Freaky February Part Four

Big Tits

Freaky February Part FourNote: Once again, if you don’t read this story from the first episode called “Freaky February”, I don’t see how you can possibly keep straight what is going on here.———————————————————————————-I was kind of nervous about dinner that evening. Mom said it would be all right. I helped her make the spaghetti dinner and we had the plates all set up for him when he got home. Mom told me she was going to wear that skimpy top I sometimes wore when I went out because Daddy had jumped her right after I left one evening and they played another game of ‘Daddy and Jennifer.’ I got wet when Mom told me about it as we made dinner. He had Mom put on a small green top that was as close to what I was wearing as possible. She went into my bedroom that night, wearing the top with no bra (just as I had when I left the house), short shorts that were slit up the sides Daisy Duke style and no panties. Mom said she lay there on my bed playing with her nipples and fingering her pussy from the crotch of her pants while Daddy walked up to my bedroom door, looking in at her as she pretended to be me. He ‘spied’ on her, while unzipping his pants and pulling his big cock out, then stripping. She laughed when she told about being able to see just one of his eyes as his head partially peeked in at her. She suddenly ‘noticed’ him and tried to hide her hard nipples by throwing her pillow over her chest and pulling her hand away from her shorts. Daddy walked into my room, completely naked with his hand holding his hard cock.I laughed when she said “Oh Daddy” out loud in the exact sound of my voice. She listened as he told her she needed to be quiet. He quietly closed my door. “Your mother is downstairs reading a novel and we have half an hour.” Mom pretended not to know what he meant about that and Daddy said, “You know you have been driving me crazy wearing those skimpy clothes and now here you are playing with your pussy and tits and I am nothing more than a man even esenyurt escort if I am your father. He had her sit up on the bed and watch him jacking on his cock. She quoted him: “Honey, I can’t take it anymore.” She told me the rest of the story and we both wound up soaking wet.When the story was over Mom was quiet for a while then said, “Jennifer, when we get your father to understand what has happened, I am going to need…” I interrupted her and said, “You need some cock, don’t you mom.” She nodded her head solemnly then grinned impishly and said, “I haven’t been a virgin for the longest time. Do you know how hot it would make me, being here in your body, giving my cherry, your cherry to your Daddy.?”We were talking about it and I had just told her that I was okay with not actually knowing what it felt like to lose it, as long as I was there to watch.With Mom dressed as me I was to dress up as her being me in the skimpy green top she had worn that night with the Daisy Dukes. Neither of us wore bras or panties. We heard the car pull up in the driveway. We gave each other a hug.As Daddy walked into the house, we were standing by the dining room table, the spaghetti dinner all laid out with salad and garlic toast. He actually looked at the dinner before he even looked at the two of us standing behind it. “Well, what’s the occasion? My favorite….” Then he stopped, staring at the two of us, his mouth partly open. He asked Me if I would come with him into the kitchen because he had something to talk about before dinner.As soon as we were in there, he moved close to me and said, “Eileen…whatever is going on?” He started touching the green top and my hard nipples. “Jennifer is dressed in that sexy going out outfit. Is she going out tonight? If she is, we can play again!” He moved his hand to the crotch of my short shorts and grinned when he found I was not wearing panties. He dipped a finger into my cunt and sniffed then tasted the wet on the tip. He had this huge grin avrupa yakası escort when the person he thought was his daughter walked into the room. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. She took his hand and in my voice said, “Bill, we need to go into the living room and sit down.” Daddy was confused that I would be calling him Bill. I had never done that before. He gave me this look and I said, “Listen to Mom Daddy. We both need to tell you something.” Daddy looked completely flummoxed.We sat on the sofa, Mom next to him with me next to her. She did all the talking at first. “Bill, I know you are confused about this. Just listen.” She told him the story about that night in the Century Store. He would listen to the person who seemed to be his daughter while giving me these searching looks. I concentrated on what Mom was telling him. Mom looked at me and said, “Jenn, would you step into the kitchen for a while. I have to convince your Daddy that I am his wife.” I left, but kept the door cracked open to I could watch and hear as much as I could. Dad’s eyes had followed me and his confused look was making me a bit sad. Mom didn’t realize how well I could hear them. She told him about the time I had gone out dressed in the very clothes she was then wearing. How she had worn that green top and Daisy Dukes. How he had pretended to watch his ‘daughter’ playing with herself in my room. She took both of his hands as she continued. She started telling him about the night I was born, what the doctor had said while he brought me out of my Mother and into the warm air that was the delivery room. Then she started talking to him about the videos they had taken. She told him she had shown one to me so I would know how to act with her husband.It was a marathon talk and the dinner got cold. I heard some of what she didn’t want me to ever know. She talked about the time they had gone to the swinger’s club and his boss and his wife anadolu yakası escort Nicole wound up being there too. How neither had known the other was a swinger. How much his boss enjoyed fucking her and then about the tatto his boss’s wife had right above her clit. She said it was the “cutest little blue bird” which were Mom’s exact words when Mom started licking Nicole’s cunt.That was what finally convinced him. He asked, “When did this start again?” She told him once more and he thought about that then knowledge came to him in a rush. “I fucked you the next morning, but you were Jenn and Jenn was you! I fucked my own daughter! and I saw Jenn, you! watching us fucking and you were playing with your cunt.” He put his hands to his head and then asked, “So …Eileen…what does this all mean? When does it stop? Who do I sleep with. Then he gasped and said, “I fucked her mouth while she was in the bathroom peeing. I shot my cum into her mouth. I thought it was you!!?”Mom led him out of the kitchen and as they walked over to me she smiled and winked to let me know Daddy finally understood. We decide to eat the dinner first and talk about it during dinner. Mom put the spaghetti in the microwave and warmed it up. Daddy and I looked at each other. We both started to talk at the same time. He won out with his, “Jenn, Honey, I didn’t know. I…” I took his hand and said, “You fucked me Daddy, but you thought I was Mom. I thought I was having a dream. Then I saw me standing in the doorway watching us and I realized that I was not dreaming about fucking…I was getting fucked by my Daddy. It’s not your fault Daddy. It’s not anybody’s fault, it’s just something we all have to deal with for a while.”Daddy was telling me how excited he was and that he was kind of embarrassed that I knew about his ‘Daddy-Jennifer’ fantasies. I told him it was okay, then admitted I had fantasies about him too.Mom came in with the hot spaghetti and served it to us. Daddy started to pat her on the butt like he might do any other night when his wife was serving dinner, then held his hand back in the air as if it was wrong to do that. Mom laughed and said, “Oh go on and pat my butt. I am your wife. Your daughter is sitting right there with you.”We all laughed as Daddy patted my very nice butt. When Mom brought my dinner around I patted it too and the laughter began again. It was going to be a very interesting evening.

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