I Warmed Up Paperboy’s Cold Extremities


I Warmed Up Paperboy’s Cold ExtremitiesI opened the door. The paper boy was walking down the path. He come up to the door and handed me the paper. Bless him, he was shivering and his fingers were blue. It was a freezing cold winter’s day. I took him inside so he could get warm and I sat him down on the sofa. He was freezing. I rubbed his hands one at a time. He got embarrassed. I rubbed his hands one at a time between my hands.“Your hands are like ice.”“It’s all right. I’m used to it.”I carried on rubbing his hands to get ‘em warm.He tried to pull his hands away, said he was ok.“Don’t be daft. I’m looking after you.”I was doing it coz I really did care. Didn’t want him to catch his death or nothing. He’d been delivering my paper for the last six months and to be honest, I was also getting a bit of a kick doing this. The thing is, I secretly fancied him. He was well fit. Drop dead gorgeous he was. Yeah, so I carried on rubbing his hands, loving the physical contact.Then I thought: if his hands are cold then his feet must be cold as well. He was only wearing a pair of trainers.“I bet your feet are the same.” And before he could say anything I took his trainers off. Again he tried to stop me but I wasn’t letting him.“And look at your socks. They’re not thick enough.”He gave me a funny look.“You sound like my Mum.”“Yeah, well you need looking after, don’t you?”“I’m 18.”“Yeah, well you still need looking after.”I was the same age as him but he looked younger than me and I felt dead protective, just the way I am.I pulled his socks off and I rubbed his feet one at a time between my hands. He kept laughing and he was blushing big time.“You shouldn’t be ticklish your age.”“I can’t help it.”He was falling about laughing.“What you like you?”His nose was red as well and his ears and as I knelt there on the floor rubbing his feet I couldn’t help thinking of one particular part of his body. I didn’t mean to say it out loud. It just came out.“How’s your dick?”Oh shit. He looked shocked.I let go of his feet and I got up and sat next to him on the sofa.“Sorry. I…er…oh fuck.”“How’s my dick?”“Forget I said it. I just say things and I don’t mean to say ‘em. I think I’ve got Tourettes or something.”“How’s my fucking dick?”“Do you want a nice hot cuppa tea? Or coffee?”He smiled.“My dick’s all right thanks.”“Right. I’ll…I’ll go and make that cup of tea then, shall I?”“But my balls don’t half get tight gaziantep escort bayan in this cold weather.”We looked at each other then we both burst out laughing.He was well up for talking now.“Yeah, my balls get well tight in the cold weather. I have to keep putting my hand down my boxers, give my ballbag a tug so my balls come away from my body.” “Are they tight now?”“Why don’t you find out for yourself?”Oh fuck. Now I was blushing.I wanted to put my hand down his jeans and have a feel but I couldn’t force myself to do it. It was like I came over all shy. This was weird coz I’m not usually shy like this.He realised I wasn’t gonna put my hand down his jeans.“I’ll show you.”He stood up and he dropped his jeans and boxers.I took a good look at his balls.“Yeah, they do need pulling out a bit, don’t they?”There was nothing shrivelled up about his dick though. He was cut and he had a nice big bulbous head.I couldn’t believe my luck. The paperboy in my flat with his jeans and boxers round his ankles, showing me his cock and balls.Right, I told myself: stop being stupid and shy and I grabbed his ballbag with my finger and thumb and I pulled on it a couple of times, loosened it up, till his balls were hanging loose. His dick wiggled up and down as I tugged on his ballbag. His dick, it got longer and fatter. His fingers and toes may have been cold but the head of his cock looked far from cold.But I said it anyway. I wasn’t shy no more, mot that I’d now had a good tug on his ballbag.“Does that need warming up as well?”“What?”“Your dick.”“Why? Does it look cold?”“Dunno.”And then I noticed it was growing. It was getting fatter and now it was pulsing up and getting hard.“It looks like it’s getting warmer now, mate.”So was my cock in my jeans.The paperboy just stood there and his cock got stiff. He just stood there and let it throb up into a full hard-on. Then he took his top off. He took his trainers off and stepped out of his jeans. Pulled his socks off.The paperboy was naked in my flat, standing there with his hot cock sticking up, jutting out from his hard slender body.He said, “I’m all hot now.”“Yeah. I can see.”I had to get naked with the paperboy. I took all my clothes off. Couldn’t believe my luck – naked with the paperboy in my flat, our cocks on bone. For the last six months he’d been delivering my newspaper and yeah, I had thought he was proper fit but no way would I ever had expected him to be naked with me in my flat. We’d never even had a conversation before. Only ever said, “Hi,” to each other.We both sat down on the sofa. I put my hand on his thigh, slowly stroked his thigh up and down.I told him what I thought about him.