Good Neighbors – Chapter 14

Good Neighbors – Chapter 14
Three weeks after their weekend at the lake house, Meg and Todd were to attend a wedding. It was Meg’s niece that was getting married. It would be a 12 hour drive or two hours by plane. Neither of them wanted to spend the money on airfare and neither wanted to sit in the car for 12 hours. Then Meg figured out that they could take the train. It would be about the same amount of time as driving, but they could relax, enjoy the scenery and maybe even figure out a way to fuck on the way there, which they would not be able to do driving. Todd was all for anything that might get him laid and also avoid that many hours driving, so Meg booked the train. The train would leave at 3 am and arrive at the wedding location around 3 pm. That would give them time to check into their hotel and still have plenty of time to be dressed and ready for the wedding. A red eye start to the train trip was not particularly appealing to either one, but they figured they could sleep a little at the start and relax.

Both wore comfortable, loose fitting clothes to make relaxing easier. They wore loose fitting shorts and t-shirts and sandals and only had the bare essentials in a pack to keep with them and the rest of their things were stored in the luggage compartment for the trip. There was plenty of leg room and the seats reclined, unlike the conditions on most coach flights and they were both happy they decided to take the train. There were only a few people – 10-12 at most – in their car. They did not pay extra for a sleeper so they reclined in their seats, lifted the arm rests between them so they could cuddle up a bit and when the lights dimmed, they closed their eyes to try and get some rest. The gentle rolling of the train on the tracks and rhythmic clickety-clack of the wheels on the rails quickly had them relaxed and about to doze off. The seating configuration on this particular car was designed to function as a place to take their meals as well, so two seats faced two seats, with a table that could be folded away or propped up at meal time. Sitting across the aisle from them was another couple, probably in their mid-thirties, and attempting to get comfortable and sleep themselves. At least one of them was trying to get some sleep. The woman was clearly feeling amorous and was trying to coax her male companion into a little foreplay or maybe more in the dark coach. Everyone had already presented their tickets, so it was clear that no one would be bothering the passengers for at least a couple of hours at the next stop.

Meg watched as the woman gently rubbed her man’s crotch and nibbled at his neck a little, attempting to get him aroused and interested in pleasing her. He kept moving her hand away from his cock and was starting to get annoyed with her and she finally gave up and pouted. But her attempts under the watchful eye got Meg aroused more than it did the woman’s friend and Meg was disappointed there would not be a show to go with the train ride. The woman noticed Meg watching her and smiled, shrugged as if to say, “What’s a woman to do?”

Meg curled her finger at the woman, suggesting she sit in the seat opposite Meg. Since the man had gone to sleep, the woman carefully arose and sat across from Meg and they whispered introductions. The woman’s name was Adrian, she was 34, her husband’s name was Rick and was 35. They were on their way to a funeral for a family friend and he was in no mood for travel and didn’t even want to attend the funeral, so he had been in a foul humor for the past two days and had taken it out rather rudely on his wife. Adrian was an attractive woman, blonde hair, about 5’7″ tall, medium build, and in Meg’s estimation, probably had a large B to small C cup tits. She was wearing a skirt that only reached mid-thigh and a form-fitting pullover top. The way her hard nipples poked through her shirt, Meg assumed she was not wearing a bra.

After Meg introduced herself and the purpose for their trip, Meg asked if Adrian might be interested in some female satisfaction. Only mildly surprised at the offer, Adrian confessed that she was bi and would actually love some satisfaction of any kind. She had never made it known to her hubby that she liked to play with the girls from time to time, so doing so now with him so near might be risky, but then she rationalized to herself and to Meg that the cranky prick deserved a surprise if he woke up to find her fucking with a woman across the aisle. They both laughed and Meg then suggested that Adrian get out of her panties and get ready to have her pussy licked. Adrian smiled broadly and said she wasn’t wearing anything under her top and skirt because she was hoping her husband would fuck her on the train before the sun came up.

