Fucked by Superintendent


Fucked by Superintendent
I was a 34 year old stay at home house wife my husband was a long haul truck driver so I was alone at home for sometimes for a couple weeks at a time. I was a chunky little 5.2 woman with Big Floppy Tits little of a hanging Belly with Black & Grey shoulder length hair. My day started by sending the k**s off to school then doing laundry in the basement of our apartment building. It was early no one was there except for the superintendents 18 year son who was mopping the floor. Denten helped his dad around the building he was a young Black Boy about 6 foot tall dreads well built k**, kind of had a gang look to him. I had been having a problem with a faucet in the apartment and asked him if his dad was going to get to it soon. He said his dad had been busy with boiler problems that he would come up and see what he could do to help.
I finished up my laundry made my way back to the apartment, Denten showed up about an hour later I opened the door he walked in carrying a tool box, we went into the kitchen he crawled under the counter to see if he could fix the leak. after a couple minutes he got up told me the faucet had to be replaced there was nothing he could do. Great I thought, Denten said he would talk to his dad let him know what’s going on, he was putting away his tools, I bent down to start putting everything back under the sink, he was helping handing me some of the things. My head still buried under the counter I could feel Denten hands groping my Ass, I moved back got up on my knees he was standing in front of me when he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his Cock. I looked up, then scowled What the Hell are you doing? Denten looked down replied come on Peggy I know you’re alone here weeks at a time you need to be taken care of, he was stroking his Massive Black Cock, it was twitching when he told me to touch it. I don’t know what came over me but I reached up then took it into my hands, it was Throbbing as I felt it, I’d never been with a Black Man the curiosity was getting the better of me at this point Denten let out a Moan as I continued to stroke it, I could see some pre cum oozing out as I gripped it harder, I stood up, he removed my T shirt, started playing with my Very Large Tits he was massaging them, I could feel his hand moving into my Yoga pants as he now started to finger my Pussy which was getting wetter by the second. I was in a Haze as Denten continued fingering me my knees were buckling as he took hold of me, lifting me onto the counter where he gripped the sides of my pants to slide them down my short legs, I was now Naked sitting on the counter waiting to see what would happen next. Denten dropped his pants around his ankles his Huge Black Cock standing straight out, then moved in between my legs, he spread them apart gripped his Cock to start feeding it into my Cunt. I was shaking asking him to be gentle, I’ve never had anyone so Big. I felt the Huge Head push through my Pussy Lips as he pushed it slowly into me I was now Soaking Wet as Denten continued pushing into me, after a bit he put his hands on each side of my waste took hold a a hand full of my Fat Hips then proceeded to Fuck me. Slowly I could feel the full length of his Missive Cock sliding in & out of me I couldn’t believe I was taking the whole thing, I’d never felt so full as he continued driving it into me, he was hitting places inside me No Man has ever hit before I could feel my body losing control as he pumped me then all of sudden OH GOD I cried as my body started to convulse Denten was now plowing his Cock Harder into me holding my legs up and apart I was losing all control Howling I grabbed hold of his neck then commanded him to FUCK FUCK FUCK MEEEEEEEE! He was now hitting me hard I could hear the juices flowing from my Cunt onto the counter, he slid me off holding me up off the floor I was Bucking like a Horse as he held me up my arms locked around his neck, he moved over to the table dropped me on it his Cock never leaving my Hole, I was Grunting as Denten Slammed his Massive Black Cock into me, I was Yelling, Squirming on the table as he Fucked me like I’ve never been Fucked before, all of sudden I felt his Dick Twitching then Pulsing inside me as he Gripped my Fat Hips then Slammed hard into me I could feel him unload his man juice Pulse after Pulse shooting deep inside me. Once his Orgasm subsided he pulled out, there was Cum flowing everywhere, Denten went took some paper towels cleaned himself up, then left without a word. I lay there on the table Cum flowing from my Cunt onto the table. I got myself together, dressed then showered. Man thinking to myself I never thought size mattered but was starting to think different.
