Friday Night at Billy’s House


Friday Night at Billy’s HouseFriday Night at Billy’s HouseCh 1TJ Ryder’s been my friend since the first year of Junior high when wewere assigned to the same home room, otherwise I’d never have known himsince he lived a mile away. Anyway we had homeroom and half of ourclasses together plus a lot of common interests so we started hanging out. One of those common interests was girls and naughty pictures. Sowhen he stayed over at my house I showed him my secret playboy collectionstolen from a neighbor’s trash and also showed him how to beat off!I thought that was pretty cool.In fact I had only learned how myself a few months earlier so now I had a constant boner every afternoon in class and first thing I did when I got home was take out Issue # 23 or if I felt more literate, Peyton Place pages 247 and 321. My neighbor Mr Franklin always dropped his old magazinesin the trash when he got new ones so I traded Billy some of my Playboys forsome of his Plasticville train set buildings.My first sleepover at his house I met his mom and younger sisterand it had to be a Saturday night instead of Friday because of religious problems, is how he put it. I didn’t know any religion that had a problem with Fridays and I didn’t have the feelingeither of our parents were particularly religious. His mom was reallyhot for someone her age, kind of a tease. In fact I beat off to her memory a couple of times, but of course I could beat off to National Geographic then. The other odd thing was his train set was in his room instead of the basement like most train freaks. I had3 4×8 sheets of plywood in my basement covered by trains and buildingsand mountains that I was constantly modifying or fixing up after a battle that I’d simulate damage caused by an enemy tank by using my BB gun!He said his parents had parties in the basement usually on Fridaynights so it would be too much work to take it down and put it upagain.When he slept over at my house the first time he for some reasonbecame smitten with my obnoxious older sister, Jane, and laughedwhen he told me his little sister Rachel was also crazy about me! Anywayone monday he seemed a little subdued, said he had a cold, and maybe he did because he had a note excusing him from phys ed.A week went by and I didn’t get an invitation to got to his houseeven after school for a bit and he blew off my invitation, so I had enough and stopped him in the parking lot, and he looked sorryand said his sister Rachel caught him jacking off and told hismother and then it was all hell to pay!I didn’t know any boy who didn’t beat off so I thought that washarsh but I hadn’t been caught yet because I didn’t have a snoopy littlesister either.After another month, his mom seemed to relent. Billy’s father waskind of nebbish like I thought but he had a father. My mom and dadwere divorced and I hardly ever saw my real dad. Anyway, I was overat his place on a Saturday sleepover and we were hanging out in hisroom and I asked him if he wanted any more Playboys because I hadbrought some in a backpack thinking I’d trade him for a plastictrain station.He immediately got up and shut the door to his room telling meto hush. Then his ear was at the door and he was totally still until he was satisfied nobody had heard anything.”Whoa,” he laughed, “don’t do that again, okay? I’m just beginningto get some slack since the last time!””Are they still pissed about that?””Oh yeahhhh! Mom, my aunt Beth! No more Playboys, ever, okay?””Okay, okay! Sheesh! So how do you get off now? I could get offjust from thinking of your aunt Beth. (I didn’t mention I could get off from his mom too)” He nodded thoughtfully, then laughed at something I said. And thenwhen he moved back, I noticed him pick up a pillow to put on his deskchair!”So, listen, ” I said, lowering my voice, “what’s going on?””Okay, I’ll tell you, but never tell anyone else, okay? I gotspanked, okay?””Wow, that isn’t from a month ago is it?””No stupid, last night! I get it every Friday night. Every male inmy family gets it every Friday night! It’s like a tradition. I knewabout it of course, but Mom said except for occasional behavior discipline, it doesn’t become a tradition until I get to, well, you know, puberty, beating off!”I gaped at that. “Who does it?””The women, dummy, even my younger sister cuz Mom says girls matureearlier than boys!””Oh, that’s why you can’t put the train set in the basement!””Yeah, we have the only place, so my two aunts and their malescome over to use it. They have it all fixed up! Like a dungeon out ofa movie! You should see it!””I want to see it!” He shook his head.”Come on!” I urged. “Nope, no chance!””Yeah right, so it’s all BS isn’t it?””Okay, why do you think I have a note excusing me from phys ed onMondays?””You wrote it yourself!” He frowned, “okay smarty!” then he turned and slipped down his jeans and shorts, and I saw two bright red moons.”Wow!” was all I could say.”If it hasn’t faded by Monday Mom writes a note, but she said she’s going to get my phys ed rescheduled until Tuesday because of someschedule problem!” He slipped up his jeans and gingerly sat down on the cushion.”Actually that will probably fade by Monday morning ataşehir escort