Friends: Dear Diary

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Friends: Dear DiaryFriends: Deleted Scenes – Dear Diary”Now where did she hide those damn candlesticks?” Rachel asked herself.Chandler was moving in with Monica, and that meant that Rachel was moving out. She was very happy for them, even though she and Monica had been passively fighting over a pair of candlesticks that each girl thought she owned. Rachel was alone in the apartment so she decided to do a little searching. She went into Monica’s room and quietly began looking through some boxes in her closet.Near the bottom of one box, she found a book. It had a small flimsy lock and the words across the front read, “My Diary.””So, Monica has a diary,” she said to herself.Knowing that she shouldn’t, Rachel found a hairpin and easily opened the lock. She rationalized that she and Monica didn’t have any secrets from each other anyway, so what’s the harm in reading a little bit?She flipped through the pages and her eyes suddenly fell on her name, “Rachel.” She looked at the date – November 24, 1988. She realized that the diary was from their Senior Year in High School.— “Dear Diary,” it began. Rachel shook her head and smiled, recalling how geeky Monica could be back then.— “Okay, I just have to tell you about what happened tonight. Let’s see, where do I start with this? Chandler, Ross’ friend from college is staying with us for the Thanksgiving break. Rachel had just left to go home. We were up in the guest bedroom, finding fresh sheets to make up the bed. Out of the blue, he told me that I looked ‘stunning’. I must have smiled really big. Well, you know how hard I’ve worked to lose all that weight. And today, I wanted to make Chandler feel really dumb for calling me fat at last year’s Thanksgiving, so I wore a really sexy dress to show him how good I look now.””I remember this,” Rachel thought. “This was on Thanksgiving day.”Ross and Chandler had come back from college. It was the year they both thought they were Don Johnson from Miami Vice. Pastel suits and beard stubble. She recalled giving Monica advice about how to act sexy and make Chandler jealous that he couldn’t have her. Rachel read on…— “It’s so elegant. It’s a dark burgundy velvet, with a fabric rose right in the middle of the bodice. The straps hang off my shoulders. It fits nice and snug around my hips and butt, and I look really good in it. I even went to the mall and bought new lingerie. A panties and a strapless bra. Black of course. And I got a garter belt and black silk stockings, too. I hope Mom doesn’t find out. She’ll freak. But really, I don’t care what she’d think. I felt so sexy, especially with Chandler drooling all over himself.””All right,” Rachel mumbled, pleased with herself, “so my advice worked.”— “Well anyway, we were in the walk-in closet, and I saw some sheets and blankets on the top shelf above the clothes rods. I reached up on my tip-toes to get them, and I noticed in the mirror that he was looking at my legs. I glanced down at my reflection, and I was kinda surprised at how good they looked. I need to wear high heels more often. Well, anyway, I started to lose my balance a little, and he reached out to catch me. He put his hand on my back, and it almost felt tingly on my bare skin. I guess I started to get nervous, and I stopped reaching for the linens.— “First, I realized how close we were standing. Then I realized that he was caressing my back and shoulders. We just sorta stared at each other. It seemed like forever, and then we just fell into each other’s kisses. It was so AMAZING! When I saw him tonight, looking all Miami Vice hot, well, I didn’t want to let on that I thought that about him. I didn’t think about kissing him, that’s for sure. But when we did… WOW!— “I actually asked him if any girls in college kissed like that. Pretty stupid huh? Well, at least I felt stupid as soon as I said it. But he said no, and he leaned in and kissed me again. Like, really passionately. Tongues and everything.””Wow, they got together, back then? She never told me about this,” Rachel thought. Now she was intrigued to find out more.— “I could feel his thing getting really hard against my stomach. I don’t know if he knew I was doing it, but I was pressing my body against it, so I canlı bahis could feel it. I was getting kinda horny. So was he. (DUH!) I knew I shouldn’t, but I put my hand on it and started rubbing it. It was really big. Well, not like I’ve ever touched one before, but still, it was really big to me.— “I almost died when he put his hand on my boob. We were still kissing. And he squeezed it, real gently. I could feel my nipple get hard. You know how sometimes you say things before you think about what you’re saying? Well, I did that. I said, “Do you want to see them?” I must have sounded like a total dweeb. But I guess a guy wants to see a girl’s tits pretty much any time.— “I reached around behind me and unzipped a little bit of my dress, just enough so I could pull the bodice down. I was so nervous, I couldn’t even look at him. But I pulled down my dress a little, and then undid my bra and took it off. I almost laughed because he was stuttering something about them being perfect. But I know I smiled. He’s the first guy to see my boobs, and he likes them.”Rachel could tell that this was going to get steamy. So she quickly put all the boxes back in the closet and ran back to her room with the diary. She closed the door and laid down on the bed, finding her page again. Rachel absent-mindedly caressed her neck as she read.— “Well, then Miss Doofus, here, goes and says something like, ‘Can I see your thing?’ Yeah, and I’m sure I put some ‘ums’ in there too. God, he must have thought I was a total virgin. Well, I am… but you know what I mean.— “But he unzipped his pants and took out his penis. It was really hard. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to sound totally dumb again. So I just kind of took it in my palm and just held it for a bit. It kind of flinched in my hand. Then he whispered to me to rub it.”Rachel’s hand seemed to have a mind of it’s own. It had glided down over her breast, and was now making it’s way up under her white long-sleeve pullover shirt. Her fingertips found that her nipples were already quite hard. She caressed her breasts while reading about her roommate’s erotic past.— “So I did. I held it in one hand and rubbed the top with the other. He liked that but he smiled and told me to wrap my fingers around it and rub it up and down. He liked that too. A lot! He started caressing my boobs and it felt SOOO good! Feeling his hands on my skin. Okay, I was getting really horny. Then I remembered a few weeks ago, I was snooping in Ross’ room, and I found a stack of Playboys in his closet. But at the bottom of the stack was a magazine that was A LOT dirtier. It had pictures of men and women having sex. There was one where the girl had the guy in her mouth. I don’t know why, but that was all I could think about right then. I knew I didn’t want to give him my flower, but I sure wanted to do something.”Rachel rolled her eyes at Monica calling her virginity, her flower. But then the thought hit her, “omigod, Chandler was Monica’s first blow?” This was shaping up to be good. Rachel opened her red pants and rubbed her fingertips across the front of her black satin panties.— “But I didn’t know if that kind of ‘something’ would freak him out, or whatever. I don’t know if all guys are into that or not. So I just asked him if college girls did ‘anything else’. He didn’t really say anything. He thought about it for a second. Then he put his hands around my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees.”That was the last straw. Rachel turned the book over on the bed, and wrestled her tight pants down to her ankles. Monica’s diary was better than the erotic novel Rachel kept in her nightstand for “late-night inspiration”. With this, she actually knew the people she was reading about. SO much more erotic. Rachel turned onto her side and found her place again.— “…pushed me down to my knees. Not like he was mean or anything. He was really gentle. But I couldn’t look at him. I just sat back on my heels and looked down at the floor. Actually, I was trying to hide my smile. I ran my fingers from my shoes to my knees, and I was trying to stop smiling. He couldn’t see my face and I think he got scared. He told me that I didn’t have to do anything, if I didn’t want to. bahis siteleri But I told him that I did want to. Then he said my name.— “‘Monica,’ he said, ‘Look at me.’ When I did, he was smiling, and told me that I was so beautiful. I couldn’t help but smile then. I could tell he meant it. He wasn’t just saying it. I looked toward the doorway and listened to make sure no one was coming. It would have been really bad if anyone caught us.”— “I got back up on my knees and my face was really close to it. I’ve never been that close to a guy’s penis before. I took it and started rubbing it again.”Rachel imagined Monica on her knees, about to blow Chandler’s cock. Sure, she’d seen that before, in the video she “accidentally” found. But Rachel pushed that image from her mind, and chose to picture thin High-School-Monica, all dressed up. On her knees in a walk-in closet on Thanksgiving night. With a hard cock right by her face.— “My heart was pounding. He told me to just kiss it first. I did, and that helped me not be so nervous about this. I kissed it again and again. Then he asked me if I was ready to put it in my mouth. I was… but I wasn’t. Know what I mean? I said yeah, but my voice was shaking.— “He said to just put the end in my mouth, and that we could stop anytime I wanted. So I did. I put the head of it in my mouth. I ran my tongue all over it. I thought he might like that and he did.— “Then he told me to suck on it. He groaned, when I did that. He tried to be quiet, though. Even though everyone was down in the rec room in the basement, we didn’t want to risk anyone hearing us. He asked if I could put more of him in my mouth. So I pushed my lips down his penis and took some more of him.”Rachel was caressing her body. Breasts, stomach, legs. Feeling her ass through the satin. Running her finger in the crease between her cheeks. Soon stroking her hips, and thighs. Around front to the subtle texture of her trimmed hair under the thin cloth. Then down between her legs. Her panties were damp. She rubbed herself and felt the soft fabric nuzzling her clit.— “I couldn’t believe how horny I was. My vagina was all tingly, and I knew I was really wet. I had to do something. I mean, yeah, I’ve played with myself before, you know that. But I was alone those times. This was totally different. But I just didn’t care. I took him out of my mouth and started pulling up my dress.”Rachel was wide-eyed as she read on. Nearly living in the scene as it unfolded.— “As I got it over my hips, he said, ‘omigod!’ I looked up at him and he was staring at my stockings. ‘You’re wearing stockings,’ he said, ‘I like stockings, well, on a woman.’ I giggled. ‘Yeah,’ I said, ‘and a garter belt too. They’re new. I got them yesterday at Victoria’s Secret.’ I wanted him to think, I dunno, like I was really experienced, and desirable, and sexy. Well, it worked. He said, ‘That’s hot. You, you are really hot!’ I smiled at him.