The teacher lll


The teacher lll
I lay in his arms Catching my breath. Leaning forward he kissed me again on the mouth. Out of reaction I returned the kiss. Putting his arm behind my head he held me in place. With his other hand he reached up and squeezed my cheeks till I opened my mouth. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and snaked around over my tongue. My head was spinning. Unable to think I copied what he did. Our tongues danced back and forth in our mouths. I felt a sharp sting as he pinched my nipple hard. After a few minutes he sat me up.
As he went to the kitchen, I sat confused. I never did anything like this before. Not even a thought.
Mr Smith called to me from the table. Come here and sit, he said. I felt embarrassed again. I picked up my clothes and sat at the table.
He asked, did you enjoy it. I guess, I mumbled. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, he answered. Looking up I said, I don’t want anyone at school to know what we did. Is that what you’re worried about, he said. Don’t worry about that. What we do here is no one elses business. Looking up I asked, does this mean I’m gay. Smiling Mr Smith said, of course not. Just curious. After a few minutes I felt better.
Mr Smith reached out and rubbed my hand. He said, if you don’t feel good about it you can get dressed and nothing else will be said. I took a big gulp of my drink. I started feeling better. Looking across the table I asked, why don’t you have an hair on your chest. Mr Smith laughed and said, I don’t know. I shaved my body when I was on the swim team in college. I guess I got use to doing it. Gripping my hand he said, if you’re not going to put your clothes on, why don’t you put them in the bedroom. After a minute I said OK, where is it. Smiling he said, that’s my boy. He lead me down the hall to his bedroom. Going in, he opened the closet and said, you can put them here when you come over.
I felt funny being nude, but for some reason it felt good. He took his robe off and hung it in the closet. Putting his hand on my shoulder he guided me back up front.
He moved the chair we were in and put a movie in. Sitting on the couch he pulled me closer to him. As we watched the movie, Mr Smith asked, you want to play with my dick. Nervous I said I don’t know how. Pulling my head to his, he kissed my cheek. It’s not that hard to do, he said laughing. He took my hand and placed it on his stiff dick. He cupped my hand and closed my fingers around it. It felt rubbery. He moved my hand up and down slowly. Just like that, he said. After a couple minutes he spread his legs and took my other hand. As he raised his ball sack he laid my hand under it. As he set them back down he showed me what he wanted me to do. I was nervous. I didn’t want to hurt him by squeezing to tight, or pull his dick to hard. Looking up at him, like this I asked. Yes, he said. Don’t worry, your doing fine. My heart jumped when I seen a little bit of liquid come out of his piss slit. See, he said. You’re doing everything right, keep moving your hand. As he watched the movie, he started breathing harder. My hands were covered in pre-cum.
Suddenly he leaned his head back and said, faster. As I stroked him, he grabbed my head and pulled me to his chest. Bite my nipple hard, he said loudly. I took it in my mouth and bit. Yesss, he moaned. He moved my hands and stroked his dick quickly. Cum shot out of his dick. He pressed my face against his chest as he moved his hand. He moaned louder as he continued to shot cum onto our legs.
He pulled my hair back, bringing my head up. He kissed me hard and said, I needed that. He brought his hand up to my face and asked, have you ever tasted it. I almost went white. No, I said quickly. Open he said. I opened my mouth and he put his fingers in. As I sucked his fingers he asked, what do you think. I thought I’d be turned off by it, but I kinda liked it. Not bad, I said.
After cleaning us up he said, let’s get some lunch.

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