The Fifth Visit To The Master (And His Men)


The Fifth Visit To The Master (And His Men)Gloria arrived as scheduled eager to start another session of adventurous fantasy fulfilment. On this occasion, on her first apparatus, The Master advised her he would not be fitting the eye mask until he had her comfortable. When she saw what he had planned for her she understood why he made this decision. He needed her to be able to see what she was doing.In a small room, with the usual viewing rooms on either side, a leather sling was suspended from the ceiling by four chains, one from each corner. The sling was difficult to get into, even with The Master’s help and direction. Finally he had her just right, her position vulnerable, arms stretched upwards fastened at the wrists on the chains, head hanging back in the most relaxing position possible. Similarly her legs, stretched upwards along the other two chains, were fastened by the ankles. As always on The Club equipment the pose caused her bare muff to gape open, exposed. Finally, both happy with the position, The Master fitted the eye mask and left her to the designs of the male and female members. No formal activity arrangements existed on Sunday fun days, except for the designated voluntary victims.A handsome couple, both slim and lithe, found Gloria first. They liked a playmate in the subjugated pose of this piece of equipment. It was their own peculiar form of foreplay. The man knelt on the floor, his face between Gloria’s parted thighs. He sliced his tongue through her gaping gash. Mmm, she tasted oh so good. The woman stood at the other end of the sling and watched her mate feast on the vulnerable exposed pussy. Once satisfied with her man’s pleasure she stepped forward, her legs on either side of Gloria’s head. The woman squatted slightly and lowered her muff towards Gloria’s face. Her parted labia touched Gloria’s lips. The woman was gratified she felt the victim beneath her slide her tongue into her snatch. The woman pressed her vulva against Gloria’s mouth while her partner swirled his tongue through Gloria’s cleft.Gloria’s body goose bumped when the tongue slithered along her open crevasse. Surprised excitement motivated her when she felt the pussy caress her mouth. Eagerly she pushed her tongue into the unseen love tunnel above her, tasting the snatch, breathing in its aroma.The man and woman took their time over their pleasurable assault on their victim. Each watched the other. The man’s cock was hard, excited by both his mouth and tongue probing the pussy and by watching his lady take advantage of the bonded female between her thighs. He was, however, only slightly disappointed when his partner signalled to him that it was time to change positions. Actually he was happy to caress Gloria’s face with his swollen knob, even happier to slide his hard tool into her mouth and enjoy the constriction of her throat around his shaft. The woman avidly ran her tongue through the crannies of Gloria’s crack, soaking up the saliva and juice.Behind the shield of her eye mask Gloria enjoyed the change of activity by the man and woman. The new mouth in her pussy felt superb. She was beginning to get off on its touch. And she was happy to suck cock while she did so. Unfortunately for her the couple did not stay long enough for any of them to climax. Gloria felt a little cheated and totally unfulfilled as they left her. But she did not have to wait long alone. She heard movement around her.Two men, mates, moved into the room and voyeuristically examined her lovely attributes on display. They silently signed to each other who would go where. Whatever they’d be doing elsewhere in The Club had prepared them for immediate action. Both had large full-blooded engorged erections. The man at Gloria’s head leaned forward over her and moved his swollen glans over her lips. Her mouth obligingly opened. He filled it, sliding his cock into her mouth and over her gullet into her throat. She swallowed around his hard meat. He partially withdrew, filling just her mouth. At the other end of her body the man delved his tool into her pink wet crevice, slotted his knob into her cuntal orifice, and thrust his meat muscle deep inside her twat, as deep as it would go. The two men looked at each other, looked at the way their pricks were embedded in her two willing holes. Both men held the chains supporting the sling in their hands. In unison they began to rock the sling back and forth like a swing. The two men didn’t have to move at all. As the sling swung one way the cock at one end of her body slid into her throat while just the tip of the other cock remained inside her vagina. The sling penduluming in the opposite direction caused her cunt to completely engulf the cock. And so, using just the momentum of the swinging sling, both men fucked her.Gloria enjoyed the swaying movement