because I didn’tget caned last night! Mom uses a special lotion too!””Wow, I bet that hurt!” “You bet, but just a spanking isn’t too bad! Dad always getsworse, and uncle Fred, and my two cousins, wow, what they do with them!And then of course there’s the games they play, before and after!” He smiled then.”The good thing is I get to see all the women mostly naked!”I got an instant hardon at that! No matter what I said or offered as a trade, I didn’t get to sneak down and look in thebasement.A couple months later his mom was going out of town and Billy wasgoing to sleep over at my place Friday and Saturday while we worked on a school project and his mom and my mom had already talked a few times. My mom liked Billy much more than my other friends! Mainlybecause he was so obedient and polite and got better grades andnever got in trouble at school. So I was blown away when I came in the back door while she was folding laundry and she asked meabout spanking Billy when he came over later!Stunned, I just stood there!”Um, what did you just say, mom?”Still folding towels, her round bottom in hot pants as shebent over the dryer, she turned her head. “Didn’t I mention thathis mother asked me to do his Friday night spanking since she’ll be out of town?””Um, noooo!” Billy didn’t mention it to me either and Isaw him less than half an hour ago! “You know about their Fridaynight stuff?””Oh yes, Naomi told me all about it. She figured since you boyswere close she might as well. And it certainly seems to be doing well for Billy!” she added, slightly accusatory.I didn’t know what to say to that. “Well, um, YOU are goingto spank Billy?”She turned and smiled, “I just told you that, honey!””Does he know?””I assume so! I’m sure Naomi told him. She gave me detailedinstructions. Of course we don’t have their playroom but I toldher we would make do!””You, you know about their basement?””Of course, Naomi took me on a tour a couple weeks ago when Ihad to come pick you up during that rainstorm!” This was too muchto take in so I numbly walked up to my room. Half an hour latermy sister yelled that he was at the back door. Mom was outprobably shopping so I went down and opened the garage so he couldput his bike away and he came up to my room with his backpack.I couldn’t keep it in any longer.”Hey, did you know my mom is going to spank you tonight?””Sure, mom told me already! You don’t mind do you?””Mind? um, no! I don’t mind, it’s just I’m a little surprised!”He was looking at my latest comic books. “Are you crazy or am I?” I remarked.”Why?” he casually asked. I gave up and suggested we workon my train set’s latest damage and when we got downstairsmom was coming in carrying a bag, which Billy quickly offeredto take for her.”Thank you, Billy! Isn’t he helpful, Timmy?” I just groaned.”I should be thanking you, Mrs Garber, for taking my spankingtonight!”‘Oh, it’s no bother at all, as I told Naomi! In fact I was wondering when you’d like to do it! I know you boys have plansfor tonight!””Whenever is convenient for you, ma’am!” he smiled.”You don’t mind if Jane is present do you?” I gasped at thatbut Billy smiled wider. He said ‘not at all!’ as I figured he would.”That’s nice because she’s been asking me about it! And Naomisaid you would bring, some, um, ….!””Oh right, ” he said, and he slipped off the backpack I thoughtwas just model cars and stuff.”Oh, excellent, ” mom said, “hmmm, why not empty it outout on this table!” So we walked over to the kitchen tableas Mom emptied the grocery bag into the refrigerator, and thenBilly emptied his backpack, and mom squealed with pleasureat the sight. “This is our basic travel package, Mrs. Garber! I don’t knowexactly what mom put in the note!””Well,” she smiled as she picked up a ping pong paddle, “shedid specify spanking I remember!” There were several other things.Riding crops, leather head harness, leash and collar, cuffs, manacles, ropes, a black hood to go over the head. Tweezers,vaseline, bandages, a dog food plastic bowl and then mom gasped at the strapon black rubber dildo and then a panzer plastic tank, finished except for the decals.”Sorry, Iv’e got some of my stuff here, plus a change of clothes!””Ooooh, ” mom smiled, picking up a sheer pair of pink thong panties from his clothes. “Did you get some of yourmom’s laundry mixed in?”Billy blushed at that, “um, no, that’s the uniform for maleson weekends!””OOohhhhh!” Just then the back door opened and I heard Jane’s laugh.”Wow, what’s that?” even Billy was a little shy but eventuallyshowed her everything too. Finally the women talked about thebest place to ‘do it!’ and asked Billy.”Well, um, Mom does it in the basement usually, but if wer’etravelling she uses the bathroom if it’s a spanking or like that!Because, um, for noise she has me put wet towels under the door!”I couldn’t believe he was so open about it but the women seemedto love it!Jane was fingering the small cat of nine tails and smiled.”Isn’t this rather small though?”To my surprise Mom piped up. “Oh that’s just for a male’s genitals, honey. Naomi says it keeps them from masturbating ümraniye escort fordays afterwards!” I gasped at that and realized I was the onlyone blushing. “But we won’t be using that tonight, don’t worry!”Jane