DONNA – Breaking in a virgin 32 years younger


DONNA – Breaking in a virgin 32 years youngerNathan was 22 years old he’d been transferred to our store from another 7 miles away. He and I were always having a laugh and joking around. On our break he came and sat next to me, as our conversation flowed I found out he was a virgin. He’d never been out with a girl let alone touched one but he did say how desperate he was to lose his virginity. That got me thinking.A couple of weeks later the manager asked me if I wanted an extra couple of hours overtime, I asked what it entailed and he told me it was sorting out in the store room, he said it smiling as he and I and Richard had had a threesome before. I said “Will you be there” and he replied “No, sadly” I said “Go on then” so the following Wednesday after my shift I headed to the store room.As I opened the door Nathan came in behind “Are you doing overtime as well” I said, he replied “Yes”, as we went in the room there were boxes everywhere, Sally came in and told us what needed doing and she’d be back in a couple of hours, as she left I knew from previous experience that the door automatically locks and you can only enter with a key.As we started to count the boxes and take stock of what we had Nathan and I were talking, he kept saying how desperate he was to lose his virginity and again I thought to myself ‘ maybe today’. After about twenty minutes I sat down on the cushioned bench and said “Nathan come and sit here for a moment” he came over and sat next to me.I said “Have you ever been out with a girl?” and he replied “No”, I looked at him he wasn’t a grotesque looking lad but he wasn’t God’s gift either, “Come closer to me” I said, as he did I put my arm around his shoulders, “Kiss me” I ordered, as he moved forward he clumsily kissed my şişli escort lips. With my arm I moved him even closer and we kissed again.I slipped my tongue into his mouth and he pulled away, “That’s proper kissing” I told him, as I pulled him closer again we resumed kissing, his tongue was entwined with mine. I looked and his eyes were closed, as I moved my lips onto his neck I whispered in his ear “Feel my tits”, as he roamed his hands over my breasts he wasn’t doing it right at all.I pulled apart and lifted my top up, unclipped my bra and threw it on the floor, his eyes were sticking out. “Now feel my tits gently and rub my nipples” he moved his hands over my 44DD’s and rubbed my nips, I was beginning to feel aroused. “Bend down and lick and then suck them” I said, after a couple of minutes he did just that.As he sucked my nips I was running my hand through his hair, “Lick one and feel the other then alternate the motion”, he did as I told him and it wasn’t taking long for me to be getting quite turned on, you’ll know after reading our stories how quick I get wet and this was no exception. After a good five minutes I said “Put your hand on the inside of my thigh and caress me”.His hand was rubbing the inside of my thigh as he licked my tits, GOD I was SO turned on. I parted my thighs to give him a bit more access and then said “Move your hand up my leg and rub the front of my knickers”, as soon as I said it his hand moved upwards resting nicely on the front of my panties. “Gently rub me” I said as he did.I could feel myself been very wet, as he rubbed I lifted his face up and we snogged again. “Now gently slide your finger under the elastic of my knickers and feel around for a little hard lump” as we kissed I felt his finger start to şişli escort bayan probe, he slipped straight in my wet pussy and I gasped. “Move upwards and explore” as he did he found my clitoris.“Right there” I said, “Gently rub me” as his fingers rubbed my clit I felt a surge of electricity flood my body, he was rubbing firmly but a little too fast, “Slow down” as he did I knew I was close to orgasm. As he rubbed me it only took a couple more minutes when I pulled away from his mouth and moaned I said “Don’t stop, whatever you do don’t stop” as he rubbed me to my climax.Another few minutes and I clamped my hand over his and said “That’s Ok now”, pulling him closer again we started to snog and my hand drifted down to his leg, running my hand up I soon found his stiff cock. “Take your trousers off” I ordered, he stood up, unclipped them and took them off, he stood in front of me with a massive bulge in his boxers.I ran my hand over his bulge and pulled his boxers down, out sprang a good 71/2” hard cock. Slipping him into my mouth he gasped, I pulled his foreskin back and licked his helmet, he groaned. Giving him a little tug I laid down on the bench and said “Pull my knickers off and gently slide your cock into my pussy”, as I opened my chunky thighs his fingers were in my waistband.My knickers were soon pulled down and I opened my legs, his eyes were popping out as he looked at his first wet cunt. “Slide in and fuck me gently” with his cock in his hand he slid in and started to hump me at some speed. “Slow down” I said but he didn’t, he thrust and thrust for only a couple of dozen strokes and then his face screwed up as I felt his seed pour into my pussy.As he fell out, limp, he said “That was awesome” as he sat next to me sweating, mecidiyeköy escort bayan I sat up and smiled at him. “I need the toilet” and with that he left the room. I stood up and mopped myself down with some tissues I had as his spunk dripped from my pussy, I quickly put my knickers back on but could still feel his seed dribbling down my leg.Five minutes later there was a knock on the door, as I opened it Nathan stood there, he came in and said “Thanks for that”, I walked him back to the bench and sat him down, running my hand over his cock I said “How old are you?” “22” he replied as his cock was growing as I fondled him, unclipping his pants again I soon discarded his boxers and yet again he stood to attention.Clenching my fist around his shaft I gave him a tug and slipped him back into my mouth. Sucking him he was soon groaning, I lifted up my skirt and glided my wet knickers down my legs, thighs apart I straddled his member, then grabbing hold of him I sat down on his cock, he mumbled as I jumped up and down on his pole at a steady pace.“Feel my tits” I shouted as his hands groped me, his fingers rubbing my nipples I was so turned on. After a few minutes I got off and knelt on the bench, “Fuck me from behind” he edged his cock into me and started to fuck me slower than the first time, as he fucked me I rubbed my clit as quick as I could and knew I wouldn’t last too long.As I was coming I said “Slowly Nathan Slowly” as he slowed down my climax erupted and all my juice ejaculated out of my cunt spraying his cock. When I’d come to I said “Pull out” when he did I grabbed his cock and fed him into my mouth, wanking him and licking him he was breathing heavier and moaning loudly.Then suddenly he squealed as I felt his sticky deposit shoot down my throat, I squeezed his balls and fingered his anus as he came in my mouth. As he sat there he said “That was fantastic” and I got dressed. When our shift was over he said “Thanks Donna” and I replied “Our secret” and winked at him, he smiled.

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