them a free live sex show. It was intensely erotic.

We had been naked in the room with the curtains open for quite a while before this started, so there was plenty of time to draw an audience. Also there was a lot of vegetation around the patio, so someone could stay there without being observed by other guests (found out the next night that this had, in fact, happened!). Didn’t take long for us to reach orgasm.

While my husband cleaned me up, my business end was facing the sliding doors, legs were spread with my femininity wide open while he wiped me clean. During this clean up session, my vagina was also open as I had just gotten fucked, and it was still dilated. So all of my pinkness was open to the world, and watchers could see up inside my vagina. The people outside the sliders got a lot more than they could have wished for. It was a very graphic session. The clean up session alone would have been worth the price of admission.

After my husband finished cleaning me, I got up and was going to close the curtains, but thought what the hell, that horse is out of the barn. Those curtains never did get closed!

I found that I enjoyed that type of display—never had done it before—and decided to get a ground floor room again the next year so that we could repeat if the urge came over us. At that stage of our career we didn’t want to be the first to suggest a ground floor room as we didn’t want to appear to be a pervert to the other.

The next year we decided to stay at Cap Caribes in a ground floor room. By this time we had admitted to each other that we enjoyed performing for others. We liked the view from the second floor, but we like giving the view even better.

Our room at Cap Caribes had the sliding glass doors on the back side of the hotel with a large privacy fence between us and the beach. The fence was about 60′ from our room. There was more privacy there than at the Alamanda. My husband liked it much better. He said that anyone back there watching wanted to watch and that we wouldn’t be offending anyone.

We would have sex with the curtains open all the way and my business end facing the doors. Of course my husband spread my butt cheeks so our voyeurs could see it all. I winked each night for our unseen audience. This was before I discovered the pleasure of his finger up my butt when I orgasmed. So they got to see all 7 or 8 of my spasms. When doing it in front of an audience, I will wink 7 or 8 times. With regular sex, it is about 4 or 5 spasms. The orgasms are much stronger and last longer when I think someone is watching.

I would be naked in the room, walking around, before sex so we could draw an audience for the performance. I would go down on him, and he would go down on me after spreading my labia and rubbing my clitoris for our audience. I would be on my back and he would spread me wide open, exposing my dilated vagina. I would then get on top and repeat the performance we had given at the Alamanda. We had sex each night we were there with the curtains open and the lights on, and I was totally exposed for each of those performances. He felt more comfortable having sex at Cap Caribes as we weren’t right out in the open as we were at the Alamanda. We had a bit of privacy—we thought.

In June we went back to Cap Caribes to survey the scene of the crime of so many years ago. We found our old room, and noticed a few things we hadn’t seen before. We had never been out the sliding glass doors in the back of the room, so we didn’t know what was back there. Well, we found out!

Unknown to us, there was a walkway behind our room about 20′ away from the sliding glass doors. This walkway connects the beach, the pool and the front part of the resort. Wow! When I saw that I started getting wet. We were much more exposed and popular than we had originally thought. They got a good show.

Club Orient

After a couple of trips to Orient Beach, and spending our days at Club O Beach, we decided to take the plunge and stay at Club O. Glad we did, and we haven’t looked back. Here are some of my recollections about our Club O experiences taken from notes I made at the time. Club O was destroyed by hurricane Irma in 2017; it is now only rubble, but I am writing about it as if it still exists, because in my mind it does. Plus my notes were made contemporaneous with our trips, so they are written in the present tense.

The Club O restaurant is Papagayos on the south end of the beach, almost at the end of the Club O property and the end of Orient Beach. The Perch is a beach bar restaurant on the opposite end of Club O property, getting close to the non nude portion of the beach. It is heavily frequented by the “boat people,” who are clothed tourists from the cruise ships. They enjoy walking the nude portion of the beach getting an eyeful of all the naked people. The women look at the naked men as much as the men look at the naked women. Some of the women will take off their tops and walk topless. A very few will take the bottoms off as well.

