I like to share my wife.


I like to share my wife.*****REPOST*****REPOST*****REPOST*****I like to share my wife.This all started in 1974.Just out of the Army and newly married. My wife Gale and I would share our fantasies while making love. Being 10 years older than Gale she would pretty much let me go on and on about my fantasies. As time went by she would direct the conversation in certain ways. We seemed to all ways end up talking about Ken , my buddy. Now Ken was a big biker type dude with a real bad ass chopper. He also had the persona of a biker but around me he was just Ken from high school. Gale really got hot when I would talk about Ken joining us in a threesome. She would want me to get very explicit about what we would do. Never having seen his cock I would never the less describe watching his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Her mouth stretched to the max and sucking his cum from his big balls. This would usually get her first orgasm of the night. Round two would be with an 8 inch Jeff Stryker dildo. She would get on top of me and suck my cock , I would stick the dildo in her pussy and suck her clit. This always really set her off. Me and the bed would be completely soaked. One summer day while we were making out and getting all hot and bothered Ken called , his bike was down and the others guys had taken off for the weekend. He wanted some company, no bikers, no girlfriend and he didn’t want to drink alone. So while driving over to Ken’s house I told Gale I was going to tell Ken that we used him in our fantasies while having sex. Of course she said no way it was just “your fantasy” don’t say anything.We helped Ken work on his bike for awhile had a few beers and finally settled down to watch some TV. As I said Gale was quite young and not used to drinking when she popped open her 4th beer and said “ hey I thought you were going to tell Ken our secret” .As I looked at her trying to figure out if I should tell Ken or not, well Ken for sure wanted to know what we were talking about. She may have been slightly drunk but more than that she was sexually aroused and I mean very hot. Not much left to do , so I told Ken about our sexual fantasies and that he played a major role. Of course he wanted to know all about it. I told him that when he called we were naked and I was eating her pussy, when I answered the phone she got up and was sucking my cock the whole time we were talking on the phone. I told him that I was going to say no, because I was horny and sex was fethiye escort better than sitting around drinking beer but it was Gale who said yeah I want to go see Ken. I had a hard on as I got up to get another beer, there was almost two six packs in the fridge but I said “ Hey we are almost out of beer, I’ll walk over to the 7-11 one block over and get some more. Ken said he would go with me but I told him to stay with Gale and maybe she would tell him one of the other fantasies she has in which he plays a major role in. As I left I noticed that Ken sat down next to Gale.So off to 7-11. I take my time, not really sure if anything is going to happen but what the hell I’ll give it a chance. When I returned it was pretty quiet. I went down the hallway and could tell that they were in there. The door was closed and as I reached for the knob I thought it’s only been about 10 -15 minutes. If they are doing something they may stop if I barge in too soon. I’ll have a beer then go in the room.After sitting for a while and thinking about heading for the bedroom, here comes Ken. He looked flushed but also embarrassed to look at me. He grabbed a beer and sat down. Gale finally came out still doing the buttons on her blouse. I noticed she did not have her bra on. She looked at me as I got up, hugged her and told her she looked so beautiful. I kissed her as passionately as I could. The tension seemed to dissipate and we all just started to relax. I told them that I almost walked in when I returned from the 7-11. They said at that point they had not done anything, but went into the bedroom when they saw me coming back. They laid down on the bed and decided to kiss when they heard me coming down the hall way. They kept kissing while waiting for me to enter. Then things just progressed when the door did not open. Ken did not have a girlfriend at this time and was horny as hell. While kissing Gale he started groping her breast and asking about what she liked best about sex. They were both to far gone now and not thinking about me anymore. They both said they figured when I walk in, they would have to stop. Gale said she reached out and grabbed Ken’s cock , felt how big it was and knew she had to at least see it. When the door did not open she went down and started sucking his cock. Ken said while trying not to cum, he was taking her clothes off. I have not described Gale, she may not be a drop dead gorgeous blonde model. But she is a natural blonde, blue eyed and escort fethiye weighed about 120 pounds. Beautiful creamy skin and young, about 10 years