seemed disappointed but Billy smiled.”But, Billy,” mother asked, “I want to do it as closely asyour mom does and I know she has a little ritual, so, howdo you begin when your’e at home?””Oh, well, that’s easy, Mrs Garber! After everyone arrivesand there’s some socialization, mostly just with the women though,well, all the males are gathered in one room, take off their clothesand put in restraints. And the girls take them down one or two ata time to the basement. They like to do no more than two at a time!Starting with the youngest usually depending on what they are goingto do! The women plan it out. When they lead the males upthey go into the, um, well, playtime area, games, stuff, it’s kind of embarassing to talk about,” he smiled.”So,” Jane asked, picking up a leather collar and leash.”I’m not sure how this goes on! Isn’t it kind of small?”He said it didn’t go around the neck and Jane blushed andlaughed. “Wow,” she smiled. “And what do the women wear?””Whatever they want. Of course, they want to tease, especiallyif theyr’e going to use, um, that!” he pointed to the cat of ninetails!”They do?””Yes, ma’am! To do that effectively the male must be erect andkeep hard during the, um, process!””Doesn’t it hurt though?””OOoh yes, ma’am! Stings a little at first, but it gets worse.They, um, we, all end up screaming before it’s over!””But how do you manage to stay, well, hard?””Oh, I forgot, well, none of the males are allowed a releasefor at least a week, and they give us a special viagra cocktailfirst!””Oooohhhhh, isn’t that something, honey?” she asked Jane.”I think it’s, interesting! I think I’m going to change now,mother!”We were finally by ourselves again and I was still reeling fromall that was so casually said. We did some work on my train setbut he seemed distracted. He admitted he was always very nervousuntil he got it ‘over with!’ And not only him either. The womenwere also real bitchy toward the end of the week, but afterwardsit was much easier.I was totally shocked to see my sister Jane coming downstairsprancing in a tiny see through baby doll nightie, her big swayingbreasts easily visible through the sheer material. And then mymother, wearing something much like it, carrying that backpackfull of torture toys!”You don’t mind if we do this now, do you, Billy?””Oh, of course not, ma’am. It’s not my place to even say!””That’s rather sweet isn’t it!” Jane asked, blushing underhis admiring gaze, and she giggled, noticing he had a bulgingboner. In fact I kind of had one myself I hate to admit.Billy seemed to await orders, but when none came, he beganto undress, also blushing a little, looking embarassed at me.”And, um, you Timmy?” I was half expecting and almost hopingfor mom to ask me to stay and strip also. But she asked Billy whatthe normal routine was for spectators. To my disappointment hesaid male spectators were never allowed. Mom nodded, saying shethought that was a good policy.As Billy stood humbly naked with his hands behind his back,his erection brazenly arching out as Jane giggled, mom smiled.”Why don’t you go up to your room, Timmy? This should take, umhow long do you think it will take, Billy?””Um, that’s only up to you, ma’am!” Jane giggled at that.I reluctantly left as Jane was behind him cuffing his wrists.Pausing at the basement door I heard the women laughing, butknew they expected to hear my steps on the stairwell, so Iwent up and left the door to my room open. I heard some muffled voices, and after a bit heard the distinct slap of a paddle.Then I thought I heard what sounded like crying, as it went on,and then a cry of pain, and I wished they hadn’t shut the basementdoor. I had such a hardon. An hour later Billy came in dressedand smiling, his eyes still red, his face flushed, but he looked fine, satisfied even.”Wow, how did it go?””Fine, got an extra pillow for my butt?” he joked.”Yeah, well, what happened?””I got spanked, obviously! So what do you want to do next, models?””Shut up, I mean what happened?””What are you talking about? They spanked me of course, plus someother stuff. I think Jane likes doing it! Think she’d ever go outwith a boy my age?””What really happened?”‘The usual. Oh, I did manage to get off anyway so I can concentrateagain! Not sure if you mom mean’t that to happen but it did! She actuallyseemed a little pleased by it!””You got off on my mother?””No, well, my cock was pressed between her thighs and with Janeteasing and whacking me and me bouncing up and down, well, it happened!”That made my brain reel. Later that night we came downstairsto watch television, and thankfully mom and Jane wore ordinary clothes,maybe a little revealing. They acted normal too! Mom had preparedsome snacks. They seemed to fawn all over Billy! Mom even gave hima peck on his cheek, telling him what a sweet boy he was.”But you don’t have to thank me like you did downstairs,” she smiled.”What do you mean,” I asked. But Jane answered with a giggle.”He kadıköy escort kissed her feet, mine too! Really licked between our toes!” Billy just smiled and nodded while he ate a cookie.”I bet you do that a lot at your house too!” she teased but hejust nodded and smiled.”Among other things,” he added.Two months later I had gotten into a little