Friday afternoon in the office


Friday afternoon in the officeIt was a quiet Friday in the office, I was dozing and dreaming of the weekend and wishing away the last few hours of the working week. I didn’t have anything special planned I just wanted to be out of here and away from the temptation of my work colleague, who as per a typical Friday had come in wearing jeans and a loose fitting top.She is thin but nicely curved, with a fleshy bottom and pert breasts. Brown bobbed hair, glasses and a really pretty face; she is bubbly and full of life. A couple of times already today she has pulled down some files from the top shelf and the shape of her body is mesmerising and topped off so perfectly by the flash of skin at her midriff when she reaches up that high. She caught me looking the third time and because we get on so well rather than ignore it or pretend she didn’t notice she joked and teased me, “get a nice view did you?” she asked. I laughed, slightly embarrassed, and said “yes, but then I have always like those box files”. She laughed again and said “you shouldn’t be looking like that at your age, you will give yourself a turn”. “Oy, you cheeky mare, I’m only fifteen years older than you”.I am nearing forty but I keep myself fit and have run a couple of half marathons this year, so I know she is teasing in that flirty way we do. She giggled again and turned to go back to her desk and caught the file on a cabinet and it spilled out of her hands to the floor. Rather than kneel to pick it up she turned her back to me and bent over, straight legged, to pick it up. The shape of her bum was incredible and I imagined the porcelain like skin beneath that denim. She must have done that deliberately I thought and is if reading her mind she scooped up the file and turned saying, “there, if that doesn’t give you a turn then your ticker must be OK”. I was speechless, I mean we had flirted before but nothing so, so brazen. So taken aback was I that I am not sure I can be held responsible for my next comment, “fit enough to do something about that bum” I said. The words were out before I could stop myself and as soon as they were spoken a silenced entered the office and sat itself square between us. We looked at each other. We waited. And I guess in that moment an unspoken fethiye escort contract was drawn up, reviewed and agreed upon. And she took a step toward me.I pushed my chair back a little and she approached and she spoke softly “we’ll have to see about that, wont we” She took her glasses off and put them down on my desk, with the folder and leaned over me. She kissed my forehead and drew her face down mine, our lips met and out tongues searched each other out. We kissed deeply and I moved my hands to her hips. She trailed a hand down my chest and moved her face down, she kissed my chin and slowly lowered herself. My hands rose up her body as she descended and I caught the fabric of her top and pulled it up and she sank. Raising her arms she let me remove the top and I threw it to the floor. She now knelt at the floor and proceeded to undo my belt and I ran my fingers through her hair. A button pulled open and my zip was lowered. I eased my bottom off the chair and she slid my trousers down, over my shoes and off. Her face came back up to my lap and she kissed my throbbing cock through the fabric of my jockey shorts. I felt her fingernails sc**** my skin as she gripped the elastic of my underwear and she slowly pulled down.I am not huge but just a little bigger than average and by now was fully erect. It took some tugging and she pulled my shorts down, my penis caught on the band and with one quick tug she pulled them clear of it and it sprung back and thwacked into my stomach, she giggled at the noise, discarded my underwear and traced her nails the length of my shaft. It felt electric and made me shudder with delight. Her face drew closer and the tip of her tongue reached out and brushed my balls and then ascended the length of my, very, throbbing, manhood. She licked up to the tip, circled it a few times then licked down the shaft again. She repeated this with more vigour each time as if trying to remove the candy stripe from a stick of rock. She cupped my balls and the next time she reached the tip of my cock with her tongue she closed her lips around the head and slid the shaft slowly into her mouth. I wanted to cum there and then, fill her mouth with my sticky liquid, coat her lips and face and send pump after pump full escort fethiye to the back of her throat but I also didn’t want it to end, so I concentrated hard and kept control.After a few minutes I felt the need to reciprocate the pleasure and holding her under each arm lifted her away, with great reluctance, so she was standing in front of me, leaning against the desk. I put my hands to her hips and savoured the sight of her body. Leaning forward I put my face against her breasts and felt the warmth against my cheeks. She reached around and unhooked her bra and I pulled back to let her remove it, the breasts dropped by no more than an inch, her boobs were perfect, pert 34 c-cups. I kissed and licked the fleshy whiteness and moved my mouth closer to a brown stiff nipple. I flicked my tongue, circled her areola and kissed the nipple. It was delicious. The nipple responded by stiffening more and I suck it gently before moving to the other breast. My hands moved to the button of her jeans and I pushed it through its eyelet. I fumbled with the zip while sucking her right nipple and then tugged and eased her jeans down over her knees to the floor where she kicked them off. I brought my hands up her soft thighs, stroking inside and out while moving from nipple to nipple with my mouth. I still hadn’t glanced down, savouring the surprise for as long as possible, I knew, no I was hoping the pants would be white.I pushed my chair back, released the nipple from my mouth and kissed her belly until I came to the white cotton briefs. My cock twitched and dribbled some pre-cum to the floor. Perfect.I kissed the front of her pants and moved my hands to cup her buttocks. I could feel her hair through the fabric and I flicked a tongue across the material. She moaned a little and ran her fingers through my hair gripping it tightly. I kissed up to the top of the waistband and dipped my tongue in a fraction, then pulled out. I wanted to see those milky white buttocks. I turned her round, she released my hair and placed both hands on the desk, spreading her legs tightly. I cupped her cheeks and kissed each buttock through her pants. I pulled the material from each buttock into the crack of her bum and stroked the soft white flesh. I needed this fethiye escort bayan woman now.I pulled her pants down to reveal the silky cheeks and I kissed and licked every inch. I pulled them apart and risked a slight tongue down the crack and slid a hand underneath her and felt her warmth and dampness. Standing I pushed the head of my cock to her entrance and slid gently in, not stopping once. I pulled out the entire length and in again. She groaned and clenched her fingers pushing papers and files to the floor. I gripped her hips and pumped faster. After minute or two I pulled out and sat back in my chair and buried my face into her arse. I licked from top to bottom that heavenly crack, I pushed her buttocks up and slid my tongue down to her pussy, that was sopping wet and she groaned some more.She needed me again and spun round and pushing my chair back sat down on my length in quick motion. It was becoming frantic now and she bounced up and down, her breasts bobbing with each thrust down. The chair squeaked, I groaned, she moaned and I threw my arms around her and gripped her warm moist back. I pushed my face into her breasts as her bouncing increased with pace and energy. “Fuck me” she screamed, “fuck me”.I stood up and her moment kept her bouncing for a couple of strokes and I laid her down on the desk. Her legs gripped around me and I thrust hard into that warm inviting tunnel. Her pussy sucked me in and seemed reluctant to let go. It was a hard and fast fuck and I felt a great tension building. Her breasts slid up and down, her head thumped my in-tray knocking it to the floor. I could feel her juices tickling my balls as they ran out of her and down my leg. I had to cum, and cum hard. The pressure built I thrust one more time and felt the surge. I pulled out, to her reluctance, and fired a huge jet of cream the length of her body. It reached her neck, trailed down her right breast, across her stomach and was resting across her pubic hair. Another spurt came and reached her belly button. Several more surges coated her furry pussy and the white juice stood out starkly against her jet black mound of curly wisps. I cupped her left breast as my cock deflated; trailing along the outline of her pussy lips as it slumped and ended resting pointed, worn out and emptied, to the ground. I leant over her our lips met and we kissed deeply.As exhausted as we both were, it was only 3-15, we still had two hours left at work and we had no intention of getting dressed…

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