Part 1 TeenGirls were my downfall


Part 1 TeenGirls were my downfallYouth does have its problemsI had spent nearly twenty years living and working overseas, in the far East to be exact, and never really got around to getting married, nor why should I, when all the expat brats, were horny for a good time, a meal and a drink, then get naked for a great fuck session, on the pill, so bare-backing their tight pussies was a dream come true, and the supply was never ending.All this fun came to an abrupt end when in Phuket, well on the beach to be exact, these women approached and asked if I wanted a massage, one was very pretty, but I thought perhaps too young, even though I was sorely tempted, but I agreed to let the older one massage my back and legs, then I was pleasantly surprised when the younger one joined in, and started rubbing close to the edge, her hands touching my balls, under my swimming trunks as she rubbed, much to the amusement of the older one, but together, they certainly knew how to get men going.I had a hard-on and it showed, ‘We go back to hotel’, the older one said, so I agreed, I felt like fucking her as long as the young one watched, but when we got there she insisted it was the young one that was going to my room, she would wait in the front.’How old’, I asked, ‘OK OK’, she kept saying, she was keen for us to go and get started, then in exasperation, she said ‘Eighteen’, as if suddenly realizing my concerns for age, but she lied, using her size as a reason bakırköy escort for her looking so petite.We got into my bedroom and I peeled my trunks down, proudly displaying my need for her, my hard cock bouncing before her eyes, I reached out and slipped my hand under her top and tugged on her nipple, it was that easy, my own personal Barbie doll, and I started to stroke my cock as she smiled and watched.Eventually I asked her to like my balls, I was desperate to see her face down between my legs working on my crotch, and she did not disappoint, her tongue almost immediately started to rim my asshole, and when wet enough I could feel her insert it and continue with the rimming action inside, then she started to wash my crotch with her tongue, then my balls and finally wash the back side of my hard shaft, before ending with my cock in her throat, fuck, I had never been sucked, rimmed and blown like that before.She jumped up and went over to the wash basin, took off her clothes and raised one leg and put it into the washbasin, washing her crotch, ass and pussy with soapy suds, using her long fingers to clean inside her pussy and asshole with an in and out motion, offering me the opportunity to insert both my fingers, one up each hole, and really go to work on her inners, she wanked me as I cleaned her out.She rested her raised leg on the floor and dried herself off, then went into her small beşiktaş escort bag and took a small bottle of oil out, and rubbed her crotch and her asshole with some of the contents, then holding my cock, guided my over to the bed, where she lay face down and held her ass cheeks open for me to fuck her in the ass.I lay over her and supported my weight on one arm as I held my cock and eased inside her, only releasing my cock when I was half way in her, fully supporting my weight as I lowered my self on top of her and my cock all the way inside.I started to fuck her tight hole and she wiggled her ass as I withdrew and sank back down onto her soft bum, which acted like pillows, this was an exquisite joy to feel, shagging her tight ass and listening to her moans as I went about quenching my lust in her, I could feel my know swell in anticipation of filling her ass with hot semen.She must have sensed this as I started to fuck with determination, she looked back at me and said, ‘No, please in my mouth, you cum’, it just got better and better, the thought of pulling from her ass and offloading the contents into her open and willing mouth, tripped me over the edge, the sperm rising in my cock as I reluctantly pulled out from her warm tight ass and positioned myself as she turned and slid from the bed, catching my cock as she slipped past, the warmth and moistness of her saliva easing it down her throat, beylikdüzü escort bouncing from the roof of her mouth first, she clamped tight around my shaft as my knob touched her tonsils and exploded, I watched her face expression change as she gulped everything down her throat, then working her tongue and mouth along my shaft and knob, cleaning me with the rip, making sure all evidence of where I had been shafting was forever lost, my cock slipped from her mouth, like a gleaming new pin, washed and polished and with a very happy and contented owner.She then spread one of the white woolen towels on the bed and asked me to lie face down, which I did, and no sooner had adjusted myself she mounted my nude form, straddling my bum, she gently rubbed oil into my back and buttocks, from the same little bottle, I had oiled her asshole with, and began massaging me.She suddenly lay down atop of me and began what I assumed was the famous Thai body massage, but after a few minutes I realized she was actually shagging my bum, grinding her pubes into my cheeks and emitting soft grunting noises.This lasted for a few minutes only and she was rewarded with her own little orgasm, I just reached behind myself and steadied her flanks as she lost control as she came, she at least deserved to have her little kink addressed, even if it was fucking my nude bum.I opened my wallet and she helped herself to some dollars in preference to Thai Baht, bowed gracefully and left.I had to sit down as what I had just experienced was still sinking in, even touching myself triggered another reaction, I felt like calling her back, but resisted and lay down and dozed off, only to be awoken a few hours later with banging on my room door, it was the hotel manager and the police.

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