First time feeling sexy with a man.


First time feeling sexy with a man.I never knew I was attractive to other men. Well certain men anyway. I was always fit and always slim , I had a protruding bum, not as big as some women but a bum that stuck out because of a sway back. I didn’t now some guys liked that. First inkling was 1st time to Sydney, stayed at the Cross (King’s Cross) and went out for a few beers. I somehow ended up at a place called the Taxi club. Looked normal to me, guys dancing with girls etc.It was fairly crowded and I was standing around the bar area, (did I say i was 18) I felt a few brushes against my bum and thought nothing of it.In fact it was a little bit sexy. First time a guy actually felt me up was a genuine hand feeling my butt cheeks, mmm ,I had no idea how to act so I just stood there with my 1/2 empty beer in my hand and tried to be “cool”. The next feel was a bolder grab and this time there was the feel of a finger between my bum cheeks and i could feel it touch my arsehole. I started to turn but the crowd was really thick so again, I didn’t respond, what next I thought? porno hikaye He kept probing me and unbelievably, I started to respond, pushing my bum back onto him and slowly rotated -grinding-on his hand. This guy, a fair bit older than me leant over my shoulder and whispered right into my ear, almost kissing it really, come to the bar with me and I will buy us a drink, I said what, the two of us? By this time I had a hard on poking my pants out and he had both hands around my waist and i thought what will everyone think? But nobody seemed to notice.He said, yes, I don’t want someone stealing you, you are fucking hot.Whaaaaat???He started to guide me to the bar but instead said come upstairs we can sit down and get to know each other a bit better. he had his mouth on my ear and I was feeling pretty dizzy, so i let him take my hand and lead me into the dance area where there were lots of sofas spread around.He sat me down right next to him, put an arm around my shoulder, leaned in, kissed me on the mouth and told me he again i was Hot. First time that, for the kiss and the words. seks hikayeleri I was so damned shy!!He took my hand and guided it to his dick, which was out btw, and thick, wow! He started kissing me again and he said just rub it up and down babe, so i did. Let me touch your bottom sweetheart he said, so I shifted forward on the sofa and he reached under me and started fingering my butt, I liked it and I liked the really strong smell coming from his groin, he asked me what do you like? and I said i didn’t know, I said i like this, what we are doing,He just sat back and looked at me and said “you’re a virgin aren’t you. and I said that I was. He took my hand, stood up and we went in to the toilet area, lots of people there, but he took me in to a cubicle, turned me around and really kissed me. He was fumbling with his pants and i felt them drop to the floor, his dick was huge, and super hard. he took my pants down and we had our dicks touching each others, his hands were on my bare bum and fingering me, he whispered “I want to fuck you honey” but before I could say yes or erotik hikayeler no he blew his load all over my dick, my legs. my balls, my pants .you name it. I was wet with cum. he said , babe, just kneel and kiss it a bit please, so I did and i licked it and kiss it and touched his balls and put the head in my mouth and he squirted into mouth ,hot cum! Again!He held my head there so I actually swallowed it, he said have a drink of water in a moment when we go out and the taste will go. He said, I have to go, come here next week same time and we do it again.I was sitting on the loo mouth open and couldn’t speak, i don’t know why I expected, but that was it! Anyway, there Iam with a helluva mess , my mouth tasted of cum butI felt pretty pleased with myself. I tidied up, and went and had a mother beer, I didn’t rinse my mouth out, I actually liked the taste.I stayed a bit longer in the bar area, had a chat with a few guys, let a couple of other guys have a feel of my butt, even got a bit “cheeky” with a couple of guys who lingered a bit long, but it was all good fun.I did go back, a few times, but i never ran into the 1st guy again and I probably wouldn’t have known what he looked like anyway lol.But I did feel sexy, and that was pretty special.Til next time. ..

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