on the beach


on the beach
We all got the warning about the beach being a dangerous place at night when on holidays in Miami

but i didnt really care about it
being around 6 feet and able to handle myself if something woud happen

my friends were sleeping and i wanted to smoke a cigarette walkign on the beach near the hotel

i was sat on the beach relaxing
i never ear the footsteps

all i felt was 2 big hands on my head turning around wondering what was it

”shhhhh boy …open ”

looking at the fat tall black guy cock going in my mouth without loosing time

”mphhhh mpggg argg”

trying to remove him but he kept me between his hands fucking my mouth

”stop boy that mouth is mine now”

his huge cock sliding like it want in my mouth making me feel small and powerless a cock in my mouth

pumping between my lipse encouraging me to just suck on his big cock

keeping me down and mouth open for him

a flash made me see him snaping picture of me mouth around his cock enable to stop him , taking pictures of me with his bbc wet and deep in my pink mouth

making me stay on my knees in the sand , sucking on a older stranger guy big black cock
trying to suck him good and finish this quick

he was gentle and made me suck him with the sound of the wave and the slurpy cock between my lipse
starting to tell me i look like i am loving it

looking up at him repeating i loved his black meat in my mouth

telling me i was out alone for this ,

”dont be shy we are alone you can tell me boy”

”tell me you love my cock”

and i said it licking him turning myself into a cock sucker

feeling the bbc twitch and unload my mouth covered in cum as i tried to swallow all of it

on my knees mouth tasting cum
cleaning him up , feeling good about it, feeling proud i made him cum

he got his short back up not saying a word
quiet footstep beind me i didnt ear
until another pair of big hands were holding my head and helping me turn around

another tall black dude shoving his cock in my mouth
”hi there, suck some more, suck mine too”

both laughting watching me eagerly suck up the new bbc i was offered

moaning as he help me take him deep

both telling me iam a good black cock sucker

”where you find him, he his good ”

”i was just out when i saw him alone waiting for it”

realising they know each other

”this one really loves cock ”

”yes he didnt resist alot, he wanted to taste some cock ”

they kept talking about me out at night alone to suck cocks
how i sgould be back here evry night and relax sucking both big black cock

they repeated and repeated how they would come back to get suck untill im gone

it made me go crazy

and i made the new guy cum drinking it without missing any
they both sat on the beach smoking a cigarette from my pack

pulled on their lap and rubbed on by 4 hands
gropping me all other calling me a nice cute cocksucker

gently massaged and rubb, lay down on the laps of 2 strangers , until i reach for the cock back in the swimsuit
and suck on it wanting it to be hard again

mouth bobbling up and down happy to feel him get back hard

my pants down a finger teasing my ass up , feling wet and about to open sound of him spitting right over my cherry

adding more saliva. feeling it winning over as he spit more and more

until it open, moaning of joy a finger in me going in and out wetting me open mouth sucking on a cock

they were so gentle making me open and stretch , i lost myself feeling this was way better than anything ive felt before, ass up on them laps fingered and sucking 2 cool guy with hot bbc

on the beach , turning into a submissive secret white boy for these 2 hot guy

powerfull bbc having fun with me
making me happy to please and feel horny for cock in my ass

looking at the star as they drag me legs up head on the side fuck slowly into relaxing my ass
the big head teasing me open more and more legs spread for it

the cold feeling off the sand on my back and 2 cock sliding in my holes in rythm

making me feel like a doll
kept weak and relaxed for them cocks plunging in both my holes making me into a wet pair of fuck holes, on the beach fuck into a slut by them

belly full of cum and fuck into loving it

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