Hardintown Glory Hole – The New Teacher


Hardintown Glory Hole – The New TeacherSandy was the newest teacher at the Hardintown school district. She had only finished college the year before. Now she lived here in Hardintown where she was totally on her own which was ok with her.She loved her job and everyone was real nice. She only had one problem and that was the lack of sex. Sandy has been very adventurous while she had been at college. She had both male and female partners and had also enjoyed group sex on several occasions.Being the new teacher in the conservative town added the pressure that she needed to be discrete in her sexual activities. It was extremely frustrating to her! Then today things began to change.She was headed into the supply closet and as she opened the door there was the football coach with his pants down to his ankles jerking off as he pressed his eye to a peephole. Sandy’s reaction was to quickly close the door and walk away but as she did she started to think about the cock she had just seen. Sandy turned around and decided maybe she would give the coach a hand. When she opened the door this time the room was empty.Sandy went to the wall and found the peep hole and found herself looking in the boy’s shower. She noticed several young boys in the shower and the hole provided a great place to watch. Sandy smiled as it dawned on her that the coach must be gay.She took another look but then returned to her classroom and started grading some papers. She heard her door shut and looked to see Coach Ochs looking at her.”Ahhh Sandy? Can we talk?” He asked”I assume it would be about what you were doing in the supply closet.” Sandy asked as she watched the older man fidget”I want to beg you to not say anything! It would be my job!” He said in a pleading tone”You’re gay?” She asked”Oh please don’t say anything! I will close the hole and I will not do it anymore!” He said”Tom, I will not say anything but please do not close that hole. I had a nice look and there are some nice cocks in there!” She said as she smiled at the relief on the man’s face”Oh thank you so much! I was so worried that my secret would come out!” He said”It must be hard for you to not have sex here in Hardintown.” She said”No I have sex here on a regular basis. The sex shop in town has a really discrete entrance and the owner lets me come in and I meet other men there. Have you ever heard of a glory hole?” He askedSandy shook her head no.”Well you go into a booth where they show porn and then there are these holes to the next booth and well, some guys like to be sucked or even fucked while they are there. No one knows who the other person is. It can be really exciting!” He said”Wow so the store is really just a place for gays to meet for sex?” She asked”Oh no! Actually there are more straights but they have their own section.” He said”Really!” She said as she started think that she had found a solution to her sexual needs”If you want you can check it out. Just park at the grocery store and then go up the alley and knock on the door. The owner is Jeff and you can tell canlı bahis him I sent you.” He said as he started to leave the roomSandy smiled and looked at her watch. She would go have a light supper and then go see what the whole thing was about.It was just after seven when Sandy knocked on the door. A guy opened the door and looked at her.”Coach Ochs told me about the glory hole.” She said and the man smiled and waved her in with a smile”Welcome to my little shop. There is a booth open. Let me show you the way. You are welcome to stay as long as you want but you do need to feed the video player with money. However, for my first time ladies I put the first $10 in for you.” He said as he opened the doorSandy could hear others having sex. There was that noisy of a sloppy blowjob being given. Then there was the steady sound of fucking as a woman moaned with pleasure. Jeff shut the door and Sandy watched the video of a woman being used by two men.Sandy looked down to see a large cock sticking through the wall. She knelt on the dirty floor and stroked the cock. She heard the guy moan as she licked and then sucked the cock.Sandy loved feeling a cock in her mouth and she was suddenly aware that a man was trying to look at her from the hole in the other wall. She pumped the cock and could taste the pre-cum flooding her mouth. It made her hungry for cum. She could hear the other man moaning as he must be jerking off watching her suck.”I’ll take care of yours next! Save your cum for me!” She moaned but then pumped her first cock harderThere was sharp knock and then her mouth was being filled with sperm. Sandy sucked harder as she was given the load.”Fuck yes!” The male voice said on the other sideSandy let the cock slip from her mouth as she turned toward the other wall. The other cock was already sticking through.Sandy kissed and licked the head. It was a wonderful cock.”I’m a slut! You liked watching me suck but I want you to see the cum on my face! Look through the hole!” She said as the cock withdrewShe could see a man’s eyes looking at her as she licked her cum covered mouth.”Now I want you to cum in my mouth too!” She moaned and the cock reappearedSandy engulfed the dick and pumped like she was in race for her life. The cock slipped through her lips and rubbed the roof of her mouth and then she felt it jerk and the second load of spunk filled her hungry mouth!Sandy sat back and looked at the now empty hole. She started to rub her pussy and she already wished that another cock was ready for her. She listened and could hear a woman moan and then she heard a squeal.”That’s it you nasty boy! Lick my ass!” Said female voice clearly on the edge of cummingSandy saw a light flicker in the booth and now knew there was a person in there. She got close to the hole and looked in but could not see anything.”Do you need your cock sucked?” She asked with a giggleShe could hear movement and thne a large black cock pushed through the hole. Sandy looked at it and smiled! It had too long since she last went black!She kissed bahis siteleri the cock and ran her tongue up and down the shaft. Her lips opened and