Sensuous couples workshop


Sensuous couples workshopK and I went to a wonderful and very sexy workshop last week, and I thought I’d share the experience with readers. It was a London couples event…fully clothed and respectful…so stop now if you are expecting hardcore result.We went because we’ve read some of the books on sexuality and finding your maleness and femininity as part of the sensual pleasure of holding a relationship true and sexy. Indeed K and I met shortly after she’d been on a similar workshop and understood some of the things she could do to open a man up, hold a man in his maleness, and melt a man with her feminine senses. She sure managed that with me and 13 years I am still excited when we are together.So this evening was rather fun – started with some talk about breathing and going beyond the safe to the edge of attraction. And then we got to our feet. The men took up positions calmly in rows, and the equal gaziantep escort number of women stood in front of their man (or a man if they had arrived solo).Our task was to see how conscious we could become of the others attractiveness, and seeing how we could build safe erotic attraction with just our eyes, our posture, our breathe and our almost spiritual connection. With K it was easy for us to enjoy each other’s inner eye. But then the fun started.The men stayed where they were, and the women moved one down (unless a couple particularly wanted to stay together which was happily allowed). Most of the women were on the move, and over the next hour I had erotic encounters with 5 more women, and a decidedly cold connection with one more.Each time we met the eyes of our new partner, and sought to build a sensual, safe, slightly erotic chemistry between us with our eyes, our breathe and our being. I was transfixed by the inner beauty of the first girl I met. With the second there was a fragility and softness that was idyllic. With the third I found deep wells of sadness in her, but also beauty in a momentary connection which brought tears to us both.The organiser offered exercises which developed from standing still, to allowing the woman to indicate how I might get deeper into my masculine, with few words and a few simple gestures. I don’t have much core strength ( well almost zero actually) and it was revealing and enormously helpful to have a beautiful girl stare deep into my eyes and tell me to “own my balls”. I visibly felt myself grow in stature and my rating of attractiveness grew with it.A beautiful evening. Just one absolute non-connection for me. A girl who would rather be looking at her tax returns than me. I was not her flavour, and she scored me 4/10 for attractiveness, where I had been beautifully flattered with 7s and 9s. The more I tried, the more I failed. Which only goes to show that we are all different, and all attracted by different things. I hope in that line of men that she found someone who gave her, and recieved from her, at the very least a 9 out of 10. It is wonderful for the ego.K and I left tired but happy from our workshop. We compared notes of the people we had met, the sensuous dancing she had done, the tears I had offered, and of course my 4 as I will always remember her.We will return when we can get time. We will continue to explore sensuous connections with other people. Sometimes in formal workshops, sometimes naked in group retreats, and in time sometimes with other couples in full erotic harmony. I am blessed to have an exciting, heart warming, erotic partner who wants to continue to grow and deepen our love, and our love for others in safety.Happy to pass on the more formal details of what and where to people who ask.

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