My first Lesbian Experience

Double Penetration

My first Lesbian ExperienceIt was a cold night home with my ex best friend. We got in bed and she was topless and there rubbing her nipples and playing with her pussy while she alone me to watch. It was kind of weird but I was getting tuned on by it. Watching lesbian movies as always been a pleasure for me even before starting to have sex. So while she was there messing with herself she then touches my hand and it sent shiver down my spine and at that point I knew that I wanted to try this. She started kissing me then it turn out into tongue and she having her tongue deep in my mouth. She started playing with fethiye escort my breast and gentle rubbing her hands on my skin, she then stop and ask if I wanted to go on with what she was going. I told her yes and that’s where the fun began. She lay me on the bed slowly took off my night wear then my bra. Having both breast in her hands cupping them, licking it, sucking and taking tiny bites on my nipple. I was wet with every stroke she made on my breast. She then uses her warm tongue and lick every inch of my body. I made small moaning sound so she knew I was enjoying her tongue all over me. When she escort fethiye was close to my vagina she starts to lick my inner thighs and the more I moan the closer to go to my pussy. I was wet and she could smell my scent and see the cum running down toward my leg. She played with me for an hour before she went down on me I was on cloud nine. With every stroke she made on my clitoris I softly moaning out fuck me please I need you to fuck me. She did I say and slowly push one finger in my pussy and said this is the tightest and the sweetest pussy I ever had in my life. That got me turned on more so I started fethiye escort bayan to wine in her face and she told me she loves it so I continued to wine. I was on my six orgasms and lick up every juice I release and she made me taste my pussy juice every time I cum on her face I loved how it tasted. She then started to push her tongue in my hole I was screaming with pleasure and joy. I beg her to make me cum again and she did. I was pleased with everything she did to me that night. I asked if she wanted me to return the favour she said no but I did manage to taste her pussy that same night. She never wanted me to stop so I sat on the chair and had her on the edge of the bed. Lick her slowly and soft. She told me what to do and I did as I was told. I was her slave for that night we did both please ourselves and then went to bed.

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