The neighbours son and his friends


The neighbours son and his friends
The neighbours son and his friends
Im sorry for my english! ­čśŤ

On a warm saturday morning i was busy in the garden, and since it was hot i didn’t feel like wearing to many clothes so i just put on a tight tanktop my string and a hotpants just cuase it was so warm today. While i was busy in the garden i coudnt stop notice all the noise coming from the nextdoor neigbor’s garden. It was the son and some of their friends just being busy and making alot of noise there so i decided to take a look across the fench, they kept being busy and since im just busy in te garden i decided to over them a drink. and they didnt mind that at all so they came over to my backgarden while i went inside to get them some drinks. When i came back and gave them something to drink i couldnt stop notice they kept looking at my boobs and ass. They where laughing and wishpering a bit so i asked what it was about, and they told me they wanted to know who is the best kisser of them, i was kind of shocked cuase i didnt know why they asked me since im already 35 yrs old and they well they were 18. but they insisted there should be a contest and i should be the one to judge. i couldnt help but smile a bit and thought it was a joke. But one of them came to me and started to kiss me full on the lips. I tried to push him away a bit but he was stronger then me and tried to push his tounge in my mounth. since i couldnt force him to stop i started to kiss him back and i must say for a 18 year old he kissed pretty well cuase i noticed getting honry a bit.

I didnt notice but his had slided to my ass and he grabbed it n started to massage it. i tried to put his hand up again but almost straight it went to my ass again after a while i just let him go. After a while i wanted to try te next guy and he started straight away and trying to massage my boobs! i keept pushing his hands away but he was a pretty well kisser to and his friends keep encouriging him to keep going. And i was just getting more horny and again i couldnt resist and let him massage my boobs while we were kissing. i slipped my mind a bit and started dreaming a bit, so i didnt notice he tried to push one of my boobs out of my tanktop and before i could react it was already out. I was getting kinda shy here i am in the back garden getting horny by a bunch of teens. I still had to go for the neigbor’s son so he came towards me and i could see somthing had grown in his pants! i was shocked he had a big cock for a 18 yr old. and he didnt want to wait to long cuase when he started to kiss me he pulled down my hotpants and started to rub me on my pussy on top of my panty. OMG i was getting wet and i couldnt resist before i know they were pulling of all my clothes and i was standing naked in the back garden surounded by 3 18 yr old horny boys kissing me , massaging my boobies and my ass i couldnt help but start moaning a bit. The took me inside and layed me on my back on the dinnertable, one of them came stand between my leggs and started to push his pretty big cock inside of my little pussy, i moaned and as i opend my mounth the neigbor’s son pushed his big cock inside my mount.

i was shocked and tried to take as much as his cock inside. i felt so horny being fucked and used by them i was getting wet so much and so fast. The keept fucking me turn by turn pushing their cocks as deep as they could and spraying their warm cum inside of my pussy and in my mounth i loved every drip of it. They turned me around and my neighbor’s son pused his bit cock against my asshole i never had anal with big cock before so it fell so nice going in till his balls deep! I dont know excactly how many times they fucked my after a while i almost fainted. When it was done they invited me to come over to their soccerclub some time to meet more friends………

Just my fantasy’s Sorry for the English! ­čśŤ

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