Tim and stepdad

Tim and stepdad
Wearing an engineer-style, arms-rolled-up work shirt, Tim’s stepfather was
also wearing his gray-suit pant which was now tenting and beginning to
drench with leakage from the head of his dick as he lingeringly watched his
stepson steadily mow the lawn towards the front side of their house. In
contrast with the dry, coolness of the porch, his zipper lining was getting
noticeably moist and his belt was tightening as his dick started to
gradually move upward from inside his pant leg toward the upper area of his
navel, with the process hid only by the crumpled local newspaper he was
pretending to read as a deterrent for his stepson.

Looking down at himself, he soon let the head of his dick peer through the
waistline of his pants and slowly and purposefully began tapping his
fingers on the gooey edge that met his hair-tuffed abdomen. Now only
partially hiding behind the restlessly unfolded newspaper, Tim’s stepfather
dangerously positioned the paper so that when Tim came through the screen
door he might catch a glimpse of his stepfather nonchalantly allowing the
head of his penis to balloon out of the top of his trousers- to see what
kind of reaction Tim would have toward this inflating piece of meat that
begged for attention in a house recently left all to themselves for the

Just as Tim was about to pull the latch to open the screen door to enter
into the porch area, Tim’s stepfather (nearly busting through his pants’
fastener in twitching anticipation) daringly scoops up an oozing bubble of
precum from the swelling head of his penis and juts out his tongue as he
collect the dripping sap from his fingers. Tim, now half-way inside the
door, looks up to see his stepfather lolling his tongue around with what he
thought to be the ending of some sort of snack he just ate.

Eyeing his stepfather, but not noticing the head throbbing muscle almost
halfway out of his stepfather’s pants, Tim walked through the screen porch
and into the kitchen, just in peripheral view of where his stepfather was
casually tilting his head so as to not be noticeable in watching Tim
(having sweated up a storm in the afternoon heat) loosely flap his
undershirt as he opened the upper freezer door in search of a snack. Tim,
feeling an overwhelming sense of horniness himself from the heat, casually
began rubbing his ball sack shoving his testicles down far enough so they
could be seen dangling through his loose basketball-style shorts that
caught up on his leg for a couple quick moments.

Having the upper freezer door open was allowing Tim to feel a false sense
of privacy so he wasn’t cognizant of his stepfather’s ability to see him as
he casually pulled his shorts down away from the tenting knobbed area,
which stretched out the crotch seams and eventually lead Tim to lightly
stroke himself with his fist inside his shorts- further wearing at the
tattered seam and exposing flashes of his nut sack in the side view of his
stepfather. Soft groans were unmistakably now being heard coming from the
kitchen, causing Tim’s stepfather to fully turn around in his seat to
witness his stepson’s pent-up desire for some release.

Abruptly closing the freezer door, Tim became aware that his stepfather was
noticing his need to fuck himself. He began to go upstairs to change. As
he was about to fully pull off his shorts to expose his bare white ass, Tim
remembered that it was the day his stepfather said he would fix the
upstairs sink. Tim anticipated his stepfather’s next move. As Tim went
upstairs to change, his stepfather would soon follow him upstairs
pretending to be doing something else besides waiting for his stepson to
strip bare-assed naked and begin playing with himself inside the “privacy”
of his bedroom walls.

Tim felt horny and wanted to play a little game with his stepfather. Even
though he was still fully clothed, Tim began belting out purposely loud
grunts which echoed out into the hallway as he heard his stepfather
beginning to ascend the stairs. His stepfather began to creep up the stairs
into the hall way hoping that his stepson had left the bedroom door
slightly ajar for the purpose of allowing him to playfully spy on his dick

Opening the door slightly more than what Tim had staged, Tim’s stepfather
slowly undid his own zipper, popping open his tented shorts to reveal a
strong, thick, lengthy cock that began to set into the “U” position as he
saw his stepson’s bare ass crack bending over as Tim slipped off his sweaty
shorts so that his legs could be spread wide to commence some heavy pumping
of his now pulsating cock.

Pretending that his stepfather was still downstairs,

Tim kept yelling “Oh shit, this feels so good… oh, shit!”

louder and louder each time so as to make sure his stepfather would be able
to hear him pleasuring himself even if his stepfather were to be still
downstairs casually reading the paper on the porch. With Tim’s back to the
door where his step father was getting ready to stand,

Tim began shouting, “suck this dick, old man, suck it..suck it!”

Shouting so loud that the next door dog started barking, Tim mustered up
gobs of spit and drooled it onto his pumping tool. With the hall cabinet
right next to Tim’s door, Tim’s stepfather scooped a gob of Vaseline onto
his coarsely roughed-up right hand and slathered the tip of his twitching
dick while the door slowly and mysteriously widened all the way to the wall
of Tim’s bedroom. Although his step father was in plain view standing in
the doorway, Tim pretended not to notice as his back was turned toward his

Tim bent over and began pulling apart his ass cheeks as his fingers dripped
bubbles of saliva. Going to town, eyes closed, pretending he was alone and
fantasizing about his stepfather’s massive “U” shaped dick thrusting up his
ass, Tim’s stepfather’s jaw dropped open as he witnessed his stepson’s hole
pucker all of his own fingers into the the swallowing entryway. Tim’s
stepfather’s tongue hung loose as if he were a dog in uncontrollable heat.

Imagining his stepson’s ass slowly swallowing up his own feverish dick,
Tim’s stepfather stood in the doorway imagining how the juices from Tim’s
own mouth would mix with the thick slippery lube on his now militant
standing dick — it was too much to withstand. Tim’s stepfather quietly
walked over to his stepson (whose eyes were still closed in hot orgy-like
fantasy) and holding his hot heavy U shaped dick in hand, throttling it at
its base and pointing it upward towards its destination, gave one loud
longing sigh and shoved his dick right up into his stepson’s ass, all the
way until the base of his dick met with the heat of his stepson’s puckering
anal wall. With his dick sliding in so far and deep, the heaviness of his
stepfather’s dick actually stunned Tim into the realization that his
stepfather was really now inside of him.

Tim bellowed out, “Ohhhhh… w..oow!”

While seizing up inside his stepson’s ass, Tim’s stepfather could feel his
dick releasing fluids with such spurting force that no friction was
required. Instead the pulsing throbs that came with such physical
exhilaration were enough to send Tim into his own jizz fest, as his penis
pulsated thick gobs on semen towards his open dresser drawer of socks and
underwear- spilling long milky, rope-like spurts of cum all over his pair
of black Calvin-Klein boxers.

His stepfather was on his tip toes now attempting to sink deeper down into
his stepson’s ass as he let out a huge sigh of release, draining himself
inside his stepson’s hole, with his own balls jumping feverishly up and
down trying to further enter into his stepson’s ass crack. With that, Tim
caused his stepfather to pull out of his ass, turned around and immediately
received a tongue licking of goop that was still spurting from his
stepdad’s thick, helmet-crowned tool.

“Ohhhhhh…shiiiittt! What the hell was that!” as Tim’s stepfather slowly
opened his eyes, wondering what he had just allowed to happen but at the
same time beginning to wonder when the next time he will be when he is able
to soak down his stepson using his burly-chested body to intrude on his
stepson’s milky white, willing holes.. maybe after he finishes changing the
oil in the truck tomorrow…catching him off guard as his upper torso
slides underneath the carriage.

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