Still life in the old dog yet

Double Penetration

Still life in the old dog yetI was a fifty four year old married man of twenty three years. My sex life with my menopausal Wife was non existent. We were sleeping in separate beds at the time and I was working, what seemed to be twenty four hours, three hundred and sixty five days a year as a Store Manager in a retail outlet. I was fed up with my working life, and even more fed up with my boring wife Julia, who was more interested in getting down and dirty with the gardening than in the bedroom. Another long tedious week had gone by and I was sitting in the Canteen, tired and fed up until I overheard a conversation one of the checkout girls was having with a friend on her mobile phone about a site called plenty of fish and how people would meet for dates and hook ups. My mind wondered. I had been married for over two decades and had always been faithful, but I felt I needed a new experience, something to put some life back into the old dog. I got home at around eleven o’clock that night. Thankfully everyone in the house was asleep. So I turned on my laptop, navigated to google and created my profile on Plenty of Fish. I got to relationship status and paused. I took a deep breath and hit single and entered looking for casual, no commitment in the intent section. I debated wherever to upload my picture or not, but had heard that having no picture would mean I would receive fewer or no replies, so I decided to upload one and keep my profile on private. I searched through the profiles, most were as dull as dish water until I came to one profile that immediately caught my eye. It was an ebony, mixed race women. I clicked on her profile and looked through her pictures. She looked stunning. 18 years old with light şişli escort brown skin and black natural curly hair. She was five foot six inches tall. She wasn’t a slim girl but she wasn’t fat either. I navigated down her profile and looked at her interests and was surprised too see sex listed as an interest. My cock got slightly hard. I scrolled down further and began reading her profile. She was a straight talking woman with a hint of sass. She stated that she didn’t like “sexually inexperienced” guys. My Cock felt rock hard now. I paused and suddenly felt anxious. I wondered how I’d play this. I didn’t want too come across as desperate, while at the same time sounding like the usual generic messages. I plucked up the courage, as if I was about to parachute out of a plane and wrote a simple message telling her about my age and my job, personality and hit send. A day went by and I didn’t hear anything. I was getting a disheartened with online dating. Then one evening she messaged me back. I was feeling deflated and was expecting her to let me know that I was too old but to my astonishment she was interested. We talked for hours. I was mesmerized by her personality, I felt so excited. She told me how she used to be a good ‘christian girl’ who went to a boarding school but rebelled as she didn’t fit in and would steal her family car and joyride. We got onto talking about sex and I asked her about why she didn’t like inexperienced guys as she was only 18 and I naively thought she’d be inexperienced herself, being at such a tender age of 18. The she let me in on the secret that there was more romping than yomping going on at her local christian cadets. After a few weeks of chatting she asked me if she şişli escort bayan wanted to meet me. I hesitated and thought of my wife and k**s and the implications that meeting her would have on my life if my wife would find out what I was doing. We arranged what we were going to do and my intetion was too meet her in the city, but she asked me where I lived. and told her which road I lived on and she said she’d pick me up in 15 mintues. I thought too myself that had this been a wind up? was she really going to come and pick me up? After 20 minutes, nothing. I messaged her and asked her where she was. She messaged back and said she was outside now. I looked at my window and couldn’t believe that she was there. I nervously got in the car, hoping that none of the neighbors would see her and scared that Julia would turn up after her pilate class. I kissed her on the cheek, but some how missed and clumsily kissed her hair that looked and smelt very exotic. She looked beautiful, so much more sexier in real life. I literally couldn’t believe my luck. I noticed the tattoo on her collar bone which read. ‘a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor’.The date itself went well. I never felt uneasy or awkward around her given the age gap. We went for a meal and by the time we had watched a movie she was so comfortable with me that she allowed me to put my arm around her and kiss her at the back of the cinema. After the date had finished and she pulled up at the train station I wished her a good evening and told her I wanted to see her again. I kissed her on the cheek and she turned at me and snapped “is that all” so I leaned in again and we embraced on a passionate kiss. I noticed a hotel and asked her if she’d mecidiyeköy escort bayan like to get a room? she said yes, obviously. We managed to get one of the few that were available that night. I went in and closed the door and she almost jumped at me. I Kissed her and lead her to the bed I sat her down and unzipped her black dress and started kissing her again slowly going down her her body, kissing her neck until I reached her lovely double f breasts. They were like a work of art. Her areolas so big and brown. I grabbed one of her breasts and sucked her nipple then I grabbed her breast with both of my hands and sucked it like a baby sucking on a bottle. She got up and took the rest of the dress off from waist down and I was meet with the most gorgeous pussy I have ever seen. small and shaven with a little diamond tattoo. I was naked at this point. I told her to lie down and open her legs as I went in and kissed her pussy. I licked it and she started too moan, a really slow sensual moan. After a while I went and lay on the bed. She got on top of me in the cowgirl position and it felt like heaven as I slide my big cock into her sweet little pussy. She started to bounce on my cock and I grabbed her breasts and caressed her body and looked into her eyes. After a sweet while I decided that I wanted to put her in the G whizz position, so I could have some real control over her. I thrust slowly at first and slowly got faster as I kissed her. She was moaning almost non stop, I’d have to stop every now and then to catch my breath. Finally I put her in the Downward Dog position and was going to really let her have it this time. I got on top of her and put my legs on the back of her hamstrings and held both her arms down and slide my cock into her pussy and fucked her for a good while until with one final thrust and big moan I came right into that little freaks pussy. All of my pent up frustration was released in that moment and it was a moment of pure heaven.

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