There have been times that I was the only naked person in the Perch. Everyone else was clothed. The tourists loved it. I loved it. Just something about being the only naked girl in a bar populated with clothed men (and some women). Once we were on our walk down Club O Beach—naked of course. We were walking at the water line when I spotted a large crowd of clothed people by the taxi stand at Pedro’s (just beyond the Perch). They evidently were waiting on their bus to take them back to the ship. I immediately saw an opportunity. I changed my course to one that would put me right in the middle of the crowd. It was a large group (maybe 50 or more) of Japanese tourists. I walked right through their group. Most of them had cameras, so there may be pictures out there documenting my fearless walk through their midst. But not to worry as I, as always, was wearing a hat and sunglasses. Walking naked through that crowd got my little motor running.

Orient Beach is about 1.3 miles long with only the Club O part being nude. The rest of it is topless. The Club O portion is maybe 500 yards long. The whole beach is one of the prettiest in the world.

This was a good trip with excellent weather. We both went naked 99% of the time. We only got dressed when we left the property and on our walks all the way down the beach, most of which is non nude-topless only. He wore swim trunks, and I wore just a G-string, which covered only my genitals and my pubic hair—what little I have. Can’t have much as small as that G-string is.

Most of the women on this part of the beach were prudes. If they sunbathed topless, they would put their tops on when they walked down to the water, or went anywhere away from their chairs. I was the only female I saw to walk the entire beach, and back, with my breasts bare and wearing only a barely legal G-string with my entire butt exposed. And I have a nice butt. Correction, I have seen women from Club O walk the beach topless. Not sure if I saw any this trip or not.

One day, I wrapped a pareo around my waist, and went on the walk wearing only that. That particular pareo only barely covers my butt and my genitals. On the walk back, the wind was blowing pretty good and the front of the pareo would blow up exposing my genitals. On the way down, it probably blew up exposing my butt. I couldn’t see it, and wasn’t concerned.

The combination of the wind and of my pulling the pareo back down eventually loosened it so that I couldn’t even keep it on. Finally, seeing no Gendarmes around, I just took it off and did the rest of the walk naked. A lot of the guys enjoyed that. The women, not so much. Too bad. Get your bodies in shape, and you too can show them off.

The entire beach used to be nude, and that is the way we would do our walks when it wasn’t real crowded—such as the early morning hours when we would walk the entire beach naked. But the prudes have taken over, and it is no longer legal to be naked on all of Orient Beach—just the Club Orient part.

For happy hour we would go to Papagayos and usually meet friends there and for dinner afterwards. Almost all of the women would wear a wrap to happy hour and dinner, but I went naked every night. I was usually the only naked girl in the restaurant for dinner. My husband and a male friend we met said I was a was a brave girl and a good little nudist. Their thing, and mine too, is that it is a nudist resort, why dress for dinner? I enjoyed walking through the restaurant naked during happy hour getting the drinks when all of the other women had something on. It is the only restaurant I have been too where I can do that, so I enjoy the experience of being naked at dinner, especially when the other women are wearing something. I have been naked in the Perch a whole bunch of times, but I view the Perch as more of a bar, even though food is available.

The very first night we were there was the Managers’ party. I initially went naked, but noticed that all of the women but me had something on. I went back to the chalet and put a pareo around my waist. My husband got on to me for that. The next week at the Managers’ party, I just went naked and was the only female to do so. It was a bit of a turn on. I made sure to walk around and show off a bit and let the men see what I had. I have the body for it, so I guess that is one reason I have no modesty and enjoy going naked when it is legal to do so.

That night after the managers’ party and after dinner and too many glasses of wine at Papagayos, we were in our Chalet with the sliding glass door curtains wide open-about 12′. They were still open from the daytime before we went to dinner. It was now dark with the lights on. My husband was talking about the first time I attacked him and fucked him in the room at the Alamanda at night during our first visit to the Island. Thinking of that night began to get me interested.

Every now and then I could see a couple walking by outside on the way back from Papagayos. Our chalet was two down from where we stayed last year, and was on the path people take coming and going from Papagayos. Actually it is on the beach, but people walk between the chalets and the water. We were both naked and I was getting aroused. I leaned over and started sucking him to get him hard. When he was suitably erect I impaled myself on him and started doing him right there on the couch with the lights on and people walking by outside. I was facing the wall and couldn’t see them, but he could. I could feel him spreading my butt cheeks to give good views of my pussy getting fucked and of my little pink asshole. I think having the people walk by was a little too much for him as he lost his erection. I wanted to keep on until I climaxed, but he was too chicken. I wanted to be watched while I had my orgasm.

