New beginings How it started 2


New beginings How it started 2It started off with a simple pact for a gloryhole blowjob between boy and girlfriend but it had gone wrong with interesting results. Part 2It had been three days since my glory hole initiation, and I had managed to avoid rushing back, like a bitch on heat, for more, but here I was stoood in the queue waiting for a booth, in the local clothing store, and I had some tacky strapless dress and blouse over my arm as I waited in line . I really didn’t have control of myself and I hadn’t slept properly those last nights. “Next for No2″ said the assistant, and I watched those in front step forward, all in a dream with a lump in my throat and damp panties.”Just perfect timing then” said the voice loudly, as she linked my arm and whisked me past the others into the second booth, closing the door behind us before I could protest. My beautiful African queen turned and grinned at me looking slightly disheveled and just a little out of breath. “Now then madam” she said “to what do we owe the pleasure of your company again?”This was it I was in trouble and she had caught up with me. “I didn’t mean to do it” I blurted out “I was here with my boyfriend. Honest” and “it didn’t mean anything”, “I felt that I had to” A pregnant pause hung between us as she assessed the situation, then as she looked me up and down it was obvious that she had also assessed me. “My beautiful young thing” she said in her soft rich voice,”I know what you were here for, I just wondered what you had thought of my mans cock?” and she smiled at me as I blushed crimson at her comment. “After all who do you think it was that had the pleasure of your boyfriend?” I hadn’t even contemplated that.It was difficult to tell but she was middle aged and dressed in a body hugging cotton/lycra cream dress and what a body. Slim, and all gentle curves with pert firm breasts. She stood a little taller than me at around 5’9″ or so and her ebony skin looked so soft and inviting. She had accentuated it with a bright ruby lipstick and her dark eyes glinted with mischeif. She held my gaze, mesmerised, as she moved closer to me and took hold of both my hands, holding them together in between us. she kissed me lightly on the cheek, a delicate friendly introduction and whispered “my name is Tsuli, and you my dear are very welcome” I almost swooned becuause of the aproach, the smell of her perfume, and her close proximity were overwhelming. A beauty by any ones standards.”Jean” I said, using my best practiced French accent to fethiye escort emphasise the name which my parents had given me, and not the hard ‘Jean’ from many levi’s adverts which all of the people who wished to tease me had used. “My pleasure Jean” she purred as she stepped back and began to straighten and arrange the cushions in the room. “You have given me a dilema though young lady, one which I am hoping to correct today. My man was mightily impressed with the way you blew his mind” she said with a cheeky grin “and as I am sure you must understand, I am going to have to learn your technique, so that he doesn’t guess that it was not I who so expertly blew him! There would also be the knowledge that I was otherwise involved at the time! I don’t see the need to tell him but whatever are we to do”?Tsuli was finished moving the furnishings around and now sat at the end of one of two sofa’s which stood either side of the room and she gently patted on the seat oppostie her, motioning for me to sit. I moved like an automaton trapped in her enthrall and I sat myself opposite her, our knees nearly touching. Tsuli took my hands and looked deep into my eyes, I felt like she was reading my mind and could feel the knot of expectation in my stomach, I had managed to stay cool on the outside, so far, but inside I was a mess of emotion. “Do you think you could teach me your technique?” she whispered, “could you show me what to do?” Whatever could she mean? How could I go about such a thing?I just sat and watched, as if in slow motion, Tsuli reached across and turned the shell decoration on the wall and once again the beautiful pink head of her mans cock appeared in between us. I dumbly nodded in my dreamlike trance and slid forward to kneel on the cushions that Tsuli had so obviously laid out and I had been so blissfully ignorant of. I had been set up and I noticed her smile as she raised his cock to my lips and once again for the second time in a week I took this strangers cock into my mouth and started to lick around the glans. The feel of the cock throbbing in my mouth and the heat of it brought me to my senses a little and I concentrated on what was happening around me, my pussy moistening as I swallowed down this delicious cock and the feeling through my tongue, made me think of the reaction of it’s owner, as he pushed to get more in my mouth. But that is the one thing with Glory hole blowjobs though, the control is taken away fron the cock and is put in the hands/mouth of the one giving the escort fethiye head, all part of the heightened pleasure for both, i imagined his torment next