walkingIvan was now 15. Ever since he was about 5 years old, he’s had problemswith sleepwalking. They keep telling me he’ll grow out of it. It haslessened as he’s gotten older, but I’ve noticed stress seems to bring itback. It was so bad when he was younger we had to have special locks onthe doors so he couldn’t leave the house during one of his episodes.Tonight I was awoken by a sound in the living room. As I crept carefullyinto the living room, baseball bat at the ready, I heard Ivan’s voicemumbling. I set the bat down and carefully approached the chair where Ivanwas sitting.”Ahh, come on Suzie! You promised!” I heard him say. Ivan was wearingonly gray sweatpants. The combination of a full moon and a street lightoutside our house illuminated the living room enough for me to see himrather well. So it was difficult to miss the sizable tent formed in thesweatpants. I knew better than to try to wake him. I was very curiousabout what was going on, so I knelt down close to the chair and listened.”Suzie, PLEASE!”I had to suppress a laugh. I knew Suzie. She was Ivan’s girlfriend. Ihad my suspicions that they were messing around. I watched Ivan’s handspush down the front of his sweats exposing his rock hard cock. “Touch itat least.”In the dim light, his black pubes created a sharp contrast to his paleskin. His cock stood proudly. He was fairly well endowed. In fact, hemight even be bigger than me! I thought. I was leaning in a bit too muchand started to lose my balance. As I reached out for the chair, my handbrushed up against his knee. “That’s right baby, come on,” he urged.I can’t explain why, so I won’t even attempt to, but I reached out and tookhold of my son’s cock and began lightly stroking him.”Oh yeah Suzie, that feels good baby.”Ivan’s hands slowly traced up his 6-pack abs to his nipples, and he beganrubbing his nipples. “Blow me Suzie. Please.”I was stunned. Even though we know our k**s are going to experiment andfuck around, I don’t think we’re ever totally prepared for this muchinformation.”You promised!” he said, his hand quickly grabbing my head and pulling mein. My heart was racing. I couldn’t wake him up and risk startling him,but what in the hell do I do now? I asked myself. Soon I found myselfbetween his legs, his dick twitching, beckoning me to cover it with mymouth. I became entranced as his musky odor reached my senses. I found mylips parting and my head lowering to my son’s urging “Yes, yes!” And thenhis hard flesh was in my mouth. His shaft filled my mouth and poked at theback of my throat. I repositioned myself so I wouldn’t gag. I began toslowly bob up and down his cock, his hand still firmly placed on my head.”My balls, baby, my balls.”Already consumed with an unexplained and forbidden lust, I pulled off hiscock and yanked his sweats down to his ankles. I quickly returned myhungry mouth to his crotch and began sucking on his balls while he moanedloudly. The more he moaned, the more I wanted him. I shoved his cock backinto my mouth, this time almost deep throating him. I felt his body givebeneath me, and it egged me on more. I worked diligently until I couldswallow his whole cock, my nose buried in his bushy pubic hairs. “FuckSuzie!”I took my mouth off his firm rod and kissed my way up his tight body untilI could suck on his nipples. He was biting his lip as I pleasured him.Then I returned to his cock and began sucking on it hungrily. He beganthrusting upward to meet my motions, both of his hands now guiding my headup and down. I surrendered to my a****l side and feverishly began ridinghis dick. My hands were on his thighs, and I could feel the taut musclesbeneath twitching. I picked up momentum and heard him cry out as he gaggedme with his salty juices. His hand needlessly held my head down as Iworked to consume his cum. When he was done, I lightly sucked on his ballssome more.”Oh baby that was incredible!”I pulled his sweats back up and helped him pull them all the way up,regrettably covering my newfound treasure. When they were back up to hiswaist, he leaned forward and began frenching me. At first I resisted, butat his insistence I relaxed and allowed it. When we finally pulled apart,he said: “Thanks baby,” stood up and walked back to his room.I remained on my knees in front of the chair, my heart still pounding, hissalty flavor still present in my mouth. I felt something funny on mytongue and pulled it out. It fethiye escort was one of