That was the only night on that trip he would let me do that, but we did it plenty during the day while people were walking by. The view looking inside isn’t as good during the day, though. But we both enjoy doing it in the daytime in front of the sliding glass doors, so that’s where we had sex each day.

The total width of view is about 12′ with the curtains fully open, but my husband was usually too chicken to have the curtains open that wide; hell, 1/2 the wall would be exposed to the beach! So, he usually had about 6′ to 9′ exposed. The last few times, he was braver and had all of it opened. Other trips we have done it to completion at night, but that is really brazen. My husband doesn’t like doing it at night with the curtains open. I am the exhibitionist of the family; he is just an enabler.

It was a turn on to have sex during the day watching all of those people walk by. I would do him in reverse cowgirl with him seated on the couch so we could both see the people go by on the beach-about 30′ away. When they would look in and see us, it would put me right on the brink of an orgasm, but I usually was able to pull back and continue the show. Sometimes they would walk right by our patio on the way to Papagayos, which put them about 10′ away from the sliding glass doors. Now that is close! In fact, it got to be a bit distracting for me, so I would usually turn around and fuck him in regular cowgirl while he was seated facing the beach. That way he could watch the people, and I could fantasize about them walking by and watching us do it. He said about 30 people per session would walk by. My butt was facing the doors, and he sometimes would spread my cheeks wide to give good views of me getting fucked and my redeye spread wide open. I’m sure that during each session some of them got a good look at my most intimate body part.

When I have an orgasm, my tight little butthole relaxes and becomes much looser and larger My husband says the term is “winking.” It relaxes so much that if my husband’s finger is on it when I cum, his finger will just slide right in. I really enjoy that. I fantasized that several men got to see me wink and then watch as my husband inserted his finger. I get wet just thinking about what they probably saw.

After I had my orgasm, he would take me to the bedroom and finish doing me in there to get his nut. There were two windows in the bedroom. There were blinds on the windows, but we never closed them. After sex, we would go to Papagayos for happy hour. It is embarrassing to be standing naked at the bar and feel cum running down the insides of my thighs. It was probably visible coming out of my pussy too! Ah, the perils of public nudity. Fortunately, a restroom was not far away so I could clean up in there.

Beach Exhibitionism

I was disappointed in the quality of the male cruise ship passengers (boat people) on this trip. There were more of them than last year, but the cute factor just was mostly missing. As a result I didn’t give very many spread views. One day there were so few of them, and the quality was so bad, that by 2:30, I had given no views. I was frustrated. We went to happy hour at the Perch and got some alcohol in us. My husband finally said, “Hell, just show it to any male who is not gross.” So, a lot of men got views who ordinarily would never have seen my spread feminine charms. I, reluctantly, had to lower my standards.

The way I am built, when I part my legs in the reclining position, my outer labia pretty much open on their own. So, I don’t have to do much to give views of my inner labia. On this trip no one got to see all the way up to the opening of my vagina while we were on the beach. My inner lips normally cover the opening. I would like to find a way to cause the inner lips to spread along with the outer lips. That would give a good view of my flower and might expose the opening of my vagina. Edit Note: On our last trip, I learned to spread my inner and outer labia with my fingers and then remove my fingers. I think the opening to my vagina is visible for perhaps 5 to 10 minutes after I spread. That is a turn to know I am fully exposed and am not doing anything to protect my modesty. My husband knows the opening to my vagina is exposed, but it no longer seems to bother him

Several days, during happy hour, when the alcohol was in me, I got the desire to go have sex, come back to the beach, spread my legs and let the boat people see the cum leaking out of my vagina and down my butt hole. I told my husband, and he was willing to donate the semen if I was brave enough to give that view. That made us both very horny. I was getting wet, and he was starting to get erect so we left and walked back to the chalet. Fortunately, our chalet was right on the beach just a couple of minutes from our chairs. He made it back before his erection was very noticeable.

