Mom’s night out


Mom’s night out
This happened 3 years ago, and I have not told this to anyone.

Mom and dad had gotten divorced a few months ago. We had moved to a small, two bedroom apartment, just the two of us. For the first few weeks, mom had been pretty down, often crying, while I would hold her to comfort her. Mom to me, was hot. She had a fairly pretty face and blonde hair, which she kept short. For 44 years of age, she had a great body. Her tits were fairly large though they were sagging a bit with age. Her ass was the main thing you’d notice about her if you saw her on the street, plump and juicy. Like any other horny pubescent teen, I had the hots for her.

A couple of months after the divorce, a few of mom’s girlfriends had convinced her to come out with them for drinks at a club in town. Probably they thought that since she seemed to be down all the time, going out would cheer her up.

That night, I was watching TV in the living room when mom came out of her bedroom. Damn, she looked good. The black dress was tight about her curvy, mature body and was low cut, showing a lot of her cleavage, and I don’t think she was wearing a bra. I guess the last time mom had worn it she was a bit slimmer, but it made her look undoubtedly hot. As she turned around to pick up her phone, my cock stiffened in my jeans as I noticed how the dress hugged her plump, juicy ass.

Even though I was happy for her, that she was finally moving out after the divorce, I was totally turned on by how hot she looked, and felt a little jealous of the guys that would be getting a look at her. As she left, telling me to order a pizza if I was hungry, and not to stay up to late (even though tomorrow was the weekend), I nodded at her, just wanting her out of the house, so that I could take care of my boner, while hoping she didn’t notice the chubby I was sporting!

A few hours later, I was about to fall asleep, when I heard the front door open, and the sound of mom’s sweet laughter. Thinking I would kiss her good night and ask her how her night had gone before going to sleep, I made my way to the living room, when I stopped dead in my tracks. In the dim light, I could see that mom was not alone. Mom was with a man. A very large black man, and mom was giggling as she embraced him on our couch, before kissing his black lips with her sweet, warm mouth.

I watched, wide-eyed, my little pecker hard as a rock, as mom and the black man she had brought home had made out on the couch, his black mouth on my mom’s pink lips, sucking on her soft, pink tongue, tasting the sweetness of mom’s mouth, while his dirty hands squeezed mom’s large, soft tits and squeezed and played with her plump, juicy white bubble butt… the black man had then coaxed mom on her knees, as he unzipped his pants, revealing his thick, dark cock. As he coaxed his huge black rod into mom’s soft, warm mouth, I had rubbed the bulge in my PJs, listening to the stranger’s groans and mom’s soft slurping noises as she serviced his dirty black cock with her sweet white mouth , her soft pink lips stretched wide by its sheer girth.

I tried not to moan from my own pleasure as I stroked my bulge, as I watched the strange black man grab mom roughly by her thick hair, as he began brutally fucking her soft, warm mouth, using her for his own pleasure. Just as he moaned and started shooting his thick, slimy spunk into my mom’s mouth, and hearing my sweet mom gag on his thick rod while obediently swallowing his dirty black spunk, my own pecker erupted and started shooting into my PJs, turning them into a sticky, gooey mess. It was the hardest I had ever cum, and I wished I could have been filling up mom’s mouth with my cum, even as I watched some of black man’s disgusting, dirty seed escaped from the corners of mom’s mouth, coating her sweet, pink lips, and I wondered if a kiss from mom would ever be the same again.

I had fled, back to my room before they noticed me, even as the two had retreated into mom’s bedroom, his black hands all over mom’s soft, curvy white body, feeling her every inch. They had shut the door, but from my room, I could hear mom’s sweet moans, whimpers and cries of pleasure, and I had laid in my bed, stroking myself over and over again, listening to my sweet, busty mom get defiled by a black man on her bed.

I had woken up that night with a start, unsure of what time it was. From the dim light I guess it was just the hour before dawn. I realized it had been the sound of a door slamming shut that had woken me up. Carefully, I made my way to mom’s bedroom. Apart from mom sleeping peacefully on her bed, her room was empty. I guess the black man mom had brought home had taken off. I stood there for a few moments, unsure of what to do. The room smelt of sex and sweat. A part of me wanted to desperately crawl into bed with mom, the same bed where I had often held her while she had cried after the divorce, taking her well-fucked body in my arms and rubbing my cock against her soft body. In the end I chickened out, backing out in the hall. Just as I was leaving, I noticed a pair of mom’s panties near the door. I quickly grabbed them as I made my escape. In my own room I examined them. Red, lacy, very, very sexy. I brought them to my nose, inhaling deeply mom’s sweet scent. I looked around my room, wondering where I could hide them.

There was no way I was going to return this pair.

The next morning, we both had woken up late. Mom didn’t mention anything about last night, and I also knew better to bring it up. Mom just looked tired and sleepy, no doubt from the alcohol, and her eyes dropped from drowsiness as she fixed me breakfast.

I guess after the fucking she got last night, it was understandable why mom was moving so slowly and gingerly, her soft white body was probably still sore from last night. I noticed that the sash of her robe was loose; giving me an eyeful of her soft, white tits that were spilling out of her flimsy nightie. She was either too tired, or did not care enough to close her robe, unmindful of the perfect view I was getting of her sweet, luscious creamy breasts.

I had a brief flash of the black man’s dirty lips sucking on mom’s sweet titties, slurping and slobbering on her soft, milky white flesh and suckling on her delicious, strawberry pink nipples, much like I used to do years ago, and despite having lost count of the number of times I had cum last night, listening to my sweet, busty mom getting fucked all night by a black man, my cock throbbed and started getting hard in my PJs yet again, which were still crusty from last night…

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