The forfeiture (Cuckold2)


The forfeiture (Cuckold2)April 20th, 2012Second day of the management workshop organized every year by the company, which I’m working for. This year, it is the first time that the spouses are guest (s) at the dinner of the last evening. The seminar is held in a beautiful mansion, close to Toulouse. Murielle, my wife, arrives at 8 PM when we are having drinks. Although it is quite cold for the season, she wears as usual a short beige colored skirt, clear heeled shoes and a light orange jacket. She is cute and elegant. Yet, I am surprised to discover that under the jacket she is wearing her white bodice. I must admit that unless you’re told so, one does not notice that it is a bodice. She has a lot of success and is immediately surrounded by several men. Jealous as I can be, I remain close to her and I catch repeatedly looks to her cleavage or legs. It also gets irritating me when I see that certain movements of Murielle move aside parts of her jacket revealing the top of her bodice, which is see-through, hence giving a nice view on her breast. I angrily tell her that she could have dressed more soberly! I have other reasons to be irritated. During diner, Murielle sitting between me at her right, and Antoine, my closest collaborator and deputy at her left, I quickly notice the server’s behavior who stays longer than necessary behind or beside her for the service, forcing her to move or bend aside thus giving him a sight on her breast and the opportunity to discover her dark pink nipples. I also notice that her skirt is at the top on her thighs, which also must please the server.My irritation grew even more when it became clear to me that Antoine does not hesitate to seduce Murielle in a shameless manner during the whole canlı bahis dinner. I also suspect seeing one of Antoine’s hands resting sometimes on the thigh of my wife, but I persuade myself that I must be wrong.Once the dinner finished, the specific top management working sessions are started and those persons not concerned by these sessions are encouraged to leave. I suggest to Murielle to go home but she prefers to stay, wanting to see me in my workplace. I’m flattered and I do not insist. We are six of us locked in the room and we start working. Murielle has also joined us and settled in a chair. Obviously as expected, after a while she starts to get bored and walks around in the room. I become nervous; I find it hard to focus on my work and I notice that I’m not the only one. I am about to lose patience when Marc, a collaborator of Antoine who is absent of the working session, I don’t know why, enters the room to pick up his stuff. Marc quickly understands that the situation is becoming tense and invites Murielle to take a walk outside. I see them leaving the room with a great relief.An hour and a half later, a break is proposed. I’m surprised not seeing Murielle that should have been back now. I decide to go looking for her and I tell my colleagues that I’ll be away but not for long.After throwing a glance in the Park, I walk through corridors, opening and closing doors hoping to discover my wife that I imagine is sleeping on a Chair. And it is precisely when closing the door of a huge room filled with odds and ends that I hear whispers. I enter the room and it’s more out of curiosity than by the idea of finding Murielle that I’m heading silently towards the place where these whispers are coming from. At the corner bahis siteleri of a huge wardrobe, I stop with amazement: my wife is there in front of me, her jacket on the floor; I see her from the back; her legs are slightly spread apart, the skirt is lifted up to the hips, her white panties well visible and the top of her bodice completely down. A man on her left kisses her in the neck and strokes her buttocks. I see him opening the buttons of the bodice while kneading her buttocks – the bodice attaches in between the legs by plastic pressure buttons. On her right another man is bent on her chest. I do not see his head. His allure is familiar to me, but I’m so under the shock that I can’t recognize him. He licks and sucks her nipples, one hand stroking her back. I see the right hand of my wife is also busy. I hear sighs, murmurs, various noises. In front of my wife stands another man of who I can only see the top of the head. His hair is also familiar to me, but I can’t identify it. What is he doing to her? I feel a huge fist blow in the chest, a shooting pain in the belly and at the same time I start to bend like a horse. I am there watching, perplexed, and full of pain and excitement. The man on her left moves, kneels behind her, takes her buttocks in both hands and buries his head and his tongue in her ass. When moving, I’m surprised that he even did not notice my presence. I am stunned. My wife sighs deeply with a long “Oh yes”, then leans slightly forward and tends her rump, probably by reflex. The man on her right straightens, takes my wife by the neck and draws her face towards him to kiss her greedily on the mouth. With his right hand he gropes her breasts. By him removing bend, I succeed in recognizing him: güvenilir bahis it’s Antoine, the bastard. I also recognize the other man that Murielle was hiding until she leaned forward; he stands there, looking right in my eyes: it’s Lucas, my boss, my direct superior officer, the one who decides on my salary increases, on my performance premium, on my career almost. The bastards! A terrible anger takes me, a desire of murder. And my cock suddenly becomes completely limp. Lucas, without a word rushes to me. “He puts a hand on my chest and murmurs to me: “Do not stay here “while pushing me gently on the shoulder to let me get back to where I’m coming from. I collapse and I start to weep. With a hand on my back, Lucas leads me gently to the door; I turn my head looking back over my shoulder to my wife: nothing has changed, the stranger is still licking her ass and now has also slipped a hand between her legs while Antoine, who finally saw me and looks at me with eyes full of consternation, guides my wife’s head to his cock that points out of his pants and which I just notice now. “The bastard, the bastard, the bastard!” Feeling that I try to resist, my Boss pushes me firmly in the back:” Go away, you have nothing to do here!”. When arriving at the door he puts me gently out: “Please go and join the others, you surely still have a lot of work”. The door slams under my nose; I hear the lock being pulled. I feel completely lost and stupid.……We have finished work since three quarter of an hour when Murielle eventually joins me in the room where we were being working. I’m nervously waiting for her settled in a chair. Nothing in her cloths or in her attitude does show that she has been fucked by three guys. I’m immensely sad at a point that I even do not react when she tells me ‘in good faith’ that she got lost outside and that someone had to bring her back by car! How can I continue living with a woman who is cheating and lying like this?

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