We left our towels on the chairs as we were going to fuck quickly and be back in 20 minutes. This was the first day he opened the curtains all the way so that 12′ of glass doors was exposed. Now, it wasn’t as if someone could just look in and see all the details of my exposed body parts and what we were doing. There was some glare on the glass doors that hindered the view when people were in certain locations outside the doors. Otherwise, it would have been as if we were fucking on the patio with no impediment of view and no privacy. I couldn’t do that.

The thought of my spreading my legs so other men could see the semen seeping from my vagina got us both turned on (that is really pornographic!), and we both came quickly with him depositing a nice load in me. We did it on the couch in missionary so the semen would go deeper and stay longer. He didn’t bother to clean me up, as we were going to let all of it leak out while on the beach. Funny thing is, once we both got off and calmed down, we no longer had any desire to let other men see semen leaking from me. So, we never did that view the way we intended. It would get me aroused thinking about it, but once the act was over, and the semen properly deposited, we both had lost the urge for me to exhibit myself in such a pornographic manner. He loaded me up several times with good intentions, but we both had lost the urge once the act was completed. We did go back to the beach after sex with me spreading my legs, so some men probably got to see the semen seeping out, but it wasn’t as pornographic as we envisioned.

Nude Yoga

The following is a story about a yoga class I took. My husband thought to make notes on it, so I will let him tell this story.

On Wednesday mornings, there would be a yoga class in a pavilion on the Club O beach at the far end. Wendy decided to take the class. I asked her (jokingly) if she was going to do it naked. She said she probably would. On the morning of the class, she walked naked down the beach to the class, and a little while later I followed. She later told me she walked naked to the class and didn’t take any clothes so she couldn’t chicken out.

On the way I met up with a friend of ours, and I told him Wendy was doing a yoga class nude and asked if he wanted to walk down with me and watch. Of course he said yes. He had seen her naked for 4 or 5 days on the beach and at dinner, but I think he knew a yoga class would be different. What I didn’t know was how much different.

When we got to the pavilion, there were maybe 10 people in the class with two men and the rest were women, including the instructor. Several of the women were topless, but all wore bottoms except for Wendy. We watched for a little while, and I honestly couldn’t believe Wendy was doing it naked. I had never seen a yoga class before, but Wendy had been doing yoga for several years. She well knew what was going to happen. When they did those poses, everything Wendy had was on display; she was wide open. Her pussy and asshole were both spread for public viewing.

Wendy’s spot on the wooden slightly raised floor of the pavilion was next to a path that connects two portions of the beach. There wasn’t a lot of traffic, but there was enough to make it interesting. When the guys would walk by, I could see them do a double take when they looked over and saw a naked female exhibiting herself in those poses.

We stood there and watched for awhile. I think both our friend and I couldn’t believe what Wendy was doing—that she was so free and unconcerned about her body. Then I realized our friend was getting to see her spread pussy and open asshole when they did certain poses. This just wasn’t something he should be seeing.

I knew we probably would never see the other people in the class again, so that was OK for them to see her opened up like that. But we would be seeing our friend again. Had I known how open and vulnerable her girl bits were going to be, I never would have asked him to come with me.

So we left, but not before he saw it all. He was only one of two men we knew personally who got to see her girl bits spread like that. The other man was a guy we knew from Club O. On our last morning there, Wendy and I were on the beach getting some early morning sun. As it was the last time we would be on the beach for a year, Wendy was giving views to any man who walked by.

Normally she doesn’t spread for men who are naked as they might be our neighbors at Club O. But this time she made an exception as she didn’t recognize the guy (at first), and what the hell, it was her last day. So there she sat, spread open with everything on view—outer lips open to expose her inner lips and clitoris—as the guy walked by. He spoke and walked up to us. Wouldn’t you know it, he was a guy we knew from another trip and had been talking with during this trip. He stood in front of Wendy and was enjoying the view. She said she didn’t know what to do. As he had already seen everything, she didn’t want to show her embarrassment and put her legs together, so she just held the position as if it were the most natural thing in the world for her to be sitting there talking with him while her femininity was on display.