his pubes. Staring at my son’spubic hair moistened with my saliva brought me back to reality. What thefuck had I just done?! I slowly walked back to my room, still staring atthe wiry hair as if it held answers to my questions. I placed it on mynightstand and crawled back into bed. My cock begged for attention, so Ibegan jerking myself off. With my eyes closed, my fingers wrapped aroundmy hard cock, the only image I could keep in my mind was that of my son’scock sliding in and out of my mouth, the feeling of young hands on my head,the taste of his skin and then his cum as it invaded my mouth. I blew mywad in no time.The next day I went to have breakfast. Ivan was sitting at the table,still only clad in his sweats. I found myself extremely nervous as Igreeted him. “Morning son.””Hey Dad. How’d you sleep?”Was he probing? “Ummm, well, actually. You?””GREAT!””Really? Had a good dream did you?” Shit! Why did I just say that?!Fucking idiot! I berated myself.”Yeah, actually.”Subtle moron, subtle. “Oh, that’s good.” I sat next to him at the tableand found myself ogling his body out of the corner of my eye. “Any plansfor today?””Not yet. Wanna go see a flick?””Sure. I think it’s your turn to pick,” I answered.Later that day we went and saw a movie. He, of course, based his selectiononly on how hot the main actress was. I have to say I concur with hischoice. We both went for blondes with big tits.After dinner we were sitting on the couch watching TV. He has always beenan affectionate k**, and he was stretched out on the couch, his headresting in my lap. The movie was well under way when I heard him mumbling.I glanced down and saw his lips moving. I looked at his closed eyes, andit looked like he was asleep and dreaming. I watched his breathing. Forsure he was asleep. My eyes traveled down his thin body to his groin.Judging by the size of the lump, he wasn’t having an erotic dream.Nevertheless, I felt a surge of lust. I reached down and began gentlyrubbing his cock through his silky shorts. His cock responded immediatelyand began to stiffen.I moved my hand away and waited for him to wake up. He didn’t show anysigns of waking, but his cock continued to grow. Emboldened, I slid myhand underneath the waistband of his shorts, continuing down the front ofhis flannel boxers and fished out his straining cock.”Didn’t get enough last night Suzie?” he said.I looked down at him, my hand frozen in place. He had a smile on his face.”Go ahead baby. You can have some more dick.”I eased myself out from underneath his head, supporting it until wasresting on the cushion. Then I knelt down next to the couch and shoved hisshorts and underwear down once again revealing his large cock. This time Ineeded no encouragement. I greedily devoured his cock.”Shit baby!”He let me slobber on his pole for a while before interrupting me. “Let mestand up.”I moved off of him, looking at his face to ensure his eyes were stillclosed. They were. He stood up in front of me, his cock pointing at meaccusingly. I wrapped my hands around his tight ass cheeks and thenreplanted his cock in my moist mouth.”Easy baby. Slow down. It ain’t going nowhere,” he said as I beganrapidly sucking on his dick. He began slowly making a fucking motion, hishands resting gently on my head. I began playing with his balls as Isucked him more slowly. I was in spellbound by his cock and its rhythmicmotions in my mouth, his hairy nut sack and balls resting between myfingers. The spell was quickly broken when I heard him say: “Suzie. Letme fuck you.”Watch for part 2My heart was really pounding now. What the fuck do I do?! I wonderedsilently.”Come on Suzie, let me fuck you!” he repeated. I watched him remove hisshorts and boxers so he stood in front of me naked.Think fast George! I told myself. Adopting a high-pitched tone, I said: “Ican’t, I’m on my period.” There! That should do it! I thought.But apparently Ivan knew more than I had given him credit for. “Then letme do you in the ass.”IN THE ASS?! I was stunned.He was trying to turn me by my shoulders now. “Come on. I bet you’ll likeit!”I let him turn me while I tried to quickly come up with an idea. I thoughtI might be able to flee, but then he might go after me. I couldn’t wakehim up. His hands pushing my shorts down brought me out of my plotting.”I. . . uh. . . Ivan, I don’t escort fethiye think so. . . ” I said, again with ahigh-pitched voice.”So don’t think about it,” he said. I