Pictures of parents


Pictures of parentsWhen my in-laws Reg and Vera got to their seventies they decided to downsize from a large terraced house to a two bedroomed ground floor flat. Through wise investment in the past they were able to buy the flat before selling the house and had to leave a lot of things behind to make the move.A couple of months after moving and when they had settled into their new home they left it to me and my wife Jean to clear the house and put it on the market. All of the furniture, bed linen and kitchen utensils went to a charity that worked with the homeless and most other items went to a local second hand shop, we couldn’t be bothered with all the hassle of using eBay. Having cleared the house the only thing left to tackle was Reg’s workshop at the end of the garden. Reg was a bit of a squirrel who did not like throwing things away and the workshop was full of wood oddments, half empty paint tins, broken tools as well as good tools etc. We called in a dealer of old tools who took a lot away. All other pieces of metal we piled in the front garden and within a couple of days the metal fairy had been and it had all gone. This left all the wood oddments which unfortunately we could not burn because of air pollution laws. This had to be carried through the house and put in the front garden.As I pulled a load of wood oddments out from under the bench I found a tin box at the back. When I opened it I found several boxes of 35mm slides, several reels of Standard 8 cine film and two pairs of French knickers. When our c***dren were small Reg had given us his Standard 8 camera and projector and they were still in our loft so I knew we could view the films. By strange concidence we had recently bought a USB 35mm slide reader and so could copy the slides onto our computer.That evening after a bit of search I canlı bahis found the old projector and it still worked. We then started to watch the films and we were both suprised by what we saw. Jean had a strict upbringing and when we first met she would go brilliant red whenever the subject of sex was raised and if anything sex related was shown on the television one of her parents would turn it off or change channel. She still does the same today.Each of the films is on a 50ft reel and only lasts a few minutes. The first one was in black and white and was shot from the front showing a young women on hers knees and being fucked by a man kneeling behind her. It wasn’t until we got to the end of the film that I realised it was my in-laws. I rewound the film and put another reel on the projector and this time it was of Vera sucking Reg’s cock. I looked at Jean and her face was brilliant red. I then proceeded to show all the films and we saw Reg licking Vera’s cunt and them fucking in different positions and places. As well film of Reg and Vera there were also two films of Reg standing behind two different women who were wearing only French knickers, Reg had his right hand inside their knickers and his left hand holding their tits. That explained the two pairs of knickers in the box. All of the films were black and white except for the last four which were in colour and were taken in some woods. The films were of couples fucking, I presume Reg had been practising his voyeurism at some time.At some time in the past I would have been excited to see my mother-in-laws’ cunt and tits and watch a film of her being fucked but at 52 I hadn’t had a stiff cock for some due to the medication I was taking and our sex life was non existent. Jean didn’t want to know about oral sex and would never suggest or start any intimate bahis siteleri touching.After the viewing Jean told me to put the films away and make sure nobody finds them. Over the next week I transferred the slides onto our PC without telling Jean what I was doing. The slides were as good as the films with pictures of my-mother-law being fucked and licked and my father-in-laws’ cock in her mouth and between the cheeks of her arse. I looked at the slides several times and realised that on a couple of them where Vera was kneeling on the ground and being fucked from behind the man behind was not Reg, he was taking the picture. My mother-in-law was a swinger and being fucked by other men, I wondered what Jean would say about that.I let a couple of weeks pass and then I asked Jean did she want to see the slides. She reluctantly agreed and said she hoped they weren’t as bad as the films. I set up the digital projector to give as large a picture as possible on the wall of our lounge and started playing the pictures with a 5 second delay between each one. These were mainly colour slides and I watched Jean as large pictures of her mothers’ tits and father’s cock appeared. Again she went brilliant red and after the showing told me put them away and make sure that none of our c***dren or grandc***dren find them on the computer.About a month later we went on holiday to the Canary Islands for a couple weeks. It was sunny and warm and on the beach many of the women were topless. From day one I asked Jean when she was going to take off her bikini top like the other women. At the end of the first week when we were on the beach she got up, undid the clasp at the back of her bikini and lay on her back with her bare white tits being seen by everybody around. At that point my cock suddenly went erect, something güvenilir bahis that had not happened for a long time. Jean turned over and saw the effect she had had on me. She looked around and then threw a towel over me and put her hand on my leg. She then slid er hand up and took hold of my stiff cock. She only rubbed my cock a few times when I came into her hand and then it very quickly went limp. I didn’t know what had come over Jean, I couldn’t believe she had rubbed my cock in a public place.When it got to lunch time we went back to our room to change and Jean went into the bathroom. She came out wearing a pair of French knickers and lay on the bed. Again another suprise but the best was yet to happen, she asked me to lick her and so I knelt between her legs. At that point she told me to stop and to set up the camera to photograph her being licked. Having set the camera up I got back on the bed, pulled the leg of her French knickers to one side and started to lick her cunt for the first time in 30 years of marriage. I was surpised how quick she got to her orgasm after which we lay on the bed resting. Before we went to lunch I asked Jean why she had changed. She said that having seen the pictures of her parents having sex and evidently seeing it as being natural and enjoyable she realised how much our sex life had been limited and what she had missed out on. For the remainder of our holiday we tried to recreate some of the shots her parents had taken and Jean said she regretted that it had not been done when I was younger and able to get and keep a stiff cock. When we got home I bought a strap on vibrator and we have recreated some of the videos with Jean kneeling and me fucking her from behind using sthe strap-on.When the house and workshop had been cleared we visited Jean’s parents to let them know. I told them I had got rid of the tools and wood out of the shed and that under the bench there had been an old tin which had been disposed of. When the tin was mentioned Reg briefly smiled to himself and changed the subject.

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