S!ster’s Underwear Picture Message

S!ster’s Underwear Picture Message
S!ster’s Underwear Picture Message

My phone vibrated along with the sound of the tone to indicate a message had been received. I was nearing the end of the game on my PlayStation in my room as I glanced at the phone to see my s!ster’s name as the sender so decided to finish the last 90 seconds of play guessing that she was only abusing me in some way or was sending me a funny picture she had found on the net.

As the last few seconds counted down my phone went again indicating a second message from her too.

I congratulated myself on my win and exchanged the controller in my hand for the phone on the bed beside me.

I swiped the screen notification with my thumb to open Chrissie’s message and sat gawping at the picture that met my gaze.

I stared at the screen which was filled with a selfie picture of my s!ster in her underwear wondering why the hell she had sent it to me. Despite her face not showing, I obviously recognized her bed, not to mention a familiar rucksack in the background so it was definitely her. I tapped on the next message and was met with another similar pic, only this time she had laid on the bed reaching over her shoulder to take a picture of her bum showing her thong disappearing between her sweet arse cheeks!

It occurred to me that she had more than likely sent them to me in error but I wasn’t going to complain.

I started to type my reply: Very nice sis, but I’m pretty sure you’ve just sent them to me by mistake – and btw, who said u could borrow my Nike rucksack?

I hit ‘send’.

I laughed out loud and imagined the look on her face when she realised she had sent the pics to me in error and would no doubt be banging on my door shortly begging for me to delete them.

I brought the pictures back up on screen to admire the view, despite them being of my own s!ster. But there no denying she was hot, as all my mates would comment on how good it must be to have such a ‘babe’ as an older s!ster living under the same roof. Of course I just shrugged it off, but without doubt it was certainly pretty damn good being her br0ther. We had always got on well together, having the usual sibling rivalry that k**s do, but being nearly 3 years older than me she always went into ‘protective’ mode when she needed to, which was possibly even stronger now she was 21.

Not that seeing my s!ster in underwear should really shock me because I was used to her, and mum too come to think about it, walking around the odd time in their knickers and bra, although the last few months they had seemed to cover up more as they saw me maturing quickly myself. Chrissie would even tease me now and then when certain things popped up in conversation, but nothing malicious. Being an athletic family we were all quite fit and active causing the odd joke now and then as both mum and Chrissie always said they had the unfortunate thing of having big boobs. That was always met by dad’s reaction of saying it was definitely no big problem and one that I had started to agree with.

“But you don’t have these things bouncing around while you exercise!” mum would say cupping both breasts in her hands and giving them a squeeze.

Dad would then move around behind her and reach round to cup them himself saying; “Here, let me hold them for you then whilst you do it!” before mum slapped his hands away and laughed.

My phone suddenly buzzed as Chrissie replied: Shit bro, u got me! Obv my mistake cos they should have gone to Shaun so how about u just delete them as if they never happened? Xx

So they were meant for her new boyfriend like I thought making me thankful for once that she had picked someone with a name starting with my initial, meaning I at least got to see them even if it was by mistake.

No probs, I’ll delete them, I promise, but should u really be sending them to someone u hardly know? – I asked, sending my reply.

My screen lit up again: Thanks for the advice Steven, but I made sure my face wasn’t showing just in case! Xx

I tapped away: Yeah, but it’s obviously u so just be careful as no doubt the jerk will show his mates anyway!

Eww, surely he’ll keep those just for himself? Xx – Chrissie replied.

U r joking? He’ll brag about u as much as he can because you’re so hot! – I sent back.

There were a few minutes before she replied making me wonder if she was having a think about what I had put.

Thanks for the compliment – I think! But at least I didn’t show him too much flesh! Xx

Which is a damn shame seeing’s how I got them in error! – I replied.

Shit! Did I just admit to my s!ster that I wished I had seen her with less on than she already had? I sat for a few minutes and thought about how I could apologies without sounding like some pervy stalker now!

But my phone pinged again before I had chance to reply with a message from her: You mean like this? Xx – she put, and sent a picture of her laid on her back with her left breast exposed!

Holy fuck! Had she really just done that? As much as I didn’t want to, I got hard.

Shit Chrissie, that’s exactly what I meant – please tell me u haven’t sent that to him?

I looked at the picture again whilst waiting for her response and my god did it look good. I even zoomed in to see the wonderful nipple finding myself even admiring the artistic look of the picture from how the light hit her body. Her delicious looking tight body offset with pink ribbons and blonde hair. I found I was aching now in my groin as my cock pressed against my jeans.

No Steven, don’t panic, that was just for u for your kind concern and in fact I haven’t sent any! Xx – was her reply.

Holy fuck! My own s!ster had sent me a pic of her own boob knowing full well it was for a treat to her little br0ther. I was already wondering how I could hide that picture away knowing it would probably give me enough wanking ammunition for the next 50 years!

So are u going to delete that one? Xx – she asked as if reading my mind.

Of course – but perhaps in a few minutes! – I said.

Lol, pervert! Xx – she replied.

Whoa, u started it! – I sent back.

True, and perhaps not a good example to set? Xx – she said.

