sister Punishes Me


sister Punishes MeIf you’ve been following my stories as of late you’ll know that I have quite an affinity for my sister since she took my innocence from me. You never forget your first and I think that is even more impossible in my situation. My friends on the baseball team would give me hell and ask me when they could take her out and shit but the truth was that no one else but me was taking care of her but me. (I hadn’t used her fake name for a while because I couldn’t find it. It’s Stephanie. Aphrodite would be more fitting for this goddess.)Now I’m going back to school for my sophomore year but I find time to head off to my sister’s college and let her show me the town. I just turned 19 so no bars for me but we still managed to have a good time and go to some house parties. We got a little too drunk and walked home. By the time we had gotten inside I wasn’t being very bashful about wanting to fuck Stephanie. On the ride up to the top of the complex I whisper in her ear and nibble on her lobe and she’s loving it. She eventually giggles and falls to the corner so we can make out without the camera truly seeing what we were doing. We step out of the elevator and I give her a flirty tap on the ass. She turns around and told me to be quiet with a little drunken giggle.We finally make it into her room and we are kissing like crazy and taking each other’s clothes off. We make it onto her bed and I’m making my way up and down not knowing which end I want to have sex with the most. We decide to have sex standing up while I take her from behind. This was more difficult than it appeared since I had grown quite a bit so I had to lift her slightly. No matter, with a slender frame like that and me going to the gym regularly had helped.I massage her clit from behind and she starts making soft little moans. then I hook my left index finger in her mouth and jerk her head to the side. Kissing her neck and fucking her harder now I used my left hand to instead slowly choke her. Not in any real danger just basically covering up her neck with my hand. I would cuss and swear in her ear calling her “my slut” and “my whore sister” but not much farther than that. She wasn’t keen to dirty talk.We were both coming to orgasm and I didn’t know if I was gonna cum first or her. Stephanie’s fethiye escort breathing picks up and she’s screaming “yes yes YES!!” louder and louder and I let out one last thrust before cumming on her floor. She reaches between her legs and tries to catch what she can and slurps it up. She walks into the bathroom with a sway that slays men. I’m lucky to have her so close so I know her weaknesses. She cleans up and brings me a towel to wipe off with. Topping the cleaning off with a nick kiss on my cock head.We go to sleep playfully flirting our way to sleep. She smells so amazing. This apartment is huge with a bed to rival it. A giant post in each corner of the bed and massive pillows and comforters. She lived right. I kiss her on the neck good night with my dick between her ass cheeks. Not a better way to fall asleep.Waking up however was a very different story. I was bound with each limp attached to a post. My sister had tied me up in my sleep! I try to examine for a way to get my freedom but find nothing and right then Stephanie walks into the doorway. Black corset, black stilettos, whip and blo-od red lipstick. I was aroused but also very concerned. Stephanie walked in slowly and dramatically smacking her hand with the whip.”… what’s going on?” I asked.”NO TALKING!!” Stephanie yelled at me. “Now do as I say and this won’t be too painful for you.”Oka–” I said before being sharply smacked in my face by the small but effective whip.”I SAID NO FUCKING TALKING, DAMMIT!!” Stephanie ordered sharply. “Here,” she said reaching into her dresser and pulling out a pair of panties. “OPEN!”I slowly opened my mouth as she smacked me.”DO it now or this is gunna get a LOT FUCKIN worse!” She said with hate in her eyes.I open my already sore mouth and she shoves the panties deep down in my mouth. I almost gagged. I could taste that they weren’t fresh underwear but I wasn’t about to mention that to my deranged sister.She stands back up and starts walking around the bed, smacking her hand with the whip. I’m aching for her to say something to kill this silence.”Last night… you called me…. what was it? Your slut? Your little whore?” She asked with a dark tone. She placed the whip up to my chin and motioned for me to nod. I nodded.