weekend in Mancherster!!


weekend in Mancherster!!a quick story for my friends… Sarah(my best friend)and my other friends and i went to Manchester for a long weekend to have a girls night out,it was nothing special just to let our hair down..we booked a hotel Sarah and i always share so we got all our things together and put in one case to save carrying loads,,in the case i put my black dildo with out her seeing it,just to see what she would say when we got there..we got to our hotel and as we unpacked our gear Sarah pulled my 12inch black dildo out,what the fuck is this laughing,hubby bought it for me a while ago and its bloody great.i thought after a couple of drinks tonight i might get myself off..laughing..we meet the girls in the lobby and then sat at the bar drinking a nice bottle of white x3..we decided to hit the town and show Manchester what we were all about,loud and flirty,i had my tight top on and my tits were hanging out and Sarah is my size also with nice big tits and a great body and she is stunning..all night we were pulling all guys in and giving free kisses away but no naughty stuff,we are good girls..NOT…we are all married ladies but we can have fun like we know anadolu yakası escort you men do???i got my tits felt and my arse felt and even one guy grabbed my large box and said it needed filling,i soon give him a slap.we ended up in the club and we were drunk by now and as we are older girls and not use to all this we decided for an early night,we rounded up the girls and went back to the hotel to get one last drink and discuss our night out and have a laugh..Sarah and i decided we were going to retire upstairs and we left the girls in the bar,Sarah jumped on the bed and laid flat out,pull my shoes off Mary,i pulled her shoes off and as i was doing that,pull my trousers down so i undid her button and pulled her zip down,whilst i was doing this she had her top off and her bra was off flung on the floor,her tits were huge and were flopped to the side,i pulled her trousers down and her black thong was showing her spiders legs hanging out the sides off her pants,she was as hairy as me..Sarah asked me to get her that dildo,,i want to try it out..i handed her it (laughing)and she said to me are you ataşehir escort still clothed,WHY..COS.. so as i started to get my clothes off,Sarah was playing with her tits and then she started to rub her fanny through her pants,hurry up Mary i want to get started,,start what??i want you to put it inside me and fuck me with it,,WHAT..come on we do everything else together get that black dildo inside me..OK give me a minute.i went to the toilet and grabbed the baby oil out off my make-up bag,Sarah was now legs wide open pants off and lips spread open,lube it up girl and fuck me with that black cock,i pushed the head of it between her hairy lips and rubbed it up and down teasing her clit then finally pushing it all the way in she was wriggling all over place with joy,faster Mary faster,i was pushing and pushing,the cum was gushing out she told me to eat her pussy as i fucked it,so i went down on her and started to lap the juices up it tasted good,i was licking and chewing her clit away,stick it up my arse Mary whilst you lick me out,i told her to get on all 4’s and i would fuck her doggy style up the arse..i got some ümraniye escort more oil on it and slowly forced it deep in her arse,she was in agony but wanted more,ram it in Mary i want it hard,i was poking her pussy and fucking her arse like a man possessed until she cum so much she couldn’t carry on,,your turn now Mary i’m going to fuck you like u got fucked in America by that big black cock..i laid on the bed legs spread and Sarah jumped straight in she was eating me out for fun it felt great her touching me and licking me out she knew exactly what she was doing and i felt the dildo start to slide inside me all the way up and she then started to go for it hard in out in out harder and harder i was dripping like mad her fingers were entering my arse as she fucked me,i am stretching your arse ready for this 12inch cock..she pulled it out and then slowly put the head of it in my arse and then pushed hard down on it till i could feel her hand on my arse so i knew she had pushed the full thing in me,Sarah was now going to town on my arse pushing it in and out like mad,my cum was all over the pair of us,we were drenched,i was now gone i had had enough Sarah had had enough so we just laid together and cuddled till we fell asleep,,in the morning the dildo was laid between us we just looked and started laughing,,what a night,… Sarah said tonight we should try the real thing if we get the chance bring them back here and we can share each other and the guys,,,sounds like fun lets see what tonight brings?????

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