Poonam’s Inexplicable Problems – Pt 1 (Quest For B

Poonam’s Inexplicable Problems – Pt 1 (Quest For B

Poonam’s Story:

“It’s ok Poonam, to not have big boobs”, said my elder sister Priya massaging my head.

She was standing in front of me massaging my head and applying oil to my hair. I was sitting on a stool and her huge milky boobs were right in front of my face bulging out from her pink t-shirt.

I was jealous of my sister’s big boobs and at the same time, I was turned on by the way her boobs were juggling with the stroke of the massage she was giving me.

Priya (28 years old) is my elder sister who is married for 3 years to Vishal. Priya has a very curvy figure and very fair. Her figure used to 34-26-34 before marriage and now after 3 years of marriage, she only got more sexier and her boobs got even bigger with size 36D. Her figure became 36-26-38. Yes, her ass was huge.

“I know, didi, but no one is ready to marry me because of this”, I replied.

She looked at my 34B boobs and felt sorry for me, but she heard from a friend how her friend’s friend increased her size using some ayurvedic medicine. She never showed interest in that process because her husband Vishal loves her 36D breasts so much.

“I know a friend who can probably help you with this”, said my sister. I was pleasantly surprised and I was not really sure if these programs would actually work. However, I thought to myself what harm can it do.

“Ok, didi. Give her number to me, I will talk to her”, I said.

She gave her number to me, I talked with her. She told me that I have to go to a village near Araku and collect some herbs in the nearby hilly area.

The instructions said that I have to collect Vakshojakalu (leaves of fertility) and cover my boobs with the leaves and massage myself. As it was a sacred process, I should collect the leaves on my own and I should sleep there alone next to the plant in the night.

I noted down the instructions and as it was a Saturday, I decided to leave on the very same day. It was around evening 5 pm. I reached the place and after a tiresome search, I found the leaves and picked a bunch of them.

The place was very secluded so I set up the ready-made tent I brought with me. I went inside the tent closed the tent properly. I removed my red t-shirt and black bra and covered my boobs with the leaves and started massaging my boobs. In the process, I got horny and played with my boobs hard.

After massaging my boobs for an hour, I fingered myself imagining how my sister gets fucked by Vishal. That’s right, I saw them having sex multiple times. But the first time was when a few guests showed up at our place without any prior intimation.

That day I slept in my sister and brother-in-law’s room. We separated the single cots and I slept on one while my sister and her husband slept on the other. In the middle of the night, I heard some noise and slightly opened my eyes. I couldn’t believe what I saw that day. They were having sex despite me being in the same room!

I was excited to see this and I thought to myself to see how it goes. My sister was totally naked and Vishal was just wearing his boxers. I peeked from my blanket. He was like a lion pounced on her chest, biting her breasts like there was no tomorrow.

He took my sister’s breast in his mouth and the other in his hand, playing with the nipples and pulling and pinching her breast. I thought to myself, no wonder why my sister’s boobs became big after her marriage.

Then he kept his hand on her ass and started squeezing it hard. My brother-in-law pushed his fingers into my sister’s pussy, took it out and tasted it. I was so excited to see this so I started playing with myself.

Then he opened his boxers. His thick 7-inch penis was fully bulged out with all the blood flowing into it. My mouth started watering and I started fingering myself vigorously.

My brother-in-law started pounding my sister’s pussy in missionary position. My sister’s boobs were swinging with every stroke she received. Vishal slapped her boobs and made her sit on her fours in doggy and started fucking her hard while squeezing her boobs her hard.

After fucking for 25 minutes like this, both of them were about to cum. So they went in 69 position and started sucking off each other.

Vishal was very aggressive, he was tearing her pussy with his tongue, squeezing her ass cheeks and fingering her asshole in between.

I never expected my sister Priya to be this slutty, she was a very decent woman outside the bedroom. But now she is gagging on his cock, getting her mouth fucked. She skilfully peeled off his foreskin with her tongue.

After 5 minutes of mouth fucking, Vishal was at the verge of ejaculating. He spanked my sister’s ass, fingered her pussy and licked it at the same time. He drank her love juices and mouth fucked her hard. Finally, both of them came and fell off to sleep. I also spurted a huge orgasm after seeing such an erotic action.

Imagining this, I masturbated and fell off to sleep in the tent. I forgot to take off those leaves off my boobs after the massage and slept like that.

Next day when I woke up, I was pleasantly surprised to see my boobs. I was supposed to take off those leaves after massaging my boobs the previous night. They were definitely of DD size now! I could see green veins on my huge breasts. My fair skin complemented the boobs and I was looking sexier than ever!

I tried putting on my clothes but my bra wasn’t fitting at all. So I just put on my t-shirt, wore a jacket and left home. I was very happy and excited to see my boobs.

I went home and called my sister, “Priya didi! Priya didi!”. She came out. No one was at home except me and her. Vishal had gone to the office, mom had gone to some marriage and dad had gone for his work.

She saw me and was wondering why I was wearing a jacket with the zip closed. At the same time, she was happy to see some bulging inside the jacket. She came near me and asked me, “So, did it work?”.

“See for yourself, didu”, I said and opened my jacket and removed my t-shirt. She couldn’t believe what she saw.

“Wow!” came out of her mouth in excitement.

She touched my boobs as if she was to check if it was real. My breasts became huge. They were 34DD now and as I was very fair, even the green veins were visible. My brownish nipples were looking like two small cherries on top.

My sister pressed them and the softness excited her. I was giggling and was in a very happy mood. But the way she felt my breasts turned me on.

