The Boy’s Story – another chapter (17) Soundi


The Boy’s Story – another chapter (17) SoundiIt is about 4 years since my last chapter and over the years my Master and I have enjoyed our sex together. Sometimes we just cuddled and fucked and other times we got into all nighters with our stimulants. About 18 months ago when my Master was unpacking his bag I noticed a small zip bag about the size of a large ‘man purse or travel wallet) and asked him what it was. He said “You will see”. I thought nothing of it and we got down to our business as I have described in other chapters. He enjoys inserting dildo’s and anal plugs into my arse hole, he loves pissing on me and I just love the feel of hot piss all over me. He often now crouches down on the bath edge and aims his piss straight into my mouth and says “Drink it!”.One thing şişli escort he particularly likes is when I spread ice cream over his cock. I am sure the cold gives his cock a pleasant feeling and when it melts of course I lick it off. It runs down to his arse and I get the real pleasure of licking it off his arsehole. He didn’t like this earlier but now I can even hear him moan ‘that is nice’ so,as his Boy, I am very pleased.Later in the evening he had put the hood over my head and made me suck his cock and reached down and was spanking my arse at the same time. Then he said “come with me” and he guided me to the bedroom and laid me on the bed – I couldn’t see anything and I heard him eave the room so I laid quietly for him. He came back and spread my legs and raised şişli escort bayan my arse up with a pillow. He then began [laying with my man hole which I love. I could feel one finger, then two and then he put a vibrating egg inside me. He also played a dildo in side me too and left it and the egg vibrating while he fondled my cock. He kept playing with my piss slit which made me go harder (not fully hard because the poppers keep me soft) but the sensitive cock slit made the feeling good. Of course we had taken E too so our senses were very high. Then I felt something pushing at the piss slit and the feeling moving down inside my cock. It felt different and I must have tensed up because he said “Relax. Just relax”. Of course I couldn’t see but I could feel mecidiyeköy escort bayan the sensation move right down my cock to the base and he kept squeezing and stroking my cock length. “OMG. What are you doing?” I asked and he said “Sounding your cock”. I had never heard of this before andI asked could I look and he said to take the hood off. I did and I was amazed to see the end of a stainless steel sounding rod sticking out of my cock. He slowly started pulling it out then pushing it back down and the feeling was something I had not felt before. Like someone stroking your cock but from inside. It was very pleasurable.That is why I love my Master. He is inventive and at that time with the E working, his dildo and egg inside my arse and the sounding rod I started to feel like coming. I didn’t but maybe another time he can stroke my cock with the sounding rod inside and make me cum. I would also like us to join tiogether using one rod but I have to wait until he decides whether we can do that or ot. HE, is the Master.

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