watched him grab some lotion off theside table and coat his dick with it. I hate to admit it, but part of mewas excited and curious. But then I wondered what would happen if hereached around while fucking me and felt my hard dick! “Get on yourknees,” he said as he swung the coffee table out away from the couch more.I did as he ordered and watched him kneel behind me. My heart waspounding. I didn’t know what to expect. I was scared. But there was alsoa yearning I didn’t understand. All of my thoughts were quickly dashedaside as pain erupted from my ass as his cock began sliding in.”Shit!” I said aloud, not masking my voice.”It’s OK, Suze. You’ll get used to it,” he said.Since when was he an expert on anal sex? I wondered, but then pain shotthrough me again as more of his large dick invaded my ass. I grabbed athrow pillow from the couch, buried my face into it, and bit its fabric ashe gradually fed his cock to my butt. I had no idea how much of his meatwas in my ass since it felt like a log was splitting me in two, but at onepoint I felt his dick . . . pass something, and then an intense pleasureripped through me as the rest of his dick entered me.”See? I told you it’d be OK.”I couldn’t stifle a moan as his body pressed against mine. I reachedbackward and grabbed onto his ass cheek. He seemed to press into me morefirmly. Then I moved that hand to between my legs and could feel the hairsof his nut sac.”Oh, you want Big Daddy’s dick, huh?” he said, and then he began slowlymoving his dick back and forth in my ass. I moved my hand back to thepillow and clenched it firmly as his cock began sliding inside of me.”Gonna fuck you good!” True to his word, he began making long strokes,thrusting his cock forward each time he slowly pulled it back. I wasmoaning loudly as he abused my ass. “Yeah, you like that baby!” And thenhe picked up speed.He was ramming into my ass, and I heard myself say “Harder!” Heimmediately complied, smashing my pelvis into the edge of the couch as hepounded me. A few strokes later, and he had me pinned against the couch.He was breathing heavily, and I could feel our bodies were coated withsweat. His grip on my hips stayed firm, and I noticed his dick twitchinginside of me, and then I realized he was cumming. I felt his chest restingon my back and could hear his panting more loudly. Again I reached backand squeezed his damp ass cheek. He finished unloading in my ass and thenpulled off of me and sat back down on the couch.As I went to pull my sweats up, I found I had came on the couch. I wentinto the bathroom and got a warm wash rag and returned to the living room.First I wiped off the couch, and then I wiped off my son’s semilimp cock.”Didn’t get enough baby?” he asked, spreading his legs wide. The sight ofhis balls drew me down, and I found myself sucking on his balls. My handquickly went to his dick and started coaxing it back to life. It wasresponding, and so I put it into my mouth. I heard him suck in his breathas I licked the sensitive head. I was filled with a deep hunger, and Iended up deep throating him right away. I choked a little, but I didn’tlet that deter me, especially when I felt his hand on my head. “Oh yeah!Swallow my meat!” he said, pushing my head up and down on his cock.I was having a difficult time continually taking his cock down my throat,but I couldn’t really stop as his hand kept my head bobbing up and down.When I didn’t go all the way down, his pelvis would lift up and force hisdick in anyway. He shifted his position on the couch so he could pumpupward better, and he was now fucking my throat.”Man you give such good head!” As his fucking intensified, I was grabbingonto his ass with 1 hand and playing with his nuts with the other. Iremembered when a girlfriend had stuck her finger in my ass when she blewme, and it felt so damn good. So I did the same to my son. As soon as myfingertip penetrated his ass, he was ramming my face and muttering underhis breath. “Here it comes baby! Here it comes!” was the last thing Iheard before his orgasm flooded my mouth. He held my head down on his dickeven though I wasn’t attempting to remove it, and I swallowed the load.Since he had just came not too long, this load wasn’t as big, so it didn’tgag fethiye escort bayan me like the first time.When I had finished eating his jizz, I lifted my head off of his cock andsat back working to catch my breath. He patted me on the thigh and thengot up and