The photo shoot (4)


The photo shoot (4)
— Yannicka —

After my first full body orgasm in Nina’s arms we decided that it was time to relax and have dinner. Nina bragged about David’s cooking skills so I had high expectations of my host. Nina and David kissed me and went downstairs to prepare dinner and I chose to take a quick shower. I undressed and because there was a large mirror on the wall, I lifted my leg to see Davids shaving skills. I concluded that he did a perfect job and I still have a really hot ass…

When I rearranged my clothing I noticed my stockings where wet and sticky. I sniffed them to make sure I didn’t just pee myself during my intense orgasm before. But the briny smell of only my pussy juices combined with Nina’s sweet perfume entered my nostrils when I smelled them. Flashes of this afternoon came back to me when I closed my eyes and I inhaled even deeper. I promised myself never to wash them or throw them away to preserve the unmistakable scent of this hot encounter as a souvenir.

I stepped into the shower. It was a big shower with a glass door and an enormous shower head. There were a lot of buttons to enable water jets from all sides. It took me some time to figure things out but eventually I enjoyed the best shower I ever had. I turned the temperature up a bit and the glass door started to fog up. There was a lovely foaming shower gel called ‘The ritual of Sakura’ and I started to lather my body with the foam. When I massaged my large breasts I noted that my nipples where still hard and I gave them some extra attention. Click. I moved down and soaped my ass. Click click…

I opened my eyes and saw David sitting on the edge of the bath holding his camera. He was naked. This was the first time I could admire his body. He had strong arms, the start of a six pack and I was impressed by the size of his cock even though is wasn’t hard… yet. I gave him a wink and continued soaping and massaging my body. I made sure that he and his camera got a good look at all my curves.

I could see Davids penis grow and I started playing with myself. While still shooting pictures David grabbed his dick and started to stroke it slowly. His cock quickly was fully erect, pretty big and had a dark red shiny tip. I could not wait to feel it in all my holes but we would have to be a little cautious because of his size. I intensified rubbing my clit and played with my tight asshole a bit with the other hand. All in full view of the camera that clicked every time I moved. I started to fuck myself with two fingers and slit one finger in my ass.

I would have expected or hoped Dave to step into the shower but he didn’t. Even when I rubbed my soapy ass against the glass shower door he continued to shoot pictures and jerk his big cock with his slender hand. I opened the shower door and he stood up but I walked past him to my suitcase, leaving wet footprints on the ceder wood floor. I took out a big pink dildo with a suction cup and mounted it on the shower door. I started fucking the flexible dildo and imagined it was David fucking me from behind.

I started to finger myself as well and could not help starting to moan. I heard David make encouraging sounds and when I also inserted a finger into my sensitive anus a huge and overwhelming orgasm announced itself. I had to brace myself against the wall in order not to collapse. When I finally turned around David was gone and a big load of sperm was slowly dripping down the shower door…

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