My best ever day


My best ever dayOkay. I’m not a stpry writer but I think my experience was hot enough that it may keep your interest.I was 19 and I was on a training course for my new job. I had knew 2 weeks in advance where I was going so had started looking for mistresses in the area online. I didnt contact any but saved the numbers of my favourites in my phone.I arrived late the first night, slept, went to the course then went home and got ready. I had a few glasses of wine then dialed the first number. Part of the fun for me was not bakırköy escort knowing which one it was.After a ten minute chat about what I was looking for I was on my way there. I can honestly say ‘ve never felt so much adrenaline running through me for so long ever before in my life.I had to cal from a specific phone box to say I was there. I was told where to go. I walked slowly half scared but more than excited. The next thing I knew I was there. I didnt even hesitate. I chapped beşiktaş escort the door. The woman who answered wasn’t dressed as I expected. I had hoped for dominant business like. She was dress in black pvc. Lots of skin and no strap-on. Fuck i thought.I was takien to a sitting room and told to sit down. It felt extrememly weird. I was made to feel at ease in literaly minutes. She was so nice and we discussed what I wanted in more detail. She actually appologised for dressing wrong.After beylikdüzü escort the chat I was led to a bedroom. I was told that it was mine to get ready in but once I was ready we would go to her room. She opened various cupboards and drawers that were absolutely packed with every imaginable kind of lingerie, costumes, stockings, shoes, wigs, every type of panties imaginable, toys and everything.She spoke quickly and left closing the door. All she said was “I should tell you I love the cute little girl look” and “You should bring some extra panties to my room with you, the bags on the bed, Put the toys in you want to bring too”***If you want the rest of the story let me know. Its my first ever story and completely true but i’m not going to waist time finishing if no one cares. If you want the rest I will happily oblige***

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