A couple hours went by when a knock on the door, I opened it to find Marcus,Denten’s Dad he told me he was here to replace the bad faucet. Surprised at how fast he was I let him in, he went to the kitchen I again emptied the cabinet under the sink and he changed the faucet. He was cleaning up when I thanked him and asked him if he wanted something to drink, he said sure a beer sounds good. We moved into the living room I handed him a beer, we sat on the couch together talking when he moved in closer, I was wearing a pair of tight shorts and a tank top after my shower. Marcus said you know Peggy if you need anything please let me know I’m here to help, You do need to know I’m very busy round here but for special favors we can get you moved to the top of the list. I was shocked then asked what kind of favors do you mean? Well you know! as his hands moved to my tank top, his big hands were all over by Big Tits, I was shocked but it felt good, he continued playing with them then moved in started kissing me as his hands roamed under my top then down my shorts, next thing I knew he was on top of me humping me as his hands felt up my entire body. I was shaking he got up off me took off his shirt then his pants. Marcus was a Big Black Man, about 45 / 6.2 Bald head with a bit of a Belly, his Cock was Bigger than his son’s he came back down on top of me then whispered in my ear come on baby get undressed I’m gonna Fuck You. He took hold of the bottom of my top pealed it off, then moved to my shorts slid them off, there I was Naked again waiting for this Big Black Man to Fuck the Shit out of me. Marcus moved in I could feel his Missive Cock on my Belly as he humped me all the while kissing me saying things like come on baby tell me You Want my Cock I looked into his eyes again in a haze then replied YES give me your Big Black Cock! Still Wet from his son’s Cum he started pushing it into me I could feel it sliding in inch by inch till his pelvis was against mine I had him completely inside me! He started Fucking me I spread my legs as far as I could to take as much of him as I could it felt so good as Marcus started picking up the pace, my orgasm started to build he got up off me then held my shoulders down as he started to Plow my Cunt Harder I went off Big my body shaking under him as he ground his Cock into me I felt like I would never stop. Finally my Orgasm subsided Marcus grabbed hold of me flipped me up so I could Ride his Dick I wrapped my arms around his neck then bounced up and down on his Cock as he sat there enjoying every minute of it. This went on for a few minutes, he pushed me off I dropped to my knees to start Licking his Cock clean, I got up off the floor Marcus took me pushed me face down onto the sofa, grabbed my waste pulled me up. He slapped my Big Ass the Rammed his Cock back inside me Hard! I grunted as it bottomed out inside me, he took hold of my Fat Hips then Slammed me Hard and Fast, I was Yelling like a Mad Woman crying for the pleasure as he continued Plowing my Cunt relentlessly, he continued slapping my Ass as it shook with every Hard Thrust he gave me, saying thing like Come on you Fucking White Slut! TAke my Cock I’m going to give you the Black Baby you want tell me you want it! YESSSSS I Scowled YESSSS GIVE ME THE BLACK BABY! I WANT YOUR CUM DEEP INSIDE ME! I have no idea what was coming over me Marcus continued Fucking me his staying power was incredible as I felt his Huge Cock sliding in and out of my Wet Cunt. I had tears running down my face now begging him to Cum. I pushed myself up Marcus put his hands on my shoulders then pushed himself harder into me, all i could do was take it PLEASEEEEE I begged PLEASE CUM PLEASE GOD! With that Marcus flipped me back around on my back again his COCK still inside me GOD PLEASE FINISH THIS I CAN”T TAKE IT ANYMORE, as tears streamed down my face. Marcus had almost a mean look on his face now as he took hold of my legs pulled me towards him, put one foot on the floor then hammered me as Hard as he could, my whole body was shaking his 10 inch Cock plowing into me Hard he looked down into my eyes then growled COME ON BITCH CUM CUM ON MY COCK! That just set me off again, my Orgasm took hold I was Thrashing under him as he continued Fucking me with a vengeance YA BABY YA THAT”S IT TAKE IT TAKE IT ! I started to come down again begging him to CUM, that’s when he gave me a couple more hard thrusts the I could feel him bury his COCK Deep inside me holding me down as it started to Pulse Hard inside my CUNT! Pulse after Pulse I could feel his Sperm Shooting Deep inside me. Still on top of me all sweaty once he was done he pulled out there was Cum everywhere, he took his Cock brought it up to my mouth then told me to clean it up. I Licked it cleaning off our Cum it tasted so good. Once done Marcus got dressed looked back at me laying Naked on the couch Cum flowing from my Hole, anything you need Peggy just let me know. With that he left my apartment.
I got up cleaned myself up then asked my friend if she could pick up the k**s at school. There was no way I could walk there after the pounding my body had taken!

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