Meg got on her knees in front of Adrian, who slid forward and lifted her skirt, while looking over at her sleeping husband. Adrian felt Meg’s warm tongue find it’s way up her thighs, first the left and then the right, before settling into her pussy for a long, slow licking that would alternate between licking each the lips to her opening and then over the clit. Meg did this for quite some time, pushing Adrian to the edge and then back down again, driving the woman crazy. Finally, Meg apparently decided that it was time to get the woman off and got serious about her work on her clit and began sucking and nibbling and licking her little bud until Adrian was nearly ready to explode. Meg moved her hands up to the woman’s tits at just the right moment and squeezed them, twisting her nipples in a fluid motion as she bore down with her tongue, driving it over the clit and into her pussy like a stiff cock. That did it. Adrian bucked and gasped and grabbed Meg’s head, pulling it into her crotch to maximize the pressure on her clit as wave after wave of her orgasm washed over her. Adrian’s thighs tightened against the sides of Meg’s head so much so that Meg could not hear anything if the woman did make a sound. Adrian went limp in the seat, breathing hard and smiled like she had just had the best fuck of her life.

“That was just what the doctor ordered!” Adrian said in a soft voice. “May I return the favor now?”

“Absolutely,” said Meg. Meg proceeded to slip off her loose fitting shorts while Adrian began feeling Meg’s very large, firm tits.

“Those are the largest, firmest tits I have ever had my hands on, Meg. They are amazing!”

“Thank you,” said Meg proudly. “He loves them, too.” she said, pointing at Todd.

Adrian wasted no time getting busy on Meg’s pussy, repeating exactly what Meg had done to her. Meg felt several times like she was about to bust and actually saw flashes of light as she neared climax only to retreat a bit as Adrian returned the teasing favor Meg had given her. Todd stirred and woke up to the sight of some woman with her face buried between Meg’s legs and smiled, but said nothing. He instantly had a boner and Meg knew he had awakened.

“Do me – and her – a favor and move over behind her and give her what you have, darling. I think she desperately needs a good dick in her.”

Todd never had to be told twice to fuck anything and moved to seat across from Meg and lifted the woman’s skirt to reveal a beautiful round ass in the dim coach light. Todd asked her to wiggle her ass if she was open to getting fucked and, without hesitation, her ass moved side to side in approval. Todd pulled down his shorts and maneuvered himself to find her pussy with his cock head and then stuffed it in between her wet, waiting pussy lips. He could hear her moan into Meg’s pussy as he shoved his full hardness deep into her waiting cunt. Adrian moved her hands back up to Meg’s large tits and played with them through her t-shirt until Meg lifted her shirt, unhooked her bra and gave full access to Adrian’s probing hands. Todd was slowly stroking in and out of the woman whose face he had not yet seen and rested his hands on her hips and began to set his pace for a good, long fuck.

Meg came hard as she watched Todd fuck the woman in the doggy position and Todd reached down and under the woman to get a feel of her firm tits briefly before resuming his steady fucking. Adrian continued to eat Meg’s pussy and moved her hands from Meg’s tits to her ass and eventually slid one finger into Meg’s asshole. Meg loved having her asshole finger-fucked and her nipples hardened again.

A few minutes into Adrian getting fucked and licking pussy, her husband awoke enough to realize his wife was not by his side anymore and looked around for her. It didn’t take long to find where she was and what she was doing and having done to her.

“What the fuck?!” he was smart enough and awake enough to know not to make a loud scene out of it, but he was not initially happy to see his wife taking cock and obviously enjoying a face full of pussy.

Adrian pulled away long enough to scold her husband. “Shut the fuck up, Rick. You had your chance and you blew it. Now sit still and either watch or look out the window or something, but leave me alone until I am finished.”

Rick was stunned by her domineering tone and just watched wide-eyed as his wife fucked another couple in front of him. He had never seen them before they boarded the train and he could not believe his wife would just start fucking total strangers. It actually turned him on to see a strange man banging his wife and he could just make out in the dim light that this stranger actually had a good sized cock on him. Rick began slowly stroking his cock through his pants and eventually pulled his cock out to get a better handful of his own meat and enjoy the scene and the stimulation to his own cock and balls.