younger than Ken or me. She is HOT.After awhile, listening to Gale and Ken and asking questions. I don’t think they expected anything else to happen. When Gale first came out of the bedroom I noticed she did not have her bra on and I had been playing with her breast all this time. I told Ken, I hope you left some hickeys on her tits. When we get home and take her blouse off I’m going to cum just seeing the hickeys. Gale said she did not think there was any hickeys., so I unbuttoned her blouse, not much resistance . Nope not one mark on her breast. I told them I was disappointed that I did not get to watch them fucking and now no hickeys on her breast either. Ken, of course volunteered to leave a mark on her tits. As he settled in next to Gale I asked her how she felt with his cum in her pussy. Oh no! another disappointment, he used a rubber( come on this is 1974). As Ken is sucking on her right breast I’m sucking on her left breast. I was enjoying watching Gale as Ken sucked on her breast, when he stopped I asked if he was ready for round two but she answered for him, grabbed his cock and said let’s go into the bedroom.Fantasies are awesome but watching the real thing was 10 times better. Gale seemed to take command as she laid down on the bed and opened up her legs and told Ken to eat her pussy. As Ken started licking her pussy I stayed glued to one spot. About the only thing I could do is breath and that almost had me cumming.Making eye contact with Gale she reached out for me to move closer to her. She grabbed my cock and started a very slow hand job, more like a very sensual massage. Ken kept looking up at us and licking her pussy. I had to pull away from Gale’s hand or cum. Gale started talking nice and nasty. Ken finally stopped, moved up and asked us both if he could fuck Gale. Gale said it’s up to Louie. I said only if I can put your cock into her pussy. A little awkwardly, I grabbed his cock( first time ever) rubbed it over her pussy then held it still as he pushed it into her. Amazing, simply amazing looking at her pussy being stuffed with his cock. Ken worked his big cock all the way in and stopped moving , said he would cum if he moved. I said I’m a heart beat ahead of you , as I moved to Gales head she opened her mouth as I started cumming. One of the biggest loads of cum I ever have fethiye escort bayan had and Gale drank it all down. As I sat down next to the bed, Gale told Ken don’t worry about me if you cum right now I’ll cum too. It took about 4 quick pumps into her pussy and he started cumming. Gale was in her own little world and kept pumping her pussy up into Ken’s cock. Ken grunted with every spurt of cum 6,7, 8 spurts of cum. Completely filling her pussy. She was not done and would not let him roll over off of her, she wanted his weight on her. She wanted to feel his cock when he started to get hard again. All this time we had been talking and I had a nice hard on again. I told her I wanted to slide my cock into her pussy filled with Ken’s cum. Her pussy was wide open for me. I have, and we did measure our cocks later on that night, a 6 inch cock and as much as I tried to cheat Ken his cock measured 8 ¼ inches. For some reason we did not measure how big around but mine is like a plump hot dog and Kens like a huge cucumber. Even so it did not take long for me to add my load of cum into an already filled pussy. After cleaning up we sat around and talked about what we had done. Of course Ken was super happy with the outcome. Gale was a little sore and a little tired but said she felt fantastic. I told them I was game to do it again sometime. As we got up to leave Gale went over to Ken and while kissing him grabbed his cock and told him next time she was going to suck his cock dry. Ken ever so macho said I have enough for another round. As Gale turned to look at me I was already dropping my pants.We headed back to the bedroom. As I ate her pussy she sucked Ken until he let loose with another load of cum. I ate her pussy until she could not take any more. Ken was half hard watching us, so Gale sat on his lap stuffing his cock in to her pussy and then told me to eat her pussy. So with his big cock sliding in and out of her pussy I liked her clit, I also grabbed his balls and massaged them until he had one last shot of cum.Yeah we finally left but this was the first of a three year long relationship. There were many other firsts for the three of us. After a couple of months it was understood that Ken could come over or Gale would go over to Ken’s house anytime they wanted. Gale never once said “no” to me. About three months into this relationship Gale was in the bathroom, and Ken reached over grabbed my cock and said give me a taste. Gale walked in as we were sucking each others cock. After that we all sucked each other. Gale could handle anal with me and she tried it a few times with Ken but did not enjoy that as he was very big. There were many great times in the three years we were together.

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