My wife’ black ecperience


My wife’ black ecperience
Helen and I have been together for 14 years now. She has just turned 45 and is 11 years younger than me. I have been trying to persuade her to take lovers and particularly black a few years after we started going out. She got fucked by an ex about 10 years ago and eventually had a 2 week fling with a black man 4 years ago. I will tell what happened from my point of view and then from what she told me in another post.

She very readily took to the fantasy of her having sex with other men when we made love and said she intended to do it but never made any attempt. I signed her on to a sex dating site and she chatted with a few men if I signed her on but wouldn’t meet any and eventually we stopped that.

By the time the affair happened we were watching interracial videos and imagining her with a black man every time we made love. This was an achievement as she said she didn’t like black men when we first met. However I had almost given up hope that it would happen.

She manages the marketing department at work for a US company. They were implementing a new system and were sending over a CRM consultant to do some training particular to marketing before ‘go live’. My wife mentioned he was black and when I enquired it turned out he was black, in his twenties and good looking. I immediately introduced the fantasy of him fucking her when we made love and this went on for 3 or 4 weeks before he arrived.

When he arrived on Monday morning Helen admitted she thought he was attractive. As she was his host she had to go for dinner with him. We made love the night before fantasising about him fucking her and she was really turned on. Nothing happened but she said they flirted a bit and as he was on his own over the weekend she said she would show him around London a bit, particularly the West bank and Rose theatre as she was involved when they opened it.

Friday night was very exciting for me. I persuaded her to let me shave her in case anything happened. She said that it was a fantasy but that nothing would happen. When she left home at 2pm I told her she didn’t have to come home if she pulled but to let me know.

I got a phone call at 7pm. She told me that she was staying for dinner with him but would be back later. She said he was nice bit nothing was going to happen (it turned out later that he had already fucked her). At 9.30pm I got a text ‘Staying here tonight. Will tell you all about it tomorrow. It’s true what they say! XX’

She turned up about 8pm on Sunday. They had spent nearly all day in bed together.

She says she had no intention of sleeping with him but she had told him I was visiting my Mother right at the start and that could only have been to explain why she didn’t have to get home.

After that he went up to another office in leeds for the week. They arranged to meet in a pub near his hotel when he got back. She agreed to let me sit in the pub and watch them meet. I sat in a corner and watched as she sat at a table near the bar. His train was a bit late but he eventually arrived and she jumped up and they kissed and hugged. She went to the bar and he stood next to her with his hand on her ass. It was a real turn on to see this black man openly groping my partner. The sat at the table chatting. I could see in Helen’s face that she was trying to look relaxed but was turned on. After a few minutes they got up and left. Our eyes met as they walked out.

She spent the night with him and came home Saturday basically to change and eat and head out again. She came back Sunday evening then after that:

· Came home late Monday having gone back to his hotel after work
· Spent Tuesday night with him
· Gave him a blow job in her office Wednesday before he went out with colleagues
· Had sex in the office with him Thursday morning and in his hotel room Thursday night
· Spent Friday night with him
· He left Saturday.

They have kept in touch by email. He was explicit about what he wanted to do to her next time but it has never happened and they do not email often now. He was supposed to be going to Germany this year and she was going over to meet him but it didn’t happen.

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