*SMACK*-the whip landed right above escort fethiye my dick.I let out a muffled scream and bit down on my sister’s used panties. Anything to get my mind off being whipped.”Right,” Stephanie proceeded, “now then. I’m going to make you my little bitch.”I didn’t know what I was in for but I was honestly more scared than aroused. She went to another dresser in the room and pulled out crouton tongs. I was relieved, after all, what kinda damage could she do with those.”How long we been doing this, little brother?” she asked.I was too afraid to speak so she climbed on top of me and pulls out her make-shift gag and asks me again, “How *long have we been doing this, *little brother?” (1st * she gabbed one of my balls with the tong and the 2nd * she squeezed down)”AH! 5 years!!” I answer sharply. She promptly shoves the gag back into my mouth.”You belong to me, boy, not the other way around,” Stephanie said removing the tong from my tender testicle.She turns around on me, sitting on my stomach, and asks which ball she grabbed earlier. “Left or right,” she asked whipping me on my leg to signify that’s how I should answer.I shake my left leg. She kisses me left ball while simultaneously grabbing my other with the tong and squeezing down. After she ends my pain via tong she gets up.”I need to go to the bathroom but I know I can’t trust you alone,” she says standing above me, legs straddling my chest. She pulls down her panties and takes them off. She removes the ones she had in my mouth and puts the pair she was just wearing in my mouth. She looks at me like she’s looking at a buffet of ice cream and can’t decide what to get. She snaps her finger. “I got it,” Stephanie said with a smirk.She began to piss on me and I couldn’t believe it. I started to struggle but the knots were too damn tight for me to go anywhere. Stephanie is meanwhile laughing and thrusting her hips back and forth getting me all soaking wet. She finishes and has a light chuckle on her way down to me. I’m panting hard from my attempt to escape. She comes forward on her knees and pulls her clit up. “Clean me, whore,” she said with satisfied distaste (very confusing.)I start licking thinking that if I can pleasure her that she’ll let me up. “calm down,” she said, “you aren’t fethiye escort bayan getting off that easy.My cock was getting a little hard about the idea of pleasuring her and getting out of this damn situation. She noticed and went over to grab my dick. She acted like nothing had happened. “Do you want your whore to suck this cock for you? Would you like me to gag on this thing?” she asked in a very cute, schoolgirl way.I nodded.She throws her head down on it and bobs twice then she sinks her teeth in and grabs me by the sack and pulls my balls down. I let out a scream. I couldn’t have been ready for that. She said I had earned my freedom and untied my feet. There was no use to try and get my arms free. She was way too smart for that. She left for a moment and came back with my tooth brush. “If you get lucky enough to kiss master today,” Stephanie said close to my face, “then you are gonna have fresh fucking breath.”She turned her ass to my face and told me to lick her ass clean. I did as I was told and that was probably the most fun I had up to that point. She grabs my tooth brush and shoves the handle in her ass. The imagery was hot but I knew what was coming next. She pulled out some tooth paste and shot it in my mouth. She then grabbed me by my hair and pulled me into the tooth brush lodged in her ass. She had to stop me a few times to change the placement of the brush.She gets on top of me one more time and cleans up the paste with the panties that were in my mouth. She leaves to put the brush away and comes back in a yellow skirt and covering her boobs with cute makeup on being pink lipstick, slight mascara and some blush. “Oh little brother what happened?” Stephanie asked sounding like it was legitimate concern.I was at a loss for words. “Are you okay?” she asked. “Yeah, I’ll be fine,” I replied.She kissed me on the lips and untied my hands. I was in awe of her performance that I had to have her. Fuck the ramifications! I kiss her passionately and she takes me to the shower pretending to be shy girl taking care of a stray dog. She starts wiping me off and then it becomes heavy petting and eventually we are fucking everywhere from the shower to her walk-in closet. We find our way to the couch and catch our breath as she lays on top of me.”I think I like being your little whore… how’d you like being mine, little brother?” she asked with a smack to my balls.(Gotta be honest. It was pretty fucking hot. Trust me, I ended up calling her a lot worse to see what she was going to do.)

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