Francesca’s Extreme Anal Diary – capt.2


Francesca’s Extreme Anal Diary – capt.2
This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any place or any
person,living or dead, is purely coincidental.

This is an original story.

Francesca’s Extreme Anal Diary

Chapter 2


So, diary, where was I? That shit felt good; but damn, I wish I could
find where Greg hides ‘my’ dildos. I’m still recovering; but shit! I
really want something up my ass right now while I write this, and I don’t
have anything.

Anyway. There I was, belted and bound to that insidious, evil chair, (I
love how that sounds, for that’s the only thing it’s there for, is to
restrain me and pull my butt (literally) onto the pole that’s waiting
there) knees knocking, body trembling slightly with the effort of staying
erect. I wanted to, I didn’t want to. I needed to shit, I didn’t want to
shit. I had to. I couldn’t. The anticipation was killing me (so to
speak). Greg had really put all this together, apparently (and especially)
with this in mind, to rock my ass with a new dildo, and I had this feeling
that it was going to be a humdinger. He’d amassed all that lube, readied
it for deep injection into my poopchute, and set the dildo on the chair and
lubed it while I laid on the bed concentrating on holding that huge
expanding fuck toy deep up my rectum, with all the might I could muster,
from inner sphincter to outer. I’ll say this, he must have been boiling
for days waiting for this opportunity. Thank heaven he’s not physically
abusive (not that he needs to be, the dildos do that to my ass channel
quite well, thank you.)

I could barely hold myself up with the anticipation and the action the
restraints were having on me. With the restraints in place, well, seat
belts like that, you know how they work. Pull them out of the holder, lock
them into the buckle, and any excess you pull out gets pulled back in. You
can’t pull them back out until they’ve rolled all the way back in, which
you know of course means that where the chair’s concerned, I couldn’t
(can’t) stand farther up. Once downward motion’s in place, those belts are
slowly going to pull me down………wait for it….I know, I know, dear
reader, you can almost taste the anticipation. I want you to enjoy this
journal like I enjoy experiences in the ‘rocking’ chair. Don’t gobble it
up, savor it.

At this point, all my energy was going into trying to both stand up and
keep from shitting at the same time. I don’t know what flashed across my
mind as I stood there against the edge of the chair, but whatever it was
decided it was better to sit than strain and …you get the picture.
Already I didn’t know how long I’d been holding myself off the edge of the
chair, let alone how long it had been since Greg had first come home and
caught me, starting this latest session of “timeless’ fun. I also knew I
didn’t want to wait anymore. Before I could stop myself, I eased my knees
a little and gripped the chair’s arms in preparation of what was to come. I
was starting to experience a slight sensory deprivation from feeling
nothing but what my limbs and asshole had been telling me, and I knew my
orgasm, when it finally came, would be…

A slight jerk on the belts as my body sagged downward brought me out of
my reverie. Time to concentrate on my rear end. It was literaly wobbling
in anticipation, searching for the dildo that stood gloriously erect below.
It had to be, with all the grease in and on my ass and undoubtedly on that
dildo, too, it wouldn’t be staying in place unless there was a solid
suction cup base holding it firmly in place for my rectal opening, down on
the wood of the chair seat many inches below.