Sod the example, but what a perfect boob! – I replied.

Thanks xx – came back.

It matches the perfect bum – I said.

U think? Xx – she replied.

Shit, deffo sis, u must surely know that?

Nice to be appreciated though xx – Chrissie said.

Believe me, I appreciate you very much right now! – I said.

LOL xx – came back.

I stared at the picture again, wondering just how soft it would feel to have my hand on it.

I have always been a bit of a joker so on a whim decided to strip to my boxers and take a picture of my bum which I sent to Chrissie with the text: 2 can play that game!

It was a pretty lame picture and one that wasn’t too risqué in any way to be too embarrassing, just funny.

Chrissie replied: Ha-ha, Touché! But what, no flesh? xx

I felt my eyebrows rise as I pondered the question. So obviously I took a picture of my own bare chest and sent it!

I could hardly believe I was having this weird ‘texting’ conversation with my s!ster, or should that be ‘sexting’? The fact I was now standing in my bedroom in just my boxers with an erection pushing against the front led me to believe that perhaps I was in fact ‘sexting’ with my s!ster!

LOL, OK, you got me Steven, very funny as I was worried your pic might have been lower! Xx

I was shocked. You wanted LOWER? – I sent.

Chrissie replied: No, not wanted, but knowing your sense of humour wondered whether you would have sent one! Xx

I smiled, then replied feeling brave: Tee-hee, the screen wouldn’t have been big enough lol!

STEVEN! Stop bragging! Xx – was sent back.

Only joking! – I replied quickly.

Perhaps I should be the judge of that? Xx – Chrissie replied.

Shit, she had shocked me again. Was she secretly hoping I would have sent a pic of my own dick? I considered having a quick search on the net for a picture of a huge knob to send but instead found one of a cockerel bird, which obviously most people just call a cock, and sent that.

I think I laughed out loud as I imagined her opening the picture.

Whilst I was waiting for a response, I had another look at the pictures of Chrissie which only caused me to ache more in my groin with my raging hard-on.

Suddenly there was a tap on my door which was then opened before I had chance to shout either ‘come in’ or ‘hold on’ and Chrissie appeared, in her underwear, albeit with her bra back in its correct position, closing the door behind her.

“Very funny!” she said, holding her phone up with the picture of the bird on.

“CHRISSIE!” I called, grabbing a pillow and covering my front.

But not before she obviously saw the tent!

“Oh! Sorry!” she said, looking genuinely embarrassed.

And genuinely hot!

I looked on and took in every detail whilst I had the chance in the few seconds I thought I would get before she disappeared again, but instead, she just stood there.

“I didn’t mean to….” She started to say, “I mean, I didn’t think I….”

“Would have that effect on me?” I finished.

“Yeah, something like that!” she said.

I gave her my best ‘WTF’ look and said, “Durrr, what effect did you think your amazing body would have on me?”

“But I’m your s!ster!” she said as if stating the obvious.

“And?” I asked.

“And I perhaps should have known better!” she answered, now understanding properly. “Come on then, seeing as I’m here, let’s have a look!” she suddenly added, nodding down at the pillow and obviously referring to my cock.

“No way!” I spat out.

She took a step forward and made a playful grab for the pillow.

“Chrissie, get off!” I said trying to dodge her grasp. Her tits bounced seductively as she reached forward which made for a lovely view despite the fact I was trying to get out of her way.

“Come on little br0ther, let’s see the damage!” she said, making for another grab at my pillow.

Her wonderful perfumed smell met my nostrils adding to the sight of her tight body causing my senses to go into overload, but I was still conscious I didn’t want to show off my naked penis!

I tried to dodge her again but she easily grabbed the edge of the pillow and yanked it hard causing me to grip the other end as if now having a tug-of-war competition. But she was pretty strong and as much as I tried to keep it in front of my crotch, it was now waist height leaving me more exposed in my boxers. I let go of the pillow which she immediately used to hit me with like we used to do when we had a pillow fight causing me to lose my balance and fall on the bed.

Chrissie just laughed making me pleased mum & dad were out or they would have probably come up to see what the banging and noise was.

She looked down at me, her eyes appraising my body as if impressed that her little br0ther was growing fast. Then she tossed the pillow at my face which I used both hands to defend myself with by catching it, giving her a second diversion which she used to straddle me, grabbing both of my wrists and pushing down onto the bed above my head.

I struggled slightly, but not quite as much as I could have, and as the commotion subsided we found ourselves in a familiar position we have been in probably hundreds of times over the years, with one of us straddling the other holding their arms down by the wrists, but none of them recently. And I think we both knew instantly why that was.

With her tits literally inches from my face, Chrissie sat back slightly releasing some of the pressure on my wrists, but as she did so her arse perched nicely onto my groin as I felt my erection nestle somewhere between her cheeks! I also knew instantly that with the minutes wrestling we had done; my cock had come through the fly-hole at the front of my boxers as I felt ‘skin on skin’.

She looked down at me. “Is that?” she asked, wiggling her bum.

I stared straight in her eyes and nodded.

“Shit, sorry bro, I was only having a laugh!” she said.

Her chest heaved and her wondrous globes glistened with a hint of sweat.