— “Then I put my hand inside my panties. When my finger brushed against my clit, I closed my eyes, and I think I moaned, too. I heard him whisper, ‘Oh wow.’ “At this, Rachel’s hand slipped inside the satin. She too closed her eyes. She was picturing her friend kneeling there. Dress up around her waist. Monica’s hand inside her panties. Rachel rubbed her clit, thinking about the look that must have been on Monica’s face as she rubbed her own clit.— “I took his penis again and put it back in my mouth. More of it than before. I sucked it and ran my tongue all over the head, like I imagined the woman in the magazine would do. I pushed my finger into myself and rubbed. I whimpered a little. I just couldn’t help it.”Rachel pushed her finger into herself, mimicking Monica. She, too, whimpered a little. She just couldn’t help it.— “He told me to move my mouth on it. So I slid my lips forward and back, moving him in and out of my mouth. He really liked that. I did too. And I made sure that my finger went into my pussy at the same time that his penis went into my mouth. And then back out. Over and over. It felt so good, I could have done that forever. At least I thought I could. I was getting really close to an orgasm. I’ve only done that a couple times before, but all this güvenilir bahis was really turning me on. My legs were pretty weak, and my stomach felt like it had butterflies in it. But a good kind of butterflies. My heart was racing too. I couldn’t believe how wonderful everything felt.— “I sat back on my heels again. I was holding his penis, so he had to step toward me. I think he rested his hand on the upper shelf, and he leaned forward so I could keep him right in my mouth. Actually, it’s a good thing, too, that my mouth was closed around him. I think it helped me be quieter, because I really wanted to moan and scream. But I’ve learned to be pretty quiet when I play with myself in bed. I wouldn’t want Mom and Dad to hear me.”Rachel’s fingers were slick with her wetness. She was panting and moaning softly. She masturbated to the images of her beautiful roommate as a young woman giving head.— “Then the most amazing thing happened. I felt his penis start throbbing in my lips and it started shooting into my mouth. It was hot and tasted kinda funny. Not bad, just different. Right then, I started to cum. Wow, it was incredible! I closed my eyes to focus on it and enjoy it more. I didn’t even realize that I started groaning. It sounded like it was off in the distance. I could hear him moaning with me.— “He kept cumming too, and I felt his cum overflow my mouth and run down my chin. I didn’t even care at that point. Everything just felt so good. I can’t even explain why.””Omigod, Monica,” she whispered. She wanted to be right there in that scene. Helping Monica masturbate. Drinking in her arousal. Hearing her moans and even watching the spurts of cum shoot to the back of her open mouth. Then maybe even kissing her and tasting the jizz that ran over her lips. Feeling it smear on her own chin as they kissed.— “When I came down, I realized that his penis was still in my mouth, and I had a mouthful of his sperm. I really didn’t know what to do, so I pulled him out and swallowed. Then I wiped my chin too. It was like I was licking frosting off my fingers. Weird, but it seemed right. I looked down and some of the cum has dribbled onto my knees and thighs.— “Just then, we heard Dad coming up from the basement. He yelled and asked if I was done making up Chandler’s room. I shouted out some lame answer as I stood up and we quickly got decent again. I put my bra back on, zipped up my dress, and pulled the bottom back down, just as Dad walked in the bedroom. He helped us get out the linens and make up the bed. The whole time, he didn’t even notice that I was pushing my hem down to hide the wet spots on my legs. Dad can be so clueless sometimes. And I’m glad for that!Rachel was very close to her own orgasm. She kept on fingering herself, vigorously, wanting so much to cum. She read on, hoping there would be more.— “Dad left the room, and we waited a bit before following him. I heard a whisper behind me, apologizing for getting stuff on my stockings. I told him that it was alright and that I had some spot remover that would get the stain out.— “Actually, I’m not going to wash them. I want them like that, to help remember tonight. But there’s one thing I just don’t know. Is it horribly wrong that I gave my brother a blow job?”Those last words echoed in Rachel’s mind. She could hear Monica saying them.”Is it horribly wrong I gave my brother a blow job?”Rachel’s body released, and as she came, the myriad of images racing through her mind changed. In every one, Chandler’s figure transformed into Ross. In every one, young Monica was sucking her brother’s cock.”Oh… oh Monica,” she moaned, as she gasped for air. “Oh, Ross. Yes… yes… cum in her mouth… oh Monica… ohhhh…”When she could no longer keep the climax, Rachel eased her hand. But she relived the moments after the siblings’ orgasms, as she settled into her glowing warmth. Monica swallowing Ross cum and wiping her chin. Both of them quickly dressing so they wouldn’t get caught.That thought snapped her back to reality. She couldn’t get caught with Monica’s diary, especially not like this. So she slid off the bed and pulled up her pants.Running back top Monica’s room, she returned the diary, and made sure that nothing was out of place. She settled into the living room couch. Images still fresh in her mind. She smiled, deep in thought.The candlesticks didn’t matter anymore. Her roommate had unknowingly given her an even better parting gift.

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