of the sling. The steady cadence, while a bit too slow for her, was nonetheless very enjoyable. As she got used to the movement she was able to focus on each cock in turn. She did wonder though if any of them would ever get their ultimate pleasure. She need not have worried.The two men were very patient. This was one piece of equipment they both enjoyed. There was no rush. And they had the added benefit of being able to watch each other penetrate this good-looking willing woman’s sensuous mouth and cunt. The pendulum of the sling continued on and on. Slowly the pleasure built in their balls and bellies.Gloria’s nose touched the soft hair of the sac each time the sling swung her mouth over the cock. She could feel the heat and throb along the length of the hard tool on her lips and tongue. She knew at last he, at least, was going to cum. Her desire to please this unseen man caused her to put more effort into her gobble. She laved his glans with her tongue, grazed his shaft with her teeth, and sucked at his core. Her reward came when his prick pulsed. The spunk jetted into şişli escort her throat. She closed her lips tightly around his shaft and began the slow milk of semen from his shaft.At the other end of her body the man could see his mate empty his load into her throat. It excited him. He increased the speed of the swinging sling. Her cunt clutched and grasped at his tool. As her cunt swung towards him he thrust his cock into the depths of her hot twat. The spunk surged through the core of his cock. In long groaning thrusts he spilled his sperm inside her. Both men soon left her hanging there waiting for her next visitor.Gloria experienced considerable disappointment that she had not yet climaxed. This night was certainly different to her previous visits. She wanted it, needed it, and ached for it oh so badly. Some minutes of silence and thought passed before again she sensed movement near her.A fit youngish man stood and looked at her. He was captivated by her open swollen excited snatch. The open yawning “O” of her vagina fascinated him. The copious stream of spunk running out of her gash fascinated him. His semi hard prick quickly roused itself to a fully-fledged curving meaty long thick erection. If Gloria could have seen it she’d have been excited and content. She soon felt it as he slid his knob through her dripping sloppy pink crevice and wedged it inside her vaginal opening. The young man rocked his bum and his tool slipped into her.Gloria felt his size and hardness. Though bound she lifted her body and grasped his sliding penetrating meat with her cunt muscles. This cock felt good.The young man fucked her in fast deep strokes. He fucked her so hard the sling swayed away from him on each penetration. He soon learned to pause briefly on his inwards stroke and wait for the returning swing of the sling to slap her cunt against his cock and ball sac. Quickly he achieved a satisfactory rhythm for himself.Fortunately this different rhythm felt good for Gloria too. Excited but unfulfilled by her two previous encounters it would not take much to get her to her peak now. She only hoped that this unseen man would last the distance. Though unable to see him she certainly felt and appreciated the size and hardness of his tool, felt the rhythmic swinging of the sling with the resultant deep slapping penetration of her cunt, and experienced the eroticism and exoticism of her situation. It was meaningful part of her psyche in achieving fantasy fulfilment. Pleasure surged through her breasts, belly, thighs and vulva. Gradually but steadily she climbed her peak towards her climax.The woman’s obvious positive physical response to their fuck excited the man and fuelled his ego and stimulated his efforts. While he had originally just wanted to get his rocks off with her now he wanted her to achieve the ultimate pleasure too. Both of them benefited from his new attitude. He fucked her steadily and deeply, and enjoyed the hot wet contractions of her cunt around his cock. As the woman began to groan and involuntarily vocalise her enjoyment he made every effort to prolong their fuck.Gloria, lost in the throes of her fuck, had no consciousness of her utterances. Her whole being was centred on her cunt and the cock sliding in and out of her. Her body quivered and her sounds filled the playroom. “Oh yes! Oooh yees! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh fuck me! Ooooh fuuuck! Oooooh harder! Oooooh faster! Oooh yees! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooooh yeeees!”The young man pumped his prick into her. The woman was certainly on her way. In spite of the bonds on her arms and legs she seemed to be able to hump and rock her body at him. The vaginal contractions around his prick were rhythmically tight. His thrusts became harder and faster, faster and deeper.The climax roared through her. “Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooooh! Aaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh! Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhh! I’m cuuumming!” she cried for the first time that day, “Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh fuuuck! Ooooh fuuuuuck! Ooooohh shiiit! Aaaaaaaaghhh! Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhh!” At that drawn out moment Gloria had no consciousness of the young man’s tool erupting inside her. His spunk spurted, spumed, gushed and jetted into her tunnel. Only when her climax trough did she have awareness of the gelatinous wetness sopping through her. His moving prick squelched and sucked in her sloppy gash. Though his tool lost some of its hardness he continued to slowly slide in and out of her. Finally he stopped, complimented her on an excellent experience, thanked her for her fun, and withdrew in a slurping sucking plop.At last for the first time that afternoon Gloria felt some sense of satisfaction. She needed more, much more. But overall she felt good, and enjoyed the fact that someone, apart from The Master and the receptionist had spoken to her. The man’s words had been nice. She hoped she would meet him again. Her thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of The Master.He felt that the sling was too stressful for a long sojourn and he removed her mask and her bonds. As she showered and refreshed herself with her usual drink he openly discussed his next planned activity for her. It was physically easy involving a double bed with no bondage. Again she indicated her preference for the eye mask. The opportunity to continue her afternoon fantasy fulfilment excited her. And so The Master led her to the playroom occupied by a standard double bed. There were the usual viewing rooms on either side, the non-members room not in use this day, and no one yet occupied the members room. The members were too busy elsewhere. But The Club telegraph would soon tell the members the playroom held a victim available for their fun and games. The Master ensured Gloria was comfortable on her back in the middle of the bed and departed.Gloria was enjoying her unfettered position when she heard movement in the room. The mattress on either side şişli escort bayan of her moved. She realized that two people had joined her. What she didn’t immediately know was that a couple had decided to avail themselves of her services. The man and woman were a married couple, older than Gloria in their mid forties. Both were of medium build. They shared the same plan of activities in relation to the woman between them of the bed, and worked as a practiced team as they knelt beside her. As soon as they touched her Gloria knew they were male and female. Two hands, one from either side, touched and explored her body while two mouths fastened on her nipples. A shiver of erotic expectation ran through Gloria’s body. She wondered what the pair would do to her.The two hands ran between Gloria’s legs, over her slippery vulva. Fingers played with her clit and penetrated her vagina. The mouths sucked her nipples to hardness. One soft warm mouth moved along her face and throat, kissed her lips and toyed with her tongue. Gloria began to get excited. On and on the touching continued until she thought she’d go mad. Then the unseen woman spoke to her, told her what they wanted her to do.Gloria ended up on her hands and knees with her bum in the air, her face between the thighs of the woman who was on her back towards the bed head. The woman wanted Gloria to eat her out. As she began to willing oblige the woman Gloria felt the man position himself behind her own parted legs, felt his fat glans feel its way into her open orifice, and experienced the delightful sensation of being filled by a thick but stubby tool. The man’s hand reached around the front of Gloria’s thighs and his thumb and forefinger fastened on her erect clitty. He began to slowly fuck her. While she was completely aware of the man nevertheless she focussed part of her attention and all of her oral skills on the woman’s twat and love bud. She found the taste and texture of the woman’s gash pleasant.The threesome quickly adjusted to their respective positions and tasks. The woman grasped Gloria’s head with her hands, pressed it tightly against her snatch and raised her body upwards against the swiping tongue and kissing lips. The man thrust steadily into Gloria’s twat and continued to stimulate her bud with his hand. Somehow Gloria remained focussed on the woman’s tasty twat, but nonetheless she remained conscious of the cock sawing in and out of her own cunt. His thumb and forefinger on her own clit tended to distract her from her suck and tongue swirl on the hard bud in her mouth. Gradually and inexorably the three people slowly became more and more excited by