Photo Shoot


Photo ShootKnowing that I’m an amateur photographer, she called me to ask forhelp with a birthday present for her boyfriend. He loves porn (whichshe’s fine with), and she wanted to make some of herself. Justsoftcore, sexy lingerie, that sort of thing, but she didn’t wantanybody she didn’t know and trust to have access to it. She has areputation and a career to protect, after all, and she really didn’tlike the idea of being half naked in front of a stranger. Of course,the fact that I was willing to work for free (to help out a friend, ofcourse!) didn’t hurt either.When I got to her apartment, she was in a long black silk robe. Herlong dirty blonde hair was smooth and shining, she had a little makeupon, and her ample bust was neatly framed between the sides of therobe, showing perfect cleavage. Simply stunning! She’s short andstacked, chubby in a way that enhances her curves, especially herhips, ass, and breasts, without too much of a paunch on her belly.I’ve admired her for a long time, and she knows it, and I had no doubtshe was enjoying my surreptitious glances at her as we set up in thebedroom.While I set up the camera and the lights, we talked a little more indetail about what she wanted. “I’ve got some lingerie that he reallylikes, plus some that he hasn’t seen yet, and I thought it would benice to do something that looks really sexy and professional. Sort oflike naughty Glamor Shots, you know?” It’s hard to remainprofessional while planning those sorts of photos, especially of awoman you’ve fantasized about for a while, but I tried and mostlysucceeded. We discussed various positions, props, looks, etc. Iwarned her that I might have to touch her to position her for theright look. “Oh really? Is that the only reason you want to touchme?” She winked at me, then continued. “You do whatever you need to.I want these to be perfect for him. What do you mean about props? You mean like clothes, or toys, or what?””Well, that depends on you and what you want to show, I guess. I mean, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to have toys when you’re covered by lingerie, right? As far as clothes, it’s whatever you want. Same with poses. I’m letting you drive this – I figure my job is to make whatever you want to show look as good as possible. And speaking of my job, I’m ready to go whenever you are. I’d like to take a few test shots to get everything dialed in, so if you want to just pose there on the bed like you are, that would be great. Then you can change into whatever you want.”She fethiye escort smiled and flirted with the camera a little, pouting and winking and doing whatever other sexy things she could think of as I snapped away and looked at the photos. As I got dialed in, she started opening her robe more and more, gradually letting me realize she didn’t have anything on underneath it. “You know,” I said, “these are pretty damn hot as they are. Would you like to make this the first set?””Oh, wow.. I.. Ummm..” She blushed. “I don’t have anything on underneath the robe. I hadn’t really meant to pose in this, I was just playing around, getting my nerves warmed up. I’d be afraid of showing too much.””That’s up to you. I don’t really know what his taste in porn is, but I like the simple clean look sometimes. And I’m not asking you to get naked or anything.”She thought about it for a minute, then said “What the hell, let’s do it!” I had her pose in all sorts of different positions, especially one of my favorites, laying on her stomach looking up at the camera, cleavage showing. We even did a few topless shots, either from the back or with her hands cupping her breasts, but she always managed to keep me from seeing anything. We shot a few of her on her back, one leg bent, with the robe falling open just at her crotch, but from behind the camera everything was just barely hidden.Then, throwing caution to the wind, she sat up – robe still open at the waist and her bush in full view – and said “I want some nudes. Can we do that?””Sure! Like I said, anything you want.” I told her to hold still, and took the shot just as it was, then asked her to pull the top of the robe open slowly and expose her breasts. As she did, she parted her thighs as well, and ended up with her head thrown back, hands on her breasts pinching her nipples, knees up and legs spread, showing off everything in a glorious picture of ecstasy. I couldn’t help noticing that her labia were glistening as well, which made the image that much sexier.She sat back up and covered herself, grinning from ear to ear. “Wow! That was so erotic, posing like that. I hope you got some good shots! I’m going to change – guess it’s okay if I change in here now that you’ve seen that. You don’t mind, do you?” She winked at me, knowing the answer. For the next hour or so, she posed in various skimpy outfits, including a red satin teddy, hot pink crotchless panties and open bra, and my personal favorite, a black silk corset, thong, escort fethiye garter, and stockings. After the first ten minutes, I’d given up even trying