The seasion of very good will


The seasion of very good willThe party seasion was here again and the wife and I had our usual invites from the neighbours, it was a fairly conservative neighbourhood,all fairly good jobs and coffee mornings for the wives. We arrived at next door and got a drink, we was having a chat with Norma and Jim I have to admit Norma was gorgous and would let her fuck me stupid if I got the chance.As the people arrived we mingled and I got chatting to Sally who was Normas 20yr old daughter, she said I looked good and fit I told her I went to the gym twice a week and was getting a six pack for my reward she asked to feel it and reached out as she felt my chest she slid her hand onto my trouser front and licked her lips and said what a****l is that fed on, I joked and said 20 yr old pussy, she said well we better feed him and led me upstairs to her bedroom.As we got in she dropped to her knees and unzipped my trousers and pulled my now stiff rod anadolu yakası escort out and she started to suck the head she said she had always wondered how big I was and now knew it would fill her tight pussy, as she carried on sucking she cupped my huge balls in her hands and gently skweezed them I started to groan and i exploded into her mouth.As she got off her knees she said well uve made me soaken wet and horny and took my hand and placed it on her pussy,she was soaking and shaved I pushed her on the bed and pushed her legs apart and started to lick her slit it tasted so sweet her clit was standing up and she started to undress her small pink nipples where solid as i rolled my fingers over them I felt hard and nudged my cock into her pussy.She moaned as we fucked cumming many times until I cum in her warm young slit she got up and said it was needed and walked out the room, ataşehir escort as I was leaving the room her mum Norma said I have a job for you and pushed me back in the bedroom, she said she had heard me fucking her daughter and wanted the same,as we kissed i felt inbetween her legs and no panties and a shaved pussy.I pushed her onto the bed and started to lick her fanny she begged me to fuck her and with that she cum shouting her jucies out lke a fountain I unzipped my trousers and my cock sprung out aiming for her pussy,she screamed with pleasure as I plunged into her soaking wet hole like a piston until she orgasmed and I pumped my cum into her, she said it was needed as she had heard me fucking her daughter and saw me though the key hole.She sat on te edge of the bed as I stood infront of her whilst she sucked my cock dry,got dressed and walked out the room, I heard moaning cumming from the ümraniye escort next room and realised it was my wife I slowly crept in to see Norma’s husband Jim with his cock in my wifes ass fucking her like mad her tits where swaying and Jim looked up and smiled I winked and left.As I got to the bottom of the stairs I met Sally and we walked out into the garden and started to kiss I slid my hand oto her pussy and she said i need to be fucked again as she was so horny I pushed her against the wall and lifted her up and plaaced her on my now thick hard cock she cum instant and started to ride me kissing me deep,begging for more, I felt her jucies running down my cock and her pussy muscles gripping as I slammed my cock all the way in and shot my hot fluid inside her.As we got sorted my wife came out and said was it nice as she had watched me inpale this young girl on my length and said to Sally how would you like to join us for a three way, Sally said yes and we went back to our house,as we fucked most of the night I shoved my cock into both asses and was sucked off by both girls,Norma & Jim come to ours every other weekend and we swap partners and fuck the nights away also have had anal with Jim and vice versa and watched the wifes at it as well.

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