I felt a twinge in my cock as yet more blood rushed to it making it as stiff as I think I have ever known.

“I’ll close my eyes when I get off if you want?” she said as if that would make me feel better.

I just shrugged as I’m not sure it would be any less embarrassing now. But she then moved again, her bum cheeks rubbing me and for a second I honestly thought I was going to cum!

“You OK Steven?” she asked, suddenly aware of the concentrated look on my face.

I nodded, but I think she clocked the reason. “Do you want me to sit still for a minute?” she asked.

“Mmm, please” I just about managed to say, trying to think of anything to cool me down.

My only saving grace, or so I thought, was the fact my erection was pointing up the back of her crack rather than against my body under her pussy or I think I would have spunked my load by now if I had been that close to her sex.

“Have you ever been with a girl?” my s!ster asked, as if changing the subject a little.

I shook my head.

“No boob gropes?” she asked.

I shook my head again. “Well, not under the clothes anyway!” I added.

“So you’ve kissed then?” she asked.

I nodded.

“So you haven’t seen a boob in the flesh until the pic I sent you?” she asked.

I shook my head again, but added that technically, that wasn’t in the flesh as it was a picture so I still hadn’t!

Chrissie pulled a face that said, ‘true’, before letting go of my wrists completely, reaching around her back where she proceeded to unclip her bra, taking it off.

I stared.

She smiled.

“Now you have!” she said.

I just continued to stare at their beauty.

I’ve heard many people comment that they think she’s already had a boob job at her young age, even though they are completely natural. They’re just big, but the fact she is so sporty is the reason her chest muscles help keep them standing nice and pert, and my god, did they look pert.

“Wanna feel?” she whispered, rocking her body side to side, making them jiggle.

Of course it also had the effect of movement down below too, but for some reason the concentration I was showing on her tits made me a little less desperate to cum.

I think the wideness of my eyes gave away my answer.

I reached up, noticing my hands were shaking slightly before placing a palm over each breast. Nipples pressed against my hands as I spread my fingers making it look like two flesh coloured spiders were nestled on her tits.

And fuck me, did they feel nice – just as soft as I imagined.

Chrissie smiled at me as she sat straddling my front whilst I fondled her boobs, my cock resting between her butt cheeks.

“And by the way,” she said, “from the feel against my arse I don’t think you were too far out when you said the screen wouldn’t be big enough for a penis selfie!” she added.

She gave another movement, only this time pushed back and forth a couple of times indicating exactly what she meant.

I just laughed, “I wouldn’t say that!” I said.

As her arms were already by her side to allow me access to her front, I suddenly felt fingers trace their way along my thigh and over the leg of my boxers. Then her fingers wrapped around my shaft, taking me in her grasp whilst inching forward a little causing her pussy to rub against my pubic mound as she gave a pleasurable moan of approval.

It hit me that she was getting her own pleasure from this little meeting from the look on her face, and who was I to spoil her fun?!

Her hand pumped up and down my cock a couple of times before I felt a finger sneak down inside the fly of my boxers to lightly tickle my balls. I was immediately jealous of any boyfriend she ever had or would have knowing just how good she must be at this whole sex thing.

“Pinch my nipples!” she said, looking me in the eye before closing hers to enjoy my touch.

I lifted my hands to see her wonderful stiff buds and took each one between finger and thumb, pinching gently. She ground her pussy into me a little harder whilst continuing to rub my erection in her hot palm as I pinched and rolled her nipples between my digits.

She then moaned out loud, a moan that I took to be of pleasure rather than pain moving herself faster on top of me. Then I felt her shudder as a loud gasp escaped her mouth which, even with my lack of practical sexual knowledge, told me that she was having an orgasm.

Which is the precise point that I shot my load up her back!

I thrust up to meet her hand movements adding to the pleasure of the pressure on her pussy, not to mention my continued pinching of her nipples as we both rode our orgasms to an exquisite climax, her hand continuing its rhythm milking every last drop from me.

With our breaths still heavy, I let go of her boobs as she wiped her hand against the material of my boxers before leaning down close to me putting her lips to my ear. Her long blonde hair tickled my face, not to mention her nipples now pressing against my own chest as I felt her warm breath on the side of my face.

“There you go little br0ther, a treat for you, just from me” she whispered, “Now I’ll leave you to clean up your mess whilst I go and have a quick shower, but if you promise to delete those pics then I’ll let you fuck me later if you would like?” she added.

She lifted herself from me and swung her leg over mine as she got off the bed, looking for the first time at my cum covered cock that was sticking out from my shorts. Just the words she had whispered had me standing to attention almost straight away to both mine and Chrissie’s surprise.

“Mmm, looks like someone is already keen!” she said, peeling her thong from her body to give me my first view of her delicious looking pussy. She then picked up her bra and phone walking to my door and opening it. “I reckon we still have a couple of hours before mum gets home so I’ll text Shaun and tell him I have a headache and am staying in tonight, as it looks like I’ve found something much more fun to do instead!” she said once more looking at my glistening erection.

With that, she was gone, leaving me lying there still throbbing wondering what the hell had just happened as she headed for the bathroom.

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