Adrian made Meg cum again and then she pulled her finger out of Meg’s asshole and looked up at Meg as she slid that finger into her mouth and sucked on it. Adrian then laid her head in Meg’s lap and enjoyed the pussy banging she was getting from Todd. Adrian suddenly began to tighten up as she felt a climax coming over her and she buried her face in Meg’s lap again to muffle the immutable moans of pleasure as she came an the large, hard cock ramming her pussy. Rick continued to stroke his cock as he watched his wife enjoy the stranger’s cock and was near shooting his cum all over himself. Todd was ready to shoot his cum deep in this woman’s cunt and grabbed her hips more tightly and stroked more intensely inside her as his cum boiled up in his balls and headed for the exit of his shaft and into her waiting pussy. Just as Todd began pumping stream after gooey stream of cum into her pussy, Rick shot a thick, heavy wad of cum onto the floor in front of him. Both men were soon spent. Todd pulled out of Adrian’s love tunnel, wiped his cock off on her ass cheeks and collapsed back in the seat, not bothering to even pull his pants up for several minutes.

Adrian smiled at both of them, pushed down her skirt, kissed Meg on each tit and then the cheek and moved back toward her husband.

“Now, hubby of mine, if you want to fuck me, first you have to eat his cum out of my pussy. Then you can stick your cock in me before the sun comes up and people start stirring around. So, how bad do you want me now?”

She turned her back to him, bent over, spread her legs, and let him get a look at the white cream beginning to ooze from her pussy. She waited a couple of minutes and was about ready to give up and let him know she would not be fucking him for the foreseeable future, when she felt his tongue begin to glide along her inner thighs until it reached her pussy. Rick began eating her out, licking the cum from her as he went. Adrian was getting all hot and bothered again now that her man was showing her how much he really wanted her. He ate her clean and brought her to another climax while Meg moved to sit on Todd’s lap, burying his stiffening cock into her pussy as she sat. For the next 15 minutes both men had their respective women sitting on their cocks until each of the four of them came one more time before the morning light made it too risky. And all four of them managed to get some sleep for a few hours once the train pulled away from its most recent stop.

Todd and Meg arrived at the hotel around 3:30 that afternoon. Many of the wedding guests were staying at the same hotel and even the bride and groom had chosen to stay there to get ready for the wedding and for their first night as a married couple since it was less than a block from the chapel they had chosen for the ceremony. Meg opened the curtains of their second floor room to reveal a courtyard below with several people milling around enjoying the landscaping and fresh air. Todd walked up behind Meg and pulled her shorts down.

“Todd! You are insatiable! We still have to get showered and dressed for the wedding and I need a little time to get myself presentable.”

“I promise not to take long. You just got me really horny on the train.” he said, defending himself.

Meg started to move toward the bed, but Todd pinned her against the sliding door glass, pulled off her t-shirt and discarded her bra before she could protest the possible audience. But she was highly aroused herself and spread her legs, assuming a position where he could fuck her from behind. Todd surprised her by pushing his hard cock part way into her asshole rather than her pussy and she let out a shrill squeal as she was not entirely ready for an ass fucking, but she relaxed and embraced his cock penetrating her dark hole. Her rather large tits her pressed against the glass and she rested her face against the window as well as he drove his cock the rest of the way up her ass and began butt fucking her. Meg looked out the window as a couple of men were looking around the courtyard and one of them noticed her naked form pressed against the window and chuckled as he pointed out the sight to his friend. The both watched as Megs tits was plastered against the glass and her arms outstretched across the window as Todd reamed her ass. She was too turned on to be embarrassed and just took it all in stride. Both observers absentmindedly rubbed their stiffening cocks from time to time as they watched the obvious signs of someone behind this well endowed woman banging her for all he was worth. She enhanced their viewing pleasure by lowering one hand to her pussy, rubbing herself as Todd banged her asshole. In just a few minutes, Meg brought herself to a earth shaking cum, followed shortly thereafter by Todd dumping a thick load of cum into her ass. Todd pulled out and they both made their way to the bed and collapsed for a few minutes.

“What am I going to do with you, Todd? There were two men out there getting boners watching me get fucked. What if they are part of the groom’s family or something and they see us at the wedding?!”

“To answer your first question, I guess you are either going to have to keep fucking me or you are going to have to dump me for someone less interested in sex. To answer your second question, they won’t recognize you with your clothes on, so if we see them at the wedding, it shouldn’t matter.”

Meg was only mildly amused but she did have to admit that it was a rather good ass fucking and she had no intentions of trading Todd in for anyone else. She liked the fucking as much as he did.

