The Desert Part II


The Desert Part II

It was still warm and sunny, when I came out of the store and proceeded to run the rest of my errands. I bought fruit, vodka, mixers, and granola bars to snack on. As I didn’t know the neighborhood really well I was kinda far from the hotel. So I ripped off my tank, put down my convertible top and soaked up some sun. Without thinking I was rubbing my cock through my gym shorts and wanted another go at that young clerk’s mouth and ass.

I found the hotel after a few wrong turns and bounded through the gate with my armful of packages. Rob called for me to join the rest of the guests for ‘happy hour’ on the patio. As I walked in there were around 10 guys around a table. Some were nude, some were in swimsuits and some were in shorts. There were 3 guys who were particularly hot.

I kept my shirt off, took off my briefs and slid on a cock ring, and folded him so that he bulged in the mesh gym shorts. I brushed my teeth and caught myself in the mirror. I looked like I was easy and looking to get laid. Mission Accomplished. I came to the bar and did the obligatory introductions. My eyes lingered on the three guys tanned bodies. One had a towel on, the other a red Aussiebum and the third had square-cut Andrew Christians. All of them openly flirted and were pretty touchy. The aussiebum was the most attentive – even running his hand down my pecs and abs…stopping at my waistband.

Just then the gate opened and Jessie came in. He still had his khaki pants and shoes on, but his uniform shirt was gone and he sported a white under armour muscle shirt, and a backpack of other gear. I walked over to him, slipped my arm around his waist and French kissed him. I waived off the rest of the party and went to my room – which had a perfect view of the pool and bar. I told him what was going on, and what happened at the swimsuit shop. He laughed and said that happens more often that I’d think. When I pouted because I thought I was special he pulled me to him. He told me he was going to show me how special – later. The he jumped back and started shucking his clothes. He stood there in a white Cin2 thong, his cock bulging. His beautiful hairless body evenly tanned a dark copper. I told him to put on some light blue running tight shorts, no underwear, cock ring, and we were going to go back out there.

It was so hot that we were sweating profusely. I have hair on my chest so you couldn’t see the sweat, but on Jessie he shone with sweat all over his chest. Spilling down the front of his shorts. The three hot guys were from Dallas and came over with all their attention. They asked what we were doing that night, and I said, I’m hitting his hole very soon, as I patted Jessie’s ass. The guy in the Andrew Christian bulge square cut was actually named Christian too, and he rolled his eyes and said, no, after you tear that fine Latino ass all up, do you want to meet us out at the leather club. We agreed, and they broke off. Jessie and I couldn’t tell, but we thought they were all in the relationship together.

Jessie said he needed a shower, to prepare for our fucking, so he went into the room. I went and explored the garden maze, sauna, steam room, and porn library. Rob, the desk clerk, said that he owes Jessie for all the referrals, but he thought I’d pay Jessie back really soon. The porn library was extensive. Mostly current releases, from all my favorite studios. Leather, Groups, Twinks, Kink, Jocks, bare and not. I picked up an SX Video that was a bareback orgy at a pool where everyone was in and out of briefest bulging bikinis, and a Treasure Island Media flick featuring ripped jocks that are sex pigs in leather and their in servitude to a Master. As I was walking to the room, Aussibum (Andy was his name) was getting ice. We chatted some about Jessie and how hot he is. I told Andy, I just met him and we’re going to have a lot of fun fucking. He said he hoped we were exhibitionists, because he is a voyeur. I leaned over and French kissed him, and he said, he’d join us after this first play time..

I came back in and Jessie had just gotten out of the shower. He was damp, so I told him to lie down on the bed. I made sure the windows were open, and he asked why. I told him to expect an audience. He chuckled. And lay down on his stomach. I took body lotion and started applying it all over his body. Paying particular attention around his beautiful globes of his ass, his arms, and his neck. I shucked my shorts and still had my cock wound up in the same gel ring. It was straining!

I rolled him over and started at his feet and worked up. I refused to touch his cock. I did his whole front, including his beautiful pecs – he swam and played baseball in school, but had wanted to add size to his shoulders and chest. At this point I saw Andy walk by the window and look in. So I nuzzled Jessie’s cock and balls. He manscaped so he was shaved all down there. And his skin glistened in the afternoon son. I took him into my mouth and he gasped. I sucked and nibbled on his foreskin and ate his cock expertly. He kept trying to kiss me, but I wouldn’t. I pulled his hips up and licked between his tight hole and his balls and stroked his cock, until he couldn’t stand it. He begged me to fuck him.

I jumped and had his legs over my shoulders and my dripping raw cock at his hole in a second. I squirted the lotion on his hole and made entry. He winced and clenched – hmm, not too experienced – so I started talking dirty to him. I told him about Andy jerking off to us fucking. How hot he looked. How I was going to claim his hole for my own. How everyone couldn’t take their eyes off him in his running tights and how see thru it was with his sweat. He relaxed so much, I entered him all the way in one smooth motion, ending with me kissing him on the lips. I picked up his shoulders and started fucking him… I knew it would be quick because we were both so worked up, and hearted saying ‘No!” “No” I stopped fucking him and he looked at me. I am getting close to cumming I don’t want to stop yet. I bit his neck and plowed deep into him. His asshole pulsed on my cock and causing me to shoot. I didn’t even realize how loud I was, and he started cumming too. Shooting on his six-pack between out sweaty bodies. 5, 6, maybe 7 shots, deep into his ass.

As we collapsed, he pulled my hips into him. He wanted my cock to stay in his tight hole. I rolled him onto his stomach, and slowly pulled out even though he whimpered. I smacked him on the ass, and I stuck my face into his hole. I ate his hole clean and got as much of my cum as I could. Then we stood up at the window and Jessie and I kissed, and licked my cum from each other’s face in front of Andy and his two friends who had joined him. Christian dropped to his knees and sucked Andy outside our window as we finished up. Jessie and I didn’t bother dressing and watched Andy face fuck Christian then spit on him after he came. The towel guy, Doug, forced Christian on his cock and he unloaded into him too. Jessie and I got close and Jessie Started kissing Christian, and the cum was shared.

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