went to his room. I watched his naked body depart intently. Iwanted to run my tongue up and down that gorgeous athletic body. Igathered up our clothes. As I passed his room, I snuck in through the doorand dropped his clothes into his hamper. I carefully tiptoed to his bedand gently lifted up the sheet and gazed at him one more time, committingevery muscle, groove, and curve to memory before releasing the sheet andgoing to my room.I crawled into bed and quickly fell asleep. The next day was completelyuneventful and normal. Except for the thoughts that continually racedthrough my mind, and how my heart and groin would start reacting when Iwatched him mow the lawn, jump on the trampoline, or just sit on the couchplaying his video games. That night we watched a movie together on TV. Iwas feeling pretty tired, so I decided to turn in early. We gave eachother a very father-son kiss good night, and I headed to my room. Istripped out of my clothes and climbed into bed. I didn’t know why I wasso tired, but I fell asleep quickly.Some time in the middle of the night I awoke as Ivan’s hand was stroking myass cheeks. I opened my eyes and saw Ivan standing by my bed completelynaked, his dick rock hard. “I see you were waiting for me!” he said.”First things first.” I felt his hand on my head as he was pulling ittoward his dick. I quickly bridged the gap and took him into my mouth. Mybody shivered as his hand began stroking my dick while I blew him. “OK,time for a good fucking.”He pulled his cock out of my mouth, grabbed some lotion and slathered it onhis cock. I rolled onto my stomach in anticipation. I felt extremelyeager as he climbed onto the bed and moved into position. I felt thatfamiliar burn as his cock began sliding into my anus. It felt like maybehe didn’t have enough glide. My suspicion was confirmed when I heard himsay: “Dad, I need more lotion.”I handed him the lotion bottle, but it wasn’t until I felt his cock slidingback into my hole that I realized some things. He had just called me Dad!!And earlier he was stroking my cock! What the fuck?!! I thought in apanic. Was he no longer sleepwalking?! I tried to crane my neck aroundenough to see if his eyes were open, but between the darkness of the roomand the pain shooting through me as his dick sank in deeper, I couldn’tsee. “Ivan?” I said.”Yeah?””Are you . . . awake?””Of course I am,” he responded, shoving more of his rod into my ass.I gripped the pillow until the pain subsided. I felt him get past thatmysterious point in my ass, and the rest of his cock slid into me. Withour bodies pressed together, I asked: “How. . . why . . . “”I woke up the first night you were sucking on my dick Dad. I didn’t wantyou to stop, so I acted like I was still asleep.” He was slowly fucking menow.”And last night?””Awake the whole time. I started playing possum just to see what you woulddo.”HOLY SHIT! I thought. His rod was moving more easily inside of me now, andso he had picked up his pace a bit.”And when you asked to fuck me?””I always wanted to try it, but girls won’t let you usually. I figured ifyou thought I was asleep, you would let me go that far.” He tugged at myhips and added: “Raise up.”I moved to my knees, keeping my head down so my ass was pointed up in theair. He moved along with me keeping his cock firmly planted in my ass. Assoon as I was into position, he began making long, deep thrusts.”I know you like it, and I sure in the hell do!” He began ramming my assnow, driving his dick deep inside me. His rhythm kept getting quicker andthrusts shorter. I could tell he was getting ready. Shortly after that hecollapsed against me as he exploded into my ass. He lay against me for awhile as he finished cumming.”Did you come yet?” he asked.”No, I don’t think so.”He pulled out of me and told me to roll over. I did. He reached down andtook my erection into his hand and slowly stroked me. Then he movedbackward, and I watched his head lower to my cock. I could feel myheartbeat in my ears! And then electricity spread through me in waves ashis lips slid over my dick. I rested my hands on his head as he continuedto blow me. It seemed to take only seconds before I was blasting my loadinto his mouth. He swallowed it as I had for him. When he was donemilking my cock, he patted my ass and said: “See you in the morning.”I lay in stunned silence as his naked form retreated from my room.

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