Turns out we ran into he and his wife as we were checking out of Club O and headed to the airport. We both come to the Island the same time each year, so we said we would see them again next year. Those are the only two men we know personally who have seen Wendy’s spread womanhood.

The next year we went back to Club O, but there were no yoga classes. Wendy would have done it naked again, had there been classes. Her comment was, “I mean, where else can I do nude yoga?” She has a very good point.

A few months after our trip to St. Martin in 2017, Club O was destroyed by Irma. There is no longer any trace of the pavilion where Wendy had once again shocked me with her exhibitionism. The concrete pad is there, but that’s all.

We visited the Island in 2018, but had different accommodations as Club O is no more. We visited the ruins several times. On one of those trips we saw where the pavilion once stood. I pointed out to Wendy where we were. She looked longingly at the site and said, “Damn that was fun. It makes me aroused just thinking about it.” Yep, that’s my Wendy.

Post Club O

On our trip last year we stayed in a studio apartment across from Orient Village On most days we would do our usual beach walk for exercise after breakfast, then come back, have a shower and head out to Club O Beach about 11:00. The resort is rubble, but there is a chair/umbrella concession on the beach as well as a smaller version of the Perch, known as the Perch lite.

On this particular day, shortly after we got to the beach, we both noticed the Perch Lite was full with maybe 30 to 40 clothed people there. Our plan had been to have Bloody Marys with lunch about 11:30 or 12:00. When we saw the crowd, both my husband and I realized the opportunity (he now thinks the same way I think). We decided to immediately get Bloody Marys, have lunch around noon and then go back for more drinks. Of course I would be the one to get drinks, as usual.

So I stripped naked by our chairs and umbrella and went to the Perch. What a rush. When I got to the bar there was one other naked woman there, a small French woman with very small breasts. Hers was the body of a c***d. She left shortly after I got there, and I was the only naked women in the bar with all of those clothed Americans. It was quite the thrill to walk up to the bar, place my order and wait for it with all of those eyes on me. When I got our drinks, I turned and walked out giving them all a good view of my butt as I made my way back to our chairs.

We had our drinks, had lunch and my husband said, “I’ll bet you want to go back to the bar for more drinks?” Of course I did. He knows me and how much I like being naked among a bunch of clothed men. There is just something deliciously bad about doing that. It was about an hour after my first trip, and there were plenty of fresh eyes at the bar. So when I went to the bar I let them see what they wanted to see.

After we finished those drinks, I was getting sleepy. My husband suggested I go to the viewing position, spread my lips with my fingers, go to sleep and let whoever passed by get a good look. What an excellent suggestion! So I did. It was a bright sunlit day, so my entire femininity was open for inspection. It was a complete turn on. Unfortunately, there wasn’t that much traffic in front of me. Although whoever passed by got to see it all. As my husband says, as long as they don’t see the entrance to my vagina, I am still protecting my modesty. That’s his thing, for me to protect my modesty (Hah!) Actually, when I use my fingers to spread my labia, the entrance to my vagina is visible. He knows that and really doesn’t care.

So, I slept spread like that for maybe 30 minutes or so. Have no idea how many men got to see it. I was horny when I awakened.

We had some rain before 2:00, so we left the beach and came on back. Had some fun at the apartment while I thought about being naked at the Perch and spread out at the beach. That gave me a really nice orgasm, the thought of all of those people seeing me spread open like that. Then we had naps and waited for happy hour. It was a short day, but a good day.

So, it was a good trip even if we couldn’t stay at Club O. I got to go naked most of the day and get fucked whenever I wanted. Gave some good views while spread on the chair and gave pleasure to a bunch of men—some worthy and some not. But that is the way it is when pickings are slim and the quality is lacking. In addition to the views on the chair, about 200 men got to see me naked at the Perch Lite. Normally it’s no big deal for a man to see me naked, but when they are clothed, in a large group and I am the only naked female in the bar, that is a very big deal for me.

We are planning another trip back to the French side this year, As Club O hasn’t been rebuilt, we will stay in the same studio as last time and make our daily trips to the Club O Beach. A bunch of guys are going to get some good views. I’m beginning to leak in anticipation.

The End…..

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