Freshmen Year; Part One: The Creep


Freshmen Year; Part One: The CreepI slipped my hand under his blanket and felt his warm fuzzy stomach.He was just so handsome, I had to know what he was packing. Nothing too perverted, just alook.I could hear his soft shallow breathes, and it made my skin creep with excitement.His skin was so warm, he was like a space heater, I wanted to just crawl into bedwith him, and tell him I came home drunk… But he wouldn’t go for that. I was freshlyshowered, I smelled of body wash.He let out a little gasp and I frozen. My heart leapt into my throat, my chest was tight, Icould barely breath, I was terrified that he was going to wake up and catch me with my hand under his blanket. But he just rolled over on his side, so that he was facing me, and he was back to his soundsleep.I smiled. He had moved closer to me in that motion. He just made my job so much easier. I moved the blanket just enough so I could see that he had gone to bed without puttinganything on. I could almost cry, this was too easy.To top it all off, the moon was full, and the blinds were open. I could see my roommatessoft pale skin very well in the silvery blue light. His soft well groomed happy trail faded out just before his cock, leaving everything very well shaven.His big low hanging balls, which sagged almost to the mattress were smooth, andhairless, and very inviting. I found myself giving them a soft stroke. Which Curtis musthave enjoyed very much, because almost instantly his flaccid cut, cock started to swell.He went from a soft 3 to a semi hard 7 in almost no time at all. I whimpered. The rumorswere true. My roommate really did have the biggest cock on campus.I gave the well shaven semi-hard cock a nice gentle stroke to see if it really would reachthe ten and half inches my best friend Genna said she enjoyed at the sorority house party.I gave it a little up and down, once and then again, and Curtis let out a moan. His cockstiffen in my warm hand his hard cock pearled. A bead of perfectly clear precumgleamed in the opening of his massive cock.My tongue begged for his cock, and I gritted my teeth, not meeting them meet.Curtis smacked his lips and rolled onto his stomach, gaziantep escort almost immediately letting out aSharp gasp and rolling back over. Before he clicked the light back on, I tried to hide, but,there wasn’t anywhere for someone as tall, or with as broad shoulders to go…Curtis was distracted by his stiff cock for a minute, confused almost, definitely frustrated.Then he noticed I was in my briefs.”John?” He sounded very confused. He must have been fast asleep.”No…?” I tried to confuse him further.”You really are a sack of cocks sometimes! I know its you, I’m asking you, what are youdoing… Here… Or rather, was this,” he gestured to his cock, “you?”My mind raced. Do I lie? Will he believe me? Not likely.”Well… I… You see… I’m so fucking drunk.” It works for frat boys, right? And so what if I smell good? He’s half asleep.”You don’t sound drunk…””Reeeally? I um pruuutyyy fucking washe-ted. I mean, I am SHHHo drunk.” I closed one eyeand slumped to the side.”dude… You’re a terrible actor.” He laughed a strong full belly laugh.”ouch, and how is that funny?””A gay guy that can’t act? That’s almost ironic. “”I’m not-” I was about to protest. To keep face. He was my friend, I didn’t want to losethat just because I was horny, and curious.He winked at me and grabbed my chin: “Relax.” he kissed a strong deep kiss. He slidhis warm tongue along my upper lips and I could feel my heart rate triple.”but… If you…” I stuttered, out of breathHe smiled. “Why didn’t you tell ME? I’ve left you so many hints!” He kissed me again. “Ileft a cosmo out on my bed, I left a vibrator on my desk, it doesn’t get more obvious thanthat.” He kissed me again. “ooh wait, yes, yes it does.””How?” I was I little upset myself for missing a vibrator AND a cosmo magazine.”That massage I had you give me a few weeks ago.””