Party Time


Party TimeMy wife came into the room ready for the evening, lace top, no bra black leather mini, black stockings garter belt and 5″ heels. She started getting the room ready, pillows on the floor, booze and cards.The guests arrived five guys ready for a poker party. My wife started to seat the guys and bring the drinks. Everytime she bent over her nice ass was on display. As the booze started to work she bent over more and more. Her nipples stayed hard bostancı escort and poked the lacy top out. After an hour she told the guys she wanted to offer the prize for the evening. When asked what the prize was she just smiled and raised her skirt to the tops of her stockings.The final game was on and she started to dance around the table rubbing her tits and showing off. Soon everyone forgot the game and Gary fatih escort was dancing with her. He was able to get her top off and was soon sucking her tits. Fred the youngest of the bunch was behind her rubbing her bush and she was in heaven.All of the guys were rock hard by now and the clothes were all over the place. Fred was now on his knees eating her pussy while Stan was rubbing his cock up her ass..Soon his cock bağcılar escort went right up her tight hole and she was backing into him. Gary’s cock was in her mouth and she was stoking two huge cocks in her hands.She went to the floor and Stan slid his cock back into her ass. Fred was puming her pussy, Gary was fucking her face and she was stroking the two cocks had.Gary blew his load in her mouth, She licked all of his cum off and Stan loaded her ass full. fred pulled out and stuck his cok in her mouth and she took his load.The two guys she was stroking both stuck their cocks into her pussy and fucked her hard. In two minutes they blew into her hot cunt.She laid back and smiled and told them that the next party was going to be even hotter.

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