Make It Real~A Fantasy

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Make It Real~A Fantasy
Some years ago I decided to try telephone chat lines, but much to my dismay I found them to be largely a waste of time, energy and money. Very frustrating. Prostitutes, gay men and head-game players infested the lines, and I was just about ready to give up on them when “Angel” messaged me.

“I like your voice,” she began in an extremely sweet manner, “can we play?” I decided to listen to her profile, and though I was a little disappointed that she did not want to actually meet anyone in person, I was intrigued by what she had to say about herself. She liked rough sex; “Anything goes.”

Having little actual time left on my account, I gave her my phone number. I informed her of such and that I was not going to renew my account. If she cared to call me, I suggested she block her number if she didn’t already have a private listing by pressing #67 before dialing my number. This effectively blocks numbers from showing up on Caller I.D.

Not really expecting her to call, I was somewhat surprised when my phone rang…and delighted to see “Private Number” on my screen.

“Hello?” I answered with a bit of uncertainty.

“Hi, this is Angel,” she responded in her sweet voice.

“Hello, Angel…So what’s on your mind?” I began. “I listened to your profile, and you’re a naughty little slut, aren’t you?”

She giggled and said, “Yes.”

“Anything goes?” I reminded her.

“Yes,” she replied as she giggled.

I was a bit skeptical at first, to be honest. I’ve had women play head games in the chat rooms before…hang up right when the conversation was getting hot. Prick teasers, we called them in high school. Probably worked for the chat line just to burn up men’s time so that they’d spend more money renewing their membership. Either that, or they were actually u******e girls. On most chat lines, women don’t have to pay, so anyone calling in on the women’s side can talk for free. Hell, even gay men call in on the women’s side to try to hook up with a man.

But I pressed on, asking her what she was wearing and whether her pussy was wet.

“I’m wearing a T-shirt and panties,” she replied, and continued with, “yes, my pussy is wet.”

“And are you playing with your pussy now?” I inquired.

“Yes, my fingers are in my pussy now.”

“BITCH!” I growled, “Did I give you permission to finger that pussy?” I exclaimed in a stern voice.

I heard a slight gasp on the other end, her sweet voice chimed,”No, Sir.”

“That’s MY pussy, you fucking whore!” I continued. “You’ll finger that pussy when I say you can finger that pussy, understand, cunt?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Well, she didn’t hang up, so I knew then it was game on!

“Now then,” I continued, “are you my cock-sucking little fuck toy?”

“Yes,” she answered.

“Yes WHAT?” I demanded.

“Yes, Sir.”

She was a quick learner.

“Now I’d like you to listen very carefully,” I instructed. “Take your right hand and lay it on your pubic mound with your fingers bent over My pussy.”

“Yes, Sir”

“With the palm of your hand, apply slight pressure on your mound and move it slowly in a cirular motion. Do this seven times, counting so I can hear it.”

“Yes, Sir. One…two…three…four…five…six…seven.”

“Now spank that pussy…not too hard, but as hard as you can stand, seven times and count. And when you’re through, say ‘Sir yes Sir’…Do it now.”

“1…2…3…4…5…6…7. Sir, yes Sir.”

“That’s My hand teasing that pussy! Suck my cock! Suck My cock while I tease that fuck-hole!”

Soft moans and whimpers.

“Now, repeat the rubbing and when you’re through, say ‘Sir yes Sir.’ No need to count aloud.”

“Sir, yes Sir.”

“Now spank it 7 times. Let me know when you’ve done it.”

“Sir, yes Sir.”

I had her repeat this process several times, reminding her that she’s sucking My dick while I play with that pussy, then told her to remove her panties.

“Sir, yes Sir.”

“I’m sure you have a dildo, hmm?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Take that dildo and rub it up and down against the lips of that sweet little fuck hole…Don’t you dare put it in! Hear me?”

“Yes, Sir”

I heard her begin to whimper. “That’s My cock you feel against that fuck-hole!” Whimpering turned to light moaning. “you sucked My cock really good, and now I’m gonna fuck you!”

By this time my own cock was as hard as a rock. “Now push that cock into that fuck hole, just and inch, no more!”

“Sir, yes Sir.”

“Move it around a bit, in a circular motion. Do it!”

“Sir, yes Sir”

“Does that feel good?

“Yes Sir.”

“Now take it out!”

Whimpers “Yes Sir.”

“You’re ready for a good fuck, aren’t you WHORE?”

“Yes, Sir”

“But I’m not ready to fuck you yet!”

Whimpers and moans.

“Put that dick back in that pussy. Only and inch, do it now!”

“Yes, Sir”

“Move it around!”

“Yes, Sir”

“Take it out!” And I had her repeat this process for a few times before I finally told her to shove it all the way in.

Gasps and moans of pleasure filled my receiver.

“Now fuck that pussy, bitch!” I barked. “Fuck that cunt, you nasty whore! I’m gonna fuck you like you need to be fucked, you slut!”

Louder moans of pleasure mixed with whimpers and gasps.

“I wanna hear it,” I demanded. “Put your phone down between you legs so I can hear My wet pussy getting fucked! Do it for ten strokes. Do it now!”

Through her whimpering moans I heard her reluctantly say, “Yes, Sir.”

What I heard on the other end of the line was pure music to my ears. That young pussy was sopping wet as she worked that plastic dick in and out!

That first session lasted until my low-battery warning beeped, then I had to say goodnight. “My phone’s about to cut off: You may continue fucking My pussy until you’re through. Call me tomorrow for a follow-up. Sweet dreams, My cunt.”


As instructed, she called me the next night and we discussed the session. She loved everything about it and wanted to call me again soon.


We had several more sessions on the phone during the course of three or four months, with each one getting more involved and heated than the prior.

During one follow-up call she surprised me by saying, “I’ve given it some thought and decided…well…I changed my mind.”

“Oh?” I was just a little concerned that perhaps our play time had run its course, and that this might be the end.

“Sir,” she said in her sweet voice, “I want to meet you.”

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