Humiliation play for desperate slave girl


Humiliation play for desperate slave girl
lt has been few hours since l fell asleep after our crazy fucking party last night, l was hungover and sound asleep from exhaustion and sleeping pill l took. Until l felt hot and hard cock being forced in my mouth.

~Jesus, not now, l am so sleepy and tired~ l thought to myself, but did not get a chance to say a word of protest as hot stream of piss started to flow down my throat. l was not ready for it and l started to resist which made him shove his cock even deeper and making me choke. l coughed and piss flew out of my mouth and down on my pillows. 

~Fuck no, not my pillows!!~ l screamed in my mind and tried to swallow down as much piss as l could, but it was impossible, all l could do was cough and try and push it out from my mouth, feeling helpless and angry for being awaken in such rude way. He saw my struggle and pulled his cock out of my mouth and continued to piss on my face and hair letting it all drip on my bed. 

”No, please, not on my bed!” l begged and he slapped my face, hard.

”Shut up, bitch! You failed to swallow my piss so you will get it one way or another. You are my toilet, right?” he said in his deep Dominant voice. Tears started to stream down my face from all the coughing, anger and humiliation. He slapped my face again, even harder this time.

”l asked you a question, filthy cunt” he said and l could hear anger in his voice. That made me wake up quicker than anything else, l did not want to upset him knowing what he is capable of when being in punishing mood.

”Yes” l quickly said between my cries while his piss streamed down my face.

”Yes what?” he said in calm voice, but l could sense that l pissed him with not answering properly.

”Yes, l am your toilet whenever you need to go, son” l quickly corrected myself in hopes that it will be enough for him to go easy on me. 

”Open your mouth wide, but do not swallow it, next time l will make you beg for pissing on your stupid face and your bed if you do not answer properly. Am l clear?” he asked.

”Yes, son” l said knowing what he is doing – pushing me further in my humiliation, pushing pass things l cared about. Making me fight urge to tell him to go fuck himself and use my smart mouth on him. l opened my mouth and let his hot piss flow all over my face and hair, fill my mouth, feeling more desperate to swallow it by every second, he knew how much l loved drinking his piss, feeling privileged to be his toilet so he simply denied it because l was complaining about my bed and pillows. l finally got lost in the moment, trying to push aside everything in my mind that tried to interrupt – my anger, humiliation, worries, hungover and being tired from lack of sleep. l closed my eyes and let him do what he wanted to do, l knew that it is beyond me to stop him anyway, there was no point of fighting him, it will just make it worse, make this all seem like a walk in a park if he really wanted to punish me. 

”Clean up my cock, whore” he said after he was done pissing. l started to suck his cock, swallowing every drop of piss that l could, worshiping his cock, enjoying taste and feel of his fat cock in my mouth, losing myself in something l loved doing more than anything. Feeling him getting harder in my mouth, slight hope that l will be rewarded with his cum crossed my mind and made me suck him even harder. Suddenly he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

”That’s enough, mom! How wet being treated like this is making you?” l got startled by his voice and whimpered knowing that he will push me even further. l hated to talk, l hated to say all these humiliating things, admitting out loud what he already knew.

”Please, son, no…” l whispered and he slapped my face twice. 

”Tell me or l will punish you, last warning” he said and l knew that he is not paying around. l felt so scared and helpless, not knowing what to say, not sure what will please him and what will make him more angry, what will be enough. l took few calming breaths to stop myself from shaking.

”This is making me so wet, my cunt is dripping, l feel so desperate. l want you to play with me, fuck me, use me, abuse me, humiliate me more, use me as you wish, make me cum! l love when you treat me like this. Please, son…” l begged, shaking from humiliation, hoping that it will be enough, that it will turn him on as much as saying it turned me on despite me hating to admit all these things. l looked at him and waited, panting from embarrassment, piss still dripping from my hair, imagining what he sees in front of him. Few seconds felt like hours while l waited for him to say something, do something. Wondering if he will play with me, punish me or even worse – go back to sleep leaving me desperate like this.

”Take your piss soaked pillow, turn around and get on all fours, face on pillow, ass in the air. l want to see how desperate you are, bitch” he said and l obliged, excited that our playtime is not ending, but terrified of what he will come up with. l got in position, pressed my face in wet pillow and lifted my ass in the air. lt felt so silly so l wiggled my ass playfully and was rewarded by hard slap on my cunt which made me scream out in that piss pillow.

