My newest fetish

My newest fetish
I’ve always enjoyed keeping fit. But I don’t go to the gym any more. I have everything in my house. Nothing too fancy, just loads of weights, a multi-machine and recently a treadmill. So I work 50 hours a week in the nearest town and drive home at neck-breaking speeds to work out all alone.

But my most recent fetish has put a real touch of spice to my work outs. I have quite a few sex toys: men cannot be relied upon for either for sex or anything else. I even secretly wear some remote controlled, wireless ones at work. Well, what else is a young, successful, lonely girl supposed to spend her money on?

I even buy ridiculous outfits and wear them around the house: princess costumes (adult ones with loads of cleavage, high heels and short dresses), 8inch-platforms, horse-tail but plugs and dance around the house doing weights, slut-schoolgirl uniforms…. My best friend recons I am a nymphomaniac. I deny it by saying “how? I’m single!”

My latest craze gets me moist merely thinking about it – and it has convinced me my friends evaluation of me is quite accurate.
I’ve moved my bed so I can get a work-out bent in my room and face the floor-to-ceiling mirror. I then get dressed in my favourite fishnet stockings, suspenders, nipple-clamps and 8” platforms. I put on my brightest, reddest lipstick and get my two favourite toys out.
A 4”-wide, 8”-long dildo and my newest addition: Mr Wiggly.
Mr Wiggly is a fairly slender, not-too-rigid anal dildo at an incredible 15” length.

The next bit requires a lot of trial and error and preparation but it is well worth it:
I position Mr. Wiggly close to the edge of the bench and warm myself up. The tip slides into my bum quite easily. I gradually work more and more of him into me and shudder as I feel it wiggling and worming its way all round my curved, lower intestine. This is pleasant but then I place in front of it the 4”-wide pussy dildo. My legs are shuddering from the balancing act and it aint too easy what with ridiculous high-heels on but with a brief pause I try again and it begins to vanish inside my pussy. Just the tip at first and then a couple of inches and now my hands are free.

I open myself and wiggle slightly and sink lower. The thick dildo is driving my clit and G-spot crazy while Mr. Wiggly has already reached unimaginable depths. And there is still several inches left!

I admire myself a bit in the mirror, slap my clit and pinch my nipples as I groan and start to blush red. With plenty of lube and a gentle gyration of the hips I arch my back and the 8” dildo is only half visible now. The last few minutes have been just one, long, gentle orgasm and now comes my treat: I reach round and grab what I have balanced on the bench: two, 5-kgs dumbbells. I’ve also been called a gym rat.

I steady myself and pull them up to my chest and I sink down some more. And that is where I start working on my deltoids. I watch myself in the mirror and soon after about 3 or 4 reps the thick dildo is no longer visible! I give a gentle wiggle and I feel Mr. Wiggly churning about inside me. I’m glowing now. Bright red from the constant orgasm and the perspiration on my face I look magnificent!

My pussy lips are stretched painfully open and I lean back a bit. My clit is sticking out, bright red and I can feel it throbbing. I so wanna rub it but instead I do a few more reps with the weights. This is amazing. My arms begin to ache so I stretch them and give myself a breather. Time to work my legs. I steady myself: these high heels are treacherous on my marble bedroom floor.

Once secure I gently lift. Hold and sink back down. The sucking cups on the dildos holding fast I double-phuque myself till my legs begin to ache then sit back down. My arms have had a rest so I start bicep curls. These are easier than vertical deltoid raises. The dildo is no longer moving in and out. Instead it just rubs against my cervix. I clench my pussy lips and feel it press against my G-spot. All the while Mr. Wiggly is so incredibly deep in my colon I can’t even think that far. It feels amazing!.

I have to stop my bicep curls and my breasts are heaving from the my laboured breathing. Every breath is a muffled groan of strange delight and I can hear my own heart pounding inside my head.

I wish I was closer to the mirror now so I can kiss myself but I daren’t move. Instead I keep still resting my arms, legs and pussy. But that won’t do either. I have not worked my triceps yet. I lift the weights once more and try a few but these are harder still and can only manage 3 reps.

I lift them again vertically above me and take a few careful breaths and then bounce myslef again with the weights over my head. It feels amazing I’m cumming again and as I flush the brutal dildo in my pussy with my own juices I give once final, tiny, jolt-bounce and arch my back.

I yelp in surprise and pain as the whole dildo makes a grim squelch and vanishes inside me. Including the suction cup! I gasp and shudder and realise that Mr. Wiggly still had a couple of inches to give, too. All this time I was not properly sitting on the bench but I am now. Believe me!

I can’t take much more of this. I practically drop the weights. They make a horrible crash on my marble floor but I don’t care. My one hand starts slapping my clit and the other is pulling my nipples. I don’t even know my name right now – it is so delirious.

When I’m done torturing myself I lift myself gently and the feeling again is amazing. There is a loud squelch from my pussy and a grim churning sound coming from deep within my bowels as Mr. Wiggly starts taking the long read out of my colon. I have to practically stand before my pussy is empty and a gush of my fluids follows all down my legs and the bench.

I admire myself in the mirror again. I recon 8 or 9 inches are still right up my arse. But this is really nice now. My pussy is empty and I can play with my clit a bit. Gently rubbing the hood, much gentler the slender anal dildo still rubbing me the right way. It’s a fight to get the dildo unstuck from the bench but with that gone I can now admire in the mirror the anal dildo still working me nicely.

When I eventually totally dismount my legs and arms are shaking from the work out. I flop onto the bed and relax, feeling my pussy and anus still convulsing. When I’ve cooled down I just crawl into bed pull the duvet over me and cuddle a big pillow. I laugh to myself: “8 inches….. INSERTIBLE length. I managed the whole 9 inches!”

Last thoughts before I fall blissfully asleep: Move bench closer to the mirror so I can kiss my reflection and have nice thick carpets fitted so I can drop the weights and my heels wont slip. Yeah, definitely…. Next time….”

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