Doctor groomed me


Doctor groomed me
He approached me tentatively, obviously nervous about what he was going to do, but at the same time compelled to do it. I was in my doctors surgery and as usual, on his request, gone behind the curtain completely stripped off and was lying on his examination table, partly ashamed of my nakedness, partly excited. He came around from behind the curtain and paused taking in my young naked body. I looked away, ashamed. He came to my side, and gently lifted my legs from behind my knee, encouraging me to take hold of my knees and pull them to my chest. Looking away helped my embarrassment. I was highly conscious of how vulnerable I was, my tiny cock on display as was my arse hole. He sighed with contentment. He pulled on a surgical glove and squeezed a lot of KY onto his finger. “This will be a little bit cold”

This was the third time he had said these words to me. I had first come to his office a month earlier. As adolescence had dawned on me I had become stressed at my lack of physical development, I had a tiny cock and had become increasingly embarrassed by it. As I had no father to talk to about it my mum suggested I go to the Dr. My first meeting had been excruciating as he gently coaxed me to share my problems with him.i had feared ridicule but he was so kind and gentle that I found myself talking to him about my concerns.

Soon I found myself on his examination table naked. He was feeling my cock and balls and said” oh they are gorgeous you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of…….beautiful “. I blushed. “ many guys or girls would love your package “ he said. I was puzzled by his reference to guys but said nothing.

He encouraged me to visit if I had any more questions advising me to book a last appointment. I had thought constantly about his reference to “ guys” and thought about weather I was gay. I was confused. Again he put me at ease and told me not to get hung up on labels. “ gay or straight I’m sure you will have lots of sex as you get older”. I felt grown up in his presence and it felt natural when he came from behind his desk and took my hand and lead me to his examination table. Again he caressed my cock and balls and slid his gloved finger into my ass. After the surprise I felt excited. This time he fingered my ass more, beyond what I knew was necessary for medical examination. I blushed but was enjoying the attention from the hunky Dr. He cooed as he focused all his attention on my ass. “Sexy…..bitch” he said. Glancing at me seeing my pride at his compliment.

Before I left that night he suggested I explore some websites like tumblr, Xhamster and other sites. He encouraged me to be open minded about my sexuality and Ibadan spent the next week exploring all sorts of sexuality, my mind blown by what I saw. It had also convinced me that I was indeed gay as I mostly focused on guys with their cocks and balls. I experimented with fingering my ass, graduating to a banana.

Third time.

Still looking at the wall I felt his finger pushing against my rosebud until it yielded. “Relax, while I examine you, it will not hurt at all” his soothing voice intoned. At first it feels strange, but then I feel a tingle in my stomach. I must’ve smiled because he says “you like that, don’t you?” I nod, still embarrassed, and somewhat unaware of the hold my young body has over him. I feel his finger slide in and out and the pleasure intensifies for me.

“That’s really nice” I ventured hearing the trembling in my own voice. He smiled at me and said “good boy, good boy ”

I could see his cheeks were now flushed red and he was breathing a little more heavily. With his other hand he started “examining” my testicles, he took my tiny penis between his fingers, pulling back the foreskin gently, but repeatedly.

Do you like that, he asked and nodded coyly “very much so “with that he dribbled saliva from his mouth onto my penis and continued to wank it gently. “you know you are my special special boy, don’t you? ” I didn’t know what to say, but beamed with pride. I looked at him standing beside me, my Internet research not going to waste, I checked out the bulge in his trousers which was quite prominent. He saw me looking at him and smiled broadly “would you like to see my cock?” Not even waiting for an answer he undid his, still fingering my ass hole. I was amazed when I saw the size of his cock. Years later I would understand my very first cock being well above average. It looked about the same size as my lower arm. “Why don’t you hold it, and play with it for me ”

I reached out and took his magnificent cock in my hand. Dr sighed heavily and threw his head back in ecstasy. Encouraged, I did exactly as he was doing to my much less impressive manhood rather boyhood. he dribbled on to his own cock and i enjoyed the slick feel as i wanked him.
” maybe you will take a second finger?” he smiled and we both stopped our mutual masturbation so we could both see if i could indeed take 2 fingers. my internet research had prepared me for this, and i had even experimented with a banana.

he pushed his fingers slowly into my ass and with his thumb caressed my balls. i winced at first as pain shot through me. ” slowly, slowly……..” he cooed then
“you push down on my fingers when you can” he encouraged me “I think you can take them it just takes a little time” shooting pain died down and I felt pleasure. I did indeed wish to have his fingers in my ass as this thumb was playing with my tiny cock. Confident that I could take it all I started playing with his cock again, becoming increasingly confident. For about five minutes I pushed down on his fingers and we mutually masturbation of each other
.he moved so that he was beside me, encouraging me, nurturing the fag in me. Then he leaned over and to my delight took my cock and balls in his mouth. My hips shot towards the ceiling as my groin screamed in pleasure as he suckled me

Keeping my cock in his mouth he edged higher until I could feel his cock brush against my cheek. Instinctively I turned my head and engulfed the fat head of his cock in my young mouth. I was ecstatic I understood the significance of this , I had seen similar scenes online, I could hear Drs moans and cooing. His cockhead surprised me, I had expected it to be hard and was surprised by the soft texture. I’m sucked and nibbled and felt waves of pleasure sweep through me. His fingers in my ass slid easily in and out. His lips and tongue lapped and nibbled my groin and his magnificent cock invaded my mouth.