They showered together and got dressed. Meg took the extra time needed for a woman to be properly dressed for a wedding and when she emerged from the bathroom, she looked much like she did for the lake house trip, with all the matching polish and jewelry to go with a beautiful dress she had selected for the occasion. Todd was ready to fuck her again, but she stopped him cold this time.

“Not until after the wedding. Then you can fuck me all night if you want.”

Todd relented and they stepped out into the corridor of the hotel to look around a bit before heading for the chapel.

Meg saw her niece heading back to her room. Much of the photography had already been done and her niece wanted to get out of her dress briefly to shower and freshen up before the ceremony. Meg invited her to come into her room with her and Todd, assuring her that she could help her with the final touches. Her niece was grateful for the help. Meg introduced her niece, Jenny, to Todd. Jenny looked him over carefully and whispered to Meg that she had picked out a pretty hot looking guy.

“Thanks! And he can fuck like no one else I know too!”

Jenny laughed. “You always were the wild-ass aunt that made everyone but mom cringe with the things you would say. I don’t know – I might have to find out for myself if what you say about him is true.”

Meg chuckled at her niece. “It’s your wedding day. If you want to start off married life fucking someone else’s man, go for it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Jenny took a quick shower. She came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel only, but had put on her makeup. Todd saw the situation and quickly suggested that he leave and meet them in the lobby later.

“Not necessary,” said Meg, “Jenny wants to know if what I told her about you is true.”

“And what is that, exactly?” Todd asked, puzzled.

“I told her you could fuck like no one else. So, she wants you to show her.”

“You want me to fuck the bride before the wedding?! Have you last your minds?? Both of you?”

“Oh, don’t go getting all moral on us now, Todd. I know she has had other guys before the groom and probably will after. It runs in the family. Now, get over here and give her the stiff dick treatment. We only have an hour and fifteen minutes before we have to be at the church. Don’t mess around with the foreplay. Just fuck her.”

Jenny had already dropped the towel and showed her full figure to Todd. He was amazed at how similarly to Meg she was built. She had the very large, firm tits, narrow waist, small ass and long, shapely legs. Todd dropped his dress slacks to reveal his long, thick, hard cock. Jenny laid back on the bed and spread her legs. Todd immediately drove his spike into her wet, waiting cunt and began to fuck her while Meg played with her tits. Todd changed up the pace from time to time, getting the most out of a quick fuck as far as bringing Jenny to climax as quickly as he knew how. He played her pussy like the expert he was as she was near orgasm in just a few minutes. Jenny came hard and could barely breathe by the time her cum ended and Todd soon shot his hot cream, filling her pussy.

Jenny quickly got up, got her legs back under her and threw on her wedding dress. Meg helped her with all of the last minute details. They all walked together to the chapel arriving just a few minutes before the ceremony was to begin. Jenny’s parents and the groom were beginning to worry that something was wrong because she had pushed her arrival to the last minute. Everyone took their places and the ceremony began. As Jenny and her groom began to recite their vows, Jenny could feel Todd’s cum running down her thighs and she was thankful that she was wearing a long dress.

After the ceremony, everyone gathered at the hotel for the reception and some dancing. To Meg’s horror, the men who had seen her getting fucked against the hotel window were indeed at the wedding. They were not part of either family, but were friends of the groom’s side. To further Meg’s horror, they walked up to Meg and one of them said, “Haven’t we met somewhere before? I can’t think of where it would have been, but I know I have seen you somewhere before.”

“No, I don’t think we have,” said Meg, reserved and unsure how to proceed. Both men were handsome and friendly, not at all acting creepy. But they did recognize her and were honestly trying to place where they had seen her. Then one of them tapped the other on the shoulder and whispered something to the other. They smiled at each other and the one who had started the conversation, spoke again.

“I think you must be right. I guess I was mistaken. We haven’t met. Sorry if I made you uncomfortable.”

Meg smiled doubtfully, knowing they had figured it out. But she was also pleased and somewhat intrigued that they were gentlemen enough not to embarrass her or try to force themselves on her by pointing out where they had seen her before. She thought for a couple of lone wolves in their late 20’s at a wedding, they had shown remarkable manners. Meg surprised herself to realize it made her pussy a little wet.

She approached Todd and told him of the exchange. He asked her what she wanted to do about it and she smiled and whispered her answer. He smiled at her, nodded his approval and walked off, approaching the two men. She saw them over in a corner having a brief conversation as she was talking with her brother, the father of the bride.