to hide my erection, and just accepted the discomfort, knowing that I’d masturbate myself raw that night. We finished up with her completely nude, and even a few of her touching herself lightly, parting her lips and looking longingly at the camera. Shy or not, she knew how to work her sex!Just when I thought we were done, and she was laying on the bed completely naked, absent-mindedly running her fingers through her bush, she looked at me and smiled. “You know what would be really sexy? He loves to look at me after we’ve had sex, seeing me all sweaty and with his cum on me. I have an idea how we could make me look like that, if you’re okay to go on?” I didn’t think I could take much more, but I also didn’t want to miss this opportunity, so I said I was fine. “You need to go to the bathroom for a few minutes or something, take a little break?” The idea of masturbating with her knowing I was doing it was more than I could bear. I’d die of embarrassment, so I said no, we could keep going if she wanted.”Okay then, just tell me if you need a little break. So, here’s my idea. I’ve got a spray bottle, and we can use that to get me wet like I’ve been sweating. Then I think I could mix up some fake cum in the kitchen, and get you to squirt it on me. I think water and white frosting would work, for a start. Sound good?””I’d have to see it, but it sounds like it could work. Worth a shot, anyway.” She went to the kitchen and came back in a couple minutes with a spray bottle and a turkey baster in a bowl of what looked surprisingly like cum. She took the baster and squirted a little onto her breasts, and I had to admit, it looked realistic. I could tell she was horny by now, and she’d completely lost any inhibition she’d had about being nude around me. She started squirting ‘cum’ on her face, her breasts, stomach, even over her pussy, matting her bush. When she licked it off her nipples, I was in heaven, and when she ran her fingers through her bush and licked them, I felt myself oozing precum into my shorts. We finished the set with her on her back and her knees, me squirting the ‘cum’ on and into her pussy and ass, like she’d just been creampied vaginally and anally. I had no idea she was so dirty!She grabbed her robe and sat down beside me, asking to look through the photos. We went through each set, picking out fethiye escort bayan the best ones. When we got to the last ones, she was obviously enjoying seeing herself like that. “Now I see why he likes to look at me like that. It is pretty sexy, and it really does look like I’m covered in cum. At least, I think it does. I’d love to see the real thing.”What the hell, I figured there would never be a better opportunity, screw being professional. “Well, juts in the interest of science and all that, to have something to compare it to.. I might be able to help, if you.. umm.. you know..””Honey, I thought you’d never offer! And if I had to guess, I’d say you’re about to cum whether you want to or not, right?” I nodded. “Okay then, get the camera ready, and I’ll get in position. You cum on my pussy and tits, if you can, then hurry and take the picture.”‘If I can’ I thought? Is she serious? I was afraid I’d cum before I got my cock out of my pants! She sat on the edge of the bed, completely naked, fingering herself while I focused. When everything was ready, I stood in front of her, unzipped my jeans and pulled my aching erection free. She grinned and kissed the precum from the tip. I was about to start stroking and aim for her pussy when she grabbed my ass and pulled herself against me, gagging herself on me cock. I started to cum, and she jerked back, letting me spurt over her face, onto her tits, and one last shot on her pussy.”I knew that would do it! Now, hurry and take some pictures.” I ran around the camera, cock still erect and bobbing, taking picture after picture in as many poses as we could think of. As she bent over on the bed, fingers in her cum-covered pussy, face down, she moaned and said “Fuck those pictures. Get over here and fuck me right now, God damn it!”I didn’t hesitate! In an instant I was standing behind her, driving my shaft deep inside her, pounding her into the pile of pillows on the bed. She screamed and moaned, thrusting herself against me. Within minutes she was cumming, and taking me with her. As my orgasm faded and my knees began to buckle, she looked back over her shoulder at me. “Take a picture of that!”In the end, the fake pictures were pretty good, but there was something extra about the real ones that made them stand out. The last shot, of her bend over, pussy gaping and swollen, with cum dripping, was both our favorites. She ended up giving all of them to her boyfriend, telling him that she had a girlfriend take them and that she’d used fake cum and a dildo to stage everything. He was so turned on by the photos, and the thought of one of her girlfriends watching her masturbate, that he never questioned the story. She and I are the only ones who know the truth.

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