I looked into her eyes and her eyes are filled with raging lust for my breasts. She cupped my right boob with both her hands and squeezed it a little. Then she took her hands off my boobs and kept it on hers as if she was measuring.

It was not possible for her to do so with the clothes on. So, she removed her pink t-shirt and her black bra. Her boobs were dusky and strong despite being big in shape. She started comparing our boobs. I then had a huge urge to press my sister’s boobs. I kept my hands on her boobs. She looked at me, our eyes met.

I hesitantly kept my hands on her boobs, I could sense my sister Priya getting turned on with my touch. But she tried to not show that and continued to feel my huge milky boobs.

When she first touched my boobs, it was purely in surprise, now she started enjoying the soft and silky touch of my melons. Despite both of us having huge melons, our boobs are looking different and felt different.

My boobs are milky white melons with pinkish areola and small nipples, green veins running through boobs were making them look sexier. On the other hand, her melons were strong and dusky with greyish areola and protruding black nipples, her nipples were well defined, thanks to Vishal.

I was totally turned on with all the action. I wanted to squeeze my sister’s boobs hard and also want her play to with mine. She was acting as if nothing was happening but continued to play with my boobs.

So, I took the initiative and squeezed her boobs a little. She bit her lower lip a little giving me clear signal of how turned she was. Without wasting anymore time, I started squeezing her boobs hard. Following this, she also started squeezing my boobs.

With my right hand on her left breast, I ran my left hand on my sister’s lower back grabbing her ass over her shorts. I planted a kiss on her lips. It was so passionate that I felt like biting her lips. Responding to my kiss, she undid my black jeans.

Now I was standing in front of my sister barely covering anything. My pink pantie was hardly covering my ass cheeks and the impression of wet pussy is quite visible over the pantie.

I pulled down her grey shorts and there she was, in her black floral pantie. She pushed me on to my bed and climbed over me and squeezed my boobs with her both hands to her heart’s content.

My sister pulled down my panties and my pinkish pussy emanating the aroma of my love juices made her mouth water. She was about to eat my pussy.

Meanwhile, I was desperate to see what she was hiding under her black pantie. So I pulled down her pantie and made her sit on me in 69 position. I knew that she loved this position because she was shaking when her husband Vishal was licking her pussy that day.

My sister started licking my pussy like a pro sticking her tongue down my pussy and teasing my clitoris. Her pussy looked so delicious that I needed no experience to eat her.

I licked her pussy with both my hands on her ass cheeks. She tried inserting her fingers, my virgin pussy was too tight to enter. On the other hand, I was easily able to put two of my fingers in my married sister’s pussy.

My boobs were crushing under her weight and her boobs were being pressed against me. I could feel her hard protruding nipples. Both of us are very excited with all the action and ejaculated almost at the same time. Priya collapsed on me and slept next to me for half an hour.

Later, we got up and dressed properly. I was very happy for getting my boobs bigger and also to have my lifelong dream of having fun with my elder sister, Priya.

After this incident, we became very close and she started sharing about her sex life and everything with me. Later in the evening, Vishal came home.

I was sitting in the hall and he casually greeted me and was about to pass me to meet my sister in their bedroom. He paused for a moment and almost blurted out, “Wow!” looking at my boobs! To avoid awkwardness, he left immediately and met my sister.

My brother-in-law wanted to ask her right away about my boobs but he couldn’t. His face carried that surprise and my sister Priya was smart enough to figure out that and decided to tease him. So she just touched his tool over his pants and playfully said, “Seems like somebody is very excited”. All he could do was just give a smile.

The whole evening, I could sense him curiously peeking into my black top. I didn’t let him see anything because I was having fun teasing him. Mom was at her close friend’s daughter’s marriage and dad went on a business trip. So, it is just going to be the three of us for the next 5 days.

The three of us had dinner and Vishal was eating me with his eyes. After dinner, we retreated to our respective rooms.

The next day, by the time I woke up, Vishal had already left to office and my sister was in the kitchen. So, I freshened up and went to the kitchen to greet my sister. I entered the kitchen and looked at her. She is not able to walk properly and she seemed very happy and was smiling like a new bride.

I said, “Priya didu! What’s the matter? You look so happy! What happened?!”. She was shy and hesitant at first but slowly she started saying how Vishal had destroyed her pussy the previous night.

I knew that he was probably imagining me and fucked my sister and tore her pussy. But I wanted to listen it in her words. So, I asked her to elaborate on what had happened.

“After entering our bedroom, Vishal locked down the door and pounced on me. He undressed me in a zap and spanked my boobs. I was surprised as usually, he starts with kissing and smooches. But I quickly realised why he was so rough yesterday. So, I fully co-operated to him and wanted to see how far he goes”.

“He was so rough on my boobs. He was squeezing, slapping and biting my boobs. I teasingly asked him if he was imagining you and he shyly admitted it. He asked me how your boobs got so big. I told him the reason and started calling him ‘Jiju’. He was excited to hear that.”

“I said Jiju! Tear my pussy. He started calling me dirty names – Randi saali! Jiju se chudwani chahti ho! Randi saali! (Fucking bitch! You want to fuck your sister’s husband! You dirty bitch!) and he started banging me hard and almost tore my pussy.”

“For the first time, he fucked me in the ass. It was amazing. He made me his dirty slut and made me gag on his huge cock. He made me cum twice and made me moan – Ah Jiju! Ah Vishal! Finally, he ejaculated on my face!”, said my sister Priya completing her story.

I was totally flattered and turned on by this story. I was very happy to be desired. I smiled at my sister in happiness and I left the kitchen wondering what will happen to me if I flaunt my assets to my jiju with a devilish grin on my face.


I thank Poonam for sharing her experiences with me. Please send your comments

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