…really? That was an offer?””Seriously? I was completely naked. You made me so horny it hurt. And then you didn’t go anywhere near my cock OR my ass.” he put his hand on my cock and started kissing down my chest.”I…. Mmmm.. I didn’t want to uuhhh… Mm, I didn’t… Oooh want you to get Upset andthink I was trying to pick you up.””Shame.” He laughed again. He pulled my underwear off and I crawled under the blanketwith him. I kissed his mouth and then his neck, and then whispered in his ear:”You’re so fucking hot. When you cone back from the shower without clothes on, I get sofucking stiff.” He kissed my neck then said very slowly:”I know.” I licked my way down his chest and then dragged my nose through his happytrail. I breathed deeply in its crotch, he was warm and just lightly musky. Not enough tosmell, but rather, enough to be super fucking kinky. I licked up and down his cock untilhe started moaning:”Stop teasing me and just fucking suck my cock!”I smiled. I opened my mouth all the way and went right into a deep throat. He arched andsquirmed with pleasure. He moaned loudly like a horny cat.I felt him arch suddenly and violently. He quickly took my mouth away from his cock and he startedbreathing deeply.”You didn’t…””If I hadn’t made you stop, I would have!” He said gasping for air. I smiled.”Sounds like you like it?” I said laughing. He breathed deeply and opened his eyes, I could see his pupils dilate in the moon light. It gave me goose bumps. He looked like a feral cat.”Your turn.” He turned me flat on my back and mounted me, with his knees at my hips. I’m nearly 6’6” but Curtis is a good head an shoulders taller than me. He kissed my firmly, but gently. Perfect kisses. I felt my hands begging for something to hold onto, and they found his firm broad shoulders. He pressed his warm chiseled body against me and I felt my skin flush with pleasure. He kissed my neck and up and down my torso. I arched and whimpered with pleasure. Finally he licked his way from my underwear up to my neck and whispered in my ear.“Do you bottom?” I smiled, his breath was warm against my skin.“Do I, what?” I asked.“Bottom. John, do you bottom?” I opened my eyes, and looked at him, embarrassed.“I’ve, I don’t, I haven’t… Curtis, I thought you knew…” I moved out from underneath him and crawled out of the blanket and sat on the edge of the bed.“Dude, relax. If you don’t, then you don’t. I’m versa, its not a big deal.” He put arms around me and tried to force me back into bed with kisses.“I’m, Curtis… Dammit. I’m a virgin, dude.” I looked at the ground embarrassed. I felt my cheeks flush in embarrassment, and my ears burned red hot.“You’re a… You? Really?” I stood up angrily. “You’re a 23 year old college freshmen, and you have the nerve to imply a 19 year old virgin is weird?! Fuck you!”“That’s RIGHT!” He hissed angrily, trying not to shout.“What?” I asked confused. “Fuck me, John. Fuck me, like I’m a virgin too.” He pressed his knees against the mattress and left his feet on the floor. He pressed his hands against his cheeks and spread his ass.“I’m lost.” I said, killing whatever was left of the mood. He stood up and gave me a hug.“We all started virgin’s, dude, its nothing to be embarrassed by.” he laughed. “I was confused, because you’re so unbelievably hot, that I couldn’t imagine you hadn’t nailed half you high school.”“I was fat in highschool. 440 was the lowest I ever weighed..”“Well, lucky me. Fresh fruit.” He pushed me back on the bed and pulled my underwear off. I was just a little swollen, and not hard at all. He slurped up my cock and I moaned. His mouth was hot and wet, like nothing I had ever felt before. “You like that?” he said between licks.I smiled. “How could I not?” I felt myself growing and pushing his mouth out of the way. He kept increasing speed the harder I got, which got me harder, a lot quicker. He moaned around my cock and my goosebumps came back.“Shit.” He gasped. “I thought I was big. Look at you.” I smiled even bigger.“I’m really not, though.” I laughed and opened my eyes. He was holding my shiny wet cock and admiring it. “Damn. That is almost a full two inches bigger, than I have ever seen my cock.” He quickly down all 10 inches in one motion and I felt my back arch. Waves of pleasure surged through me as he gagged and choked on my dick. He kissed back up my chest to make out with me more, all the while, we jerked off.“Are you ready?” He smiled a wicked smile. “My ass isn’t going to fuck itself.” he wicked and kissed me again. “That IS a joke, right?” I laughed. “I’ve been ready since you parked your Roadster under our dorm room window, and I said to myself ‘Please, oh, please let that hot bastard be my roommate.’ ”

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