“I think you’re dead sexy, mate.”“You’re not so bad yourself.”Our hot dicks were sticking up, throbbing along our flat bellies.“I bet loads of your customers think you’re dead sexy.”“None of ‘em have ever invited me in like this and got me naked.”“You know that bloke who lives across the road – well, I’ve seen him peeping from behind the curtains when you’ve been walking down his path to deliver his newspaper. I bet he wanks his dick looking at you.”“Have you had a wank looking at me walking down your path?”Oh fuck. Yeah, I had. But I couldn’t tell him that. He’d think I was a pervert.“No.”“Why not? You just said I was dead sexy.”“Yeah, you are.”“I know you’ve had a wank looking at me walking down your path.”“Why do you say that?”“I just know. Coz you fancy me like fuck.”Why the fuck was I blushing?The paperboy started stroking his stiff cock.I started stroking mine.We just sat there naked next to each other on the sofa stroking our cocks.The paperboy had a nice big cute smile on his gorgeous face.“I love wanking, me.”I smiled.“Yeah. And me.”Then the paperboy, he looked at me and he said, “Do you wanna wank me off?”Oh fuck. Yeah, I did.“If I play with yours will you play with mine?”“Go on then.”Me and the paperboy, we played with each other’s dicks as we sat there naked on the sofa. His cock was well hot in my hand. We stroked each other’s cocks. He said he likes it when his customers play with his dick.“What? You said none of your customers had invited you in.”“I lied. There’s a few blokes and lads on this estate who’ve took me in to play with their dicks.”I thought I was the only one. I felt…it’s weird, but I felt jealous. He noticed the look on my face.“Are you upset?”“What?”“Coz I’ve done this before?”“Don’t be stupid. Why the fuck would I be upset?”I wanted to know what else he’d got up to with other lads on the estate.“So have they done anything else other than wank you off?”“No. They’ve wanked me off and I’ve wanked them off but it’s never gone any further than that.”We’d both made big sticky messes on our bellies with our pre-cumming dicks. This lad was really good at playing with dick. He was making my dick feel well horny. We were both pre-cumming big time, getting each other’s hands all wet and sticky.He was squirming as my hand went up and down on his hot tender cock.“This is one of the perks of being a sexy cute-as-fuck paperboy, innit?” I said. “You get your customers to play with your cock.”He was moving his hips, and his dick was going in and out of my fist.I had to say it. I may not have been the first lad to do this with him but I could be the first to do more.“Would you…would you like me to do more than just wank you off?”“Dunno. Depends on what you have in mind.”I told him to stand up. He stood up, his big hot wet dick bobbing and swinging. I stood up. We stood face to face, our hot dicks touching. Sweet naked paperboy with his slender smooth body. I grabbed his arse. Nice tight little arse, nice tight bum-cheeks.“You ever…you ever had cock inside you?”“Yeah. My Mum’s boyfriend – I call him Uncle Pete – he fucked me on my 18th birthday.”This paperboy wasn’t as innocent as I thought.“Did you like it?”“Yeah. It was awesome.”“Is that the only time?”“No, but none of my customers have ever shagged me. Maybe they think I’m too sweet and innocent and maybe they’re afraid of asking me.”I’m glad I asked. I spit on my finger and I slipped my wet finger up his arse while I kissed him on those sweet lips. I kissed the paperboy and finger-fucked him.I took him to the bedroom and I lay on my bed face up. The paperboy got on top of me. He was straddling me. He lowered his tight smooth arse on to my cock. I held my cock and he lowered himself down on it. Slowly he pushed down till all my cock was inside him. Just the sight – the gorgeous fit slender naked paperboy sitting on my cock was almost enough to make me jizz my spunk.He leaned forward and kissed me. I fucked him as we kissed. I stretched his tight hole with my big cock. I shagged him and he bounced up and down on my big dick and we kissed and my hands went up and down his smooth slender body. His skin was soft and smooth and his arse squeezed round my dick and we fucked hard and we kissed.The sweet gorgeous innocent-looking paperboy, he came into my flat shivering, freezing cold and now the horny little bastard was drenched in sweat.This story is taken from my kindle book BRIT BOYS Vol 2 (BONUS EDITION), available on Amazon, which contains a link to download a free audio of one of the stories, narrated by myself, your horny teenager.© Robbie Webb 2013http://www.amazon.co.uk/Brit-Boys-Bonus-Edition-ebook/dp/B00BISCC04

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