Another jerk. How far was I off the chair? I’d surely be touching the
head momentarily unless it was a plug, Or was he playing with me again? As
that thought crossed my mind, my asscrack was introduced to Greg’s (my) new
dildo. My first thought as it brushed my cheeks was it was obviously
really firm, but not HARD. It was the material that makes what they call
the ‘mister softy’ type; it was pliant, but not rough, assertive, not
offensive, but definitely a rude intruder. If it had been one of those
mighty three foot ramrods made of the harder kind of latex, my rectum would
have been in real trouble. All that flashed across my mind in a split
second, along with the certainty I was probably still 10-11 inches off the
chair! AND IT WAS BIG! REALLY WIDE! My asshole was telling me just from
the way my cheeks were spreading already that it had to be a good 4-5
inches in circumference, bigger than the width of a fist! I jerked up. ‘I
can’t possibly take that much in my asshole! No!’ But the jerk on the
belts pulled me back down firmly and somewhat rudely. Before I realized
it, the glorious head was lodged firmly in my crack and knocking on my
backdoor. I wanted it, but I didn’t want to let it in! I’d be split!
“Yes! No! No! Yes! No!” ran through my head. Meanwhile, my bowels were
still asserting their need to move, as that gloriously huge monster cock
asserting it’s contention to enter my rear entryway. It was either me or
the dildo. Something had to give, and of course, the dildo had the
advantage. I resisted with all my might; but that mighty monster wanted
inside my body (or should I say, my booty!) A wail of need and desire ran
through my head as my need to shit made itself known. I could help myself
anymore! I had to have it! My bowels trembled in need, my hungry bottom
trembled with desire. ‘I’m gonna shit! Ohh, no!’ I lost the battle of
wills as I started to lose control of my bowels. My asshole opened to try
and let the log of dirt out; but physics and that greasy monster cock
outside my backdoor won out. As my hole dilated, that mega-dick peeked
inside. The only thing that came out of my butt was air. I moaned through
the ball gag; but you couldn’t hear it over the fart I made. I could even
hear that fart through my earmuffs, which were industrial sound blockers!
Meanwhile, latex and shit met just inside the edge of my hole. Slippery
and greasy, that mighty monster had won the right of entry and was
meaningfully asserting itself. I could feel my shit being pushed into as
my ass widened to accomodate that gloriously huge dildo. Feeling that took
me into a zone of nothing but feeling as all my senses focused on what was
happening to my bottom. ‘Oh, my God! It’s huge! It’ll never fit! I’m
gonna split wide open! Eeeeee-uhhh! Ahhh! Ooooo!Oh! Oh my hole! It’s
really widening! It’s REALLY dilating! This things actually
going………OHHHHHHHH! oH MY….MY ASSHOLE! Oh my God! It’s actually
going in! No! Shit it out! Don’t! I can’t push it out! It’s going in
now! It’s gonna go all the way in, I can’t keep it out anymore! IT’S
GOING IN! OH MY GOD! (At this point, while I knew I was slowly sitting
down, I would have sworn on a stack of bibles I was lying on my side again.
All I could feel was that mighty tool pushing itself slowly, so deliciously
slowly, up my butt.) Aahh! Oh, my god. Oh my ass! I can’t believe my ass
is accomodating this thing! (Note:though it never consciously occurred to
me, I was feeling no pain whatsoever. It didn’t even feel like that
monster had injured my sphincter in any way! Well, why should it have?
There was probably a gallon of lube to ease the initial entry (nevermind
the lube waiting to grease the ways inside!) Slowly that mighty monster
made its way deeper into my bottom. ‘Shit! ARrrrrh! OOOOOO! Oh my, oh
my, ohmi, ohmigoooooooooddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow this things
just slipping right up there! Hell, girl, it should, there’s enough
vaseline in your ass to lube a hundred dildos! Oh
gaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwddddddd! When’s this thing gonna stop? Feels
like a foot in there already!!! (At that point, it was about halfway up(or
was I halfway down?)) Slowly I kept sinking onto that dildo and it kept
sinking into my rear! At that point, I couldn’t even think clearly. My
ass was happy, my shit was packing, my clit was popping, and I wanted to
just hold that ass jamming pole right where it was and just wait for the
orgasm to come. But I couldn’t! I tensed and tightened the muscles in my
asshole, but that dick was just too lubed to stop. I knew it was going to
go all the way to the hilt. When it did, it’d bang right into my anal
g-spot and throw me over the edge. I wanted it. I didn’t. If I did, I
might hurt something inside. ‘What the hell, girl, you’re probably going
to need a butt doctor to take this mighty monster out, anyway! I can’t
hold myself up anymore! I gotta sit down! All the way down! Just
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ As I relaxed, that rude dude in my poopchute slid all
the way in for a home run. I was finally able to clamp my ass cheeks
firmly around the base, and the impact when I hit bottom (literally! :O)
was so GOOD that I involuntarily had to pee. Water everywhere.
Meanwhile,that pole slammed into my anal g-spot. It threw me into another
dimension. All I could feel was that tree trunk lodged more deeply than
anything that had ever been up my ass before. I had to move! I rocked
back and forth, riding that mighty shit-fucking pole for all it was worth.
Oh my GOD it was great! ‘Oh
MY BUTT!FUCK MY ASS! Fucking my ass soooooooooo goooooooooddddd! Deep in
my ass! DEEP IN MY ASS! Can it get any deeper than this!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I could feel was waves and waves of lightning
ecstasy pouring from my pussy and that mighty bole all the way up my
butthole. Another
ooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!Oh god my pussys pulsing so hard!
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipuuuuuusssssssssssy!Oh my
NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!’ I lost track of how many times I came, I’ve never
had more than one at one time. Somewhere in the middle of the fourth, I
was so blown out with pleasure I lost consciousness. Butt, it wasn’t over
yet, diary. Greg left me there for heaven knows how long. Somewhere much
later, my body clock said probably three or four hours had passed
altogether (wow! that much time with almost all but the first several
minutes with one or another HUGE thing shoved up my ass!!) Greg woke me
when he was freeing me from the belts. I felt his hand on my arm. I
weakly pushed on the arms of the chair and tried to stand up. That mighty
monster asserted itself, reminding my I still had a major bole up my hole.
I clenched it in and stood. Greg marched me over to the bed and sat me
down. Oooh! Felt good when that dildo made contact with the mattress.
Slamma ramma jamma in my ass, baby! I lay back, and Greg wasted no time in
slamming his dickmeat home in my pussy. From his persepctive, I’d put on
one hell of a show. He was so turned on, he couldn’t wait to get in there.
When he entered me, the feeling of two dicks in my body rocked me over the
edge again!
HHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another two orgasms rocked my body one right
after the other. I lost it again a third time as I felt his hot cream
shooting deep into my pussy. “I DID IT!” was the last thing that passed
through my mind as I passed out again, with that megadildo still up my

Tune in again next time (ha ha!)

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