My Evil Twin


My Evil TwinIt had been a long day when my assistant came I my office. “I have a couple that want to look at a few listings, and she looks just like you, it is really weird.” Lynn said with a smile. The couple walked in and she did look a lot like me. Even her husband made the comment “Wow! you two look like sisters.” I could not believe how much we did look alike. I took the couple out and showed them several homes and the whole time me and this woman, Lisa, hit it off. I really was having fun with her and we really clicked. By the end of the day she and I had made a lunch date. A few days later we met for lunch and really hit it off again. Then we started talking on the phone, texting, and emails. She really seemed o be like a sister. But there was more, I was attracted to her sexually, yes, I have never been attracted to a woman before but this one I was. I wanted to bury my face in her snatch and feel her cum. I even had dreams about her. I have a husband and a family, I am not gay. I have fucked many guys. We met canlı bahis many more times for lunch and then we decided to go out to dinner together. Both of our husbands were going o be out of town so we set that for our night out. We had a great dinner together talking and drinking, just the two of us. Then we decided to hit a new club just across the street from the place we had dinner. It was great, all the guys were hitting on us and buying us drinks. They all thought we were sisters. We were flirting our asses off. We even danced together and then we kissed. My pussy got so wet and tingled like never before. There were four guys at our table when this happened. They had made some kind of “truth or dare” thing. Lisa said she felt all hot and horny when we kissed. So we decided to go with these guys to their hotel room just across the street. We were thinking about each other and not about these guys. We arrived at the room and had a few more drinks. The guys were so excited and trying to kiss us. Lisa and I started bahis siteleri making out and feeling each other up. The guys laid back and started to watch. Within a minute we were both naked. We had our fingers up each others cooch and were kissing like made, I was so horny that I was afraid I would explode. I had never fingered another woman before, nor had I had anothers woman fingers in my cunt. We moved from the couch to the bed and into the sixty nine position. I was right there with my face in Lisa’s cunt. Her smell was to die for as I went straight for her clit and licked like mad. She was doing the same to me. As I was trying to get Lisa to orgasim, a cock made it way into her cunt and started to pump. I had forgotten all about the guys. Then I felt a cock slid into me. I loved having a cock inside me as Lisa ate me out. About then the cock came pumping Lisa’s cunt full of spunk. I licked like crazy and Lisa went over the top with a massive screaming oragism. Jizz and cunt juice was all over my face. Then the cock güvenilir bahis buried in me exploded a massive load deep inside pushing me into my own orgasim. I came so hard I think I blacked out for a minute. As when I regained my composer, I was on my with another guys cock pounding away inside my cunt. Same for Lisa. We fucked and fucked, more with each other. The guys were just getting their rocks off inside us. By the time we left we had each fucked all four guys several times, and a couple of room service service guys also. We took a taxi to my house where we spent the rest of the night playing with each other and sleeping. Next morning was spent trying to remember the names of the guys we had fucked that night. We could only remember what great sex the two of us had with each other. After that night Lisa and I were truly like sisters. We spent a lot of time together. Even with our families. She and I had plenty more sex with each other. A couple of times we had some guys we picked up from some where just to add some cock to the mix. Lisa is truly like an evil twin, I get around her and I do things that I would not have ever done. There is something about that woman, I just want o be inside her cunt every chance I get!

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