”Stand still, cunt, l just want to enjoy the view, see how wet l made you, take my time to decide what to do to you next. l can smell your cunt from here!” he said and l moaned in my pillow from all the humiliation. He sat there for a while, getting into position where he sit up, could easily reach my holes and stretched out his legs so they were right next to my face buried in pillow. l had no idea what he is doing, l just waited and got more and more aroused. l lost track of time again and then l felt his hand tracing my tights, lightly touching me, circling his hand around everywhere except place l wanted it more – in my cunt which felt like it is on fire. lt was driving me mad and he knew it, l felt so exposed, humiliated and treated like like a plaything – just a toy for his games. l loved that feeling mentally, but physically my cunt was screaming that it needs more. He traced his fingers lightly over my wet cunt and l moaned in pleasure, it ended too quick and l whimpered. 

”What do you want, filthy slut? ls there something you would like me to do? l thought you are tired and do not want to play, that you hated me pissing on your bed, but from what l see – you are quite enjoying that piss soaked pillow now…” he teased me knowing damn well how far he has pushed me. 

”Can you please touch my cunt properly? Can you fist me? Please, l want to feel something inside me now! l will do anything, son…” l said lifting my head from pillow. l did not care about begging anymore, my cunt won over my pride.

”Anything? For a fist up your cunt?” he asked and if l would not have been so tired and horny at the same time, l might have considered my answer, but back then – l did not care.

”Yes, anything you want. Please…” l begged more. 

”Poor, desperate slut” he chuckled. ”You will get it if you kiss, lick and worship my feet” he said knowing that it is something that l have not done, that feet is something l reacted strongly to in past, that l was ashamed just from the idea of being at someone’s feet and worshiping them.

”Oh my God, no, son, l can’t! You know l can’t!!” l protested loudly and started to shake and breathe heavily.

”You said anything and that is what l want. Should l care what you want, bitch?” he asked, breaking my brains even more. ”lt is worshiping my feet or we are going back to sleep now and l am not sure when l will be in mood for playing again.” he said pushing me into doing it, knowing that l am desperate enough to actually try and do it. He started to play with my clit so l would not think too much. lt felt so good, l started to moan in pleasure.

”So what will it be? l am getting bored here” he said clearly enjoying my distress and inner battle – to go somewhere l never been before or chicken out.

”Fuck! Fuck it, l will do it!” l said through gritted teeth, feeling too horny to stop now, feeling degraded, pushed, forced – it all made me lose my limits.

”Then do it quickly, cunt, next time l will make you beg for it!” he said in his arrogance, making me feel like l want to choke him right then.

~Will they stink? Will they taste horrible? What if l can’t do it?~ those thoughts went over my mind while l turned my head, facing his feet. My heart was pounding, l was panting loudly, my body shaking. Being just few inches away from his feet. 

”Did l tell you to breathe on them!?” he said out loud and startled me, his voice making me to push my head and pressing my lips on his foot. 

”Good whore, keep going!” he said, letting me know how pleased he was. l was rewarded by 2 fingers in my cunt, encouraging me to keep going. l started to kiss them, it was not so bad physically, but actually doing it to someone, being at his feet, it felt so demeaning, like l have given myself up completely.

”Lick them and you will get more, worthless whore” he pushed me even further. That was last push l needed – l started to lick them, enjoying his fingers working his magic, losing myself in the moment. Worshiping his feet – kissing, licking, sucking his toes, moaning when l felt his fist sliding in in my greedy cunt. Sucking on his toes deeper in my mouth, worshiping his feet like l worshiped his cock earlier. His fist was going in and out from my cunt easily, l could not last any longer. He pushed his foot even deeper in my mouth while shoving his fist deep inside my cunt and l could not hold back anymore, it was all too much and orgasm so hard that l saw stars hit me. My cunt seemed to pulsate around his fist for ages.

”Get over here!” he said. l knew that tone and l quickly turned around to get his cock in my mouth and be rewarded with a huge load of cum, smiling to myself, knowing that l have pleased him so much. We both looked at each other and smiled, satisfied and exhausted, no words being able to describe what we both felt.

”Back to sleep, no shower, use piss pillow and l might fuck you when we wake up” he said and l obliged without even worrying how filthy it is to sleep like that.

~He marked his territory~ thought came to my mind before dozing off and l was one hundred percent satisfied with that.

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