the various stimulating activities on the bed. The man climaxed first in fierce fast thrusts. The woman succumbed to Gloria’s lips and tongue. And Gloria had a small burst of pleasure from the man’s thumb and finger.The couple left Gloria excited but somewhat unfulfilled. She lay on her back and waited expectantly for her next activity. As she lay she felt herself, felt the dribble of cum flow from her pussy into the crack of her backside. She was thinking about the couple when she sensed movement in the room. The bed moved. A man lay beside her and caressed her breasts, belly, thighs and pussy with his hands. When he murmured complimentary remarks about her body Gloria recognised his voice. It was the young man who fucked her earlier in the afternoon when she’d been in the sling. She liked him, liked his style, and loved his prick. Gloria reached out and ran her hands over his body, felt the hardness and size of his tool, the tightness of his smooth sac. Their touch excited each other and lust soon followed. The young man murmured his request in Gloria’s ear. His request brought easy compliance.The man moved onto his back in the middle of the bed. Gloria straddled him, grasped his erect prick in one hand and held it upright. She slowly lowered herself downwards until the fat glans embedded inside her vagina. Gloria held onto the headboard for support. Using her leg and thighs she lowered herself downwards, her cunt gobbling up his length of meat until she had all of him inside her, her parted pussy resting around the base of his tool, his pubic hair tickling her swollen labia and clitty. Gloria began a rhythmic lift and fall over the man’s supine body. His cock felt wonderful. It filled her just so. Her cunt engulfed it like a hot wet velvet glove. The shaft and knob, its texture and hardness, tantalised her just the way she liked to be stimulated.The young man happily watched the woman rise and fall above him. He particularly enjoyed the way her breasts swayed as she worked. He looked down between their bodies and watched his cock disappear inside cunt, only to reappear glistening with juice and cum. As before she felt sensational but, this time, he knew he’d more easily last the distance. In fact it was not long before he sensed the woman was about to cum. She moved faster. Her cunt clutched and released around his meat. She began to grind her gaping gash over his pubic bone. Keening and groaning her pleasure she orgasmed.Gloria paused for breath and recovery. Beneath her the young man soon urged her to go again. He rocked beneath her, as much as her weight would allow him, in an attempt to thrust his still hard tool into her. She succumbed to his encouragement and once again lifted and dropped, lifted and dropped over him.The young man was entranced with her response. This time he reached for her swinging breasts and gently grasped her erect hard pointed nipples between thumbs and forefingers. The woman groaned in pleasure. As the woman dropped and engulfed his tool he now began to thrust upwards into her. Their sexual organs wetly slapped together.Both of them decidedly enjoyed this fuck. It felt absolutely superb to the pair of them. The ache began to flow through the young man’s belly mecidiyeköy escort bayan and balls. The pleasure began to surge through Gloria’s thighs, twat and tits. She badly wanted to get there. She did!Gloria plunged down and reared up on the long cock. Yes, oh yes, she could feel the orgasm surge throughout her body, from the tips of her toes to the pointed ends of her nipples. She didn’t know it but she was panting with her exertions. In between gasps the words involuntarily flowed from her throat. “Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooooh! Aaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh! Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhh! I’m cuuumming!” she cried out, “Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh fuuuck! Ooooh fuuuuuck! Ooooohh shiiit! Ooooooh yeeees! Aaaaaaaaghhh! Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhh!!” As her cunt spasmed and clutched the man beneath her shuddered. His load of cum spurted up the pole of his prick, splattered into her depths. She was lost to all but herself and didn’t feel the blasts. Though as she rested on his belly with his prick deep in her belly she knew he’d cum. Her cunt was filled with spunk.Both were completely satiated. Reluctantly the young man departed. He would have loved to stay but that would have broken The Club rules, and he certainly didn’t want to do that. He left the woman laying on her back on the bed, limbs akimbo, open gash running with juice and spent spunk.Gloria had relaxed for only a few minutes when she sensed movement in the room. Sure enough the bed moved. A man knelt between her thighs and adjusted her legs, bending them at the knees, placing