Ava Sparxxx

Reasons YOU ARE GAYYou’re not fooling anyone: Right now you’re pretending to be a straight “man” but you’re not fooling anyone… all you’re doing is pretending and most people you know arent mean enough to call you out on your gay-ness… If you come out of the closet you have a greater chance of looking like less of an idiot because at least people wont have to pretend not to know your a fudge packed, bent over cock lover! Right now you’re just looking weak and stupid and again, everyone already knows anyway – you’re not fooling anyone!Dick In Your Mouth: Think of all the cock you will actually get to suck on if you just come out of that prison/closet you’re in right now… Imagine if you just came to me for help of kicking your cock filled ass, out of the closet, in no time at all you could be doing what you deeply want and need to do… which is get some dick in your mouth and suck off some manly stud’s!Be Useful In The Bed!: Its no secret to you or anyone who’s fucked you how useless you are in bed when you’re trying to satisfy a female. You fail and you know it… you KNOW you’re a bad fuck… you just cant measure up to those real yummy men out there… But at least if you were being the little gay boy you really are you could put that mouth and maybe even your man pussy to good use and get real men and their real cocks off and actually really satisfy fethiye escort someone in bed. Then for once you will know what its like to please someone in the bedroom!Be The Fag Hag’s Fag: Right now you’re just an idiot… some moron who is in the closet, you’re not cool, no one finds you interesting for anything… But just imagine if you were the fag, all the fag hag chicks want to be around… You know the type of gay guy who’s always got something to do with a bunch of chicks… living it up and having fun… Well maybe, just maybe that could be you. A GAY-er but more happier you could be right around the corner… all you have to be willing to do is – Come out of the closet… and just maybe you might actually have some friends for once!Your Master BF Awaits: Even as a gay boy who is 100% out of the closet you’re still going to be the bottom gay/submissive… Yes Ill be the ONLY girl you submit to and Ill be your controller, but in terms of a relationship… Wouldnt it be so much better to come home to some beefy stud who wants to put you on your knees and give you his fat cock everyday, rather then coming home to some woman you had to settle with and some nag hag wife/gf who doesnt even make your dick hard… Of course it makes much more sense for you to come out of the closet and get rid of the boring fake life you have to pretend to be happy escort fethiye in… No no no – Its time to do as your Mistress (Me) says and Go Gay – All The Way… Then maybe you can have a boyfriend who you can kiss and make out with and have a relationship with… even if hes only using you like everyone else does… at least it will be with a MAN who has a big cock with big loads just waiting for your face to be blown on!Because I said So: Im the Boss here, and If I want you out of that closet, you need to get the fuck out of your closet and become a super-queer! I know your worth and its not very much right now and I think you’re pretty pathetic… and that means you are pathetic – I want you to let everyone know you like dick and balls and you love them in your mouth… You coming out of the closet would be soo funny watching your life be changed and seeing you transformed into a chode licker and publicly being my fag boy… SO one of the biggest reasons you should come out of the closet is because you need to do what I say… Im the Boss, you’re the bottom homo and you must listen and obey me… You WILL come out of the closet just because *I* said so and following My orders is a top priority of yours!Make Me Money: This would be the Number one reason for you to come charging out of your denial closet and be the gay little cock whore you already fethiye escort bayan are! You’re already a fag, and a cock whore… you’re just living in the closet so you cant do what you really want to do…which is whore out on cocks. Well if you need the help being tossed out of the closet you need to contact me to have you pushed out of the closet gay boy… Become my whored out gay and really do something with yourself for once on your life… Imagine being my gay slut and sucking lots of dicks and earning me more money at the same time! This would be such a huge improvement on your life in so many ways… Get out of that closet fag because theres dicks for your mouth and cash to be made!There you have 7 GOOD reasons you should just jump in with both feet to your new better life that could be yours… You dont need to be in bed with ANY female ever again – You Fail there… what you need is to be a gay little cock muncher… and these are awesome reasons you should just get “outted” and have me publicly announce your gay-ness…#1 its about you serving me, and by coming out of the closet Ill get to be amused with this up-heaval in your life of coming out of the closet… But there is pay off’s for you as well… and these 7 reasons are just 7 of many good reasons you need to not go gay, because you already are a faggot… but To Come Out Of The Closet!!!Need help doing this? I can offer my cold shoulder to you and help you let the world know what a Gay Boy you are! Otherwise pull up your panties and out yourself… Either way you’re gay and its time to get the F out of the closet! 

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