she worked hard to take as much black cock as she could.”Yeah that’s good baby! You suck that nigger cock like a good little whore!” Said the voice that owned the dick”Give me that cum! I want to taste your cum!” Sandy screamed”Let me fuck your mouth you fucking bitch!” He saidSandy sat there and held her head still as the cock sawed in and out if her mouth! It was so sexy and she rubbed her clit like crazy! She wanted so badly for his hands to hold her head and use her face. Then she felt the cock jerk and her mouth was filled with thick gooey seamen. Her pussy was on fire and she needed to fuck!”Damn that was fucking good!” Said the voice but then she heard the door open and then close as her black friend disappearedSandy was breathing hard and her mouth still dripped cum. She was pushing two fingers in her pussy but she needed a big cock and she needed it now. She looked over her shoulder to see another black cock come through the wall.Sandy quickly shifted to the new dick and opened her mouth and sucked it as deep as she could go. She was pumping the cock but then out if the corner of her eye she saw a white cock come through the other hole. She thrilled with the idea that two more guys wanted her after she had already sucked three guys off!She reached over and stroked the new cock while sucking the black monster. Then she heard a thumping sound and moaning as someone was fucking nearby! Her pussy was soaking wet and she needed to cum!”Do you like fucking white pussy?” She asked through the hole with the black dick”Yeah baby! Fuck my dick like a good slut!” He repliedSandy stood up and bent over. She positioned the big cock at her hungry pussy and pushed back. The feeling of being stretched by the big dick was wonderful. More and more cock pushed up her sweet young pussy!Sandy began to fuck the cock and as she did she reached out and stroked the other dick.Now she could hear the thumping sounds of fucking but this was better because she was the one getting fucked. She could hear both men moaning and breathing hard. She felt her body on the edge of an orgasm and it would not be long with the big black cock up her pussy.”Ooooooooih fuck yeah!” She screamed as her body jerked with pleasureHer pussy gripped the pleasure stick and the man groaned as the velvet vice of her cunt tried pull his dick off! There was a hard knock in the wall but Sandy that said the black man was about to cum but she did not care!”Cum in me you black fucker!” She moaned”Take my shit you fucking slut! Oh yeah take it!” Moaned the manSandy was still cumming when she felt the cock pull out. Then she felt the wonderful feeling of sperm dripping from her freshly fucked pussy. Then she heard the door slam closed and her black friend was gone.Sandy turned around and stroked the white cock as her pussy tingled with the after effects of getting fucked. Then she smiled as she reached in her güvenilir bahis purse and pulled out a small bottle of lube. She put some on her fingers and the groaned as she pushed them in her own asshole. She sucked on the white cock as prepared herself.”I need you cock up my ass! Do you want to fuck little asshole?!” She moaned as she turned and placed the head of the dick to her anal passageShe pushed against the cock and groaned as the head popped into her ass.”Holy Shit!” Yelled the owner of the cock that just entered her rear passageSandy was grunting as she pushed her ass onto the anonymous cock. About half way up her butt she stopped and let her body adjust. She then pulled away from the wall and sighed as she felt the cock leaving her. Then she pushed back harder and the cock slid in a little deeper. It took Sandy three more times before ass pushed against the wall. She was enjoying the feeling of her ass being filled when she felt the man pull back. She whimpered as he did but then sighed with pleasure as he started pumping her ass.Her body let go and she found herself touching her toes as she was being butt fucked. The orgasms came one after another as the man fucked her ever harder. Then there was the tap on the wall as her ass was filled with cum.She collapsed on the floor and looked up to see another black dick waiting for her. She realized that she was exhausted but she crawled to the cock and started sucking.”That’s it baby suck my nigger dick! My buddy said you liked black dick!” He moaned as Sandy used her mouth in himSandy stood up and turned around. She placed the cock against her pussy and pushed back. Her pussy was sloppy with her own juices as well as the previous load of sperm. Sandy pumped her pussy on the cock. She desperately wanted to cum on the big cock. She was out of her mind with lust as her ass slammed against the thin wall. She looked up and Jeff the owner was standing in front of her. She realized that the movie had stopped playing.”Oh god please let me finish!” she moanedJeff put a bill in the machine and then unzipped his pants. His hand went on her head and the young teacher could only moan as his cock pushed down her throat as she fucked the black cock.Sandy pressed her ass against the wall and the black dick fucked her with long deep strokes. She was having an intense orgasm when she tasted Jeff’s load flood her mouth. She gladly swallowed his cum. Then there was a loud knock on the wall. Sandy dropped her knees and was facing the black cock as it sprayed sperm on her face. She opened her mouth to catch as much as she could.Jeff looked down at the young woman who looked exhausted. He helped her up and took her to his office. Sandy slowly came back to reality and saw the handsome owner of the porn shop sitting with her.”Thank you I needed that!” She said”Well I did too! I mostly listen and watch but you really get into the orgy thing and that was awesome. Have you ever thought about doing some porn movies?” He asked with smileSuddenly Sandy started to think about a new career….The end for now(A word from the author: Young Sandy may return as a porn actress or perhaps the frustrated teacher. Let me know if you enjoyed with a thumbs up. As always I look forward to your messages and comments.)

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