Dutch Dating Sites [1]: VIRGINS-1


Dutch Dating Sites [1]: VIRGINS-1
I learned a lot about the state of sex in The Netherlands and Belgium by my experiences at two Dutch Dating Sites since early Winter
I mention here first what amazed me most – after the third wave of feminism, I am from the first – is SHAME: for virginity or little tits

I am a philosopher, who never had a boss: all the time of my life in Amsterdam to reflect – after a quarter of a Century of my official studies
I blame it on American Cultural Imperialism, including Christian religions and other strange beliefs like wide-spread C(R)APITALISM


I will start by telling the worst part: my first date did not show up for a talk and a drink in the cosy cafe of The Movies, just a few blocks away
I know by now the main tease and tool of success is talking money: “I am among the ten richest women in our Province”, as an introduction

I double their number for other women over fourty, rich widows or lucky divorcees, who try to make their money talk, of no avail at me!
I triple the last number of women who introduce themselves by complaining first about their rich – always off – husbands, in looking around

I dislike dyed hairdos, like too much make-up and all the other unnatural attributes, especially silicone boobs, which I simply disgust
I dislike dumb girls, who ask for things which are obvious. I do not understand why they disclose so much there, but lack guts to call

I dislike the business model of those sites, I blame capitalism, but I fail to understand why so far no-one dared to call me on the phone
I dislike the shame of girls around twenty – so far between eighteen and twenty-eight – for their virginity, while all their girlfriends did ‘it’


I do like the guts of one teen, who still lived at her parents: she wrote me recently, just after midnight, she would climb out of the window
I did encourage her and assured her I can host her for a couple of nights, but unfortunately she lacked the guts to do what she wanted

I was amazed in the first month by the number of virgins, who fancied to be made into a woman by an elder gentleman-hippie-scientist
I was amazed their daily number slowly rose from average one or two to at least a handful of them – every day again! Can you imagine?

I live on welfare, so I can not afford to write back to most of them, nevertheless I still do, about once a day, until now of no avail, not yet!
I like my life full of freedom and all my intellectual qualities, I would like to teach the virgins a lot, for free, but they still lack enough guts

I do write back – albeit only once – to the virgins, telling them we will need at least a long weekend for all my intended lessons of love
I am of the opinion that the defloration is the culmination of what they will learn from me, not the start of it, as they all do expect

I would not mind to explain in some detail how I would approach the matter, which depends on their earlier erotic experiences
I will consider to add a few more parts to this series, if my dear readers show any interest by their ‘ likes’ and best also comments


I will wait and see, as I only write by inspiration, never on any orders, which yielded a dozen essays in Polish (Playboy) around 2000
I will consider polite requests from friendly females, while I welcome them to tell me about their first time with a stiff prick inside them

I wonder whether it hurt? Did you bleed? Was it enjoyable? Please leave a public comment, or else write me your details in private
I want to make clear here once more, that the turn this series will take, depends mostly on my friendly female dear readership here!

I claim my Copyright: April 17, 2017 — Professor Poet-PETER

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