Todd came back to her and suggested quietly that they head back to the room for a little while. Meg’s pussy was now turning on the water works and she was afraid she would make squishing sounds when she walked. They got back to their room and within five minutes, there was a knock at the door.

As the men entered, Meg quickly gave them the ground rules. “First, we all have to be back at the reception within an hour or so, so we can’t spend a bunch of time playing. Second, no one gets in my ass with their cocks. I will suck and fuck you both – whatever you fellas are into, but no ass fucking. Third, no bragging at the reception about how you scored with the wild aunt of the bride. Questions?”

“Can I eat your ass?” asked one of the two.

“Sure, just no cock in my ass.”

The men undressed and the one interested in rimming her laid her back on the bed and pulled her forward so that her ass was at the edge of the mattress. She put her feet on his shoulders and spread her legs at the knees so he had easy access to her asshole. The other climbed on top of her in the 69 position and lowered his cock into her mouth and then began to eat her pussy while she started sucking his cock. Neither was hung like Todd, but neither of them had anything to be embarrassed about. She played with the balls of the one whose cock she was sucking and he pumped up and down in her mouth, fucking her throat gently as he licked her wet pussy. Between the tongue in her ass and the one in her pussy, Meg came quickly. She was turned on by their behavior and by their talent on her openings and she soaked both men’s faces with her pussy juices when she came. The man in her mouth grunted and shot a surprisingly large load down her throat and she swallowed it as quickly as she could so as not to choke on the thick cream he fed to her.

The man eating her ass stopped, stood up from the floor and buried his cock in her wet pussy in one quick stroke. He fucked her hard and fast, not really giving her time to build to another climax. He was turned on enough by the sudden encounter that he quickly shot her pussy full of his cum. Todd spent the entire time sitting in a chair near the bed, taking in the scene he knew all too well and he knew these two guys were getting the experience of a life time. They all moved around so that the one who just came in Meg’s pussy was no lying on the bed with his cock pointing toward his chin, still hard. Meg got on her hands and knees and began blowing the one who just filled her pussy. The other was on the bed on his knees and stuffing his recovered boner in her pussy from behind. This time, both me lasted longer and took the time to enjoy the ride. The man behind her found just the right angle was giving her clit all Meg could hope for and she was building to another climax. The man feeding her his cock pulled up his legs, bent at the knees and spread his legs. She took that as a hint that he wanted her to play with his ass, so she slid her hands under his ass and tickled his balls as squeezed his butt. She then took a chance that he actually wanted his own asshole played with and she inserted her thumb just past the sphincter into his asshole and he groaned with approval. He humped upward into her mouth, pushing his cock deeper into Meg’s mouth and she shoved her thumb further into his asshole.

The man behind her picked up the pace and Meg slipped over the edge into an explosive orgasm that made her stop sucking the cock in her mouth. The man under her made up for it by fucking her mouth more intently. When Meg came down from her orgasmic high, she resumed sucking even more furiously than before. Both men noted that they were close to cumming and the one in her mouth started pumping his thick, salty cream into her mouth. She shoved her thumb up his ass as far as it would go and he pumped another even thicker wad of cum into her mouth. The man behind her emptied his balls and pulled his cock back so that his cum was shooting out just inside her pussy and quickly began to run down her thighs.

“That is such a beautiful sight, seeing my cum running down such a beautiful pussy and set of legs!” he said, out of breath.

“This is the best fucking wedding I have ever attended, man!”

“Yeah, and I don’t expect to ever attend another like it.”

“You never know, boys. We might see you at another wedding sometime.” said Meg, giving them some hope of a future encounter like this one. The men dressed and headed back to the reception. Meg saw Todd sitting in the chair with his hard cock in his hands.

“Aw, you poor boy. Let me help you with that. Meg, moved between Todd’s legs and knelt down to give him a badly needed blowjob. After he came down her throat, she headed for a quick shower to rinse the cum off her and they dressed and headed back to the reception. When the party was over, Todd and Meg returned to their room, where Meg made sure Todd managed to cum in her pussy and again in her ass before they fell asleep for the night. As Todd drifted off, he thought to himself that weddings weren’t such a bad thing after all – as long as it wasn’t his own. Ironically, Meg was thinking the same thing as she drifted off to sleep.

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