her feet flat on the bed, thighs spread wide. He was mature, but not as old as her, and in good physical condition.The man paused as he completed the minor manipulations of the woman’s body. He looked at her sloppy soppy snatch, admired the obvious excitement there. Her labia were fatly swollen, and framed the gaping throat of her cunt like beautiful butterfly wings. It was just the way he liked them. He slid his erect cock caressively along the pink wet crevasse and soaked in the hot sticky wetness.Gloria lay there, compliantly moving her legs to his direction. She felt his cock slide through her gash. It was then she knew, even though she couldn’t see it, that she was about to be assaulted by an unusually large weapon.The man’s cock was massively large, very long and incredibly thick. The helmet was huge, flanged by thick rim of smooth flesh. The shaft was encircled with pulsating veins. The pump muscle along the underside bulged. Beneath the base two egg sized nuts hung in a tight sac. Though enormous the guy at least was gentle.The man wedged his bulbous knob inside the throat of the woman’s cunt. It stretched her cunt, and he rested there allowing her muscles time to adjust to the size of his intrusion. He eased forward. His shaft slipped inside her, aided by the copious wetness of her juice and his predecessor’s spunk. Again he gave her time to adjust to his size. Gradually he rocked more and more of his prick into her until she had it all. He rested on her body, held her him his arms and suggested to her that she now raise her legs around him. The woman complied and enveloped his body in the cocoon of her arms and legs. She crossed her ankles behind his backside. He began a slow slide out of her cunt until just the bulb of his knob remained in her. Then he slid inwards until his knob gently bumped her cervix.The man built up speed. The woman responded, undulating her body in unison with his thrusts, using her legs behind his backside to pull him into her. His enormous prick filled her totally. She was delighted that another fantasy was being brought to reality and involuntarily put all her effort into their mutual pleasure. Given her activities of the afternoon it would not take much to get her to another pleasure peak.Gloria rocked her cunt around the massive prick penetrating her so deeply and completely. As the climax grew her belly muscles quivered, her thighs and cunt clamped tight. The orgasmic peak approached. She’d arrived once more. “Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooooh! Aaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh! Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhh! I’m cuuumming!” she cried out, “Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh fuuuck! Ooooh fuuuuuck! Ooooooh fuuuuuuccckk mmeee! Ooooohh shiiit! Ooooooh yeeees!!” As she spasmed uncontrollably around the prick the man groaned. He unrelentingly drove his tool into her gyrating gash.The man kept fucking her hard and fast, giving her no time to recover. Her cunt felt superb, even better when she orgasmed. He wanted to feel the experience again before it became too much for him. Harder, faster, deeper he fucked her. She writhed under him, her gash sinuously contorting around his meat. Gloria vocally rocketed to her next peak. The angle of the prick in her cunt slithered along her clit just right to get her going. “Oooh! Ooooh yyyyeeeesssss! Ooooooh! Aaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh! Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhh!” Her body shivered, shook, rocked, humped and quivered. “Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooooh yeeees! Ooooh fuuuck! Ooooh fuuuuuck! Ooooooh fuuuuuuccckk mmeee! Ooooohh shiiit! Ooooooh yeeees! Aaaaah! Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaaaaghhh! Aaaaaaaaarrrrghhh!!!”The cock thrust hard, fast and deep. As she spasmed the massive prick pumped and spurted, spurted and pumped. The spunk raced up his inner core and bathed her vagina in with large gelatinous wet wads. Finally, eventually all movement stopped. Cock remained completely buried in cunt.Their bodies were bathed in perspiration. Gradually the cock shrunk inside Gloria’s gaping gash. Rivulets of cum and juice slushed out of her cunt into the crack of her arse. The man sloppily withdrew his dick, kissed her on the cheek in gratitude and left.A few minutes later The Master returned and escorted Gloria to the showers. She was exhausted and readily agreed she’d had enough fun for one day. She even looked forward to a few days recovery while The Club was closed. But she was enthusiastic about her bookings for the following week. The opportunity was simply too good to miss while her husband was away.And besides who knew what surprises The Master might have planned for her?

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