door.Once again I lost myself on the cock and slavishly sucked and teased the head, when a warmth came to my side and Tsuli leant up against me as she knelt next to me and nuzzled my ear. Her warm breath teased my senses as she whispered “Oh you are a naughty girl” and she pushed her nose gently behind my ear causing a shiver to run down my spine. I was kneling up on the cushions and Tsuli was half behind me straddling one leg, spooned against me, her arms now enfolded me, with her left hand around my waist and her right hand on my tummy. My panties were drenched and I couldn’t concentrate, I released the grip of my lips on the cock and gasped for air. “Come on my precious one” urged Tsuli “you are doing so well”, and she squeezed me tight. I returned to the cock with renewed vigour and her right hand slipped up to cup my right breast, massaging then squeezing the now rock hard nipple. “My god your breasts are fantastic” she said in her breathless whisper and a wave flushed over me, my tummy contracting in ecstasy. I sucked down hard on the cock and tasted his pre-cum on my tongue.Tsuli was now mashing both my breasts into my ribs and my whole body was reeling with the sensations. Rushing now, she slid her hands down to pull at the bottom of my short skirt. I had worn a figure hugging short skirt over black tights and she was pulling it up around my waist to give her access to my tights, and my now soaking panties. The cock in my mouth got all of my attention as driven by lust I choked and gagged, trying to get more in my mouth. Tsuli slipped her right hand down the front of my tights and like her whore I openned my legs as best I could to give her access to my aching pussy. Her middle finger slid easily inside me up to the second knuckle and I shuddered like the first time any little girl finds her own best friend. “Be cool Jean” said the voice of molasses in my ear, “you’ve needed this so badly haven’t you”?Tsuli was nuzzling and kising my neck and face and I realised that I needed to breathe. I took my mouth off the cock and gasped in a long draught of air, I turned my head to see my queen and Tsuli’s lips met mine, Large, soft, but insistant, our tongues entwined as we kissed our first kiss, the first time I had ever kissed another woman.”Jesus girl you are hot” she said and I grinned at her as I realised the craziness of the fethiye escort bayan situation. a first kiss with a woman, whilst sucking her mans cock, and riding on her finger, madness. Although I had kept rubbing it, the twitching cock still needed my attention. Having grown in confidence I realised that actually I was the one in control now. I slid my lips over the cock again and with my new found comfort, I relaxed and the head passed down into my throat, for another first. I kept swallowing it down and pushed my face to the wall to take in as much as I could, only pulling off when I had to breathe. Tsuli continued with her massaging of my left breast and then her buried finger worked it’s way up to find my clit, it only took one touch and my orgasm came hammering into me causing me to spasm and rock. Tsuli held me tight as two and then three waves rolled over me as she rolled her finger around my clit. Tears filled my eyes as I came out the other side.Now the cock on my mouth becaume urgent, and for the second time in a week I felt it swell in size before tasting his come. He shot into my mouth again but having learned from the first time I quickly swallowed down his first shot, after that I savoured the taste of the rest. His cock fell from my mouth with a slight pop and Tsuli turned my head touching her lips to mine again. We kissed then and shared his come, come which he had thought for her, but she had twice now shared with me, a complete stranger.We kissed for a short while whilst the cock drooped, and was withdrawn through the wall, to be wiped no doubt, and then Tsuli helped me up to sit on the sofa. “Thank you so much” she said “I can see why Kelvin raved about your mouth”. “I think it should be me who is thanking you” I said “after all of that! So many firsts”. “Honestly”? asked Tsuli “then maybe you should come for tea someday soon, there are so many more tings we can try?” she said, and got up to head for the door. “My card is there in your bag” she said “come and see me next weekend, around two on Saturday? We can discus how your boyfriend got to have such an interesting tattoo on his cock”, and with that she opened the door and left.I gathered myself and washed my hands and face, Took my cum soaked panties off and put them in the bin, no doubt a talking point for the claeners, and left the booth. As I sat on the bus home, re-running the most fantastical afternoon of my life, up to that point, I started thinking of what might happen next Saturday with my stunningly beautiful Queen, and the parting thought she had left me with? “We can discuss the Tattoo on your boyfriends cock”? Eric doesn’t have a tatoo anywhere, let alone on his cock. so who’s cock did she suck and who sucked Erics?Part3 Saturday.

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