trouble at schooland it was decided in our house (not by me) that Billy’s mom had the rightidea and it was her who suggested I get my first experience by a neutral party instead of mom and Jane. I was really nervous all weekand when I got to Billy’s house, passing his smirking younger sisterwho looked at me like I was her new playtoy, I was at least pleasedto see his mom’s youngest sister, Beth, come over with a smile.She was only in her late twenties, and super stacked with a lowcut sleeveless leather top and microskirt.”Oh Timmy, Naomi just told me you’ll be joining us tonight andI am so pleased! Iv’e been telling her for months that Billy’s best friendabsolutely must be properly trained!”Encouraged by her warm greeting I got a little hard and thanked her.Upstairs in Billy’s room, I was too nervous while working onhis train set to even think about anything else but he was humminghappily along.”When are they going to do it?” I finally asked.He casually looked at his clock. “Pretty soon! The cousinshaven’t arrived yet but Rachel should be up soon to get us ready!”That didn’t register with me immediately and he also said thatmaybe he’ll be able to move his train set to the basement after all.”Really, ” I said a little absently. “Why?””Well, after tonight there won’t be any secrets about the basementso mom was thinking I could set it up down there if my next report cardwas all A’s!”Just then Rachel opened the door. Iv’e never seen her naked beforeeven though she did wear panties, heeled slippers and tiny see through topthat showed her pert breasts and pink nipples. She had a bunch of leatherstraps in one hand and a riding crop in the other.She smiled, “Okay, come on!” Billy immediately put down what hewas doing and began to undress. Blushing, I followed suit. She watched me closely, giggling as she saw my genitals. Soon she wasstanding between us as we stood naked, cuffing our hands behind ourbacks, and then, moving to the front, and added a genital cuff andleash to each of us, and moved back holding two plastic leashes to a loop on her wrist attached to our ballsacs, as she smiled smugly.She gave a little tug and I gasped, moving forward quickly.Just then the door opened and Beth came in, wearing a tiny thongbikini and high heels and leather gloves. Even with my balls on a leashI began to stiffen, and so did Billy. Beth checked our bonds andnodded, saying good work to Rachel. She smiled as she moved close to me, her big breasts touching.Her leather fingers moved up my body, cupping my full balls, andidly caressing my erection as I moaned, getting even harder.”Okay honey,” she said to Rachel, “lead him down the hallwayto the bathroom and get them ready! And Timmy” she smiled at me,’since your’e new here, do you have any questions?””Um, yes, um, ma’am!” Rachel slapped the back of my thighs as Billy got down on his handsand knees and I copied his movement. As I hurriedly crawled alongthe carpeted hallway to the bathroom, I felt the tug of the leashseveral times and hastened, making Rachel giggle. I saw two plasticdog food bowls there, filled to the brim with a yellow liquid!””Go ahead doggies, it’s nice and fresh too,” Rachel laughed.I knew it was still warm urine from her body, but Billy lowered hishead and began lapping at it with relish. WHACK! I contorted at the riding crop across my upraised rump!”Let’s get with the program, Timmy!” Beth said firmly.”Y-yes ma’am…” I gasped, and bent my head, shamefully tasting it.I lapped and slurped, and they made sure the bowl was empty. Rachel bentforward and took the bowls away and pointed at the spilled drops on thetile floor, so Billy and I lapped them up too, I was moaning in shame!After that we were allowed to stand and shortly after that I felt a strange sensation in my groin, a warmth, and I got even harder,embarrassingly so, my balls swollen, my rigid cock arched out. Billy’s too! The nearness of the voluptuous females didn’t help muchbut they giggled as they watched.”Did you put a double dose in?” Beth asked.’That’s what mom said!””Excellent, they should last a long time then! I just can’twait to begin!””Me either,” Rachel smiled, “I can barely wait until I hearTimmy scream!”I cleared my throat, “Um, ma’am, w-what did you put in the, um bowl?”Rachel was raising her riding crop and Beth stopped her.”I told him he could ask questions, honey!” She turned to me thenwith a smile. “You have a double dose of viagra coursing through your body, Timmy. It’s customary to give to males before getting a genital scourgingbut at your age it’s like making you a hardon on legs!” she added witha laugh!”A-a genital…!””Yes, youv’e seen the little cat of nine tails we use for it.We’ll be doing that after a few other things like spanking!I just adore doing that to a young male!””B-but, um, nobody said anything about….!”She laughed, “that’s so cute but I’m afraid it is something that isgoing to happen, Timmy! But just think what a good boy your’e goingto be when wer’e finished!”Rachel impatiently piped up. “That’s mom, aunt Beth, theyr’e readyfor them now!”************************************************Continued in complete illustrated upcoming story at************

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