Many many times over the next 40 years I would replay this scene in my mind ( when I wasn’t physically replicating it that is) and know how lucky my initiation gay sex had been so wonderful.

” do you want to taste my cum” he gasped as he forced himself a little deeper in my mouth
. I purred contentedly knowing that I had satisfied Dr and was about to bring him to climax. He bit gently on my cock n balls and my cock spasamed. With that he stood and grunted and I then felt his warm seed gush in my mouth. ” that’s my boy, eat my cum, eat it my litte beta boy”

I gulped his gorgeous cream in my mouth flushed with pride that I had made him cum.

Part 2

Let me tell you about myself. As I said I/did not know my father and had been raised by my mother along with my older and younger sisters. I had had a traffic accident when I was Young which it turns out had left me impotent. I was bright at school but constantly bullied. My mother tried to protect me but had herhands full with my 3 sisters. I guess I was a mummy’s boy, which was further emphasised when she saw one morning that I had slept in my sisters underwear. She didn’t shout or embarrass me, in retrospect I guess is she knew I was gay which made her even more protective of me.

Adolescence was when I discovered the reality of my impotence, initially bewildered by the other boys reference to horny, wanking etc. I did learn that I could ejaculate with the aid of lots of baby oil and a finger in my bum, but constant bullying and confusion about my sexuality lead me to visit the Dr.

It was obvious the Dr had figured me out very soon after walking in his door. He complimented we, boosting my confidence in a way no man ever had. That first time he examined me with his finger in my bum, perhaps I gave away how pleasurable it was, perhaps he could recognise someone who already fingered themselves by the fact that I could easily take his finger and had not flinched.

On the second visit giving me the porn sites to research obviously meant he had decided to groom me. My mind was blown by what I saw, my language for sex changed dramatically and through constant exploration I think I knew that my role would be to use my ass and mouth to pleasure men. The realisation was like a weight being lifted from my shoulders. Even my Mum noticed the change in me. I assured her that the Dr had been very helpful and that I would be seeing him soon. When she asked” is everything ok?” i blurted ” the Dr is teaching me all about sex” ” is he really?” i blushed and hurried out the door.

third visit contd………

after the Dr had cum in my mouth, we both stopped our frenetic sucking and fingering, and caught our breath. Dr caressed my body , exploring my young flesh ” my gorgeous little beta boy………….you are so sexy………” He took his still erect cock and started rubbing it all over my face, occasionally gently beating it against my lips. I tried to kiss and nibble it, already feeling in thrall to his manhood………….in retrospect it was obvious how beta i was. the pleasure and contentment i felt just to be in the presence of this godlike cock was incredible.

” i will give you some more study to do” he said as he allowed me suck on his gorgeous cockhead………….. “it is so important that you discover your true nature, I have my own thoughts on that, but it is very important that you explore and discover yourself from a sexual point of view” I listened to what he was saying, but was partly (okay totally) distracted by my efforts to make him cum again. He was gently fucking my face and then guided my hand so that I was caressing his heavy balls.

He pulled me to the end of the table so that my head hung over the end…………………..i naturally opened my mouth wide, instinctively giving him access to my throat…………… “that’s my boy………. I think we have found your calling” he encouraged me. His hands held either side of my head and he gradually increased the tempo, at the start I coughed and spluttered a bit but over the next 15 to 20 minutes with his gentle coaxing and my determination I finally found his ball resting on my nose and his fall and his full 8 inches was down my throat.

“That’s the first time anyone has taken me all the way on the first time” he gasped ” I knew the minute I saw you what you were……………. a perfect little sissy beta boy, ” by now he was pounding my face, his gorgeous fat balls bouncing of my nose……………. occasionally he would hold his cock all the way down my throat and I would struggle to breathe, start to see stars….. before he would pull himself all the way out and I would gasp for breath.., his cock was covered in my saliva and he resumed rubbing it over my face as if baptising me…..

“on your knees in front of me” he ordered and I jumped down from the table and assumed the natural cock sucking pose I had seen in my pornography research over the past week. As I was getting in position he pulled his phone from his pocket and started videoing me. I could not have cared less, he rubbed his cock all over my face, was occasionally beating it against my lips and cheeks. For my part I too was in ecstasy, bewildered that I can give such a perfect man so much pleasure.

“I think it’s time we baptised you as the sissy you truly are,” with that he started wanking his cock in front of my face” in the name of my magnificent cock and my spunk filled balls I baptise you as my beloved cum loving Sissy bitch……………….” he was struggling to speak as he was furiously wanking……….. “from now on in my presence you will be no as……………………….. Daisy………………..” with a huge grunt his cock exploded on my face, rope after rope of scalding hot spunk hit me, baptising me…….. I opened my mouth hoping to get a second helping of my masters seed which he duly obliged me with. All the time he was videoing me making sure to get a close-up of his spunk on my tongue and watching me as I played with it and finally swallowed it. “Daisy you really are a showoff aren’t you?” He asked , with that he used his cock to push the cum from my face into my mouth and allowed me a final suckle on his manhood before swallowing everything.

“Daisy O Daisy we are going to have a lot of fun”

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