Nicks adventure


Nicks adventure”Hi Mrs. Adams. Mom said you have a present for Kevin and me for thewedding. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.””Yes, dear. I’m afraid it’s still upstairs. I didn’t expect you justnow.””I’m sorry. Am I disturbing you and the Doctor.?””Of course not, darling. It’s Wednesday. Doctor’s day on the golfcourse, you know. Come on, let’s go upstairs,” I motion her ahead of me.I follow her up the stairs to my bedroom. I muse, “Her ass certainly iscute in those little bike shorts and top. I wonder if they come offeasily. They seem painted on her body.”When we arrive at the bedroom, “Mrs. Adams, you’ve redecorated! It’s sobeautiful. Look how big your bed is” she said excitedly. “Wow, mirrors onthe ceiling! I’m trying to get Kevin to get some for our bedroom. I thinkthey’re so sexy.””They certainly are. There’s nothing like looking up and seeingsomeone’s head or ass between your legs.””Mrs. Adams, you are something else. Mom would never talk like that. Shemakes sex seem like a dirty chore,” she stammered and blushed deeply.”I love sex, Nicole. All kinds of sex.””I do, too. But I can’t get Kevin to do oral sex. I’ve pleaded andpleaded, but he only wants to do it straight. I need a little variety.””He doesn’t know what he’s missing.” I winked at her. “Loving a womanwith your mouth– what can I say? Once fethiye escort you tasted a woman’s juice…Well,it’s incredible to be the giver as well as the recipient.” She looks alittle surprised at my statement but says nothing. She knows that I’ve beenwith a woman, I thought. I see the rise and fall of her glorious breastsbeneath her top.”Nicole, are you getting excited talking like this? Your nipples areerect.””Well, yes, Mrs. Adams, a little,” she stammers nervously. “A lot, Iguess.”My eyes travel down to her crotch. Her little pussy is wetly strainingagainst the fabric of her shorts. Without thinking, I reach out and cup hermound. She utters a small gasp.”Your shorts are wet, darling. We’d better get you out of these beforethey get too wet. Kevin may think you’ve had a little accident.””No, please, Mrs. Adams. I’m fine.””Nonsense. I insist, Nicole. Let me help you. We’ll just let them dryout a little.” I put my hands on either side of her waist and pull hershorts down. “Nicole, you’re not wearing panties!” I gushed as I touchedher flesh.”I rarely wear them with outfits like this. Kevin and I ride bikes. Ilike the way the little narrow seat feels between my legs, so I wear lessclothing to get the full effects.””You may as well take the top off, too. There’s sweat pooling down yourneck,” I said and escort fethiye prayed at the same time. She pulls the top over her headrevealing glorious braless breasts with the fully erect nipples. I catch mybreath at the sight of her full, lush nudity. With those nipples in mymouth and my hand in her pink, hairless pussy, I would be in heaven. Myfriend’s daughter has certainly grown up and I certainly would love to haveher pussy in my mouth.She sees me ogling her nudity and asks, “May I see myself naked in yourmirrors?”Of course. Make yourself at home.”Nicole climbs onto the bed, gets on her back and looks at the ceiling. Iwatch closely as she spreads her legs just a bit and reveals her pinkslit. A tremor runs through my pussy. I haven’t made love to a woman sincemy college roommate, but my desire is ever present. My eyes devour her asshe messages her breasts, pulling the globes together then letting themgo. Her hand travels slowly downward until it comes to rest atop herglistening pussy. She rubs herself slowly.”God, I look hot in these mirrors. I feel hot, too. My pussy is onfire!”Fully clothed, I walk to my bed. I kick off my shoes and climb on.”Nicole do you want me to help you?” “Would you Mrs. Adams? I can tellyou’ve done this before. Can you make me cum. I need it! Please help mecum.”I slowly spread fethiye escort bayan her legs as my eyes fasten on her pussy. Such a lovely,sweet pussy, I think as I bring my head toward it. “Tell me you want me tolove your pussy, Nicole.””Please Mrs. Adams, lick it, suck my pussy now, fuck me, please, now,pleasssse! Show me how good it can be”Slowly, I approach Nicole’s sweet pussy with my tongue. I slowly beginto lick her little slit as she squirms her hips. Her engorged clit beckonsmy lips and I proceed to suck it with a passion. She arches her pussy up tome as she comes the first time of many. I push my tongue into her as far asit will go, pull out some, then push in again. I fuck Nicole that way withmy tongue a long time until she screams and spasms on it. More of Nicole’snectar gushes forth. Greedily, I lap it up with my tongue. I take herentire pussy in my mouth and suck it as she cums again and again.Nicole watches in the mirrors as her mother’s best friend’s freshlycoiffed head bobs between her legs. Her daytime pearls brush her pussy witheach thrust of her tongue. It was the most erotic thing she had ever seenand felt.”This is what I’ve been missing,” she said aloud. I look up from betweenNicole’s legs to see the satisfied look on her face, the look that I putthere.It has been thirty years since I have had the pleasure of eating goodpussy. Nicole certainly seems willing to let me make up for it, I think asI continue to slowly lick her sweet slit. Her hips and ass are rotating asshe awaits the next plunge of my tongue into her pussy.

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